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Burt hopes you’ll enjoy this bonus article, and after you’re done, he hopes you’ll also enjoy this one: Newsweek Finally Makes News .

With the Democratic convention wrapped up, I find myself wondering if Timothy Cardinal Dolan finds microphones and TV cameras as irresistible as moths find burning candles. I mean, this was an event at which the assembly clearly voiced its disapproval of putting “God” back in the Party platform. In addition, on the same night that Cardinal Dolan gave the benediction, Caroline Kennedy, after identifying herself as a Catholic, gave her unwavering support to abortion, and Barack Obama, who remains one of the few people who ever voted in favor of partial-birth abortions, accepted his party’s nomination.

The question that comes to mind is whether there is any venue, no matter how unsavory, no matter how openly offensive to Church doctrine, that Dolan would avoid so long as he was guaranteed a featured role in the proceedings. One can only wonder if next season he’ll be hosting a new TV reality show, “Celebrity Divorce Court.”

It’s puzzling that all these years after the pharmaceutical industry has provided Americans with birth control pills, morning after pills and more contraceptive devices than Margaret Sanger could ever have envisioned in her wildest dreams, Democrats are still acting as if the year is 1912 instead of 2012. The way they carry on, you have to wonder if they resent any babies being born. Liberals, who clearly have too much time on their hands, worry about snail darters, spotted owls and endangered insects, but the only mother they really seem to cherish is Mother Nature.

Alden Nowlan once observed that “The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives his parents, he becomes an adult.” It often seems to me that liberals never move beyond adolescence. That’s why when Romney and Ryan talk about cutting the national debt and reducing entitlements, Obama and his disciples detest them. To left-wingers, they sound like party-poopers, like the sort of people who tell you to do your homework, clean up your room and eat your vegetables. In short, they sound like grown-ups.

Obama, on the other hand, is the perennial juvenile. Nothing is ever his fault. Instead, everything is the fault of Bush, the Europeans, the Republicans, Japan’s tsunami and the Mayan calendar.

For me, one of the highlights of the Charlotte convention was hearing John Kerry, aka Mr. Ed, accusing Mitt Romney of being for something before he was against it. In what might be the greatest display of chutzpah during this generation, Kerry actually took the occasion of reminding America that he was the lummox who, during his own presidential campaign, proclaimed that he was the guy who voted for the Iraq War before he was against it.

Because independents and moderates will finally decide the election in November, and because they tend to be the most oblivious of voters, I would like to remind them that Obama came into office vowing to cut the $10 trillion national debt. Because most people can’t cope with large numbers, I want to explain what it means for America, four short years later, to now hold an IOU amounting to $16 trillion. In round numbers, it means that every single man, woman and child — all 300 million of us — owes roughly $53,000!

Getting back to the Charlotte convention, a popular button sported by the delegates bore the message “Once you vote black, you never go back.” What makes it so noteworthy is that it’s a take-off on a popular pickup line that black guys successfully used on naïve white girls back in the 1960s, which definitely led to a spike in pre-Roe v. Wade abortions.

Another sidebar of interest involved the keynote speaker, Julian Castro, or, more specifically, his mother, Maria del Rosario Castro, whose other twin son, Joaquin, is running for Congress. It seems that Mrs. Castro, once an activist for the openly racist La Raza, claims that Davy Crockett and his fellow Texans who fought and died defending the Alamo weren’t heroes, after all. According to the mayor’s mom, “They were a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists.”

What makes her comments so remarkable, comments that haven’t been refuted by her son, Julian, is that he just happens to be the mayor of San Antonio, the home of the Alamo.

No word yet whether Mayor Castro intends to turn the historical fort into a parking garage or a minimart.

Burt hopes you’ve enjoyed this bonus article, and after you’re done, he hopes you’ll also enjoy this one: Newsweek Finally Makes News .“>Newsweek Finally Makes News .

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2Q3UK3SZ23ED6FUW3X3MUO2TVM Daniel

    Burt, regarding Cardinal Dolan. Remember Daniel in the Lions Den. Dolan rubbed their nose’s in their abortion stance. 

    • BurtPrelutsky

      Daniel: Says you.  All the Dems heard was a lot of blahblahblah.  If Dolan wanted to make a statement, he doesn’t lend his presence to the convention.  Instead, he goes on TV and blisters their abortion festival.  But, then, he’s the same guy who promoted ObamaCare before he found out that meant he was going to have to provide birth control pills to his employees.  I have nothing against Catholics, only against its hierarchy.  And just why is it exactly that Caroline Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi continue to receive holy communion?


  • Deny916

    Dumbocrats are just flat out screwed in the head.  I wanted to use another word but I didn’t think that would fly!

    Love your work Burt.  You do tell it like it is and I thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff!  :)

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Thank you, Deny.  I managed to figure out the word you had in mind.  You used sound judgment.  That being said, I agree with you.


  • cmacrider

    Burt:  Your statement ”
    Democrats are still acting as if the year is 1912 instead of 2012. ” sums it all up.  As a Canadian, I simply cannot believe that the American People have not laughed the Dems out of the park for this so called “war on women.” campaign.  Anyone who has been even vaguely in touch with reality since the end of the Second War knows that this attempt to create “an alternate reality” is sheer lunacy.   Accordingly, I find it hard to believe that Obama is still supported by 50% of the population.

    • CCNV

       Awesome that your country, Canada, is ridding itself of illegals. Too bad this country can’t figure out how to do the same.

      • BurtPrelutsky

         Ridding the U.S. of illegals would be a great start.  And once that was done, we could start getting rid of left-wingers.  Then we would not only have a better nation, but a lot more parking spaces.


    • BurtPrelutsky

       cma: If you can bribe enough people, whether we’re talking about Chicago or the nation, you stand a damn good chance of winning the election.  I doubt, though, that the Democrats have bought up enough Americans to win the day on November 6th.  If I’m wrong, it will be the end of America as we know it, and not just because we’ll be stuck with Obama for another four years, but because of what it will say about the electorate.  Obama would be gone in January, 2017, but those people would still be around and voting.


  • Michael

    Burt, I always look for your column first.  You are so darned spot-on and so willing to say what so many people are thinking and feeling but afraid, or unable, to say.  You have courage, and for that,  I’m afraid someone will try to shut you down.   

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Michael: The only one who occasionally tries is my wife, but so far I’ve been able to fight her off.


  • GlenFS

    Burt, really wonderful piece.  You are so good at describing the bounty of Democrat idiocy and hypocracy.  My favorite observation was Obama and company as adolescents.  So spot on!  It seems nothing is more scarce than responsibility unless it’s self discipline.

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Glen: You’re spot on, as well.


  • Wheels55

    Demos have become the party of birth control and abortions. One can only hope that they further their stance and, in 100 years, all die out.
    They have also become the party of telling lies to the point that they can only speak to their loyal base and the stupid.

    • BurtPrelutsky


      1.  You’re overlooking the fact that they are also the party favored by gays.  So it may not take the full 100 years for them to vanish.

      2.  I am curious why you referred to “their loyal base” and “the stupid,” as if they are two separate entities.


      • Wheels55

        As to your point #2, there is a difference in my world. I have some smart family and friends that just won’t vote any other way. They are the loyal base I speak of. I can’t have much of a discussion with them because they have voters remorse after voting for Obama, but they will do it again. I wish it were otherwise.