ACORN and — GASP!!! — Liberal Bigotry

Until now I thought that the ACORN people in those hidden camera videos were merely corrupt, at least morally.  I mean don’t you have to be morally corrupt to sit there and try to help a “pimp” and a “prostitute” get a mortgage to set up a brothel where 13 and 14-year old girls brought in from Central America would be turning tricks for perverted Americans?

Well, looks like I didn’t get it quite right.  It seems that the real victims here are those misunderstood ACORN folks – yes the same ones who were giving the make-believe pimp and hooker advice on how to get around trivial, unimportant, technical stuff – like the law.

You see, the ACORN people are poor.  And not too smart.  And black.  And therefore corruption comes easily to them.

Fortunately, I didn’t say that.  A liberal who works at National Public Radio did.  His name is Frank James, and here’s what he wrote on the NPR blog “the two-way.”

“It’s … important to keep in mind that ACORN’s workers are coming from the same low-income neighborhoods the organization serves, with all that entails — poor schools, high crime and the sorts of social problems that have been documented for decades.

“So the flaws conservatives are pointing out about ACORN are not so much problems associated with that organization per se but more about the problems of being poor and minority in urban America.”

To which James Taranto replies in his Wall Street Journal online column:  “It’s hard to see how James’s casual assumption that corruption is the predictable result of ‘being poor and minority’ is anything other than invidious bigotry.”

Ah, but that assumes liberals can be bigots.  And we all know that’s not true.  Only conservatives are bigots. Just ask the next liberal you run into.

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  • http://odiecologne Anthony Ferreira

    Dear Mr.Goldberg: Poor, poor, pitiful Acorn. Maybe we should get together and throw them a Pity Party 09 style. I’ll supply the Kool-Aid. We hear even squirrels are printing up signs saying GO VEGGIES! What can you expect from squirrels they are just rats with fuzzy tails and a better P.R. dept.
    The blame game is throttling up.Good thing most of us have field tested our standard issue can of B.S. repellant. We should all get together and Fed Ex them nutcrackers, but I wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable.Tune in again next next week for the never ending saga of “HowThe Acorn Turns”.
    Wait til you hear our undercover reporter, Pinky Tuscadaro, give us the inside scoop on the Health Care debacle. Keep those cards and letters coming in. God Bless the U.S.A. Anthony Ferreira

  • Brooke Leonard

    Mr. Goldberg:

    I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech and have a bi-monthly op-ed. In light of recent events, I was inspired to write an article about political correctness and its inherent infringement on free speech. Although I did focus my attention on the far-left and their pivotal role in the PC mafia, I gave no bounds for becoming the next target of “the unbridled force that is the politically correct tsunami,” as I not-so-delicately called it. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim of the very hysteria that I had hoped to expose to my colleagues and perhaps even repel. However, I feel a certain responsibility to the American way of life and future generations to continue the plight of working against the accusatory inquisition that is the liberal mass. I hope to champion a new (or I suppose old) way of thought back onto college campuses.

    I will continue to look to your expertise for inspiration and guidance. In my mind, a major disconnect often exists between young adults and the more seasoned journalists. Perhaps bridging the gap between these groups in universities might help to change the course of our country’s future, however uncertain it might appear now.

    Look forward to hearing more from you, Mr. Goldberg. When might we see a “Bernard Goldberg Power Hour?” I am sure many would tune-in.


    Brooke Leonard
    Blacksburg, VA

    • Susan Tenofsky

      Brooke your campaign to “correct the political Tsunami” is inspirational to me. I hoped the disaster of political correctness at it’s best evidenced at Camp Hood would bring it’s ( political correctness) horrible effects to the surface. Not so! So…..Good for you!!!! Keep up the fight.

  • Ellie

    There was a tape of Obama talking to Chavez and pointing fingers at him. It is a good view of the President – a person who can read lips would be able to let us know what exactly did Obama say to Chaves.

  • Ellie

    Revenue enhancement is the Latte word for Taxing :)

  • C Parks



    This is exactly what happens when you create the Welfare Socialist State.

    Just look at California. The “Golden State,” turned into the worst state in
    the entire Union. And all because of Sacramento’s socialist agenda.

    This is where the rest of the entire country is heading, if these Loony Libs
    in congress succeed in dragging us over this cliff.

