A Few Words about Rush …

There are many things I like about Rush Limbaugh.  I’ve been on his radio show 4 or 5 times.  He was generous enough to do an interview with me, which I published in my last book, A Slobbering Love Affair.  He has read things on the air that I have written and complimented me about them. But what he said about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student, was wrong, and not just for the reason Limbaugh gave on his radio program.

Limbaugh said he should never have called her “those two words” — a “slut” and a “prostitute” (which he was smart enough not to repeat) – because, by calling her names, he brought himself down to the level of liberals, who, he said, resort to personal attacks when they disagree with someone.

Maybe.  But Limbaugh was wrong for several other reasons:  First, what he did is just not smart. There are much better ways to deal with someone with whom you disagree on matters of policy than calling them names.  He was also wrong because his ugly comments took the spotlight off of Ms. Fluke, where they belong, and needlessly placed it on Limbaugh himself.

So instead of focusing on her belief that even a Catholic University has an obligation to provide contraceptives, free of charge to female students, through its insurance plan – we’re focusing on Limbaugh’s comments, which are being characterized as part of a “war on women.”

Instead of asking Ms. Fluke whether she thinks the federal government can force private business to give away any other product for free besides contraceptives for women, we’re entangled in a discussion about whether Limbaugh’s apology was sincere or merely a response to his loss of advertisers.

Instead of delving into Ms. Fluke’s admiration for the entitlement society, we’re busy speculating on the long-term effects of Limbaugh’s name-calling.

When Bill O’Reilly pretty much said in his Talking Points memo that Ms. Fluke can do whatever she wants, but if it concludes contraceptives she ought to pay for them herself – a perfectly reasonable position — he was immediately linked, by left-wing Web sites, as an ally of Limbaugh — a good, liberal way, to knock off two birds with one stone.

For the foreseeable future, whenever a Republican politician goes on a news program we can expect the reporter to ask what he thinks of Limbaugh’s comments – and will he, right here and now, condemn the conservative talk show host.

I like Rush.  But he really screwed up this time.

One final thought, this one about media hypocrisy:  Sure, the so-called mainstream media salivate a lot more when Limbaugh says something dopey than when Bill Maher says something hateful about a conservative, something he’s done many times.  But the fact is, Bill Maher doesn’t have nearly the influence on American culture or politics as Rush Limbaugh.  So the comparison goes just so far.

As a conservative, the double standard that troubles me is coming from the Right.  Conservatives, some on FOX, who got all worked up when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut” on his radio show, have gone AWOL since Rush used the same word against Ms. Fluke. No outrage from them this time around.  It’s as if they hadn’t heard anything about what Limbaugh said.

Liberals only care about bias and nastiness when a conservative is guilty and conservatives only care about such things when a liberal is guilty.  There’s a name for this:  it’s called hypocrisy – and both sides have enough to choke a horse.  And it’s why thoughtful consumers of news are disgusted with both sides.

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  • Rt2wshp

    I listened to Rush that day & I did not hear him call her a slut or prostitute but he likened her WORDS to that type of person.

  • 1Haole_Boy

    Bowling Balls and Beebees!!
    __There is an encyclopedic collection of the most foul comments from the progressives from the media, to Celebrities like Alec Baldwin (with his ersatz preppy accent), to thoughtless and ignorent politicians.
    __An occasional slight from a talk show host is spit in the ocean compared to the left’s niagara falls of vulgarity!
    **Thus the analogy of comparing Bowling Balls and Beebees. Hilary knows better, she is trying to Out-Mislead in a clever way Obama’s-Deceptive-style. Even you are not that good Mrs. Clinton!!

  • Sidney18511

    Sandra was talking about a gay friend that lost her ovary due to lesions growing on it that would of been prevented by taking bc pills. Everyone pays for their own health insurance, nothing is free. Should we demand that anyone who goes skiing should be denied a cast on their broken leg? Should we deny someone like rush who is over weight care for high blood pressure or heart surgery because he brought it on him self? Should we deny insurance companies from paying for the birth of a womans 5th child because you yourself only have 1? That’s how insurance works. All the money they take in besides profit is spent on someone elses health issues. The money you paid this month thru your premium will be spent on the patient who smoked digs for 40 years and is now being treated for lung cancer. How about “there for the grace God go I”.
    We all will need medical care at some time in our lives.

  • truevalues

    Rush is right about Fluke.  If any female college student was more concerned about sleeping around than learning school subjects – words like slut, whore and even prostitute comes to mind.   I mean, why was she spending $45,000 per year at Georgetown University if she’s more concerned about a mere $3,000 more so she can sleep around.
    She’a also lying about the cost of birth control pills, which cost less than 1/3 of the price she claims.  Also, Fluke is a political activist for the socialist Dems.

    • Jamal Wilkerson

       That’s right. 

      Furthermore, Rush was trying to demonstrate how absurd her claim was that she could not afford her contraceptives.  He was riffing on the topic, off the cuff.   He didn’t “call her a slut” in a mean-spirited or even serious way, but said it questioningly while trying to describe how normal people (as opposed to liberals) might characterize a neighbor they notice receiving deliveries of carton after carton of contraceptives at her door.  In effect, Rush was saying, “IF everything she’s saying is true, it would be reasonable to conclude that she’s some sort of slut or prostitute.”  But, of course, Rush did NOT think she was being truthful.

      Do some conservatives feel that they’ll be rewarded for occasionally flogging our best warriors?  Perhaps they hope that liberals or the liberal media will be impressed.

  • Jamal Wilkerson

    “Sinking to the liberals level” is EXACTLY what conservatives need to do, if they expect EVER to be victorious. If somebody punches me, should I refrain from “sinking to his level” by punching back–possibly twice as hard? If somebody is shooting at me, should I make sure I don’t “sink to his level” by returning fire? When terrorists attack, should we refrain from striking back because striking back would constitute “sinking to their level”? Ridiculous.

    Why do so many conservatives “feel” it would be wrong for them to fight fire with fire? Do they secretly WANT liberals and socialists to destroy their country, or do they just not really care? Sometimes I wonder.

    Do you think liberal men will stop insulting conservative women if only conservative men refuse to fight back with insults of their own? Rush Limbaugh was FIGHTING BACK. The rest of you, well, during Obama’s second term you’ll be able to feel very good about yourselves for having unilaterally disarmed in order to avoid “sinking to somebody’s level.” I prefer to go down fighting.

  • David R. Zukerman

    Consider, pls, the villains in Frank Capra’s”Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Meet John Doe,” “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    Seems to me, the whole bunch of ’em would, today, be found in the camp of the Neo-Aristocrats (my term for what is still, alas, called “liberals”). (Note, too, that the media does not come off well in this movies.)

  • Roxiebell

    Well Bernie you’ve got to fight fire with fire and sometimes hypocrisy with hypocrisy.

