Alcohol, Sex and Cyberspace = Sociopathic Behavior

sociopath-definitionThree teenagers are facing charges of sexual battery, dissemination of child pornography and possession of child pornography in connection with their assault on 15-year old, Audrie Potts.

First of all, I hate that the media refers to these savages as “16-year old boys.”  When you turn 13, you’re a teenager; you’re no longer a “boy.”

But, whether they’re ever going to be referred to as “sociopaths” as I have, I won’t hold my breath.  Let me tell you why I think they’re sociopaths “whose behavior is antisocial and who lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

After drinking too much and passing out at a house party last Labor Day weekend, Audrie, a Saratoga High School sophomore awoke, looked down and realized she had been sexually assaulted;  she saw crude messages scribbled on her body and her shorts had been pulled down.  The humiliation continued when she learned a cell phone photo of her circulated around campus.  A week later, she committed suicide by hanging herself.

Now there are civil lawsuits which allege these three “digitally penetrated her, and/or penetrated her with a foreign object, and/or sexually abused her”; questions have arisen why these guys weren’t expelled from school (but were removed from the football team); criminal proceedings are pending raising the question whether the perpetrators should be tried as juveniles or adults, etc., etc.

These three guys were Audrie’s friends; they went to the same school; they all knew one another.  I haven’t read anything that said they were abusing drugs or alcohol and didn’t know what they were doing.

I would’ve been horrified if this story involved strangers.  But the fact that the assailants were Audrie’s friends makes it completely incomprehensible to me.  One comment I read was from a guy who said he graduated in 1983 and when he and his buddies got drunk the worst thing they did was shave off each other’s eyebrows or painted their fingernails.  According to him, they watched out for one another.

Apparently, not anymore.  Where were her girlfriends?  Did anyone know where she was?  Who she came with?  Wasn’t anyone concerned when they didn’t see her at the party?  Did anyone try and stop these savages?  Are their parents proud of them?  What about their sisters/brothers, aunts/uncles, etc.?

What kind of mutant would do this to a friend, then take pictures of the assault, and then circulate the photos around school?

And, by the way, if these barbarians were brave enough to write their names on Audrie’s body, I don’t know why their identities can’t be released to the public so their neighbors are made aware of who’s living next door to them.

If I were Empress of the World, these guys would be tried in adult court; if they were convicted, I’d sentence them to hard labor for decades.  Anyone who starts off in life at 16-years of age and behaves like this, fails to take moral responsibility for his actions, expresses no remorse, and lacks any sense of social consciousness, is hopeless and should not be allowed the freedom of roaming the street.  Yet, in California, they’ve been released and placed on home arrest pending disposition of their case.

If you think I’m being too harsh on these brutal creatures who have yet to be convicted, please let me know if you wouldn’t mind having them living next door to you or dating your daughter.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

Author Bio:

For over twenty years, Leona has tried to heed her husband’s advice, “you don’t have to say everything you think.” She’s failed miserably. Licensed to practice law in California and Washington, she works exclusively in the area of child abuse and neglect. She considers herself a news junkie and writes about people and events on her website, “I Don’t Get It,” which she describes as the “musings of an almost 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” It’s not her intention to offend anyone who “gets it.” She just doesn’t. Originally from Brooklyn, and later Los Angeles, she now lives with her husband, Michael, on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, which she describes as a bastion of liberalism.
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  • Raptormann

    Calling them barbarians is too kind. Behavior like this is what my grandfather called lower than a snakes belly. These cretins are lower still.

  • Iklwa

    I find it very interesting how the liberal media can refer to an eleven-year-old female human as a “woman” when justifying their access to the morning after pill and then describe a 19-year-old terrorist as a “kid” or “boy”.

    Liberals always use language that suits their argument best to spin the conversation in their direction.

