A New Mourning in America

When Obama said he found it offensive that anyone would suspect his White House of leaking national security information, I had no option but to laugh so hard I nearly did myself bodily injury.

The gall of the man! He has meetings with three or four close advisors, and the next thing you know, New York Times paperboys are on the sidewalk, shouting, “Extry! Extry! Read all about it! A Pakistani doctor told the CIA where Osama bin Laden was hiding!” or “Read all about how the United States and Israel successfully hacked into Iran’s nuclear computers!” or “Read all about how Barack Obama personally directs drone attacks from the 16th tee!”

Everyone, including those on Obama’s side of the aisle, knows exactly how the NY Times was fed those various items intended to make Obama look like a combination of Alexander, the philosopher king, and Gen. George “Old Blood and Guts” Patton. As I see it, he either placed a phone call, had Eric Holder run an errand or hand-delivered the self-aggrandizing information himself.

My question remains: how is it they dare to prosecute Julian Assange and PFC Bradley Manning over the classified documents they posted on Wikileaks, but not the various Fifth Columnists at the New York Times? So far as I can see, the biggest differences between the two entities are that the Times, unlike Wikileaks, is in the tank for Obama and publishes a better crossword puzzle.

To me, the most mystifying aspect of the current presidential campaign is the amount of support that Obama can still call on. Even after nixing the Keystone pipeline, a 14.2 unemployment rate in the construction industry, and tiptoeing around the Wisconsin recall election, unions are still behind this weasel. In spite of renewing the Patriot Act, keeping Gitmo open and using drones to kill American citizens, his liberal base still thinks the schmuck walks on water. In spite of raising the deficit by six trillion dollars, costing the country its triple-A credit rating and watching the unemployment rate remain over 8% for his entire term, Democrats insist he is doing a heck of a job and has earned the right to have a second term, even though he, himself, in 2009, said the opposite.

It has occurred to me that because the competition is generally pretty mediocre in politics, it is easy to appear successful. I mean, even if you are essentially winless when it comes to presidential campaigns, someone like Joe Trippi, who masterminded six or seven such disasters, can always boast that his candidate never came in worse than second, and thus get to appear as a political oracle on Fox. But even when you measure people by such an embarrassingly low standard, it is hard to view Obama as anything but a dope. I mean, how dumb do you have to be to insist that so far as the private sector is concerned, the economy in 2012 “is doing fine”?

Although Obama, thanks to a lap dog media, was allowed to blame America’s financial ills on George W. Bush for the longest time, that time has finally passed. So don’t be surprised that as the campaign progresses, Obama takes a page out of FDR’s book and runs against Herbert Hoover’s economy. After all, he is always dredging up the notion that he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, ignoring the fact that the economy that Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter a mere 32 years ago was worse. But, unlike Obama and FDR, who took advantage of a financial crisis to promote a leftist agenda, Reagan actually improved things.

Something that continues to confound me is that Walt Disney, Inc., which over the years has proven to be one of the most litigious companies in the world, never files infringement of copyright lawsuits against this administration. I mean, wouldn’t you think that a company that sees red if anyone even refers to a second-rate outfit as a Mickey Mouse operation would be speed-dialing their lawyers when we’re constantly seeing a Disneyland parade that includes Pinocchio (Jay Carney), Dumbo (Joe Biden), Goofy (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz), the Seven Dwarves (Waxman, Schumer, Geithner, Sebelius, Pelosi, Conyers, Reid), and that evil queen who was constantly asking her mirror who was the fairest one of all (Obama)?

Finally, I am hoping that Dianne Feinstein will join John McCain in insisting that uncovering the source of those recent security leaks not be entrusted to the Department of Justice. After Operation Fast & Furious and his refusal to indict the Black Panthers for either voter intimidation or for placing a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, Eric Holder has earned the distinction of being the second least trust-worthy man in Washington.