    Its like critical mass has been reached and I believe that is why there is such a backlash and the desire to protect and defend Rush since it takes “super-human” strength to put up and tolerate the left and Rush has been doing it for 23 years on radio so he is entitled to a mistake, imo.

    And his controversial comments were delivered in the form of a “does that make her a” question after discussing her testimony and her demands so its not like the projectile vomiting vile insults against conservative women that spews from leftist liberal maggot mouthed commentators, entertainers and comedians on a regular basis.

    So there may be some hypocrisy but its slight in comparison.

  • Ron Kean

    One good thing. It put a spotlight on Maher and Olberman as well.

  • 1Haole_Boy

    Hey Rush!! Do you not realize that Obama is Like a God Hovering Over Us All….Hey Rush! Can you not feel the Tingle Up Your Leg?
    __He is wiser than the Bishops and Cardinals because he is an ENLIGHTENED VOICE of REASON; HE is made from a PURER SUBSTANCE and we are his Subjects.
    __He must Be The First President Not To Serve But To Rule. We are in shock and awe at his very presence; we are likened to chatel in comparison to his magnificence, he can do no wrong.
    __He is so far above us on the food chain that he can morally butcher us and serve us at his dinner table the same way that we low-lings can butcher cows and chickens and serve them at our tables.
    __Surely Chris Matthews never would be so insubordinate as Rush Limbaugh in suggesting that his Highness Barack Obama would be anything but perfect; Rush Limbaugh must recite fifty Hail Barrys and 25 ACORN Daddys to gain forgiveness.
    __”Hail Barry full of grace, Marx is with thee, blessed art thou amongst radicals…………”
    Obama-rosaries might be mandated free under Obama-care!!

  • Paula Senft

    Thanks Bernie. Glad to see that you remain the standard bearer where media bias is concerned.

  • Jean from Lake Ariel

    As usual Mr. Goldberg, you hit the point right on and I am amazed at some of the comments which diverted off the points you made so well. I wonder if readers often comprehend what you write.

    Rush used nasty names and every woman should be outraged just as we should be outraged everytime someone uses these names regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal. The absence of outrage from both sides is very telling and very hypocritical.

    You are absolutely right about Rush’s use of these words becoming big news and taking the spotlight away from the issue which is whether a Catholic university should be oglibated to provide contraception free of charge to female students through it’s insurance plan.

    In addition, many of the comments here seem to focus on the perception that Ms. Fluke thinks women should be provided free contraception and totally ignoring the fact that women often require birth control pills for medical reasons other than contraception such as her friend whose medical contidion she spoke about.

    • Nancye

      In addition, many of the comments here seem to focus on the perception that Ms. Fluke thinks women should be provided free contraception

      and totally ignoring the fact that women often require birth control pills for medical reasons other than contraception such as her friend whose medical contidion she spoke about.


      And how often is that? Not often, I’d say.

      Miss Fluke is a fluke.

      • Jean from Lake Ariel

        Nancye, do you have facts to back up your position that women requiring birth control pills for a medical condition other than for contraception is not an often occurance? Are you aware that birth control pills are often prescribed for women suffering from the effects of uterine fibroids for instance?

        • Brendan Horn

          This is a very easily solved problem. The solution is to treat the medical prescription for legitimate health considerations separately from cases where the pill is given out as birth control. Most doctors will be able to discern the difference.

          • Jean from Lake Ariel

            I agree with you. My point was that most of the comments totally ignored this portion of Ms. Fluke’s position and focused in on the free contraception only.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: You are right about the silence of some conservatives re: Rush, some even try to defend him on this. We know that can’t be right, because now Bill Maher has done so, tweeting to an audience in the high double figures! But the hypocrisy of the right is still small potatoes compared to the progressive press. I know it’s off the subject, but the latest example is the gas price story. Obama is running around saying things that are 180 deg. opposite from what his energy sec. has said for yrs (repeated within the past wk, under oath). Other than one lonely Fox reporter, no reporter asks about this, no other press outlet is pursuing this basic pocketbook issue in an election year. So long as it’s ignored by the press, Obama can continue to say one thing to voters, and do another. The press DOES hurt this country.

  • RecknHavic

    Having seen Ms Fluke the first question that came to mind was, “This women needs birth control?”

    • cmacrider

      RecknHavic: Pregnancy in her case would have to be a “fluke.”

    • Ron Kean

      Left wing academia is so proud of her they’re going to name a college for her. Fluke U.

      • Nancye

        cma and Ron:

        Hahahahahaha You made my day and I needed that! :)

        • Nancye

          Oh and RecknHavic. I didn’t mean to leave you out.

      • Roxiebell


  • cmacrider

    Bernie: The one point which you failed to make was that either: Limbaugh is completely lacking in any sense of political strategy or he decided that this non issue was an opportunity for publicity and hence money in his pocket.

    Let me understand this … Nancy holds a one witness hearing over contraception in America in the 21St Century. Surely to goodness Republicans and conservatives have sufficient intelligence to see this was a blatantly transparent attempt to re-frame the discussion.
    Let me understand this … 15 trillion dollar debt … another obama budget projecting billions in deficits … trouble with Iran … a record unemployment situation … Oh I see, say the Democrats, lets bring up something completely inconsequential and watch the Republicans and conservatives lunge after it like a Northern Pike goes for a shiny spoon. An lo and behold we seen a week of controversy about contraception instead of the real issue which was infringement of religious liberty. No wonder the Republican Party usually finds itself in a minority position.
    The fact that this one witness Congressional hearing was even considered anything more than a joke explains why the Republicans are still struggling in the polls. Good God … develop a little bit of political moxy or find another profession.

    • Dave

      Enjoyable comment “cmacrider” except for one thing. NPR and other liberal media outlets are treating the Law student like a serious celebrity, with personal interviews where she extols and worships Obama as some kind of incredible human being. While I can’t fault you for seeing this “one witness,,, as a joke”, we can’t ignore the fact enough people listen to liberal media like NPR and believe every word, that it would be a mistake for conservatives to act as if it’s not big deal that nobody is paying attention to. In fact Obama’s favorability with female voters has just gone up, and I don’t doubt Rush helped out with that.

      Limbaugh used to have razor sharp humor, it’s too bad he didn’t make use of it instead of venting his anger and losing control. (Come to think of it I wish I had always controlled my anger too:)

      • cmacrider

        All Limbaugh had to do point out that liberals must be trapped in some sort of 1950’s time capsule which is about the last time I recollect any debate about “the pill.”

  • Wil Burns

    Remember, Maher’s show was cancelled after remarks he made about Al Qaida after 9/11.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, You say “I like Rush, But he really screwed up this time.” What is there to like about this hateful man?

    • Ron Kean

      He says some good things.

    • Jeffreydan

      “What is there to like about this hateful man?”

      He’s not a frightened little troll.

      • Wil Burns

        He’s not? Then why the bodyguard?