    Vote them out in 2010! Or we are all doomed…

    Jim Whittaker
    Hemet, CA

  • Ken


    Both you and O’reilly completely missed he point. “So You Think You Can Dance” has nothing to do with Obama not doing FNS. That’s the excuse, not the reason. He didn’t want to have to answer questions about ACORN, Van Jones, or any remotely tough questions about healthcare or anything else. He just wanted to recite his talking points, which he did, and they all let him.


  • Jersey

    I’m sick, I am sick, I have realized the POTUS has reached a new low; Obama is now using Communist techniques against the American people! This is the same propaganda techniques used by Communist Countries, you cannot and will not get away from the Ptresident’s message, no matter where you go or what you do, turn the television on, he there, turn the radeo on, he’s there, go on the internet, he’s there, his message is everywhere, all the time, it is complete media saturation now, 24/7 and it’s disgusting that this is being tolorated by the American people. Propaganda, perhaps he will start dispersing leaflets to us from the sky soon, why not, he does commercials, television shows, talk shows, internet specials, I wonder when…actually the murals are already here in various araes. Propanaga in the United States of America, against the American people, yes, I’m gonna be sick.

  • joe ferra

    Liberals have produced a real conundrum for themselves since they have established that disagreeing with the ideas or policies of either Pres. Obama and/or Gov. Paterson is due to racism.

    If you agree with the President and want Paterson to withdraw from seeking reelection does that make you a racist for disagreeing with Gov. Paterson’s decision to run?

    On the other hand if you agree with Gov. Paterson and his decision to run for reelection does that make you a racist for disagreeing with Pres. Obama?

    We sure live in an interesting time in history…

  • Ellie

    I wonder, when the polling firms ask people questions about racism – do they take into account the factor of socially acceptable behavior – do the questionnaires have anything that goes around the political correctness?

  • Ted Kalal

    After this weekend’s Obama(nation) it seems to me that Mr. “transparent” Obama has really been opaque. He even argued with George Stephanopolous and Webster’s dictionary about the word “Tax”.

    Does this remind anyone about what the definition of is, is?

  • Michael Jaye

    Jack Webb ,as Sargent Joe Friday in the old Dragnet show, was fond of saying, “the facts mam, just the facts”. Most (not all) Democrats/Liberals have a most difficult time with that and so choose to ignore the facts..that’s far easier than addressing or debating the facts. Bernie, you are indeed the ultimate pragmatist and am so grateful you have the courage of your convictions. Unlike Fox new shows (which I enjoy most of the time), you refrain from name calling, yelling, and any other form of bad behavior that results in the point being made…lost!!! You are a class act…you are the modern day Joe Friday…because you simply provide “the facts mam,..just the facts. Keep up your valuable work and thank you
    Michael Jaye
    Scottsdale AZ

  • Bob

    There is equal bigotry on both-sides regarding race :Religion vs. atheism, both belief systems regarding origins of man /slash/ philosophy in the study of how we all came to be :national fanaticism “Hate them Frenches” :income class bigotry :level of education :vocabulary & composition used in conversation :IQ /slash/ comprehension level and responding in conversation appropriately AND finely the mother of all APPEARANCE which means ” Big Ugly people do not apply here.” which has become in vogue to do so right along side religious bigotry.

    Now my opinion on ACORN I will communicate through twisting some lyrics.

    Now ACORN does not bother me
    Does your conscience bother you?
    Tell the truth

    • Bob

      I misspelled the word “finally” using the word “finely” by mistake. I wonder how many people reading my post looked down their nose at it for having such a little mistake within it? Thinking because of this mistake anything else this poster writes is uninformed, and therefore always wrong no matter what the content.

      Does your conscience bother you?
      Tell the truth

  • Ed De Cosmo

    Mr. James of NPR has just pardoned the mob. The Mafia, which has kept the FBI employed so it must exist, has stigmatized Italian Americans for generations. If Mr. James is right, the FBI and prosecutors nationwide should now leave the mob alone. After all, they must be victims, too.
    Frank James proves what we’ve felt since cable programming was born. We do not need NPR. The federal, state and donor money flowing to this liberal relic is a total waste of resources. If Mr. James wants to help the downtrodden, he can turn his pay check over to the United Fund.