Frankly, if the Attorney General is allowed to oversee the investigation, only one of two outcomes is possible. Either it will drag on for as long as he and Obama remain in office, in the hope that everyone simply forgets about it, or Holder will eventually hold a press conference and announce that the leaker is none other than…..Scooter Libby!

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • BurtPrelutsky

    Bruce A.: You’re right, of course.  But I’m sure that Goofy, Dumbo and the others understood the spirit in which the column was written.


    • Bruce A.

      I hope you are right however, Hughy, Dewey & Louie may be too young to understand with the cmoparsion of Uncle Donald to Joe Biden.

  • Bruce A.

    Burt, good column but I  find your comparsion of  The White House admin. & the libeals in congress to Disney characters is very insulting & demeaning to real  Disney cartoon characters.

  • BurtPrelutsky

    SouBelle: I have stopped trying to contact Team Romney.  You can only receive so many snubs before you stop proposing.

    Drew Page: Even I could win a debate with Obama, and I didn’t even attend an Ivy League university.  Come to think of it, perhaps that is the very reason I could so easily out-debate him.


  • SouBelle

    Once again, some good pointers for Romney to sling Obama’s way. Hope you sent him a cc: Burt! Great Truth Telling..

  • Drew Page

    Once again, Mr. Obama shows his ‘brilliance’.   How I would have loved to oppose Mr. Obama, the Harvard trained lawyer in a court of law, trying a case.  

  • Haroldpjaffe

    This stuff is no longer funny. We are going to have Obama for another 4 years and you will see this country change into a dictatorial  state  ,ie Nazi Germany.

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    ” I had no option but to laugh so hard I nearly did myself bodily injury.” I gagged, convulsed, and only my healthy anger and contempt sparedme chest pains.
    Are we so very few, so secretly gifted by the Almighty, and echelons of Olympus, as Casandra’s  that nobody else can register his contempt. There is only one way the exclusivity of a classified discussion is violated.  Ya’all hed to be thar!

  • BurtPrelutsky

    cma: The polls indicate that Obama has lost a large part of his appeal to so-called independents.  Why the loss isn’t even larger remains a mystery.


    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      Burt, I’m holding in reserve the thought that many of those not registering disapproval might be found among the social climbers. Social standing; plasitiche, brie and chablis, is hard to give up – like any abuse substance. So chic and elite; How many ‘higher education” graduate have you had to help with junior- high-school English.

  • cmacrider

    Burt:  You wrote ”
    To me, the most mystifying aspect of the current presidential campaign is the amount of support that Obama can still call on. ”  Surely this is the the million (scratch)billion (scratch)trillion dollar question.  I can understand left wing idiologues, civil servants, and Obama’s special interest groups cling to this Presidency.  But where are the so called “independents”?  Surely they can see that this is the most amateurish and incompetent administration that America has ever had since the Second World War!!!  Even a guy who has just been hit with a frozen hockey puck could figure that one out.    

  • BurtPrelutsky

    CCNY” Blag was merely a governor.  Harder to get away with stuff.

    GlenFS: I think you’re right.  Also, I’m glad nobody has pointed out that Scooter’s name is Libby, not Liddy.  I typed it wrong..and then it looked right.  I am hoping it will be corrected


  • GlenFS


    As an avid crossword puzzler I’ll allow that this is a strong mitigator for many of their sins, but does not atone for selling out their country.  Then again they may not share our concern for the USA.  Maybe not their country.

  • CCNV

    I’m still trying to understand what Blagojevich did that was so God-awful when compared to the blatant corruption of obama and his cronies. 

    • Drew Page

      What Rod Blagojevich did was to betray his fellow Democrat thieves, including his own father-in-law while he was in office.  He also was stupid enough to cross foils with the real power behind the throne, Democrat Mike Madigan, the Illinois Speaker of the House for the past 27 years and state party chairman.  Had he kept his mouth shut,  done what he was told by Madigan and followed orders, he may very well have been the guy in the White House today instead of Obama.