        • Jeffreydan

          Don’t worry, Wil. You need not bring a bodyguard to websites you plan on fleeing when someone debates you.

    • Roxiebell

      He is not a hateful man at all and for 23 years or more he has been able to content with liberal loons with good cheer and fun and usual his addressing “the absurd” with being even “more absurd” is done with humor and actually the comments and names he used were done in a sarcastic humorous way based on Flukes outrageous testimony and demands which are enough to make a “good” person slip up and get mad as hell.

      For the record, ICAM with Rush, Ms Fluke presented herself as what he called her its like the old saying “if it looks like a duck, its a duck”!

  • Heather

    To reiterate:

    “Liberals only care about bias and nastiness when a conservative is guilty and conservatives only care about such things when a liberal is guilty. There’s a name for this: it’s called hypocrisy – and both sides have enough to choke a horse. And it’s why thoughtful consumers of news are disgusted with both sides.”

    Thank you for this. I totally agree with that statement.

  • Terry Walbert

    I wouldn’t mind paying Ms. Fluke’s contraceptive bill. Of course, I would like to get something in return.

    • Ron Kean

      I wouldn’t expect more than a chuckle from her boyfriend du jour.

    • Dave

      I think I can show you 10 liberals being offensive for every conservative that puts his foot in his mouth.

  • MerchantofVenom

    Rush is a testament to how the MSM can set a trap and and wait for someone to take the bait. That someone was Rush. They played him like a violin. By that I mean no one talks about why we should have to pay for Sandra Fluke’s contraceptives which was the real issue, instead the MSM changed the discourse to…Rush called her a slut.

    Then for the coup d’état Obama calls Fluke to apologize for that “cold-hearted” Limbaugh making Rush look like a heel forcing him to apologize and causing a few sponsors to terminate there contract with his popular radio show.

    I got to give the MSM credit. This is so artfully done, the slight of hand, the subtlety, it would make David Copperfield green with envy.

    • Drew Page

      Merchant — Very well said and 100% accurate.

      • MerchantofVenom

        Thank you Drew.
        You are obviously a very intelligent person.

  • Rogue4

    Sandra Fluke went before a congressional committee and essentially petitioned for subsidization of her sex life. As there is in fact a particular vernacular associated with those who demand a “subsidy” for sex, why the pretense that Rush’s specific contextual use of said vernacular was wholly pejorative? And leftist can only use this to divert from the issue to the extent that WE LET THEM. Youtube Newt Gingrich’s latest interviews with David Gregory and George Stephanopoulos for a primer on how to eviscerate a bogus narrative.

    • Michael

      Right on, Rogue4.

  • Dave

    I disagree with you Bernie. Rush was merely exercising his First Amendment rights and he obviously just made the comment in the heat of passion and moral righteous indignation!! This woman, and I use that word loosely, is known on campus to be a left-wing radical feminist extremist!!! Furthermore, the point still remains that if she wants to have sex, all she has to do is to walk in any drugstore, and get all the contraception she wants; I shouldn’t have to pay for it!!! After all, noone paid for my condoms when I was in school. so then why the hell should she get a free ride, then!!! This fake, phony so-called “war on women” is truly a big lie, a real canard!!! What this is really a war on, is the Catholic church, ALL people of faith, the First Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, and the separation of Church and State in reverse!!! Obama called Ms Fluke to sympathize, and yet he did NOT call Laura Ingraham when that fat, bloated, sweaty pig, Ed Schultz called Laura a slut!! Obama is an absolute HYPOCRITE, and this is yet ONE MORE REASON WHY OBAMA MUST GO!!! PERIOD!!!!

    • Nancye

      AMEN!!! Good post!!!

    • Brian

      Dave, are you insane?

      According to your inane ramblings, Rush called Fluke a Slut because he was exercising his first amendment before Obama takes it away.

      Speaking of hypocrites, Rush himself has stated how drug addicts should be put in jail and he is one himself!

      Do some of you realize that Rush is not a journalist but a host of an entertainment program and says thing to get attention. He might be more intelligent than weak disappearing acts such as Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman but people here are making him out to be a Martyr. It is insane. Saying stuff to get reactions is what Rush does. Why should people feel sorry for him when it backfires?

      • Dave 2

        Sorry I used the name Dave twice. There’s too many of us Daves. I agree with Bernie because Limbaugh let himself get angry and that was why he lost control, and his dignity. He has razor sharp humor and that would have been far more effective than spewing out an angry rant with foul name calling. Most people will use that as an excuse to simply disregard Limbaugh and because of Limbaugh’s popularity with conservatives it tarnishes all conservatives at the same time.

      • Jeffreydan

        “Speaking of hypocrites, Rush himself has stated how drug addicts should be put in jail and he is one himself!”

        Either you don’t know all the facts surrounding Rush’s drug episode, the context of his statement you referenced, or both.
        Get informed before you judge.

        • Brian

          He had an addiction to oxycontin and was doctor shopping for crying out loud. That, combined with him stating how he believes those involved with drugs should be in jail is hypocritical. Take off the blinders.

          • Patrick

            Was he on drugs when he said that comment at that time? He’s only human, we all fall short. But that doesn’t negate the standard.

          • Jeffreydan

            “He had an addiction to oxycontin and was doctor shopping for crying out loud. That, combined with him stating how he believes those involved with drugs should be in jail is hypocritical. Take off the blinders.”

            His original comment was about serial coke/heroin/crack/etc. addicts who won’t stop breaking the law no matter how many chances they get.

            Rush’s situation: had severe pain from back surgery, got addicted to the prescribed painkillers, broke the law in his drug seeking, and received commensurate punishment. How many times has he committed the same offense since he rehabilitated himself?

            Again, get all the facts before passing judgment. You’ll appear smart next time.

  • wally

    When a conservative says something stupid, it is right that the person apologize and that the right equally agrees that it was wrong. Having said this, the right should come right back immediately and offer Rush or whoever the new support that the transgressor really needs at that time. The same type of policy should be used by the manufacturer or business that has advertizing on the transgressor’s show. In other words, state that you condemn the action or statement and continue your approval on a conditional basis. Not doing this plays into the liberal playbook of intimidation.



    • Wil Burns

      Tommy, Shouldn’t you be standing on a high ledge somewhere, threatening to jump?

  • Jenna

    People seem to have forgotten David Letterman’s disgusting jokes about Sarah Palin’s young teenage daughter. He got a slap on the wrist; all he did was apologize. Like he cares.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingrham, Sara Palin, were brutally attacked for no reason by Left wing Pravda Media. The communist left wing

    .. Not even our USA Party Chairman BO or his his communist party leaders Pelosi, Reid, Schummer or Durbin never came to these ladies defense.. If BO wins Move might find more democracy in Peking/Bejing.

  • John

    The difference is that Ingraham is not a slut, but Fluke is. Fluke is also greedy, lazy, and covetous.

