A Column Especially for All of You Who Hate Me

Some of you may remember the old Perry Como musical variety TV show – and the segment that began with a chorus singing, “Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters ….”  The next line was “Dear Perry, would you be so kind …” – and then Perry would be so kind to sing an audience favorite from his stack of letters.

Well, this past week, like Perry, I got lots and lots of letters. Except mine began with “Dear Bernie” and ended with, “You’re going to burn in Hell you stupid bastard” – or words to that effect.

Seems like a lot of people who come to this site and watch Bill O’Reilly weren’t happy with my column that said we owe a debt of gratitude to rich people.  Imagine an America, without rich people, I wrote.  Rich people pay most of the federal income taxes in this country and therefore pick up the lion’s share of the tab for all sorts of programs that help the poor.  Despite the fact that I didn’t write a single word demeaning poor people or lower middle-class people – or anybody else — I got lots and lots of letters calling me names I’d rather not repeat here.

Then I went on the Factor with Bill to talk about my column – which was provocatively entitled “Thank God for Rich People.”  After I gave him a brief description of the column, Bill asked me about Jesus’ observation that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that it would for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

“What about that?” Bill wanted to know.

“I don’t care what the Bible says,” I responded, meaning I don’t care what the Bible says about our current tax policy, which is what the discussion was about.  Then I added, “Besides, except for a few issues, Jesus probably would be a liberal Democrat.”

More hate mail.  Lots more.

Now, I readily acknowledge that reasonable people may disagree about what I said.  Reasonable people may think Jesus was — and would be today — a conservative.  My point was simply this:  Imagine a modern-day politician – some member of Congress, for example – saying:  It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it would for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Who do you think would be more likely to utter those words – a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican?

As I say, reasonable people may disagree. Fine with me.  But not fine at all with those who have the inside track to Jesus.  Even though the Bible tells us, “Judge not lest ye be judged” the pious crowd sent me sanctimonious letters judging the hell out of me, and saying that I better get right with the Lord – or I’d be sorry.

So I figured, who wants to get hundreds of nasty letters pretty much comparing me to the Devil?  Not me, right?  So I came up with a brilliant idea.  I figured I would write a nice, warm and fuzzy column to try to build bridges with my one time friends who, in my time of need, abandoned me.

So this column is for all of you.  In it, I will make no references to religion or politics or the rich or the poor.  This column will not be controversial.  It will be filled with nice, warm thoughts and, as I say, it is dedicated to all my former friends who are, at the moment, mad at me.

So here goes:

I like sunshine.  But not when it’s too hot or too cold outside. I like sunshine when the temperature is  just right.

I like blue skies.  I like blue skies more than I like gray skies, which are also nice.

I like flowers.  I like purple and yellow ones the best.

I like trees.  Especially big oak trees.  I also like palm trees.

I like the color orange.  Orange is nice.  It reminds me of oranges.

I like people who need people, but I’m not crazy about Barbra Streisand, even though she sure can sing.

I like ponies with spots.

And most of all, I like puppies.

Ok, that’s it, my old friends.  I hope by generously reaching and showing you some love, perhaps I caused a change of heart among those of you who stopped liking me.  If I did, you made me very happy.  The end.

Oh yeah, I forgot — one last thing, my closed-minded former friends, who deserted me because I didn’t agree with you about everything you hold dear:  I truly hope you enjoyed this column because you will never – and I mean NEVER – get another one like it.

Before you can say, “Golly gee, what a great guy Bernie is”  it will be back to business as usual.   If you can’t handle that, boo-freaking- hoo for you.

Now go out and have a nice day.   No, make that a GREAT day!

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  • http://mattbecky.com Michale Fettes

    I took CNA classes last year, but I wasn’t prepared at all for the sheer amount of work involved with being a CNA. The information you provide is really helpful to new students I think, so keep it up.






  • jack4c

    I like rich people and poor people. I like Jews, Israel and Christians. I dont like muslims unless they renounce hate. There are many politicians I like and some I don’t like; mostly progressive liberals give me a pain. Most of all I love truth.

    Oh, by the way, I like you.

    • Sergei


      I totally understand your sentiments and your right to express your views here. I like rich and poor people. I like christians, hindus and buddists. I dont like Israeli jews unless they renounce their racism and barbarism. There are many politicians i like and some i don’t like; mostly ultra conservative republicans (formerly members of the kkk or citizens council) give me a pain. Most of all i love truth.

      OH by the way, I like you.

  • Rene

    I always look forward to your segment on the O’Reilly Factor, but what I saw yesterday made me sad. While I don’t agree with your statement that Jesus would be “probably a liberal Democrat,” it is disappointing to hear that you receive hate mail from so-called Christians. Those, sadly, don’t seem to learn a lot from Jesus. I certainly will not abandon you over a few disagreements.
    Just to clarify, though. Everything we put our trust in becomes our god. For many people it is their wealth which gives them a (false) security. For others, however, it is the government they rely on. Both is wrong. According to the Bible we should put our trust and hope in God alone, otherwise we are breaking the First Commandment.
    God bless you, Bernie!

