Allah Not So Akbar!

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, we hear that the FBI was informed by Russia that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a Muslim radical, but even after he spent six months in Chechen, the FBI decided he wasn’t worth a second look. As a result, the FBI has come in for a great deal of criticism. I’m not saying it’s not warranted, but I suspect there’s a lot of blame to spread around. And, at the risk of sounding like Obama, some of it can be laid at the feet of George W. Bush.

It wasn’t long after 9/11 that we started hearing Bush and Condoleezza Rice parroting the line that Islam was a religion of peace. I don’t recall any president reminding us that Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism, was a peaceful religion. Well, considering that in the name of Islam, 3,000 Americans had just been killed, and that in the subsequent years innocent people have been killed and maimed in countries ranging from Russia to the Philippines, Spain to India, all in the name of Allah, it’s obvious that Bush and Rice were lying.

The truth is that we are in a state of war, but when the police commissioner of New York City gets tarred for trying to conduct undercover surveillance in mosques and when Major Nidal Hasan is allowed to continue serving in the military even after it’s known that he is communicating with terrorists in the Middle East and doing everything but taping pin-up photos of Osama bin Laden on the walls of his barracks at Fort Hood, it’s clear that anyone who dares to say “Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same sentence is running the risk of committing professional suicide.

That, I believe, is why the FBI didn’t haul Tamerlan Tsarnaev into its Boston field office and grill him like a Labor Day wienie.

Now I hear a lot of people assuring us that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving brother, will be found guilty and executed. I’m convinced he’ll be found guilty, but I suspect that I stand a far better chance of being executed for not separating my trash. The reason for my skepticism is that John Walker Lindh, the American jihadist who killed an American soldier in Iraq, got off with a prison sentence, as did Lee Boyd Malvo, half of the D.C. sniper team that killed 10 people and critically wounded three others a decade ago, all in the name of Allah.

Tsarnaev won’t be executed because, like the other two vicious creeps, he’s young. Lindh was 21 when he went on trial, Malvo was 17 and Tsarnaev is 19. For reasons I can’t fathom, there is a reluctance to execute women or young men, no matter how clearly they have it coming.

That brings us to those three mealy-mouthed liars, Barack Obama, John Brennan and Jay Carney. Obama has determined that whether it’s in Iraq, Afghanistan or the moon, we are not engaged in a war on Islamic terrorism; instead, it’s designated an overseas contingency operation. I’m sure Ambassador Stevens and his three colleagues would be relieved to know that it wasn’t really Islamic zealots who massacred them in Benghazi, but merely some guys, in the immortal words of Hillary Clinton, who might have been out for a walk and decided to kill Americans.

The new CIA chief, John Brennan, announced, “We don’t describe the enemy as jihadists or Islamists because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.” No wonder I keep hearing from people asking me if it’s true that Brennan is a Muslim convert.

As for Jay Carney, who not only earned a B.A. in Russian and Eastern European Studies from Yale, but a Ph.D in bullshitting, when asked why it was that young Mr. Tsarnaev was read his Miranda rights so soon after his arrest, replied that if he had been designated an enemy combatant, it would have required subverting the Constitution by trying him in a military tribunal. The problem is that an enemy combatant can be tried in a civilian court; the upside of the designation is that it would have allowed law enforcement agencies up to 30 days to mine him for information before he had the opportunity to lawyer up. Apparently Mr. Carney never heard, even during his years at Yale, that the Constitution is not supposed to be a suicide pact.

Finally, there were two great ironies that resulted from the Boston bombings. The first of these was that the bumper sticker on the Mercedes that the Tsarnaev brothers carjacked read “Coexist,” the letters formed from the symbols of the world’s seven major religions. If the Tsarnaevs had seen that bit of blasphemy, I wonder if they would have let the driver survive, even if he wasn’t an American.

The other irony is that the hospital where both of them wound up, and where Dzhokhar’s life was saved, was Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, whose president and CEO is a Jew named Kevin Tabb.