    It’s somewhat like “environmental activists” saying it is our “moral imperative” (intended to make everyone not in agreement with them to feel guilty of wanton environmental rape either by participation or neglect) to stop the use of fossil fuels in order to save the planet but not wanting to apply any moral standard to the sexual depravities now being foisted upon our children as “lifestyle choices” or the infanticide included in a “woman’s right to choose”.

    Every time we are faced with these hypocrisies, we must point them out and then correct them.

    That’s probably why I am labeled a “hater” or “racist” so often by my liberal counterparts…because I don’t agree with their agenda and they have run out of reasonable arguments.

    A hero of mine once said:

    “The rifle is a weapon. Let there be no mistake about that. It is a tool of power, and thus dependent completely upon the moral stature of its user.”

    “In fact, it is the only means of resisting tyranny, because a citizenry armed with rifles simply can not be tyrannized.”

    “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter can not be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”

    If Col. Jeff Cooper said this today, he would be excoriated by liberals not because he was lying or he had disparaged someone because of race, creed or color but because he had spoken truth and actually placed the burden of responsibility upon not only the instigators of crime but the average citizen to stem its encroachment whenever possible. Just imagine the concept of personal responsibility in our wondrous age of liberal excuse making.

    It is my opinion that society needs more straight talk and common sense and less liberal jargon created to advance the left’s perverted notion of what normal should be.

    • Ron F

      Iklwa, I have never heard anyone in the liberal media refer to an 11 year old girl as a women or a 19-year old terrorist as a kid or boy although I pretty much avoid the media. I would like to know who made such stupid statements.

      • Iklwa


        Perhaps you should listen to the liberal media sometime just for comparison’s sake.

        Only a couple of weeks ago the local talk AM radio station (that broadcasts ABC Radio News) repeatedly used the term “woman” when discussing a federal court ruling making the Plan B pill available in essence to all females capable of reproduction. I don’t know about your experience but having been blessed to be surrounded by females all of my adult life I can testify that an eleven-year-old female is a long way from womanhood. In fact, I know of some thirty-five-year-olds who barely qualify.

        During reportage of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, the subsequent man hunt and capture of the villain(s) the TV media repeatedly referred to the younger of the two men as “only a boy”. Maybe it was his innocent, youthful appearance but given his age and his deeds, “boy” is a disqualified term in my mind. I will admit that I have a thirty-six-year-old son who I refer to as “The Boy” when in private with my wife but his actions and deeds from many years ago hardly were excused by his apparent youth.

        • Ron F

          Iklwa, I saw many television reports of the Boston bombings and never heard anyone refer to the younger bomber or attempt to somehow try to make an excuse for his actions. They did give his age. I do not listen to talk radio so I cannot comment on what was said but generally the news reports that I heard made it clear that the significance of the recent District Court ruling was that it affected young girls. I just looked at the New York Times article about the case and it referred to “girls 16 and under”. I also looked about the CNN article about the case and it said “The order overturned a 2011 decision by Health and Human Services Secretary
          Kathleen Sebelius to require a prescription for girls under 17”. Some might have referred to “women” but I do not think liberal media is too broad of a stroke. By the way, I think referring to the decision as affecting girls under the age of 17 is correct just as I think the media referring to the accused in this case as boys is appropriate.

      • postofficemike

        How about little girls getting the “morning after pill” at 13 or Treyvon Martin as a “young boy”. Selective choosing, I presume!

  • Stephanie S

    It is the adults surrounding her who are at fault for her suicide. There could have been loving support, adequate counseling, assurances that the boys would be brought to justice…but the system and her family failed this girl somewhere. Bad stuff sometimes happens. The 16-year-old daughter of a friend was raped by an acquaintance, and word spread around her high school because one of her girlfriends who was on the premises where the rape occurred gossiped. Her mother removed her from the school, sent her to live with her father in another part of the country, she adjusted, and is now happily married and doing fine years later. The perpetrator, who was a young adult at the time, was sentenced to prison for the crime.