  • joe from louisiana

    You guys are skeptical of everything on Fox but yet you trust all things liberal to be purveyors of truth. Since you used sources from Annenburg, I would like to add two more facts. 72% of college professors described themselves as left of center and the Annenburg folks determined 3.4:1 reporters biased to the left. So excuse me for not trusting breaking news that Stewart watchers are wealthier, smarter and happier than conservatiives.

  • Andrew White

    Bernie: Just wanted to make sure you have a Merry Xmas and don’t forget… GO F&%K YOURSELF! Hopefully once you ignorant fascists destroy the middle class in the failing American Empire you and the rest of the Faux News liars will be the first ones they come for….remember Mussolini?….too good for you, but we’ll see, won’t we?
    I hope you get rectal cancer. Have a nice day!

    • Chris

      @Tim. Who said I get my news from Jon Stewart? I dont watch Jon Stewart.

      “you’re an expert because you read a book once”

      Actually I read a lot of scholarly journals and books about the black family. Im sorry that these RELIABLE sources dont match your conservative distorted view of the average black family. Reading these sources just makes someone educated, not an expert. You should try reading these sources (if you dare)

      And as for your jab at Stewart fans for not reading, you need to look no further than fox news to see which viewers are so misinformed. Consult this source :

      Jon Stewart more educated than other viewers

      • Tim Ned

        I bet you do read a lot. But the last sentence in your original post erased all relevance of that fact. No intelligent person engages in debates like you. Well read or not!

    • Paul Courtney

      Nothing more compelling than a well-reasoned point by the captain of the high school debate club.

    • Tim Ned

      Andrew, if anyone comes for us I am absolutely sure you’ll be goose stepping along with them.

  • joe from louisiana

    I’m sure it has been pointed out but like the 2nd Amendment(or anything) not reading the entire passage shapes the answer in a differnt light. Following:

    26 Those who heard this asked, “Who then can be saved?”

    27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

    Beautiful words and often taken out of context. Whether you believe in Jesus or not his message was about over reliance on ourselves and our valuables. I cannot believe no one calls out the left on taxes. If you truly believe bigger government helps the poor then give more than the minimum required by the IRS. On the contrary, the poorer conservative states give more to charity than do their wealthier liberal counterparts. This class envy will destroy our Republic. I’m not rich and don’t care to be.

  • Richard

    Bernie, just thought I would give you a shout out and a thumbs up for your statements. Speaking as a conservative christian, I cannot tell you how many people (from all political stripes) just avoid asking the hard questions about the bible and how it relates to modern society. I enjoy reading your work because it makes me think so much about things like this. Keep it up!!!

  • Chris

    Aww Bernie did you get hate mail? Well that is what happens when you are a loud mouthed moron like yourself. I still remember a few year ago you were on Oreilly show and you went on some stupid rant that “70% of black children grow up without a father” and that “there are no parents in the black community”. REALLY?!?! can you show proof of this? You should read the book “Myth of the Missing Black father” by Roberta Coles. It completely eviscerates the myth that most black men abandon their children and it also reveals that nonresidential black fathers are MORE likely to sustain contact than any other race of fathers.

    Now you stepped into it again by saying we should be “grateful to the rich” and what would this country be like without the rich? Well what would this country be like if the rich had NOBODY to work for them ( middle class and lower middle class). I will tell you one thing. They wouldnt be rich.

    As Jon Stewart so elegantly told you a few months back, Bernie go screw yourself :)

    • Paul Courtney

      Let’s test your theory, Chris. If the rich had NOBODY to work for them, aren’t they still “the rich”? Oh, maybe you mean after a while. Would they all sit around and starve? Smart ambitious ones (who like to eat) would rise, leaving the rest to work or starve, don’t you think? Whether by creation or evolution, we ALL began dirt poor, and what’s happened since puts your theory in the dustbin. You read a book by Ms. Coles and take it for gospel, ignoring everything else. My last job took me in the path of lotsa single black moms who are living the “myth”. You and the others who think we’d all be happy if we were all poor should try reading other books, by Adam Smith, maybe. Too serious? Try P.J.O’Rourke. Starting out by calling someone a moron almost had me persuaded.