I realize it’s precious little consolation to the three people who were killed and the 200 who were maimed at the Boston massacre, but I’d like to think that somewhere in the universe the God of Abraham is giving Allah one big horselaugh.

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  • Stimpy

    Muslims the religion of peace? I read an article a short time ago. Everywhere the islamists are killing or forcing into exile christians and of course jews. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, and many other African countries. Islamists are like the Borg, only more likely to kill you than assimilate you.

    • Shane

      Right, like the Borg, Muslims do not assimilate; Muslims will assimilate you. That’s why we should stop all Muslim immigration into the USA. To the idiot John Brennan – Jihad also means holy war.

  • barbar1

    In spite of W’s protestations about Islam being a religion of peace, He obviously did not believe his own words, he started a war with a country that really had no part in the 0/11 attacks, but that happened to be Muslim and pugnacious. which I believe served to keep the Muslim nations in a state of wondering where the next blow would be struck. Sort of like the best defense is a good offense. I believe it was the right approach and it is unfortunate that Barack does not have the stomach for it. It is pretty clear that sooner or later we will have to rise up to defeat the murdering Islam followers.

  • worldwatchers

    Barack Obama was raised in different country’s as a child his first memories were
    of Indonesia where as a muslim his fondest memory is reading his Koran at sundown on the beach. His own words yet no one listens! He saw the poverty and suffering of that country’s people. He was taught that the sufferings he witnessed was the direct fault of Europe and of the United States of America. He was taught that the suffering of the world was to colonial greed.
    No one can argue that point colonial expansion was barbaric
    but it is over that was a time of history that is gone. Yet every fiber of his
    being is consumed by the hate he was taught. It doesn’t matter where he was
    born doesn’t matter if he’s an American citizen what matters is he has done the
    damage that is needed to be done to destroy a nation.

  • Wheels55


    First, I think Jay Carney is an idiot. Maybe not stupid, but an idiot for doing the job of a POTUS puppet. It amazes me that reporters even show up to listen to his B.S. I would much rather listen to Art Carney (R.I.P.).

    My main point: I think many of thought Muslims to be a peaceful lot when Cassius Clay became Mohammad Ali and refused to fight in our military because killing is wrong. Of course, beating the snot out of other boxers was OK.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Wheels: I wonder what Jay Carney sees when he looks in the mirror. Dorian Gray comes to mind.

      Muslims are not peaceful. They never have been. You merely have to consider who founded their cult, a blood-thirsty pedophile.

      The irony is that lunkheads like Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor made the conscious decision to adopt Muslim names, unaware, I suppose, that it was Muslims who rounded up their ancestors and sold them into slavery.


  • mikefromamerica2012

    I always thought you an excellent journalist/reporter from your days at CBS! You were the ONLY reason I even watched CBS, as I was a Nightly News fan (mostly because of the show’s end theme, Beethoven’s 9th). Please never sell your integrity to the highest bidder as apparently has happened to 99% of the media!

    • Prelutsky1540

      Mike: You have mistaken me for Bernie Goldberg. It’s his website, but I wrote the piece.

      Regards, Burt Prelutsky

  • Debdeb

    You are the first person I know that is brave enough to reference Bush’s legacy of the “peaceful phrase”. It is funny because the left blames everything on Bush except for this phrase.

    Do you realize that in your article you have God laughing at himself? The three religions [Christianity, Judaism, Islam] all include Abraham and are based on the god of Abraham. Around 600 AD the new religion, Islam, was created with a loophole that discarded the covenant based on retrojecting firstborn inheritance. [The inheritance loophole: Isaac was technically the second born son of Abraham and there were no eyewitness accounts on the first son’s death.] Since the same Abraham is the base figure in these three religions, then Abraham’s god is the same no matter what name is stated.

    Perhaps personifying this god of Abraham to laugh at himself is not relative to the discussion. Perhaps relevance is found in the promise and the intent of a religion. Perhaps the declaration of being peaceful is earned by actions and not by phrases coined by a president.

