CNN is Desperate …

This just in: CNN is a disgrace. It’s worse than even I thought. On a recent Saturday afternoon, on the broadcast, “CNN Newsroom” the anchors were talking about the demonstrations that followed Read Post

On So-Called Torture: “Never Again” Is Not A Policy

Reasonable people may (and do) disagree on the morality of what the CIA calls enhanced interrogation techniques. Just as reasonable people may disagreRead Post

Memo to Liberals:  We’ve Had Enough!

About a week ago, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson under the headline “Where Do We Go After FergRead Post

About My Letter to the NY Times …

On Thanksgiving morning the New York Times ran a page one story under this headline: “Experts Weigh Officer’s Decisions Leading to Fatal Shooting Read Post

Ferguson … and the Time Machine to the Glory Days

For all those young, liberal journalists who weren’t around to cover one of the most important stories of our time – the struggle for civil rightsRead Post


Anyone paying attention saw the trouble coming. A white cop kills an unarmed black teenager, shoots him six times. Who didn’t think there would be mRead Post

President Obama, Emperor-in-Chief

Let’s say, only for argument’s sake, that President Obama is right about everything he said on immigration. Imagine that he’s right to sign an eRead Post

If You Put Obama’s Narcissism Aside … What Do You Have?

Have you ever met somebody who takes a passionate hard position on some important issue one day, and then when he needs to, takes the opposite positioRead Post

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that my favorite books are mysteries, many of which are writRead Post

The celebrations in Havana and the sullen silence in Miami tell you all you need to know about who wRead Post

Oh, woe is she. In an “exclusive” interview with People magazine this week, first lady MRead Post

One fine morning at the offices of Sharpton’s Community Unrest Management, a call comes in from a Read Post

I suspect I’m not the only person who looks around these days and feels as if the United States foRead Post

What is the Responsibility of a Journalist?

Last week, I was perusing Twitter when I stumbled across a brief but interesting conversation betweeRead Post

Allow me to unite America’s left, right and center in just three words: No, Jeb, No. Former GORead Post

“Abe tightens grip on power as Japanese shun election.” So ran the page one headline of Read Post

I have been devoting my columns this month to the Ten Commandments because we need a fixed moral ancRead Post

Does Michelle Obama Think Short People Are Racists?

A few years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest on David Letterman’s show. She told a hRead Post

The above heading was actually the title of a book written in the 1990s by black conservative Ken HaRead Post