    • Wil Burns

      Laura Ingraham:

      Boyfriend: Dinesh D’Souza (broken engagement)
      Boyfriend: Robert Torricelli (1999)
      Boyfriend: James V. Reyes (broken engagement)

      Never married!

      ’nuff said!

      • Happy trails

        No matter what you may think about having several relationships, there is no justification for calling one a slut because of it.

        • Heather

          Thank you.

      • Dave 2

        Here are the rest of the facts on Laura Ingraham that Burns left out:

        “She was once engaged to conservative author and fellow Dartmouth alumnus Dinesh D’Souza. She also has dated former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli.[28] In April 2005, she announced that she was engaged to businessman James V. Reyes, with a wedding planned in May or June 2005. On April 26, 2005, she announced that she had undergone breast cancer surgery. On May 11, 2005, Ingraham told listeners that her engagement to Reyes was canceled, citing issues regarding her diagnosis with breast cancer. Despite the breakup, she maintained that the two remain good friends and had told listeners, in 2006, that she was in good health. In May 2008, Ingraham adopted a young girl from Guatemala, whom she has named Maria Caroline.[31] In July 2009 she adopted a 13-month-old boy, Michael Dmitri, and two years later in June 2011 she announced the adoption of her third child, 13-month-old Nikolai Peter. Both of the boys were from Russia, a nation where Ingraham had spent considerable time earlier.”

        She sounds like a good person to me Burns. You didn’t say enough after all! The fact that she hasn’t married yet may be more the fault of men who can’t deal with breast cancer. Shame on you Burns!!!

        • Patrick

          Thank you Dave my thoughts exactly and may I add, that the average person usually has more than one boyfriend or girlfriend before they get married which doesn’t make him or her a slut (frankly, I don’t use that term too often especially since it sounds dumb, low-class, and like any term, used too often looses any real meaning). It also doesn’t mean that the person has had sex with all of the people they’ve been in relationships.

        • Wil Burns

          Is Laura still a virgin and has she ever been on the pill. Rush and me would like to know?

      • Paul Courtney

        John: The point is, no one should be calling anyone a slut. How surprised are we that Mr. Burns is just like…Mr. Limbaugh? C’mon, Wil, tell us What an awful person Rush is, while you look in the mirror.

      • Roxiebell

        And Fluke wants “free” contraceptives for herself and her gal-pals at Georgetown. “nuff said” so I guess Rush was right, heh?

  • Drew Page

    Bernie, you are 100% correct. I too like Rush and agree with many of his positions, but he put his foot in his mouth this time. Rush has become a very powerful influence among conservatives, both for his political ideas and his style of delivery of those ideas. Occasionally, he steps over the line of proprietary discourse.

    It doesn’t matter how many times that Bill Maher, Jon Stewart or any other ‘comedian’, entertainer or celebrity does the same thing to conservatives, or how the MSM portrays it, he knows better than to sink to their level. He screwed up. He apologized. Let’s move on to more important matters.

    • Happy trails

      And Lord only knows there are MUCH more important issues than the coverage of contraceptives; national security, debt, unemployment comes to mind. And we have a president making telephone calls about this?

  • Josef Zel

    I believe all this moral indignation seems rather prudential in nature.

  • Glen Stambaugh

    Yes, bad behavior is bad regardless of who the offender may be. Rush knows better.

  • Ken Besig

    Everybody says stupid, tasteless, and repellant things from time to time, but only decent people like Rush apologize for their improper speech. It’s only when the person constantly uses foul and abusive language on a regular basis, you know like Bill Maher, that the person makes himself an object of contempt. Rush has not done that.

  • Brendan Horn

    I agree completely that Rush was not smart in using the word he used. I wonder, however, what would be the correct word to use for someone who demands contraception from others. Does a correct word exist? I think the word “pathetic” is close to the correct word. People who would demand their contraception should be paid by others should be mocked, ridiculed, and in general should be seen as sad examples of how depraved the liberal agenda has become in this society.

  • ted wight

    But I agree that Limbaugh lowered himself — and according to the Left performed as all conservatives think — and allowed the Left-wing propaganda machine to fire up against him who they say represent all Republicans.

    Too bad, when he could have gotten his view across somewhat more tactfully than a Imus-ism.

    He is paying the financial price.

  • ted wight

    The issue is power, raw power over others by the Left. They have it, will keep it and until our nation becomes under the spell of a dictator and revolts, they will keep gaining and abusing power. It is ironic that China, Vietnam and many other “Communist” countries are eschewing it and embracing freedom, free enterprise and capitalism, while the U. S. birthplace of freedom comes under the spell of authoritatism. Soon into dictatorship.

    • Greg

      That’s an insane comment Ted, and just illustrates that Rush is not isolated in his extremist rhetoric and thinking among conservatives. Dictatorship?? Because our government, thru the Affordable Care Act, is trying to make distinctions about what medicines/procedures *insurance companies* should cover? That is working out the nuts and bolts of a law, not Fascism. I suppose if you have arthritis, or maybe a heart condition, you’d want those medicines or tests covered under your insurance wouldn’t you? I suppose that if you have one of these conditions and were seeking insurance, you wouldn’t want to be excluded because of them either would you? That is what this debate is about. And the obvious needs to be pointed out again – this law isn’t even SOCIALISM, which is what most European countries (England, France, Germany, aka our allies) and Canada have in place for their health care! Our *private” health insurance companies will still control health care in the US. Give me a break, dictatorship. Your thinking seems to be consistent with many conservatives on this issue as well, and frankly makes it pretty easy for the left to call conservatives extremists.

  • David Nixon

    Mr. Goldberg:

    My concern has been with pundits (and political figures) of all persuasions. Few, if any, have studied and mastered the arts of rhetoric, logic and argumentation.

  • David

    Bernie, I agree with what you have written, and I think Rush did screw up as well and has caused the debate to be deflected from the issue. The American Heritage Dictionary defines slut as ” A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.” Rush nor anyone else testified that the law students where having so much sex, they couldn’t afford birth control, she did. While she did not include herself in the group having all the sex, she is certainly an advocate for those “having so much sex.” I might not call her a slut, but being known by the company you keep, I can’t help thinking she is….

  • EddieD_Boston

    Missing in all this is the fact Ms. Fluke is a law student who doesn’t understand the first amendment to the Constitution, or doesn’t want to. Also, she went in front of Congress and opened herself up to the criticism. She went Anita Hill. Wait until her book comes out and she is teaching at Yale Law School. Payback to her from the left for a job well done.

    Boston.com has had Rush on their front page for a few days now. Yes Bernie, Rush f’d up.

