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When Margaret Thatcher, who came to power when England had an unemployment rate of about 13% and managed to reduce it to 5.8%, passed away, a large number of Brits celebrated the occasion by singing “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.” They despised her not only because she rescued her nation from sinking into the abyss of European socialism, but that she did it in part by facing down the powerful coalminer’s union. And, sadly, if you saw her movie bio, “The Iron Lady,” just about the only thing you would have known about this glorious leader is that she eventually became a dotty old woman hearing voices.

Here in America, millions of left-wing cretins greeted Ronald Reagan’s death in similar fashion. Like Thatcher, he inherited an economy from Jimmy Carter that was basically on life support and turned it around in just a few years. He was despised by those on the Left, at least in part, because he had faced down the air controller’s union.

The secret of their success was that they had principles and refused to be cowed by the elitists who inhabit academia and a media that has never gotten over its infantile infatuation with Soviet-style communism.

We may never see their like again.

Instead, we are cursed with the likes of the Obamas. While the progressives sing his praises, he does everything in his power to destroy the middle class, while the missus has the gall to whine to the CBS affiliate in Burlington, Vermont, “Believe me, I’m a busy single mother. I shouldn’t say ‘single,’ though. As a busy mother, sometimes, you know, when you’ve got a husband who’s president, it can feel a little single.”

I have tried to imagine how a woman who has more hand maidens than Marie Antoinette and is constantly flying off to vacation in exotic locales; has chefs, make-up artists and an army of nannies at her beck and call; and doesn’t even have to walk the family dog; can muster the chutzpah to complain how difficult she has it. But, then, her husband manages to make it sound like he’s being water-boarded any time he merely has to talk to a Republican.

Walt Whitman once observed “To have great poets, there must be great audiences.” It is something I have long said about movies and even TV shows. So long as people are satisfied with garbage, there’s little incentive for studios and networks to produce anything worthwhile. The same, I have come to realize, is true when it comes to politics. After all, when someone who has made a rotten economy worse and has badly misplayed his hand when it comes to foreign affairs, can be re-elected president, it figures that the RNC would busy itself trying to figure out how to out-bribe and out-promise the Democrats in order to seduce Hispanics, blacks, women and twenty-somethings, into switching parties.

Finally, you have probably heard that those killed and wounded by Major Nidal Hasan have been denied the honor and benefits that go with Purple Hearts because Obama’s Department of Defense has categorized the massacre as “workplace violence.”

It makes you wonder why those being wounded and killed in Afghanistan aren’t also being deprived of their medals. After all, if you’re in the military, what else would you call a war zone but a workplace?

The Defense Department further argues that if Hasan’s victims were awarded Purple Hearts, it might harm his chances of receiving a fair trial. I contend that after three-and-a-half years, nobody should utter the words “fair trial” and “Hasan” in the same sentence. There is nothing the least bit fair about this jihadist’s still being alive after killing and maiming more than four dozen Americans while shrieking “Allah Akbar!” at Fort Hood.

Speaking of which, Fort Hood, an Army base in Texas, was, thanks to the eunuchs at the Pentagon and lunkheads such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a gun-free zone. Gun-free, that is, except, of course, for the FN Five-seven the Muslim creep was firing until police officers Mark Todd and Kim Munley showed up and shot him.

No word yet whether Major Hasan is going to receive a Purple Heart.

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  • artlouis

    Single mothers are much more highly regarded in this country than married mothers. Look at the number everyone did on Mrs. Romney. It’s the new fad. Michelle no doubt was embarrassed not to have borne children out of wedlock, or to have divorced or otherwise disposed of her husband, like all the truly admirable women out there. .

  • Souvoter

    Don’t you just luv Ted Cruz; confronting Dianne Feinstein re: the constitution. She reminded me of Barbara Boxer when she demanded to be called Senator vs Ma am when she was drilling a five-star General; what a hoot!!!

  • GlenFS

    Burt, I was very amused by Michell’s “single mother” self-identification. IMHO it reveals that she sees herself as such, at least in spirit. And why would she, a married woman wish to see herself and be so grouped? If there is a god for lefties, she is “a busy single mother”, who finds time to recycle, vote Democrat and protest when Republicans have power. This is the new woman and Michell is she!