      • Chris

        “You read a book by Ms. Coles and take it for gospel, ignoring everything else. My last job took me in the path of lotsa single black moms who are living the “myth””
        And yet you rely on anecdotal evidence of you “working with single black moms” as some refutation with the comprehensive STUDY that I presented? This study did a random sample of over several thousand black families. It is much more thorough and reliable (it was published in a University Press) than your minimal and selective work experience. I work at a school were all of my white students dont have fathers in their life. So should I conclude that “white men dont take care of their children?” NO. Anecdotal evidence is as reliable as a deadbeat dad 😉

        I never said that there arent any deadbeat black men/fathers out there. Im simply saying it is grossly exaggerated by the media and political pundits. Just because a mother is “single” does not mean that the father is not involved in the life of the child. And as the book the Myth of the Missing Black father indicates (as well as many other studies), deadbeat fathers is by no means unique to black americans. You should do more research on black families instead of relying on popular urban legends and your “work experience”

        As for your point of the rich- What I was saying is that the middle class and lower class are as important as the rich because the rich get rich because of these workers. The rich are able to generate wealth because of their workers and the people under them. This is not to say they dont deserve to be rich (they do), I am just saying that Bernie is oversimplying by saying that we should be “grateful to the rich”.

        • Paul Courtney

          No, you didn’t “just say” that, you called him a “loud mouthed moron”. Why? Because in the past he made a point about the breakdown of the black family, made before by the likes of Charles Murray and Daniel Moynihan? A “University Press” publication, huh? Guess my lying eyes can’t be right. I will say there’s hope for you if you keep reading BG, he’ll help you understand that some sources, even a University Press, are biased. They don’t like the narrative of the breakdown of the black family and its consequences to America, so they do some studies and write books more to their liking. But I’ll leave you to them if you’ll knock off the invectives (that’s name calling, and smiley faces don’t excuse it).

          • Chris

            @Paul, the point of the study isnt to say that the black family isnt broken down (the fact that there is so many NON-residential black father is a testament to this). The study acknowledges that there are many absent black fathers. But the study is saying that the vast majority of black fathers are involved in the life of the child, and that NON-residential black fathers are more likely to sustain contact with children then other ethnic fathers. I agree with you that two parent households are better than one, and that the break down of the black family (and increasing among Hispanics) is a problem in our inner cities. But it does no good to EXAGGERATE the problem to act like most black fathers abandon their kids. It is a MINORITY of them that do this. That was the MAIN point of the study.

    • Tim Ned

      Congratulations Chris, you’re an expert because you read a book once. And you close your commentary with the typically arrogant flair of those you get your news from.

      But I have to admit; at least you’re one Jon Stewart fan that actually read a book once.

      • Chris

        @Tim. Who said I get my news from Jon Stewart? I dont watch Jon Stewart.

        “you’re an expert because you read a book once”

        Actually I read a lot of scholarly journals and books about the black family. Im sorry that these RELIABLE sources dont match your conservative distorted view of the average black family. Reading these sources just makes someone educated, not an expert. You should try reading these sources (if you dare)

        And as for your jab at Stewart fans for not reading, you need to look no further than fox news to see which viewers are so misinformed. Consult this source :

        Jon Stewart more educated than other viewers

    • EddieD_Boston

      Wow. Because one looney liberal egghead convinces herself that what the rest of us see everyday is somehow a myth you’re stupid enough to believe her?

      All Ms. Coles is is an over-educated airhead who has somehow convinced herself, and fools like you, is that all of the dozens and dozens of statistics are make believe. Drive through the ‘hood stupid. Take a good look around. But first yank your head out of your ass.


      More proof that liberalism is a mental defect.

      And don’t bother yourself with a snarky retort. Your post is enough proof that you live in a little dream world and can’t be take seriously.

      Really dude. I have dozens of African American friends and they’ll tell you the same thing that Bernie said on O’Reilly. Even the football great Jim Brown has spoken out over the years about this tragedy. But because you read one book by a ditzy Ph.D you have all the answers?

      Haitian men are parents to their kids. Jamaician men are too. But African American men are causing a serious problem in this country and fools like you and Ms. Coles are too clueless to understand. Having and education and having a brain are two different things.

      • Chris

        @ Eddie D. Boston
        “Wow. Because one looney liberal egghead convinces herself that what the rest of us see everyday is somehow a myth you’re stupid enough to believe her?”

        Yeah yeah yeah you cant refute what I presented so you resort to cheap and immature character assassination. How the hell do you know that she is “liberal”, let alone looney? Because she presented evidence and a study that CHALLENGES your urban legend? Im sorry that she refuted you and that you cant do anything about it.

        I like how you resort to SELECTIVE anecdotal evidence to back up your claim that this “looney liberal” (an actual SCHOLAR, unlike YOU) is wrong. Never mind that she had a random sample of several thousands of black families. Never mind that her book is a compilation of OTHER SCHOLARS examinations of black families. Never mind that these other sources have their works published in academic scholarly journals online. Never mind that her book was published in a university press.Yeah you just dismiss her work because you dont think its true. Yep im sure you are a fox news viewer. They like em dumb and gullible. You fit right in!!

        “And don’t bother yourself with a snarky retort. Your post is enough proof that you live in a little dream world and can’t be take seriously.”