    • postofficemike

      Typical lib excuse…….it’s everyone’s fault except the one who committed the crime. If she had not been abused, there would have been no “adults responsible for her suicide”. You may qualify for the most stupid lib quote of the year…….no…….you win!!!!

  • Roger Ward

    The teenaged young men are guilty of sex crimes against their childhood friend — period! The next question is whether the girl bears any responsibility at all for her own rape — and that answer is yes. When a 15 year old girl drinks to the point of passing out while in the company of several unsupervised teenage young men, she is partially responsible for the horrid outcome. The fact is that the rape would not have happened if (1) she had not been there without adult supervision and (2) if she had not drunk herself into a stupor.

    I know the politically correct position is to never blame the victim and I know that most readers of this column now view me as a Neanderthal, but that doesn’t change the facts: if a victim PUTS HERSELF into a situation which results in such a crime, she cannot avoid some degree of responsibility for it.

    If a man goes to North Korea to preach Christianity and ends up in a North Korean prison for 15 years, he shouldn’t be surprised. Whether right or wrong, he cannot escape some level of responsibility for his fate. He should not have gone there! ….. If a woman goes to Tahrir Square in Egypt to pass out political leaflets, knowing the sexist and anti-woman behavior of Arab men in crowds, and gets raped by the hypocritical followers of Mohammed, she should not have gone there!

    Yes, the Korean man and the Egyptian woman were doing what they had a right to do, but given the circumstances, they shouldn’t have gone there and invited the crimes against them!

    Unfortunate as the 15 year old American girl’s rape and subsequent death are, those events are not comparable to the gang rape of an innocent woman on a bus in India. The Indian woman did nothing to help create a bad situation and is entirely without blame. Can the same be said for the American girl? This in no way exonerates the guilty for their criminal actions. The weak, the young and the defenseless among us need and deserve our protection …. but it’s harder to make a case for the foolish or the naive.

    • Ron F

      Roger, I agree with you about the man going to North Korea to preach Christianity. I also think it is stupid for a 15-year old girl to drink herself into a stupor and leave herself vulnerable but I do not agree that she bears any responsibility for the attack. If she would have harmed anyone as a result of her being drunk, she would have had the responsibility but she did not harm anyone. She also did not create the situation. The 3 accused boys made created the situation and performed the act and if found guilty should receive the maximum sentence.

    • artlouis

      In the mid-60s, I was in Georgia on business, and one of the locals was discussing a recent case in which a black man and a white woman were shot to death for no other reason that they were seen in the same car together by a bigot. The Georgia local assured me that he didn’t approve, but he added that the victims should have known better than to be in a car together in the Deep South. There was common sense in what he said, but I would NEVER accuse the victims of being in any way RESPONSIBLE for their deaths. That honor goes entirely to the bigot who shot them.

      • Rger Ward

        Art and Ron, I correctly anticipated there would be a politically correct condemnation of my position. I stand by what I said: the rape would not have happened had she had adult supervision and had she not drunk herself senseless. Your refusals to recognize this reality may make you feel a little better in your politically correct views …. but facts are facts: the rape would not have occurred if she had adult supervision and stayed sober.

        • Ron F

          Roger, I am not sure what political correctness has to do with it. A belief that victims are not responsible for criminal behavior of others is not being politically correct. I understand it would not have happened if she had not gotten drunk or if she stayed home last night, I also recognize that she is responsible for her own suicide. On the other hand, no one is responsible for another person’s criminal act. Poor decision making by a victim does not make the victim responsible for a criminal’s acts. Should people stop driving cars that are more likely to be stolen? In Dearborn. Michigan, peaceful Christians were ordered to leave and arrested for handing out pamphlets at a Muslim festival because the police said they incited Muslims to violence. The Christians had no responsibility for the violence.