  • Wallace Flint

    You’re right about Rush screwing up re Sandra Fluke (isn’t that pronounced Fluke or is it Fluck?), but that idiot Bill Maher is the worst example of Liberal disrespect toward anyone who disagrees with that low philosophy of Liberakism.
    The thing that aboutMs.Fluke is thatshe expects somebody else to pay for her sex life. Is she for real? It’s hard to believe it’s hard to beieve what’s happening to this country!
    Wan’t it Thomas Jefferson who said “Any government that’s strong enough to give everytihng is strong enough to take away everything.” These may not be the exact words, but the meaning is there.
    Someday, we’ll wake up and find the freedom we take for granted, are gone. God, I hope I’m wrong!So many have died to keep our way of life going- then to see ot disappear would be heart- breaking, to say the least!

    In God We Trust!
    Wally flint- Boonville, NY

  • Kat

    Rush was wrong to use the words he did, but his opinions probably go along with many Americans. I don’t want to subsidize or provide or make sure other people can have their “recreational activities”. Obviously, Ms. Fluke wants to engage in sex for her own enjoyment….she is certainly entitled to do so. However, I’m not interested in paying for her contraceptive. Get her male companion/boyfriend/partner to help her pay for birth control pills if she’s unable to….after all, the man certainly is a participant. If you wanna play, you gotta pay. There are too many Americas struggling to pay for their own home, food, gas and other necessities….we don’t want to pay for others’ lifestyles. I’m sure all of us would like the government to provide “stuff” for us that we can’t afford ourselves. This “entitlement mind set” needs to go.

    • Greg

      Kat, how exactly will YOU be paying for her “recreational activities”? The government won’t be paying for birth control, the insurance company will be. And if you happen to have the same insurance company that she has, insurance companies pay for all sorts of things that you personally aren’t responsible for or approve of, like say, diabetes medicine because someone has had a poor diet, or cholesterol medicine for the same reason, or perhaps for an operation because someone got in an accident while drinking and driving. Insurance covers a BROAD range of maladies and procedures that you personally may have nothing to do with, that’ how it works.

  • Mark

    Yes Bernie, I’m right-wing and I wasn’t outraged with Rush said and I’ll tell you why. What he said was contextual. When Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut”, when Mahar calls Sarah Palin a “t**t” because he doesn’t like her politics, there is no good reason for it other than being nasty and hateful. Rush however is presented with a woman who, by her own admission, is needing 3000 dollars worth of contraceptives, she is having so much sex that this amount is necessary and is asking others to pay for it. In effect asking people to pay her to have sex. There is a precedent for that sort of behavior and a label.

    Now I will agree that the satire is a bit of a stretch. And I agree that he just gave fuel to the other side. But there was a point and a context to his remarks that is sorely lacking on the other side. Not all outlandish remarks are created equal and to treat them as such is simply saying that every situation is the same. They are not and it is intellectually dishonest to omit the context and simply say Rush called her a slut the same way Ed Schultz called Laura a slut.

  • Neil Blam

    I understand the hypocracy of both sides, but this doesn’t really bother me. It has ever been so, just more so now. What does bother me is that much of the right, when confronted with opinion that they cannot agree with, simply changes the channel. While much of the left tries to silence the speaker for ever. And I detest “blackballers”, whatever their political stripe, from Joe McCarthy to modern Progressives.

  • David R. Zukerman

    Bravo — Ms. Gelnar’s call to learn more about Sandra Fluke. (Is that her real name or a nom de political guerre?) She clearly made herself a public figure. There once was a time when the Supreme Court allowed robust, even unpleasant, attacks on public officials, later extended to public figures. I guess New York Times v. Sullivan and progeny are now shields only to protect the left from criticism. How much does Ms Fluke seek to cover her annual contraceptive costs? Hmm, would other activists (oops) of different preference demand a sum in lieu of contraceptive necessity, under an interesting equal justice approach?

  • Kathie Ampela

    Because the MSM has shifted the focus of the Fluke controversy to Rush’s stupid comments, a critical detail will blow right past everyone: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/9-price-months-supply-birth-control-pills-target-3-miles-georgetown-law

    • Kathie Ampela

      Just want to add in the wake of Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death, even though I don’t like Limbaugh much, he and other conservative pundits are extremely brave for what they do. They deserve to be chastised when they cross the line, as Rush did in this case, but we have to keep in mind just how much is at stake here…and what happens when you stand up to power in this country. If the stress doesn’t kill you…

  • John

    Rush was wrong to stoop to such low grade personal attacks. Even more irritating, he also prolonged Ms. Fluk’s obligatory fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Good column, Bernie, thank you. I’ve never been a fan of Rush’s although I generally agree with him..he’s always struck me as being something of a chauvinist. His comments on Fluke reinforce negative stereotypes about conservatives and give the Dems the ammo they were looking for. That said, there is a glaring hypocrisy on the Left over attacks on conservative vs. liberal women. Calling Sarah Palin a c*nt gets a total pass but there is a crusade launched against Rush over his comments on Fluke? The so called “comedians” such as Maher need to be held to the same standards the Left hold conservatives to. Calling Palin a c*nt even when used under the banner of “satire” is unacceptable. (And I don’t care if she is a politician..how would the Left react if a right wing comedian called Hillary Clinton a c*nt…oh, wait there are no right wing comedians, sorry I forgot!)

    I disagree with you, Bernie that Rush has more influence on the culture than Maher and therefore his comments matter more than Maher’s. In your eagerness to point out hypocrisy on both sides you are letting a despicable misogynist off the hook.
    Rush was an arrogant bully for his Fluke comments. Maher was an arrogant bully for his Palin comments. If Rush is thrown off the air over this episode, so too should Maher.

  • Shirl

    Who gives a fat rat about this Fluke! She is nothing more than a Pilosi swamp-thing plant set to muddie the waters and take everyone’s eye off the ball and guess what?; everyone took the bait and swallowed it whole. Compared to the slime left slander; Rush should be given an award for using HIS right to free speech just like the left and more power to him!!!!!

    • Nancye

      Amen! Long live Rush!!!

      • Brian

        Yeah, long live Rush, the guy with who wants drug addicts locked up in jail but was addicted to pills himself. So, according to Rush, he can have his drugs, but no one else can have theirs. Please, when you go out of your way to be controversial, you are going to get criticized. No sympathy for Rush from me.

  • robert

    I don’t think the Bill Maher comparison is relevant. You didn’t say that it necessarily was, I realize, but Hannity, O’Reilly, and a lot of your buddies at Fox are making the Limbaugh-Maher comparison.

    Sure, Maher said hateful stuff about Palin, but Palin was likely the stupidest person to ever set foot in the presidential arena. Didn’t she deserve to be scrutinized, satirized, and even ridiculed?

    McCain could’ve won. He was 72 years old and had had cancer twice. He could’ve croaked in office. And if he croaked, then Ms. “I can see Russia from my backyard” would have been the leader of the free world.