        LMFAO so says the guy who calls people names because they show something that he/she doesnt like or agree with. For crying out loud you called her an “over-educated” airhead. WOW someone is throwing a temper tantrum. Im sorry little man I didnt mean to hurt your feelings . Grow a pair of balls and my dude. Seriously :)

        You are the one getting all butt hurt that your urban legend(most black fathers dont take care of their children) myth was eviscerated by the study. It is you who is too immature to engage in debate, thus we shouldnt take YOU seriously.

        I highly doubt you have “dozens and dozens” of black friends that will tell you the same thing. And the “hood” doesnt represent black america, as most blacks are middle class. So if black deadbeat dads all reside in the hood,then you should go to the hood and tell THOSE black dead beat dads to be better fathers. Generalizing all black fathers for the actions of a minority of dead beat black dads is insulting to all black fathers who take care of their children. You wouldnt want me to generalize all white men as racists for the action of white supremacists/nationalists now would you? Give black fathers that same respect.

        BTW, the study says that SOME black men are not involved in the life of their children, and that is a problem. It is just saying that its not nearly as rampant as people would like to believe. If you cant admit that simple fact then you are the one with your head up your ass.

        • Paul Courtney

          Chris, I write to note your reply to me was civil, and I appreciate that.

      • Chris

        Whats wrong Eddie? Cant refute? Yeah just like John Stewart OWNED Bernie Goldberg a couple of months ago, I owned you in this debate. You are living proof that CONSERVATIVES are anti-intellectual and stupid

  • Bob Hadley

    My point was simply this: Imagine a modern-day politician – some member of Congress, for example – saying: It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it would for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Who do you think would be more likely to utter those words – a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican?

    Why do you run away from statements you make when you receive flack for them? Either you should say that you were wrong, got carried away or exaggerated or whatever (as you occasionally have in the past) or you should stand behind what you said.

    Your point was NOT “simply” that today a liberal democrat would be more likely to make that statement (and where have i heard that type of rationalization before?). Your point was that Jesus, if he were alive today, would take the stance of a liberal democrat except on a few issues. Your comment went far beyond the quote O’Reilly cited.

    For the record, I tend to agree with your above-cited statement about Jesus.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie, your tribute to the rich has taken some strange turns here, but it ended with puppies. Hope you don’t have expensive carpet. I’d like to think childofchrist and the like are actually atheists trying to make us look really stupid, but the left doesn’t have a monopoly on hate. To those who say they’re never again reading your stuff (but are still peeking), I say this: Someday, you’ll believe an “established truth” that began as a lie, told over and over by the LSM. Years ago, only a few lonely voices in the wilderness were hitting this subject. You and O’Reilly are reaching millions.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks, Paul. It’s good to know that folks like you are out there. Bernie

      • Chris

        Come on Bernie Im waiting for you to respond to all of my posts. I know you seem them. Dont be shy. Bitter old fool :)

  • Kenneth Taylor

    Mr Goldberg. I am really surprised and saddened to hear that you received a load of hate mail. From my perspective I cannot understand why anyone could hate you.
    I am one of your greatest fans so they can hate me also. Jesus also said however, ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’
    God Bless you and God Bless the America I’ve known and loved all my life.
    Kenneth, North Wales, UK

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Many thanks. I was in Wales this year doing a story about rugby for Real Sports. It was about Gareth Thomas. I trust you know who he is.


      • Kenneth Taylor

        Great to know you have been to our land of song and rugby!. Gareth is one of our beloved Union internationals. He has gone over to League now.


  • Kevin M. Temple

    I wish I was in the so- called category of the “rich”, but I’m not ever going to condemn them. Everyone of these individuals that bash the “rich” would change places at the drop of a hat. It’s amazing to me how jealousy dictates how people think, or lack thereof. These emotions originate in grade school when kids that make poor grades make fun of those that make straight A’s, unpopular kids hate the popular kids, geeks make fun of the athletes, and so on. I guess some things never change. If this government really wanted to encourage people to make a lot of money, they should reduce tax rates above $250,000. Success should be rewarded instead of being penalized. People should be taking notes from the successful.

  • Gary

    Hey Bernie,
    From a Christian who has read and thoroughly enjoyed most of your books, I agree with most of what you say. And on what I disagree with you on, even then, I can often see what you are saying and why. I honestly cannot understand why some people have to turn what should be purely political differences into a hate fest as some here have done. Anyway, keep up the good work. G-d bless.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thank you, Gary. Your comment means a lot. Bernie

  • Anthony

    Dear Mr. Goldberg: Just when congratulations are in order for tapping into your new found fan base, you take the time to thank everybody. Remember Art Linkletter? Instead of “kids say the darndest things”, how about changing your comments section to “People say the darndest things”? In closing, I sincerely hope you never retire but if and when you do please hire a ghost writing midget. Best Regards

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Uh oh: you said MIDGET! The PC police are on the way.