    • Brian Fr Langley

      Actually you couldn’t be more incorrect. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gives his name as I AM. (English translation) Throughout the Bible he makes clear this is not only a memorial name but a name he guards jealously. (a name he gives to Yeshua (Jesus) by the way). Allah was the name of a local moon God deity. In fact the father of the prophet was called Abdullah meaning slave of Allah. There is no chance what ever the Great I AM took the name of a local moon God deity in a separate revelation. Anyone that thinks so does not understand the great “I AM’s” revelation at all. Unhappily in their desire to share God’s word with Islam, Bible translators went along with this most incorrect idea.

      • Prelutsky1540

        Dear Brian: Thank you for clearing it up. I have no objection to God enjoying a laugh on Himself–I have enjoyed many a one at my own expense–but I do not regard the god of Islam as anything but a con man,. One merely has to look at his followers.


      • Debdeb

        Brian Fr Langley: Sorry to have bothered you. Just pointing out history and not names. When I went to Mass in France all the prayers were directed to Dieu. Apparently even the Catholic church does not have a single name across languages.

  • Souvoter

    PS: Hillary’s ‘what difference does it make’ will be a never ending campaign ad for Republicans. This is what happened when the call came in on the bid red phone; No Obama and No Clinton!!!!

    • mikefromamerica2012

      Obama was practicing his speech to Las Vegas on his teleprompter and Hillary was tending to her ‘concussion’.

      • Wheels55

        I still wonder how real that concussion was or if Hillary ordered a staff member to hit her in the head so she could be concussed (which I think she still looks like she is).

  • Souvoter

    The irony is truly amazing. Another terse article, Burt. Enjoyed.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Sou: Thank you.


  • Reyna Alvarez

    This comment sounds so much like horseshit that i stopped reading it at the 10th line. And I think I have been way too patient.

    • Worldbuilder

      You forgot to end your comment with, “neener neener”.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Reyna: By comment, do you mean article? I’d hate to be guilty of testing your patience. Or your intelligence.


  • JohnInMA

    In the case of the Benghazi murders/attacks and the Boston Marathon murders/attacks, the BSing seems deliberately focused on creating such a fog of confusing information that strong conclusions are hard to pin down AND the complicit media is given ample scraps from which to build their spin….I mean story. After all, we did learn that Candy Crowley dutifully defended Obama in the debates because he masterfully uttered the word “terrorism” within a speech. This gave her all she needed to call Romney a liar, in essence, and to insinuate that Obama actually labeled the matter appropriately. Most English speaking people would disagree after repeated playback, but that’s not what matters.

    And clearly the majority of the media is on board with the ‘protecting good Muslims’ theme. I agree, there ARE many good Muslims. A billion, perhaps. The problem is that even if a tiny fraction are NOT, it is still a swarm large enough to cause grave concern. At least it SHOULD cause such concern….

    • Prelutsky1540

      John: A billion good Muslims? Good for what?


      • JohnInMA

        Well, to be honest I would have a hard time putting all Muslims in the category “bad”. So, perhaps the proper label is “acceptable”? “Non-violent”?

        • Prelutsky1540

          John: And I would suggest that the proper term for those not given to committing violence on their own is enablers. If you recall, after 9/11, American Muslims continued sending money to terrorist groups until the FBI put a stop to it. If you’re a devout Muslim, you subscribe to sharia law. If you subscribe to sharia law, you regard others as infidels, and offensive in the eyes of Allah. Acceptable? No, I don’t think so.


          • trailbee

            I don’t know what is so difficult to understand about Islam. It is only a religion of peace after jihad has accomplished it’s goal, which is to conquer every single “non-believer” or infidel on this planet. Until then, a state of war exists permanently between the House of Islam and the House of War. With the conversion or conquest of all humankind, the war will end.
            Where do we post this piece of information so that every single human can read it? In the subway? In the airport? Where?

            It is the religious duty of every single Muslim to carry out the war of conversion. Every single one. Now, tell me again, about Moderate, nonviolent Muslims.

          • hard truth

            Correction – not humankind, but rather mankind. No need to use the terminology of leftist’s.