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Glen: It was a very weird comment, even for her. It’s Michelle, though, with an “e” at the end.


  • wally12

    I wonder what the left would have said if Todd and/or Munley were better shots so a so called fair trial wasn’t available. Maybe Hasan would be a candidate for the Purple Heart.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      wally: No doubt.


  • sheila0405

    The thinking seems to be that if Hasan is labeled a terrorist, he won’t get a fair trial. Hmmm. This is the same guy who has successfully had his trial postponed by refusing to cut his beard. He should be held down and forcibly shaved. The trial, if and when it resumes, will not only be fair to Hasan, but it will be decidedly unfair to all of his victims. What a crock.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      sheila: Well-said!


      • wally12

        I suppose.

  • nickshaw

    It just astounds me, Burt, that liberals will nod their heads in sage agreement with everything Mooch says or does despite the fact that she’s a 1%er busybody of the type that they profess to despise! Always has been!

    It makes no sense that they can possibly empathize with the poor woman whose every whim is catered to because her husband has a job that, in reality because of the way he performs it, is no different than the CEO of a medium sized business enterprise (whose wife probably wouldn’t get half the perks Mooch does!).
    Yet, they do.
    With the same fascination given some reality TV “stars”.
    I have to assume liberals are mostly people who live vicariously through the lives of those they consider successful because they have no real ambition or hope of ever becoming successful themselves.
    Thus the screeching animosity against those who would criticize or challenge the object of their fascination.
    It’s just sad how sheep like their behavior is.
    As to Nadal, Fort Hood and the military’s stance in this matter ( along with similar situations involving retch inducing political correctness!), amen, sir. Amen.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Nick: Because I live in L.A., a city filled with Obama-worshippers, it is always reassuring to be reminded that there are still people such as yourself in America who see Barack and Michelle for what they are.


      • nickshaw

        I am not in America, nor am I American, Burt.
        But I am with Americans (in general) in spirit and support for the “good guys” in particular.
        I’ll let you figure out who I think are the good guys. 😉
        I am a former Canadian living in Costa Rica (for the weather and taxes!) and I have a relatively popular radio show here (in English) where I often express my support for “Americans” and disgust with the administration and progressives.
        This admission often draws contempt on the blogs (usually from liberals) about furriners poking their noses into US affairs but, screw ’em! The well being of America affects everyone in the world!
        Keep up the good work.

        • Burt Prelutsky

          Nick: How do Costa Ricans react to your radio messages? How do they see America and Obama?


          • nickshaw

            Like I said, the show is relatively popular. I have been on the air here, 3 different radio stations one of which owned by me, for about 10 years. I am a DJ , it is not a talk show, playing mostly modern blues but, between tracks I sometimes get a little verbose.

            I talk a lot more during my rock shows. Unfortunately, I don’t have a rock gig at this moment (though one should be coming up soon).

            Ticos (the diminutive of “Costa Ricans”) are generally conservative even though the governance skews socialist(y), kinda’ like Canada without all the regulations. As such, the reaction to my Skeeter / liberal bashing is mostly positive. I get very, very few complaints. Frankly, I ignore them.

            There are, as typical in any country outside the US, some dyed in the wool America haters but, generally Americans are well received and liked. It could be a grudging admiration simply because CR might cease to exist if America wasn’t what it is, seeing as we have no armed forces for protection. As to Skeeter himself, I think most are ambivalent. Neither liked nor hated (except for after that Honduras BS when the arrows pointed down despite our own president allowing Zelaya to come here for a spell. That caused a bit of an uproar.)

            If you’d like to listen in, my current show is on Sundays at 6 pm Mountain Time at http://radio.crc.cr/979
            It’s called, Nothin’ But The Blues (the best damn blues show in the whole wide world!). Yes, the whole thing.
            As the name implies, it’s more music than talking and that’s why I’m hoping my rock show, Two Drink Minimum, will be back on the air soon so I can shoot my mouth off a lot more!

          • Burt Prelutsky

            Nick: Thanks for getting back to me. Good luck with Two Drink.