  • Paul Borden

    “T” in an earlier reply touches on a point I would like to amplify. According to Matthew, the complete phrase is “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.’ ” As T notes, Jesus does not say it is impossible, only difficult. My belief is that Jesus is saying that with his wealth, a rich man is held to higher standards than others who may have more limited resources. As I believe it is stated in Luke, “To whom much is given, much is required.” But it is not up to the government to take from that rich man, as our socialist “friends” would do, but for the rich man to earn his place in heaven by giving willingly. One who does things willingly and with no thought of an advantage gained is the winner here. (On the verses, your Bible may have different wording but the principles are the same, even exchanging “a needle” for “the needle.”) In reference to your columnthat started all this, Bernie, (Thanking rich people), i would like to say that I have never had a poor person give me a job. So thank you, rich people!

  • Dallas

    The problem with you, Bernie, is that you make too much sense.

    Your cokumns are always spot on, and you are certainly the best regular guest O’Reilly has (and frankly, I think you should be the guest host when the O-man takes a break from bloviating).

    I can well understand the outrage of the left, however. Your analysis points out their unreasonable belief system.

    Like you, I also like flowers…….but did you have to go with the SEIU purple/yellow choice? How about a nice burnt orange…like the University of Texas?

  • childofchrist


    Save your false piety and false repentence to yourself. I have for a WHILE noticed your hate filled writings (directed at blacks, moslems and now christians). We christians now frequently have to accept insults from crazy fringe parts of the moslem and jewish populations. Make your peace with your maker and not man.Go back to hell and sin no more!

    • EddieD_Boston

      Not very Christ-like.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Judge not lest ye be judged

    • begbie

      Being Christian is about turning the other cheek. Comments like that make you no better than those murdurous ragheads trying to blow everything up. Sounds like you’d like to be a god and take care Bernie yourself.

      If Bernie is wrong with his maker then he’ll get his. But I doubt it. Because God made us free thinkers and able to always learn and grow. Mistakes are allowed. But I don’t think this was a mistake.

      I’m still your friend Bernie. Nice column….the first one.

      • childofchrist


        Whilst i do not consider myself a fan or an enemy of Bernie, I am sure no logical person would interpret my post in the crazy way you have. Secondly, I do not need to be taught the teachings of christ from you. I will not propose to teach you about the Torah. Learn to respect the beliefs of others (as most people here in the states respect the beliefs of moslems and jews (outside of members of this website that is)).

        If you do infact like Bernie you would tell him when he is going wrong not egg him down the wrong road. I am sure Bernie’s family that wish him well would have advised him against the road he is travelling. It is fair weather sycophants that see a person going wrong and tell him to continue.

        • Paul Courtney

          How shall we interpret “go back to hell”? Call me illogical, but if that’s not passing judgment, what is? Please explain to a fellow Christian what is wrong (never mind hateful) with what he said.

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Bernie: Perhaps a little off subject, but I must say I marvel at your patience when exposing yourself to Oreilly’s juvenile comments. I will never understand why many intelligent and objective individuals, such as yourself, subject themselves, regardless of the subject under consideration, to the self-serving, aggrandizing and ego-centric palaver that dominates that man’s rhetoric. There are the “eye rollers” in his usual group of sycophants who are obviously there for the exposure and questionable notoriety they get out of it, but really, someone of your stature, in my questionable opinion, could do well without it. Remember what your Mother told you, “Bernie, Bernie, you’re known by the company you keep!”

  • Bryan

    Bernie- when you are a singularly unique person, such as yourself, there are going to be those nuts who despise and hate you. Kinda sounds like someone else I heard about:O). I love your segments with Mr. O, and can’t wait for your next one. The eye of the needle question was a huge set up, that you handled properly. No hate here Bernie. Keep up the great work and sane words of wisdom.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks Bryan. Much appreciated

  • Bruce A.

    Thanks for the laugh Bernie, I needed that. By the way nothing in the USA country would have possible without rich people. Check out who financed the American Revoultion. These rich people put their lives, famlies & fortunes on the line against the most powerful nation on earth & won. Some even bankrupted themselves all for future generations.
    Merry Christmas everyone & Happy New Year.

  • Juliet V.

    Mr. Goldberg: My husband and I look forward to your weekly appearances on The Factor, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your books. We are not rich by any means; my husband works four 11-12 hr. shifts each week (no union) and has worked since he was 15. I worked from 15 until I was laid low by a spine condition at 35. We’ve felt the pinch,we don’t want anyone’s wealth ‘shared’ with us, and we help others as we can. My last employer was a small businessman who worked so hard to become successful, and he was generous with his employees. My point is, we get you- I like to see people succeed, EVEN if it means they have MORE than I do. I love contributing, in my small way, to your success! We look forward to a New Year of you on the Factor and online. ( Perhaps another book? ) Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks YOU, Juliet. America needs more decent people like you.