  • Texan

    Thank you, Mr. Goldberg, for being a voice of sanity these days. I consider myself an independent. I am sick and TIRED of Ms. Pelosi first calling anyone who disagrees with her a nasty name, and next she says people should “watch their mouths”. If that Inspector General lost his job because he was “disoriented”, why shouldn’t she lose her job for crying on national TV and not making sense? It really is disorienting to think she’s only a couple of heartbeats away from numero uno. Sorry for the Spanish. I live near the border. Now, I guess you will call me a racist for using Spanish and not being Hispanic. There’s no way to win, is there?

  • Ellie

    So Obama is trying to insure uninsured by imposing a penalty on those people ?!?

    Now when we loose our job and health insurance we will have an extra thing to worry about – Obama’s tax man coming to collect the penalty?!?

    Are we going to have to go to jail if we don’t have health insurance and fail to pay the penalty?!?

  • Ted Kalal

    The dems have rolled out from the raciest strategy to the “violence” fear mongering. Pelosi made some tearful statements that she’s afraid that the current situation may turn people toward violence.

    They are great fishermen. When the lure of raciest shows it no longer gets any bites, they change lures toward violence scare tactics.

  • John

    Conservatives should hang their heads in shame over having a Senator who was a member of the Klan. Also, they should shamefully recall their opposition to anti lynching laws in the 1930s and 40s, as well as their support of racial segregation well into the 1960s.

    Oh wait – those people were Democrats.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I’ve often told my liberal friends that affirmative action for police/fire exams means you assume minorities are too stupid to get a grade as high as the white males. I always get the deer in the headlights look from them.

  • Stephen Shields

    Not sure where all of you are from, but here in Illinois our estute Senators Roland Burris and Dick Durbin, thought it was a great idea to vote in favor of continuing government funding for ACORN. This is just the latest installment of embarrassment that the elected officials have bestowed upon the citizens of Illinois. Sorry we et our biggest mistake get into the White House. You can thank the crooks of Cook county for that faux pa
    Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Bernie, thanks for telling it how it is. Loved your latest book, and apreciate your truthful style. You took your thesis and hit a Home Run proving it. I have quoted it several times in the last few months only to hear the wonderful sounds of silence from all my Obama loving friends. After reading both of his books it amazes me that anyone could see him as a “post partisan” candidate.

  • Leland

    The left is in the business of taking care of victims. So it only stands to reason the left would want to make more victims. It is good for business.

  • Ben Hendricks

    I LOVE it when those ever soooo smart liberals, no progressives is a better term, open their big dumb mouths and say what’s REALLY on their minds.

    As Rod stated in his reply, these elite creeps are using Black Americans as their pawns in their scummy battle to maintain and control power over our government and ultimately all of our lives.

    If one want’s a good look into the mindset of these crackpots, pick up a copy of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”, and read pages 237-242. It’s scary that such a small cadre of power hungry people have become able to threaten the existence of the America we know and love.

    Ben Hendricks
    Richmond, In.

  • Rod

    The real crime is that the poor are being preyed upon by progressive democrats for political gain.
    Using these people as pawns for political leverage to advance a socialist agenda. Saul Alinsky
    spelled this out in his book rules for radicals. Getting good, honest, hard working folks to sign
    up for mortgages they could not yet afford is not helping. Charging poor people dues and fees with
    the pretext and guise of helping and representing their best interest is criminal. Just listen closely
    how our new “head organizer” twists the truth and panders for support to the group that is needed for this days agenda. Politicians don’t give two beans about helping anybody but themselves. There are some community organizations that do good work.

    ACORN is Rotten to the Core!

  • Mike C

    I always like hearing the lib argument that blacks can’t be racist because they are a minority. I always ask them how many blacks there needs to be before their nasty actions and hateful words would classify them as bigoted and racist… I’ll let you know if I ever get an intelligible answer.

  • RuBegonia

    Question: Is Santa Claus a Republican or Democrat…and Why?

    • Troy

      He is obviously a republican. If he were a democrat he would take presents from richer kids to give them to poorer children instead of making them himself. Since counties and states that vote repuclican are overwhelmingly in the lead in charitable donations and Santa is all about charity the answer becomes even more clear.

