Pay Attention Republicans — Especially You, Mr. Trump

You have to give Hillary Clinton credit, if for nothing more than having a great deal of chutzpah. Here she is making income inequality a big part of her run for the White House despite the fact that Read Post

Obama Wants Debate on Iran Deal.  Just Kidding.

We all remember Barack Obama’s bold promise on the eve of the election in 2008, when he said he would “fundamentally” transform the United StateRead Post

Wedding Cakes for Gay Couples … and Sanctuary Cities

Did you hear about the gay bakery in Greenwich Village – Sweetie Pies, Cupcakes and More — that refused to bake a wedding cake for a straight Read Post

Bernie’s Big Advantage Over Hillary

A while back, when Bernie Sanders was still being compared to the nutty uncle you hide in the basement, I wrote a column that began with this: “I haRead Post

Gay Marriage: The Supreme Court vs. Another High Authority

On June 12, 1967, in what was a landmark civil rights decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a “basic civil right” and that stateRead Post

The Pope, Global Warming and the Elusive Meaning of Morality

A while back I was on the O’Reilly Factor talking about the liberal idea of raising taxes on the rich. Bill brought the Bible into the conversation,Read Post

I Think I’m White … and I Play Centerfield for the New York Yankees

When in 1637 the French philosopher Rene Descartes said, “I think therefore I am” I’m guessing he didn’t have Rachel Dolezal in mind. But you Read Post

Memo to Jerry Seinfeld:  Welcome to Our World

Jerry Seinfeld has been in the news lately because of his supposedly controversial observations about how the PC culture has gotten “creepy.” JerrRead Post

This past week, one of the greatest differences between the Left and Right — both around the wRead Post

The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired. That is the clearest messaRead Post

My American History professor had a favorite expression: “Every age defines itself for itself.” Read Post

Why Bernie Sanders Matters More Than Donald Trump

It used to be (not so long ago) that when a liberal politician was accused of being a socialist, theRead Post

Obama Honors Hillary by Lowering Flags

President Obama announced today that he is ordering all flags at all federal buildings lowered to haRead Post

As President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is compared to Richard Nixon’s opening to ChRead Post

We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painRead Post

Journo Apologizes to the President for an ‘Ungrateful Nation’

Dear Mr. President, The problem isn’t you. It’s them, the American people. They just donRead Post

From first reactions, it appears that Hill Republicans will be near unanimous in voting a resolutionRead Post

“If God does not exist, then everything is permissible.” Ivan Karamazov’s insight Read Post

And then there were two. Two Planned Parenthood officials have now been caught on tape nonchalantly Read Post