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  • Allan Gardner

    One thing puzzles me. If the wealthy are so despised and contemptible, so despicable that the entire wealthy class are to be hated and shunned, why do so many of “middle income” earners like me strive to get to their level? Have I been working so hard my entire life to reach a goal (the American dream) of being financially secure and without want only to be hated and despised? I’ve always shared with others what I have, even when I didn’t have much! I enjoy helping those less fortunate. One of the joys of having much is being able to give much, as long as its my choice and not the government’s. Sorry folks, but I’m with you Bernie. People may begin to hate me for what I have (and worked damn hard for) but quite honestly, I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor in my lifetime, and I like being rich a whole lot more!

    • Thomas Morgan


  • http://orbis@bellsouth.net Jan

    I hope the reply was truly from you! That would make MY day!! My husband and I are always reading your great columns and listening to any of your analysis we can get. Thanks for responding, and if I did, I am so happy to make your day better!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Aida

    Bernie, you’re a good man. My husband and I look forward to watching you on the O’Reilly Factor. It was your column about thanking the rich that compelled me -for the first time- to log on to a Factor commentator and blog! Thank you for writing what many of us high-income EARNING AMERICANS have been thinking during this whole ridiculous class-warfare being waged by the left. It’s amazing to us that, through no fault of our own, we have become the “bad guys” of America simply because we have been so responsible with our lives so as to make life choices that would ensure that we and our families would not be a burden on society. IF ONLY the entire country thought that way!
    I would also like to remind your bloggers that class-warfare is always a dangerous -and reckless- game to play. When one studies the history of the economic depression in Germany during the rise of Hitler, it is scary to know that class-warfare was the most effective tool Hitler had in employing the worst genocide in modern history. His repeated public pronouncements that the reason the Germans were so destitute was because the Jews owned all the wealth was his justification to plundering everything the Jews owned and eventually killing them. At his essence, Hitler was nothing more than a thief who used murder as his tool to “redistribute the wealth.” And thank you for writing this feel-good column too. I was beginning to lose my appreciation of the holiday listening to all these angry, thieving, misguided left-wingers.

  • http://www.bigbureaucracy.com/ Ellie Velinska

    Thanks for the sunshine and the flowers!

    The same folks who don’t want the government looking over their business and their bedroom happily let the church to do so.

    If Michael Moore tells the religious right they need less stuff – they will cringe, but if Glenn Beck tells them they have too much stuff – they will get rid of it without questioning.

    To join the spirit of making everybody happy I say:
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      and to you Ellie … good post


  • Booner

    Dear Bernie…

    First, thanks a bunch for sending me an early Valentine’s Day balloon, a fuzzy Teddy bear, and a simply delicious-smelling red rose. You’ve managed to inflate my ego, make me wanna go mama grizzly hunting with Sarah Palin, and encourage me to run into my snow-filled yard to plant for next year.

    Second, why are you on an international apology tour? Can’t we just leave that job for someone….hmmm, let me think…I got it….our courageous president? I think the only ones who should be insulted by your remarks — and I watched you verbalize them on that particular O’Reilly show — would be the camels who can’t seem to make it through the needle’s eye, ear or any other bodily opening. And, I think Fred Mooke would agree.

    Third, I would recommend you inform your hate-mail writers to try to become charm instructors for the pros who belong to the Worldwide Wrestling Federation. If their noses had been put on upside down, your detractors would drown from the rain.

    Simply put, Bernie, it’s a wonderful piece. Hope you’re keeping warm in Coconut Grove.

    Ron the Booner

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Thanks, my friend. I’m glad you “got it.”


  • Wes

    Hey Bernie-
    I like the way you think…keep it going. I really like your stories on Real Sports.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks, Wes. BG

  • EddieD_Boston

    Give ’em hell Bernie. Seriously, you Bible quoters have got to get a grip. The thing was written thousands of years ago by uneducated people who’s frame of reference extended to the next village.
    I was raised a nice Irish Catholic boy so don’t assume I’m ignorant of it. Catholic high school and Catholic college. If you take the Bible literally you’re an idiot. Yup, I said it.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks Eddie … Now they can go after YOU. I appreciate that very much. Take care, Boston.


      • EddieD_Boston

        I can take it.

  • http://happyharry Harold Jaffe

    Your the man,Bernie. If you can tolerate OReilly, you are Jesus. Keep going.

  • Konrad Lau

    Whoa Bernie!
    You should run for president in the “Moderate Party”.
    You have the spiel down pat, that’s for sure. However, you’ll have to work on keeping a better straight face.

    You may want to reconsider that whole “blue sky” thing though. All that blue sky could lead to a drought and then you would be seen as one who would wish pain and suffering on those afflicted by the drought.