    As far as I’m concerned, Palin’s stupidity merited commentary and satire, even of the mean-spirited variety. And even if you disagree with this law student’s desire for an ‘entitlement,’ I don’t think the comparison is a valid one. I do enjoy your sports reporting, though, and at least your political commentary is thought provoking, so that’s about it.

    • Peter

      You either do not bother scrutinizing Sarah Palin and try to get to know her or you lack the intelligence to recognize Sarah Palin’s intelligence, foresight and courage! The stupidity does nto belong to Palin, my friend…

    • stmichrick

      That was a truly ignorant remark about Sarah Palin, robert. You are like many who dismiss her midwestern-sounding, unmodulated manner of speech as a sign of stupidity. I don’t enjoy listening to her speak but no way is she mentally challenged nor do I often disagree with what she says.

    • Paul Courtney

      robert: bet you like ’em brilliant like biden or genius gore (jetting around the globe predicting the rise of the oceans, he figured “no better time to buy a shore house.” Sharp!). Your comments reveal there’s no ignorance like the idealogical kind.

  • Michael

    Regardless of what Rush said, it’s not his fault that people are choosing to focus on two words he used to describe Lenin’s useful idiot (that would be Ms. Fluke), rather than the fact that Fluke sat there whining about the rest of us not paying for women’s ability to have birth control, and the people we pay to challenge such idiotic demands are not doing so.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. And rather than go on and on in self-righteous blather about how unkind Rush was, how about a little more focus on how unkind it is for the idiots in our Congress to sit there trying to look thoughtful, rather than asking Fluke the same kind of “to the point” questions Rush asked?

    Our representatives are not representing us. Someone has to do something to call attention to that. If it hurts the feelings of the people trying to rob us of our money AND our freedom, then let them be hurt. Maybe it’ll teach them to stop pushing us around.

    Fluke isn’t some poor helpless little girl who is being victimized. She is a grown woman, a law student, and a law student who has made the choice to be a public “advocate” to make us pay for free birth control so women can hump like rabbits at our expense. That is the bottom line. If she’s not smart enough to know that is going to bring on controversy, then it says a lot about the admissions standards of Georgetown Law.

  • Tom

    I would like to see if Sarah Palin was a Democrat how people like Rush, Hannity ,O’Reilly and you Goldberg would treat her.But like everything else on Fox is fair and balanced to the right.Palin didn’t have the right stuff and nobody on Fox would admit it.Now you have this blowhard who calls a woman he dos’nt know and calls her a slut and keeps it going for a few days.Now you spew your nonsence that it was about Freedom of Religion.Did you know that the Catholic Church harbors Ileagls from the law and takes tax payers money to pay for them to live on.Did you also know that the Catholic Church is loosing people in droves to other religions,and are now running TV ads to have them come back.Did you also know that a few NY hospitals offer birth control as part of there bennift package to hire nurses.This Freedom of Religion is a crock and you and O’Reilly know it.

    • Jeff

      So you point is that you agree that Government should force companies and Individual to buy and sell products? Right?

    • Paul Courtney

      Well, at least the Church can spell, punctuate and grammarize. And think. What public schools did you not attend?

  • William

    You “forgot” to point out that Ed Schultz’s comments were made on a Saturday, he took himself off the air for a week, it was covered in the LA Times, and my local television affiliates.
    Your other assertion, Current TV is difficult to find (if not impossible.
    And Mahler (the comedian) is on subscription TV–not the public airwaves.
    Thus, your “analysis” is colored by your denial of information for O’Reilly’s audience, leaving them to think that this is media bias, when, in fact, it sound more like your own.

    • Patrick

      “Liberals only care about bias and nastiness when a conservative is guilty and conservatives only care about such things when a liberal is guilty. There’s a name for this: it’s called hypocrisy – and both sides have enough to choke a horse. And it’s why thoughtful consumers of news are disgusted with both sides.”

      Exactly, one of the most thoughtful statements I have ever heard. You are absolutely right Bernie: Rush has hurt his team more than Ms. Fluke or anyone else on the left. Liberals will now use this to link any conservative who brings up this entire legitimate subject to Rush and his comments. In other words, legitimate points now have been lost in the war on words. Keep up the good writing!

  • Kay Gelnar

    Please investigate Ms. Fluke thoroughly. She has a liberal agenda. Now I know why she winked at Nancy Pelosi following applause she received during her testimony. She is not the sweet innocent person she is making herself out to be.

  • Simon Templar

    I just think when condemning the right’s response to Rush, Bernie should take into account that Rush is on the verge of being completely driven off the air.

    Conservatism would be destroyed if we allow the left to overwhelm conservatives while we try to be evenhanded. Of course Hannity is going to stick up for his friend. He’s not a journalist anyway and doesn’t pretend to be one.

    Where’s the problem?

    • Jeff

      “I just think when condemning the right’s response to Rush, Bernie should take into account that Rush is on the verge of being completely driven off the air”

      What? And the point is?

      Bernie is talking about the hypocritical Left…that is the subject of the Article. You either agree with him or you don’t. And you then support your position with logic, not emotion…try again…

      • Simon Templar

        Actually chief he was talking about they hypocritical left as well as the hypocritical right. Get some fresh air, read the entire article, and try again.

        “As a conservative, the hypocrisy that troubles me is coming from the Right. Conservatives, some on FOX, who got all worked up when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut” on his radio show, have gone AWOL since Rush used the same word against Ms. Fluke. No outrage from them this time around. It’s as if they hadn’t heard anything about what Limbaugh said.

        Liberals only care about bias and nastiness when a conservative is guilty and conservatives only care about such things when a liberal is guilty. There’s a name for this: it’s called hypocrisy – and both sides have enough to choke a horse. And it’s why thoughtful consumers of news are disgusted with both sides.”

  • Archie Hunt

    Say you on O’Reilly tonight. “The Decline Continues” You have gone from a respected journalist, to another “YES” clown for FOX.What some people will do for a paycheck. God Bless You

  • chuck.tatum

    El Rushbo self-identify’s as, “Talent on loan from Gawwwwd.” and “Half his brain tied behind his back to make it fair.”

    Rush accomplished both. Gawwd called her the “slut” and his brain wanted the videos.

  • Phil

    I don’t think thoughtful news consumers are disgusted with both sides, Bernie, because few of them get both sides. They only get the left-wing side because most news only reports things that embarrass the right. The average news comsumer never, or seldom, hears anything that embarrasses the left, unless they follow conservative media, and people who do that have already made their minds up. Those who haven’t made their minds up just get the liberal perspective from the media.

  • Randy

    Leftist say worse things everyday but you are exactly right, Rush handed them an easy way to obfuscate the issue. Rush always tries to “go big or go home”. Guess he should have gone home on this one.

  • Rod Alvarez

    Phony outrage! Bill Maher, Hollywood Leftists, Progressives, the entire elite media and daytime television, make “colorful” statements about whomever disagrees with them! Where is the outrage?! Rick Sanchez is off the air and John Stewart remains. Need I say more!

