The next presidential election is just four short years away. It seemed like just yesterday that we Republicans envisioned a future of Romney, Ryan and Rubio. Now we have to wonder if we were too quick to laugh when Joe Biden said that this wouldn’t be his last hurrah, and that he would be on the ballot next time. These days, that seems all too possible. After all, if the majority of Americans don’t object to his being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, why would they object to his actually having the heart that some other Vice President would be monitoring on a daily, if not hourly, basis?

After all, Biden will only be 73 when Obama vacates the White House. No doubt he will have even more hair and whiter teeth by then. Because the Republican Party will have gone the way of the Whigs and the Bull Moose, his only real worry will be whether Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton, who will be 69, but only 10 or 11 in dog years, decides to take him on.

If I’m still around, I’ll probably even vote for him. For one thing, he couldn’t possibly be worse than Obama. For another, I’ll never forget that he recently stated, “There’s never been a day in the last four years that I’ve been proud to be his Vice President.” That sort of candor should be rewarded.

It is a mystery to me, and one that will never be solved to my satisfaction, how it is that the majority of Americans can see what is happening in Greece and still continue to vote for left-wing ideologues like Barack Obama, who subscribe to the belief that the money that the government prints is every bit as good as the money that people earn. The closest I have come to generating a theory is that most people fail to see what is happening in Greece because they’re too busy watching really dumb shows on TV, and couldn’t find Greece on a map even if you printed “Athens” in really big letters.

I regret to admit that I come from a family of Democrats. Being secular Jews who were born in Russia, my parents seemed to suffer from the delusion common to a great many Jews that it was FDR, not Moses, who brought the tablets down from Mount Sinai. It helps explain why so many non-religious Jews regard it as a semi-sacred duty to vote for liberals.

I was so mistaken about the recent election that I actually believed that when the utility workers from Alabama who had come north to New Jersey in order to help the state restore power, and were turned away by the union thugs who demanded that they join the union or go home, it would open the eyes of the voters to how vile Obama’s public sector allies really are. But no such luck.

Aside from the fact that a lot of decent people are left to suffer without electricity, one of the truly despicable things about all this is that these blue collar union guys, who don’t give a damn about anything but saving all the work and overtime for themselves, are the very same schmucks who rail at the guys at the Stock Exchange for being greedy. Perhaps they are, although I have always found it peculiar that greed invariably seems to be a sin that only applies to other people, but at least no 80-year-old is going without heat and light because of those nogootniks on Wall Street.

I was reminded of the newspaper strike that took place in New York City in 1962-63. It killed off several newspapers, costing thousands of newsmen their livelihoods. By the time it ended, the papers had lost $100 million in sales and advertising, while the workers had lost $50 million in wages. But the union leaders were happy. So far as they were concerned, the other side had eventually caved, their own jobs were secure, and that’s all that really mattered.

Those at least were private sector unions. As such things are measured, it was a fair fight. It cost both sides. But in the intervening 50 years, we have seen public sector unions spring up. When these palookas negotiate, it’s with politicians. Therefore, the only side that loses is the one that never has a seat at the table: the taxpayers. The unions get whatever they ask for in terms of salary and pensions, and the politicians get the promise of campaign donations and campaign volunteers. And, most pathetic of all, because these groups include such sacred cows as cops, firemen and teachers, the poor suckers who are being financially bled to death are reluctant to object.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about our military. It seems to me that going back as far as Korea, it has been America’s policy, no matter who happens to be the president, to do everything in our power not to win wars. Apparently, it’s a carryover from the liberal belief that competition is a bad thing and that when kids play games, scores should not be kept, lest the losers wind up feeling like losers.

At some point, Americans began to look at our soldiers and, instead of seeing warriors, began to see Boy Scouts and Brownies. I first became aware of that during Desert Storm when I began reading editorials stating that something needed to be done and done quickly because the chocolate bars being issued to our soldiers were melting in the summer heat of Iraq and Kuwait.

The next thing I knew, Major Hasan was free to murder several Americans at his leisure because it had been decided that an army base, Fort Hood, would be a gun-free zone, except of course, for Muslim jihadists. Fortunately, a pistol-packing policewoman was in the neighborhood and she finally brought him down, ending the bloodbath that came to be referred to by this administration as workplace violence.

Frankly, inasmuch as our military has been singularly devoted for the past few decades to fighting and dying on behalf of one set of Muslims under attack by another equally vile set, I don’t see any real need to maintain a military.

The money saved could be used to pay down the national debt, but I suspect that America’s favorite fun couple would prefer to spend it on White House galas and exotic vacations.

And judging by the recent election, the American voter, who might well turn out to be Time magazine’s Simpleton of the Year, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  • Brendan Horn


    I think someone should push for Biden to be tested for early onset dementia. I am pretty sure that when a person does not know where they are most of the time that it might be a good idea to get a checkup.