    In that vein, I still love you and Merry Christmas!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Good point about the drought. Whatever was I thinking. I should have added, “I also like it when it drizzles.”


  • T

    Mr. Goldberg,

    Contrary to popular belief the common “eye of a needle” phrase is not a condemnation of the wealthy. Everyone assumes that the phrase is meant to condemn the wealthy because it is impossible to get a camel through the eye of a (sewing) needle, thus it is impossible for the rich to attain Heaven.

    The accurate translation is NOT “the eye of A needle,” but the “the eye of THE needle.” The “Eye of the Needle” was the name of one of the gates of entry to old Jerusalem. To enter with a camel through that gate it was necessary to get the camel (with full pack) to get down on its knees and essentially crawl through the gate. This was a difficult, but not impossible task.

    What Jesus was saying is that it is difficult (not impossible) for the wealthy to obtain Heaven (most probably because of the inherent corruptibility of wealth). That is quite a different interpretation than the popular version.

  • http://bernardgoldberg daryl duke

    What happen to apple pies and Mom. Or X-mass, Turkey and punkin pies and all rest of the goodies.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      I knew I forgot something.

  • James F.

    I have yet heard anything that I disagree with Bernie Goldberg.

  • perry

    Well Bernie, I guess everyone has a brain fart once in a while. I’m sure Jesus will forgive you if you ask.
    As far as taxes go, everyone tries to avoid paying them, or at least try to find as many deductions as they can,even you and everyone on this board.
    Even though the liberal pork, and entitlements are a problem in the budget, the wars are where most of the money goes. Our government gives billions to other nations, and not a dime to there own people.And it’s our fault because we jump on any kind of diversion they come up with, and believe them.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      You’re delusional. Our country doesn’t give a dime to its own people? Take a nap.

  • Trapp

    Well, I for one am appalled at your obvious bias on behalf of oranges. What about a nice apple? What the heck’s wrong with a nice apple? Repent!

    Bernie, keep writing, speaking, and making people think. There is no doubt that Jesus would have approved of that, as do I, and a far larger number of Bernie fans who understand that we’re adults here, and can handle a friendly exchange of opinions.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      I can’t thank you enough. You also get it. And I appreciate it.

  • http://orbis@bellsouth.net Jan

    Mr. Goldberg,
    I love all your analysis of politics, taxes, and the rest. You see, I was a Registered Nurse for 29 years, and that required a lot of objectivity, not judging the patients for this or that. The news analysis also requires objectivity, and I feel you give that honestly and from your heart. Most news now is slanted all one way and people aren’t used to honesty there. I think you just need new friends, the ones who care to hear the truth! I have had so called ” friends” over the years who also deserted me in my time of most need of their friendship, as well. You can be my friend no matter what. Also, I hope the holidays are wonderful for you and your family. Rest easy and don’t worry about any hate mail. It just means you’re doing your job!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Keep writing to me. You made my day.


  • Berg

    Actually, Jesus tried to make people more Jewish. So, he would be neither Republican nor a Democrat.
    He would be living in Israel!

  • Bob

    If I could watch only ten minutes of television a week, I would choose the Weekdays with Bernie segment on the Factor with the balance devoted to the local weather forecast.
    Keep it coming Bernie.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      Thank you, my friend. Funny line about the local weather. Though I know you really mean it. Maybe I should add some weather info at the end of my segment with Bill. Take care,


  • Jeff Shawan

    I also like puppies. We are now friends. Great column my friend

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Thanks, Jeff. BG

  • Marc S. Frank

    Dear BG: Your former “friends” are being supplanted by new friends of higher quality – count me as one of them. The notion of “fairness” escapes me when some half of all tax filers pay NOTHING for the protections and services provided by our governing system which is funded by a tiny percentage of people.

    A question: if the high income people, whom many love to hate, choose to stop making Big Bucks and paying the concomitant Big Taxes, how would that work out for the haters of achievement and income?

    Your integrity and overall decency should be appreciated, thanks for exhibiting those traits. A friend, Marc S. Frank, Westminster, CO

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


      You are indeed a friend … and I thank you very much.


    • Tassie

      LOVE the question! The answer is obvious to me! MARXISM…with death camps for anyone who is gay, Jewish, Christian, desident to policy, crippled or sick, unable to contribute to society in a “meaningful” way..per Marxists. The only way Marxism can work is for the whole population to be dead.

      Bernie…YOU ARE GREAT…sometimes I disagree with you, but G-d bless you for making me think.

      • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie


        You’re proof that reasonable people may disagree from time to time. I wish there were more of you (and less of them).


    • T

      Mr. Frank,

      You correctly touch on a point that liberals constantly ignore. Socialism cannot exist without a host (the private economy which pays the taxes that fund the socialist programs). Thus, the left’s constant carping about “the rich” is nothing more than biting the hand that feeds them.