  • karen

    I wonder if this current rush to “defund” Acorn will include all it’s various hidden subcompanies.

  • Alan

    I was watching Glen Beck yesterday, as I have done every day possible since his advertisers decided to boycott his show. It showed a video of a black man at a protest with an M-4 strapped to his back, and a pistol holstered in his waste. A liberal news channel (I forget which one) described him as a racist white man. They cut the video before you could tell he was black, of course (they’re not dumb). I would have laughed if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

    • EddieD_Boston

      It was MSNBC. Surprised?

  • Alan

    I’ve reached the conclusion that liberals are on an overt campaign to bring racism back to its glory days. They’ve been on this campaign trail for a while, bringing race into any argument they felt they would lose otherwise. The fact that we have a black President only spearheads their efforts. They very well might succeed in their quest; no one wants a President with whom he’s not allowed to disagree.

    Of course, there are some liberals that aren’t racist; they just don’t seem to be getting much press.

  • Bill

    I was thinking about the recent problems afflicting ACORN, and I startled myself by wondering if simply thinking about it made me a racist. Since our Dear Leader, the Sun God from Chicago, worked for ACORN, it can’t possibly be true that ACORN is a corrupt organization. Thus, any negative thoughts about ACORN are, de facto, racist thoughts against our Dear Leader because, as you know, he is African-American. Since I’m a pasty white guy of European heritage, and not Ivy League educated, I must therefore be a racist for even wondering whether or not if I’m a racist – I feel so guilty. So guilty in fact that I believe I’m becoming a white liberal. Okay then. I am avoiding any NASCAR events and country music, selling my Jeep and buying a Smart Car. I can’t shop at Wal-Mart because the unions and Democrats hate them, and now I can’t shop at Whole Foods because the liberals are boycotting them because the owner is a racist and thinks our Dear Leader’s health care plan is all bad. Where do I go and what do I do?? Can’t do tea parties for fear of racist thoughts (thanks Maxine!!). Can’t say anything negative about anything the Democrats want to do. I must obey. I must worship The One, the Sun God from Chicago, the Dear Leader. I must submit. Only the grace of Barack can save me and my evil ways. I must pray to and serve Barack. He is me and I am him. We are one. We are the world. Green Power. ObamaCare. Cap and Trade. I must surrender.

    Crap, this is not going to be fun!

    • Alan

      That will be fun. I might have to join you. Will there be free beer? Oh, sorry, beer is for racist people that disagree with policies. Will there be free chardonnay?

      • Bill

        If making Chardonnay wine was not so cruel to innocent grapes, I would get some. However, I believe former “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones recommends some special water that flows out of a sacred grotto in a secret location in San Francisco that is only about $4.50 per 8 oz eco-friendly bottle. I hear its excellent because it tastes like pure spring water from heaven – I mean, Mother Gaia – and it has been blessed – I mean, recommended – by president Obama. In order to get a bottle, you must first apply to ACORN and provide a release of all your financial and medical records, sign an affidavit promising that you will recycle the eco-friendly bottle at a facility in Berkeley, California, and that you pee the remnants into a sealed container (also eco-friendly) and return it, postage pre-paid, along with a check for $25 so you can obtain your voucher for the blessed, pure water. Unlimited quantities of the blessed, pure water are available to large Democrat donors, supporters of Greenpeace, Code Pink, ACORN, Media Matters,, or The Center for American Progress, at a slightly reduced cost.

        • Charlie

          Your humor will escape the liberals and again thou shalt be adjudged a redneck racist for
          not using appriate language when referring to the Sun God and all assorted apologists.

      • Sandra Childs

        No no no! There WILL be free beer, but only DARK beer. And no chardonnay because it’s WHITE, silly!

  • Steve McGhee

    One of the posters on made the best comment I have heard in ages.I apologize for not being able to give proper attribution.
    The comment:”Alinsky,you magnificent bastard,we read your book”.
    Keep the pressure on them,it finally seems to be working.
    Steve McGhee Austin,Tx

    • Jack Wolf

      [Outmaneuvering Rommel]
      Patton: [referring to Rommel’s book, ‘Infantry Attacks’ or ‘Infanterie greift an’] Rommel… you magnificent bastard, *I read your book*!