  • Lew Waldman

    Ms Fluke said she spends $3,000 a year on contraceptives. Either she’s lying. or having way too much sex. Call it what you will. I would not have apologized.

    • Jay Ensign

      You are an idiot. You don’t pop a birth control pill before sex like you do a Viagra pill. Birth control pills are taken daily for 3 weeks out of every month. You either are unable to read or hear because by now it has been on the news dozens of times that she was talking about a room mate with a physical problem that required the use of birth control pills. There are many other reason besides sex that birth control pills are used for.
      If women are to be denied a pill for their problems then you should be denied Viagra and any pills or help for prostate problems that men suffer from. Fair is fair.

      • Jeff

        Jay, you just called a person an idiot. I think you just validated Bernie’s point!!! Funny One!

      • Ron Kean

        Wal Mart has pills for $9.00 a month. Every woman can get it. The availability isn’t the issue.

        And, there is a pill that she can take after the sexual act that aborts the fetus. This is what many object to.

      • David W. Hunter

        First: you should perhaps study your topic before criticizing.
        Second: IF Mrs. Fluke is spending $3,000 a year on contraceptives, she is either supplying her apartment complex or is taking Plan B, which is a morning after pill. Birth control is cheap. Plan B is about $50 a dose.
        If she’s using 60 doses of Plan B a year, then maybe Mr. Limbaugh has a point. But then again, tact is important, even when dealing with liberals.

  • Keith

    True that. However, Rush made a verbal faux pas, and IMO he should have been careful.

  • Simon Templar

    You mention the limits of the comparison between Maher and Limbaugh because Rush is much bigger.

    If you can excuse the lefty media’s disproportionate outrage for that reason, then similarly, in fairness you must take into account the egregious onesidedness of the MSM/Democrat Party pile-on when you evaluate conservative responses to it, including from Fox News.

    Since the left and the media are determined to force him off the air and appear close to doing so, which is far, far beyond anything that would happen to a liberal, can you not be surprised that these circumstances make conservative commentators more inclined to focus on the double standard rather than piling on Rush to silence a conservative voice?

  • Keith

    Rush is only human. Sometimes he goes too far, but then again doesn’t everybody? What he should have said was say “Hey Sandy, would you like it if some guy wants to get a vasectomy so he could have wanton promiscuous sex with women and not have to worry about getting them pregnant, and the government wants to make you pay for it?”

    • Jay Ensign

      Many insurance companies pay for that. and Viagra.

      • Keith

        Private insurance companies paying for it is one thing. It is basically voluntary. Government forcefully takes money from you. Are you comfortable with it?

      • Jeff

        And your point is???? Try again…

  • Will Swoboda

    Good piece Bernie. What I have trouble understanding is why would a 3rd year law student at G-Town University have trouble paying for her own contraception? This not a cheap school to attend. Just about any planned parenthood clinic would give it to her for nothing.
    Thanks, Will Swoboda

    • Jay Ensign

      Don’t you listen or read? She works and has student loans.

      • Jeffreydan

        There is no reason why she and the other students should have to pay the amount of money she claims. As mentioned before, Wal Mart and other retailers have BC cheap, and there are numerous organizations like Planned Parenthood who supply it either cheap or free, depending on the situation. The “testimony” by this activist plant is a straw man geared toward idiots.

        But again, the point is that gov’t has no right to force people/businesses to pay for this. None whatsoever.

        • William

          She was illustrating an issue about a friend’s problem-that has now grown into full blown early menopause. She was taking the BC pills to control cysts from growing on her ovaries. Now, she (her friend) has to have her ovaries removed, and will never be able to have children of her own. If you listened to her compleate testimony you would have heard that. Also, every G’town law student is forced to carry G’town’s health insurance. All my local Catholic Universities (with the exception of the seminary) and hoosiptals are and have been on board with President Obama’s comprimise, as have been the National Catholic Organization of Religious Sisters (nuns).
          It is only the bishops trying very hard to regain a moral ground after their dismal reaction to the various (in)actions to the scandals within and under their own noses.
          Not going to work. Thank you Rush!

          • Kathie Ampela

            Rush really blew it. A friend of mine took bc pills years ago for ovarian cysts..they are also prescribed to alleviate PMS symptoms. Rush walked into a trap. Instead of calling Fluke a slut why didn’t he ask how we are supposed to pay for free bc pills
            when America is 16T in debt? And the pill is available at Target 3 mi from Georgetown for $9 a month..it would have been much smarter and been a more effective argument. Instead, the Dems have a soundbite that they can play during the campaign. This advances the “free stuff” aspect of Obama’s re-election narrative. I don’t think the counter narrative of Obama taking SuperPac money from misogynist Bill Maher will gain any traction unfortunately…the MSM won’t allow it.

  • Sharon

    Bernie –
    I wasn’t Rush who drew the focus to himself. (Rush just happened to say on the air what many of us were thinking in the privacy of our unbroadcasted homes.) It was the MSM who choose to focus on his comments. Why? Because his comments are a diversion from the fact that a college girl wants to get laid as often as she desires without taking the responsibility upon herself to prevent the natural consequences of such behavior.

    • Jay Ensign

      She brought up her room mate as the example of needing birth control pills for a female ailment and said that women should not have medical needs excluded from insurance that the employer provides. And they shouldn’t. She did not say she wanted to have unlimited sex. Didn’t you watch any of this on TV or read it in the paper. You as a woman want to be a second class citizen?

  • Henry Poston

    First, if I’m not mistaken Ed Shultz was suspended for a period of time. Second, the people that the liberals were going after (they were wrong too) were public figures and not private citizens exersizing their right to participate in a public policy discussion. The left doesn’t go ballistic every time Limbaugh insults the first lady or Nancy Pelosi. I’m for free speech, and it don’t think Rush should have apologized. He said what he meant. I thought his honesty was refreshing and illuminating about the unspoken thoughts of the right on these issues.

    • Jay Ensign

      There are things one can’t say about others without paying the consequences. If not true you can and should be sued for slander especally if the victim is also exercising her right to free speech. He did this three times in crude and insulting language and followed it up by calling other women out there as “feminazis”.
      Miss Fluke was denied to speak in that rigged panel of no women but old religious men who were testifying about WOMEN’S rights.
      If you think Rush Limbaugh is refreshingly honest and illuminating then you need to think again.

      • Michael

        A woman’s right to what? To make us pay for their sexual activity? They can pay for it themselves, or ask the men or women who are their “partners” to pay for it. She has a right to have sex if she chooses, but neither she nor any other woman has a right to make me pay for it.

        I think the fact that you call the panel “rigged” says more about who you really are than anything else.

      • Jeffreydan

        “Miss Fluke was denied to speak in that rigged panel of no women but old religious men who were testifying about WOMEN’S rights.”

        You fell for another one.