      Furthermore, notice how the left never defines “rich.” Only recently, with Obama unilaterally deciding on a $250k income, has anyone even tried to peg what “rich” is. The reason for that is that the left always wants you to envision “the wealthy” as people who make/have more than you. The impliciation is that YOU will not be included in any tax increases. The reality is that it is exactly YOUR pocket that the left is trying to invade.

  • Sandy

    I would prefer to stick with the original Bernie. Say what you want to and be yourself!!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernie

      Trust me, Sandy, it’s coming.

  • Sharon Filipski

    Merry Christmas and Happy New to you. Most people doesn’t understand what the government calls rich people. My husband and me raise 4 children on less than $50,000 a year. We had a roof over our heads and food on the table. We always had a nice Christmas and nice gifts. Anyone who makes $250,000 a year is so lucky but not rich. We didn’t have cell phones and game boys, being a happy family was worth more for us.
    To punish the rich is terrible, as most of them worked for what they have.
    We are retired and living on SS now and it’s tough because we get no raise for 2 years but the government employs got big raises.
    All I can say is were “Happy. I’m not complaining….It’s just people doesn’t understand.
    God Bless you Bernie, Keep up the great work you do……….

  • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

    Remember Bernie, Smugness is not a virtue!

  • Terence A. Craig

    This is all very touching, but I was kinda’ looking for the apology.

    I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I can fully understand how some people were offended by your comments. You received bags of “hate mail” for a reason and you could care less … apparently.

    You managed to get a little attention for yourself, I give you credit for “stirring the pot” and bringing a little extra traffic to your website, but the “wrong” should be made right.

    Oh well, It doesn’t matter to me, maybe you like “hate mail” – after all, “hate mail” is better than no mail at all.

    p.s. Your name should appear in a different color when you respond to posts, someone named Bernie posed a question to you (in the rich people article) and no one knows if it’s actually you or an imposter responding.

    Terence A. Craig

    • CCNV

      Bernie is entitled to his opinion – just like you and everyone else. After all, it IS his column. So, why should Bernie apologize to anyone…especially you?? You, Mr. Craig, have always been an arrogant ass when giving your opinion. YOU should post an apology, and then slither out of here.

      • Terence A. Craig

        CCNV, when did I say Bernie is NOT entitled to his opinion and where did I say Bernie owes ME an apology? The apology should be delivered to those that are offended by his insensitive comments.

        Sure, if you would like an apology, here goes, I’m sorry Mr. Goldberg that I’ve upset some of the most fragile of “posters” at this site.

        I’ll leave the slithering to you CCNV.

        Have a great day!
        keeping up with the positive vibes flowing from this article.

        • Konrad Lau

          You have touched upon the whole problem with political dialog in the United States.

          Everyone is paralyzed into having no dialog for fear of offending someone’s’ frail feelings.

          It continually amazes me how freely the Left can trample on good taste, common sense and simple manners while frantically waiving the Constitution and pointing to the Freedom of Speech clause. Then, when confronted with simple truth, no one can survive without public apologies to the alleged insulted group.

          I wonder how anyone in this country achieves adulthood without some debilitating complex arising from having their feelings hurt.

          Please…I hardly think Goldberg needs you to come to his defense or make his apologies.
          He looks pretty grown up to me. You see what I mean? You give offence and never even consider the ramifications.

          After reconsidering your comments, I think you own Goldberg an apology.

    • Tim N

      Terence, you and I have not found much common ground in the past and the same holds true here. I consider myself a devout practicing Christian and found nothing insensitive or offensive in Bernie’s comments. In fact at our church’s bible studies you would see a lot of, and perhaps more, aggressive debate.

      I am amazed to see other Christians attack people when they render an opinion on bible passages. The entire context of Christianity is the study and interpretation of the bible.

      • Terence A. Craig

        If there is nothing offensive or insensitive, why all the hate mail?

        And K. Lau, if Bernard Goldberg apologizes for his comments (to those that were offended), I’ll apologize for anything he wants.

        Again, I myself was not offended, I just think Bernie was stirring the pot for his own gain – happens all the time from many like Bernie.

        Sunshine and rainbows to you.

  • Charlie512

    Bernie, you are the best…..I hope you live to be 120 and that your last column is published on the day of your funeral……Keep the faith baby!!!!!

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  • Alan

    Only a democrat could get away with quoting Jesus. If a republican did, democrats would crucify him.

    • norine h

      Sir, if he were crucified, he would be in good company, but can’t we just get past labels and just look at values?

  • http://www.metaforms.net Janice

    Terrific! Kudos to you, good sir. Only those seeking to be offended will be offended.

  • Wayne the Curler

    Merry Christmas, Bernie. Canada luvs ya.

    Next time you come up, bring Bill along.

    I would really like to get a pic of him with a broom, eh?

    Wouldn’t you?