          • Roger Ward

            Ron, you’re correct that no one is responsible for the criminal behavior of others …. but everyone is responsible for his/her own poor choices and bad behavior. She chose to be alone with her rapists and she chose to drink herself into a stupor, thereby making the sexual assault possible (probable?). You were charged with political correctness because you ascribed to one fundamental tenet of PC: that a victim is always a completely innocent victim (even when evidence to the contrary is irrefutable, as it is here.)

            The peaceful Christians, assuming they were not in violation of some lawful assembly regulation, should have sued the police for denial of their First Amendment rights. They would have won (unless their case was decided by a politically correct court …. in which case, they would have had yet another cause for action.)

          • Ron F

            Roger, I believe the peaceful Christians have sued the City but I am not sure. By the way, it is a crime in California to be so intoxicated, by liquor, drugs or some other substance, in a public place that you are unable to exercise care for yourself or others, which supports your position. [Penal Code Section 647(f).] It does not apply in this situation since it was not a public place. In any event, I believe she has responsibility for being drunk but not the rape. I was drunk in high school in with friends without adult supervision. Many people I know, including females, were at one time or another. No one considered rape, when you were in a crowd of people, as one of the risks. Again, she was guilty of stupidity. I do not believe that makes her even partly responsible for what happened.

          • postofficemike

            Are you related to one or more of these “MEN”???

          • Ron F

            Roger, I have never heard that a tenet of PC is that a victim of a criminal act is always a completely innocent victim. But if a belief that pepetuators of a criminal act are always 100% responsible for there criminal acts and that victims are not responsible for criminal act of others, than I will accept your characterization that I am PC. As for the victim, I doubt she knew the 3 accused were rapists. Again, she was stupid to put herself in the situation but she is not responsible for the rape and certainly did not deserve it. If she is partially responsible, does that mean the rapists are not totally responsible for the rape?

          • Roger Ward

            Ron, my response was deleted some how and I don’t feel like making the same case for the tenth time. You are obviously resistant to the concept of a victim possibly having some degree of responsibility in her victimhood. I’m not.

        • postofficemike

          If YOU had been there, she would not have been raped or abused. So, I hold you responsible for her death. You should be ashamed of yourself! You really don’t care about young women being attacked across America, do you? You Should Have Been There!!!!! Why weren’t you, huh?????????

  • Wheels55

    I agree these guys should be tried. I agree with “where were her girlfriends?”. But where were her parents??? Kids feel the peer pressure to be cool and not rock the boat. Sad, but true. They may be teenagers and not boys and girls, but they are just punks. Where were her parents? Where were the parents from this house where the party was held? The parents of this house and of the kids that assaulted her should be arrested too.

  • chief98110

    The proof is on their phones, texts & photo’s this will hang them. There
    is a special place in hell for such evil behavior. They better start
    working on their excuses for when the reach the Pearly Gates.

  • Ron F.

    I do not think their names should be release prior to their being found guilty. I also do not think they should be tried as adults. We do not treat them as adults for other purposes and protect minors with other laws such as statutory rape. If they are treated adults, do their parents no longer have any responsibility or liability and if they can be tried as adults, why can’t they be treated as adults for all other purposes. I do think the California law regarding reporting requirements for sexual abuse applies to minors. I hope I am right. If so, they will have to register as sex abusers the rest of their lives if convicted. In addition, the school district is the Los Gatos-Sarasota School District. It is a small enough community so, as Art Louis said, all of the neighbors and everyone at their school should know who the accused are. Finally, it does not bother me that the reports refer to them as 16-year old boys. As long as the news reports gave their ages I do not think the reports are misleading. My dictionary defines “boy” as an immature male. I am not sure what that means. I do agree that the behavior cannot be described as anything other than sociopathic and, if convicted, I hope they get the maximum sentence for juvenile offenders.

  • artlouis

    I would be surprised if the identities of the assailants aren’t know by now to everyone in their school, their neighborhood, perhaps the whole town. At least now everyone is on guard against them. A bit late, unfortunately.