    This election has given me time to think about a lot of the people I do not respect in this country. I do not respect at all people who vote based on their race or religion. Next, I do not respect illegal aliens in this country who do not know how lucky they are. Which country is more friendly to illegal aliens?. America is friendlier to illegal aliens than most countries are to their own citizens. Next, I have zero respect for anyone that tries to argue that America is a racist country. Which Latin American country is more friendly to Latin American immigrants than America? None. Which African country is more friendly to African immigrants than America? None. Which Asian country is more friendly to Asian immigrants than America? None. America is the least racist country in the world. Next, I have no respect for women who pretend to be feminists but they do not have enough self respect that they demand their boyfriends or whoever they are having sex with pay for their birth control. Instead, they demand that the government makes sure their contraception is paid for: which is sad and pathetic. Finally, I cannot respect a person who goes around the country complaining that the people who pay the biggest share of taxes are not paying enough and that the people who are paying no share are somehow the victims of this country.

    I can respect Burt Prelutsky, because he does not mind fighting against the mindless liberals who are damaging this country.

    • brendan horn

      I screwed up my post. I do not have a problem with people voting based on their religion. People should vote based on what they believe. Sometimes I think one thing and write another.

  • Souvoter

    The election was such a downer, Burt. I actually cried for my country election night. I watched documentary of Johnny Carson last night and was lifted by his humor, God rest his soul. He made a joke about men with names of Hussien and made reference to a hussien asylum. Seeing Pilosi and her newly elected female airhead liberals today instantly reminded me of this and I thought (PILOSI’S HUSSIEN ASYLUM)!!!!!

    • 49corvette

      That is crazy because I got out the SAME documentary (from PBS) and watched it also—great minds think alike—ha ha—my 2cents—thanx for reading

  • Cameron MacKay

    Burt: Having watched the American electorate opt for an incompetent left wing ideologue, my theory is that America has just discovered socialism … and ignoring the fact that it has consistently failed everywhere else …..have decided that somehow they are going to make it work.

  • 49corvette

    Sorry—I Mis-spelled the word “Scenario” in my last comment—Thanx

  • 49corvette

    Great article—Biden is just a loose cannon with just average or below intellect IMO—Hillary Clinton is not even up to the task of a cornfield scarecrow—America has an Entitlement Mentality on the world / at home stage—the only shock that will wake up “The United States of Entertainment” will probably be a “Sodom and Gomorrah” type of scenerio—I was a union member for 40 years—saw the good and bad—but always adhered to “honest day’s work for an honest day’s dollar” work ethic—was in Vietnam where it was obvious we were not there to win—just “maintain”—surprised to learn it was FDR that came down from the Mountain—I always thought it was Robert DeNiro—Corny as it sounds : “The Golden Rule” would go a long way to solving any / all problems—not trying to be simplistic here but a major paradigm shift has taken effect in this country / world—time to hunker down—my 2cents—thanx for reading

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNDNGA4U52ERK53AWZWOLTXACE michael

    I can’t imagine (nor do I want to) Bident as President. I could see him in press briengs saying things that would stun Yogi Berra or meeting with heads of state with a grisly hair piece and no pants… On second thought, it would be an improvement over the current office holder.

  • deny916

    Only 1,455 days until the next election–if we can live that long with idiot boy in office!
    My prediction is Marco Rubio in 2016!!!!!

  • Wheels55

    I think the left will figure out a way to allow for a third term as President. Obama will be relected if he can hold off Wild Bill.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Wheels: First it was Clinton who would refuse to leave office, then Bush and now it’s Obama. Obama will be gone as of 1/20/17, but that doesn’t mean the next person will be an improvement.


    • deny916

      Oh God Wheels…I had the exact same thought! PLEASE don’t let that happen!!!!!!

  • OregonBuzz

    O.K. Burt, I’m going to climb waay out on a skinny limb here and make a prediction. I don’t believe there will be an election in 2016. I’m not sure that we’ll see one in 2014 either. The Communists, aka Axelrod, Jarrett et al, are now entrenched. Welcome to United Socialist States of Amerika tovarish.

    • Prelutsky1540

      OregonBuzz: I will be happy to relieve you of any money you are willing to wager.


  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    2014 – After two more years of an economy that will be further in the tank than it is now will result in another Tea Party revival and the Republicans will have a chance to add to their seats in the House and gain enough Senatorial seats to take control of the Senate. Hey, I am 66 years old and gray, just the same I think it is time to rid the House and Senate of all gray hair. When one looks out over our Congress during a State of the Union address all we see is a sea of gray hair, it ain’t working for Republicans, they have no fight left in them.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Sendtheclunker: The Republicans have plenty of young guns, so if it’s gray hair you’re worried about, feast your eyes on Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Sen, Ayette, etc. It’s the other side that’s stuck with the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons, Schumer, Kerry, Durbin, Waters, Rangel, Franken and Feinstein.

      The Democrats are running an old folks home for millionaires.