An Inappropriate Response

I have no idea what will be happening in the Middle East by the time this article is posted, but it almost doesn’t matter. If there’s a ceasefire, as now seems likely, everyone knows it will merely be a temporary stopgap until Iran supplies the barbarians with more missiles.

What I have found peculiar about events in that part of the world is how predictable they are. We all know that at some point, the Arabs and Muslims will start firing missiles into Israel, will plant bombs in buses and pizza parlors, and the news won’t even make page 27 of the NY Times. Then, after absorbing weeks of attacks and burying their dead, Israel will fight back, and the world media will start harping on Israel’s “disproportionate response” and start publishing photos of some Arab child’s dead body being carted through the streets of Gaza.

In a CNN poll taken after Israel finally got around to retaliating, 57% said that Israel was justified, 25% said they weren’t and 19% claimed not to have an opinion. When the poll was broken down, it seems that the 57% consisted of 74% Republicans, 59% Independents and a mere 40% of Democrats.

One has to wonder about the 26% of Republicans who staked out an anti-Israel position, but when it comes to Democrats, the only shock was that only 60% sided with the rabble.

Speaking of the rabble, I find it a lot more convenient to use that term instead of having to differentiate between Arabs and Muslims, when there really is no difference, as the Arab Spring made perfectly clear.

The same media that loves to play up the victims of Israeli retaliation, even when it turns out that the dead Gazan child who garnered so much early publicity hadn’t been killed by an Israeli bomb, but by a misfired missile, have a difficult time when it comes to covering the other side. For instance, when the Gazans decided that six of their own were Israeli sympathizers, they were dragged into the street where the mobs could kick them and spit on them. When they were dead, one of them was tied to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through the streets for the benefit of the cheering crowds. That happens to be their idea of a parade.

Frankly, those people are fortunate that the Israelis are much nicer than I am. If I possessed a nuclear arsenal, I would have turned Gaza into one huge cemetery by now. If it’s true that these people are all anxious to join Allah in the great beyond, they would find me to be one infidel who would be only too willing to send them on their way.

The good thing about those in the media who are always quick to condemn Israel for using too much force is that it makes anti-Semites so easy to identify. If your neighbor provokes you by showering your nation with missiles for months on end, the only response that’s inappropriate is no response.

Here at home, we’ve had Obama pretending to be Sir Lancelot, insisting that anyone wishing to attack Susan Rice for lying about the Benghazi massacre should pick on him, instead. I’m only too happy to oblige. The first question is, why, of all people, the ambassador to the U.N. would have been sent out to lie on five Sunday news shows when even the administration said she didn’t know anything and was merely regurgitating talking points. Could it possibly be that because she’s both black and female, she is supposed to be above criticism?

The second question is why her boss gave a speech at the U.N. a week later and was still blaming a silly video for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans. The obvious answer is that with the election coming up quickly, he was still pretending that by giving the order to kill Osama bin Laden, he had singlehandedly destroyed al Qaeda. That was his fairy tale and he and Biden were sticking to it.

No holiday season would be complete without atheists making fools of themselves. In fact, it’s just about the only Christmas tradition that doesn’t seem to be in danger of disappearing anytime soon.

I don’t happen to be a Christian, but at least I understand why people want to be Christians. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why anyone would not only want to be an atheist activist, but join others in an organization. I wouldn’t even think it would be a very good way for guys to meet girls; although, perhaps, a good way to meet other girly men.

Recently, as you may have read, a group of these pinheads got the city of Santa Monica to end its 60-year tradition of erecting crèches in a park overlooking the Pacific.

The problem for Santa Monica and all the other cities and towns that have been bullied into compliance by these self-righteous creeps is that it costs a lot of money to fight back in court, especially when it’s likely that left-wing judges will side with the loons.
I blame the federal government. If they would only pass a law that no case can be filed on the basis that “separation of church and state” exists in the Constitution, Christians could get back to celebrating the birth of their savior any which way they like.

As for atheists, they can believe or not believe whatever they wish. But once they join a group of fellow non-believers and adopt “Bah, Humbug” as their official motto, they might as well carry a sign that says, “I’m a pathetic loser. And, to prove it, I belong to a cult that believes Bill Maher is God.”

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  • IronDome

    Liberals and Muslims are sisters in murder. They revell in shedding innocent blood. Liberals by abortion, euthanasia and sustainable growth programs and Muslims by murdering Israeli civilians with suicide bombers and terrorist rockets fired at random or at school buses’ and playgrounds.

  • brendanhorn

    Burt, You know how animal lovers always say it is never the animals fault when that animal mauls a human being. It is similar to how defenders of Islam will defend atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Human beings should be held to a higher standard than animals – but the defenders of Islam refuse to do this.

    You hit on one of the most mindless phrases that some people use to impugn Israel: they say Israel’s response is “disproportionate”. What war ever has been fought with “proportion” as the goal? Proportion is not a goal. The goal in war is to destroy the people that are out to destroy you. What could be simpler? The enemy should be destroyed not proportionately but rather in their entirety until their is no enemy left fighting.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Wheels55

    Regarding Rice, the question I have is why Obama would use her to tell his lies if he wanted to elevate her to a position that needs congressional approval? I understand putting her out there to lie if she had risen to her highest rank in the Odummer administration.
    The only answer I can find comes from the bigger lame-duck picture. One that is framed by the current handling of the fiscal cliff. That is, make Republicans look as bad as possible so that liberals take the House again in two years. If Obama can get re-elected, and he sadly did, then he knows his smoke screen tactics are effective enough to achieve other things.

  • deny916

    We’re on the same page here Burt! I would nuke the holy crap out of Gaza and it would be nothing but a big vacant parking lot! I truly don’t understand how Israel has been patient enough not to do it. And your definition of lumping all of them together as rabble is genius. That is exactly what they are. I usually call them savages and I think that works pretty good too!
    As for Susan Rice she is a puppet who said exactly what obummer told her to say. Afterall, there was an election to win, you know? Four Americans were murdered and she lied to us with a straight face. I’m no expert and even I knew it was a terrorist attack! How she could allow her concience to go along with that BS says a lot about her. Have no fear though, everything will slip right off of this Teflon Administration like it always does–with lots of help from the lame stream media. We will never get to the bottom of this and these four murdered men will never get the justice they deserve.

  • Souvoter

    Great article, as usual, Burt. Everyone knows where the blame for Benghazi belongs; squarely on the shoulders of BHO. When and who will be the brave one to come forward and call for resignation of the one who ordered the seals to stand-down!!!

  • DanB_Tiffin

    Gosh Burt!:
    “Could it possibly be that because she’s both black and female, she is supposed to be above criticism?”
    Absolutely! She is a member of TWO of the liberal’s designated victims groups. That gives her very powerful victim credentials against anyone! Her credentials are obviously not as great as would be a
    black, female, lesbian, with various physical and/or mental disabilities,
    but she CLEARLY has better victim credentials than most of us commoners. You just cannot criticize such people!

  • Big B

    Hey Burt, another great article. My only suggestion is…lock and load.