        The discussion was about whether the gov’t has exceeded its authority, at the expense of religious organizations’ 1st Amendment rights. Fluke didn’t represent any recognized entity pertinent to the topic, and when Pelosi propped her up afterward, she said nothing whatsoever that explained how the govt’s actions were Constitutionally sound.

  • Kevin McDonald

    Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and think. Then speak. How many people have gone down for something as stupid as this act. I hope he can recover, and learn a little, but then he may not be Rush.

    • Ron Kean

      He made the apology. You only need one. Time to move on. If people don’t, they’re the bad ones.

  • robin in fl

    yes he should not have resorted to name calling because he has an audiance and people are so hyper sensitive these days.

    I am and have been VERY guilty of name calling at times,BUT I always feel after I resort to doing so I lost the argument and the point I was trying to make…sometimes emotions just get in the way.

    now I try and only do name calling when no one can hear them(like under my breath or in my head or when I’ with people that won’t be offended that I actually know!)

    but with that said I don’t believe that anyone should have to pay for someone else’s form of birth control.

  • Scott Taylor

    I imagine Rush would agree that he screwed up and unintentionally aided the left. But let’s also remember that Rush is on the air for 15 hours a week, ad libbing all the way. It’s remarkably rare when he makes a big mistake. The man has apologized. The right needs to let it go.

  • Lori Miller

    Too often Limbaugh comes across as an hysterical motor
    mouth…Now he has seriously damaged the GOP…the liberal left has a talent for lumping all republicans together as a bunch of wacko extremists…it’s time for republicans to stop giving them ammunition for this kind of propaganda, and I include Rick Santorum in this message.

  • Jan Pleasants

    I’m sorry Bernie…. why must we pay for her life’s choices… I do NOT want to pay more in health care to pay for contraceptives for women.
    I went to a couple of the websites that were sponsors for Rush to defend him and was slammed with the most vile responses.. This is what the liberals do..they try to shut us up and I, for one, will not be shut up.. I stand with Rush and canceled everything I had bought from the companies that were sponsors. I also called every company, along with my friends, and told them I would never buy of their ProFlowers,etc.
    Sorry but this is a pure case of intimadation.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernard Goldberg


      Who said anything about paying for her life choices. Re read the column. How could you possibly have missed the point of what I said?

  • Rick Harris

    I believe that Rush fell for Pelosi’s ploy with Ms. Fluke’s statement…hook, line and sinker

    This was part of a concerted effort to give Republicans and conservative pundits to open mouth and insert foot. There will be more so as to engage moderates and arouse liberals

  • Matt Jones

    I agree he screwed up, just as much as I agreed with the substance of what he was trying to illustrate. The real issue for me, is how do we as Conservative Republicans fight the good fight when the rules aren’t just “unfair” but polar opposite? I think you underestimate Bill Maher’s influence on the left and the emerging young left, who revel in the brash style he exudes. He’s doing what Rush did to me in college in the early 90’s. He’s making people listen and fostering an ideology. Rush should have and did apologize in the only way he could, with an asterisk.

  • Bill Ladd

    Bernie, Whenever the discussion involves personal attacks it is wrong no matter the who the attacked or the attacker may be. There is no room in society for this kind of behavior. I like rush but in this case he went too far. That said, the MSM will milk this for all its worth and try to get Rush off the air. I dont think it will happen but im sure they are salivating over the prospect.

  • Arch Grieve, Jr.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The focus of all should be on the real threat to religious freedom, yet it has become an argument about birth control. Rush Limbaugh helped the liberals hi-jack this issue, and the Constitution might be the real loser.

  • Charles Arthur

    Rush was totally wrong. I enjoy him but when does things like this he should be banned from the air How many times do you get to apologise. Anyway Ms Fluke is definitly and tool for a larger machine and that should be the big story

  • Marilyn Mitchell

    Rush Limbaugh is a smart and principled man. He is also an entertainer and occasionally gets carried away in his attempt to add emphasis to his point of view. This time he made a mistake. He admitted that he made a mistake but back-pedaled while doing so, which dilutes the apology. I say, just man up and state that labels and foul language are uncalled for and be an example for the principles he embraces.

  • Kate Collins

    I agree. Even though he is just a radio commentator his comments hurt the GOP. His apology today seemed sincere. Time to move on…

    • Jay Ensign

      Sincere? I don’t think so. He said the insulting a crude words about Miss Fluke three times on different days and even when he “apologized” it was just for the two words he used and not the snide remark about “feminazis” that he used for all the women out there who agreed with her. He then blamed his bad behavior on the “left” instead of taking resposibility for his disgusting action.

      • stmichrick

        That’s not what he said Jay. He blamed himself for allowing himself to fall to their level of discourse. He did not blame anyone but himself for allowing himself to sound like liberals often do when they are trying to frame a disagreement.

        • Wil Burns

          Limbaugh Launched 46 Personal Attacks On Fluke; He Apologized For Two Words.

  • Ron Kean

    You’re right.

  • Dusty Rhodes

    Fair enough. Rush apologized. He made a mistake and owned up to it. It will be a cold day in Hell when any liberal apologizes for any of their trash talk. That’s the difference.

    • William

      Ed Schultz took himself off the air for a week–and apologized to Laura Ingraham after 7 seconds. And made a 9 second apology. Rush Limbaugh made hay for over 3 days, made an internet apology, and finally made an on air “apology”; Not even in the same ball park, now is it? Limbaugh has a history of these type of as hominum attacks–that is what got him kicked off of the football coverage he so desperately wanted.
      He is a bully-no GOP leader is willing to stand up to him, and this will stain the entire race!

  • Terry McCollough

    Bernie, agree with your point and Kirsten Powers hit the nail on the head yesterday. The bigger, real story is and should be, where did S. Fluke come from to get where she was? She says she is at Georgetown on a “public interest scholarship”. Why has nobody identified the source of said scholarship, worth nearly $200,000. Is there a connection to the Democratic party, a member of Congress, the White House? This would be a much bigger story. Perhaps YOU can find out and let us know.

    Love you work, keeping it real.

    • Jay Ensign

      And how does that justify Limbaugh insulting her? He had no idea who she was when he called her names. He purposefully pretended not to realize that birth control pills are taken by the month every month of the year whether sex is indulged in or not.
      You don’t pop them like Viagra or his “pain” pills when he wants instant gratification both of which are covered by many insurance policies. He also tried to blame his own people for giving him wrong information but since he did this for three days straight that doesn’t fit either and now he is blaming the left for his bad behavior. Face it – there was no conspiracy, he just exhibited nasty lack of judgement and needs to pay for it. No Democrat put those words in his mouth and made him spit them out on public radio. I hope all his sponsors drop him. Twelve have already done so and two radio stations.

      • Jeff

        Where is your outrage of Bernie’s examples of “nasty” leftist comments?

        That’s Bernie’s question… Can you answer