An Open Letter to My True-Believing Friends

Hello readers.  Not all of you.  Just the ones who think I’m an idiot. You know, the ones who have been writing to me saying, “Dear Bernie, You just don’t get it.”

I started getting these love letters after my last piece about purists vs. realists, true-believers vs. those of us who want the most viable – read that as the most electable – conservative to win.

Be assured, purists, that we, like you, would rather see Christine O’Donnell win in Delaware than one more big-spending liberal who will vote “yes” on anything President Obama sends his way.  But unlike you true-believers, we understand that the kind of Republican who can win in Alabama or Missippi or Texas or Idaho, probably isn’t the kind who can win in Maine or Massachusetts or Delaware.

So listen up out there all of you who think I’m clueless (and think the same about Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer, while we’re on the subject):  We get it.  We’re not selling out our principles.  We believe in the things most fiscal conservatives believe in.  But we want to win.  So we can live with a few “moderate” Republicans, if that’s the price we have to pay for taking control of Congress.

We understand Jim DeMint when he says he’d rather have 30 conservatives with him in the Senate rather than 60 Republicans “who don’t have a set of beliefs.”  Can you say “Straw Man,” Senator DeMint?   How about this, Senator, as a more realistic question:  Would you rather have 60 Republicans, most of whom are good conservatives with a few RINOs thrown in, or would you rather have 30 rock-solid conservatives and 70 liberal Democrats?

So, my purer than the driven snow friends, enough of your righteous indignation.  It’s getting old.  You don’t have a monopoly on principle and you certainly don’t have a monopoly on political smarts. Let’s see what happens on November 2.  I hope the voters are so fed up with the Democrats that they’ll vote in every Republican on the ballot.  Yes, including the more colorful ones who who say really dumb things — the kind of things that if a liberal Democrat had said them, you’d be calling him, or her, all sorts of nasty names.

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  • Bryan

    The problem is that we’re fighting entropy, and forgetting Santayana’s old axiom “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    All republican governments in human history have failed by the same “entropy driven” mechanism….the same that we’re facing the business end of now:

    Once you have modified your republican government such that all branches of it empowered to tax the citizenry and spend its money are chosen by popular election, and the voting franchise is expanded to the point wherein the only criteria for eligibility is breathing, then it is only a matter of time until the republic falls. Everything after that is just extended death throes.

    This is due to the good old 80-20 rule. In any collection of human beings, 80% of that group contribute little or nothing to its support and well-being, while 20% do all the work and keep it going. Anyone reading this who works in any large organization…..tell me that this is not true!

    The problem is that when you apply this unshakable truism to a republican form of government such as ours, modified to the above described state, you end up with two classifications of politicians:

    1. Those who want to buy the votes necessary to hold power by telling the parasitical 80% of the voters that “don’t bother working and contributing; just vote for me and you can live for free”.

    2. Those who truly want to preserve the republic and try to fight the tide of the above. They tell everyone to believe in their country, work hard, take responsibility for their own actions, pay your taxes, etc. Problem is, they’re talking to the 20% who do all the work.

    But both the 80 percenters and the 20 percenters each get the same vote. Do the math. Who wins in the end? It has happened by exactly this process in the decline and fall of every free republic since the dawn of human history.

    What slows this process? Patriotism, pride in work, personal ethics, etc…..all taught by a system of family tradition, religious groups, etc. Now you know why all such groups within our society are constantly under assault.

    Every time a “worker bee” (20 percenter) becomes a drone (80 percenter), its almost always a irreversible process. When you get to the point where more than half of the voters are feeding at the public trough, outvoting the tax slaves supporting them, the society continually declines until there is revolt of some sort or another.

    Based on the above historically repetitive precedent, the only thing that can possible preserve this country is some combination of the following:

    – Restoring Senatorial selection to the way the founding fathers intentionally designed it…..selection by the state legislatures, so they are not directly subjected to popular vote.
    – A return to the “Pauper’s Oath” (repealed by FDR) that one relinquishes one’s right to vote while receiving aid from the government.
    – A successful Supreme Court ruling that graduated taxation violates the Constitution’s statement that all citizens are entitled to “equal protection under the law”. I’ve always been mystified why such suit has never been made.
    – A Constitutional amendment outlawing graduated taxation.

    Not much chance of any of the above, but I guess an Article 5 Constitutional Convention might be remotely possible, so I can hope.

  • zapdam

    just under 3000 people died on 911 in the terrorist attacks. america declared 2 wars. 2 trillion dollars later still 2 wars in progress and 800 thousand dead but saved 2006 thirty thousand americans died of gunshot in america. since 911 two hundred thousand americans have died of gunshot in america. thats more than all americans killed in the korean war,vietnam, first iraq war, second iraq war, afghanistan war combined. where’s the outrage. lets go and hate another mosque. hate some more muslims.. helps you forget the carnage on american streets

    • Konrad Lau

      The Obama administration said those wars would end promptly…they continue on.
      Can we justly say “Obama lied and people died?”
      At least he is smart enough to understand surrender to religious bullies is no option.
      However, if the terrorists were white Catholics, one can only imagine the intensity with which this administration would be prosecuting the war. One can easily imagine folks like you standing on a bridge with a sign saying “Death to NAZI Christians”.

      800,000 Iraqi deaths is a figure pulled out of thin air by liberal anti-war propagandists and brief research disproves the outrageous number quoted.

      30,000 people died in America by gunshot: true, if suicide, police shootings and accidental shootings are included (another perfect example of liberals “quoting numbers without making distinction).

      33,000 Americans died in auto related accidents and NO one suggests removing those dangerous implements of destruction from self destructive, stupid, hating citizens. I never hear of those deaths being juxtaposed with war deaths. I wonder why that is…

      After four decades of the war on poverty, how many families were destroyed and how many trillions of dollars have been frittered away?

      The “shift “key is located at ether side of your keyboard (for capitalization).

      • Bob Hadley

        Obama said that the war in Iraq was a mistake BUT that the just war, the in Afghanistan was neglected. Ergo, the surge in Afghanistan was a logical outgrowth from his campaign….And he said he’d pull out troops from Iraq responsibly, not immediately

  • zapdam

    fiscal republicans thats hilarious…republicans the party that spent 5 trillion dollars, that 5 thousand billion dollars from 2000 to 2008. then left Obama 2 wars and a collspsed economy..fiscal republicans thats hilarious.

  • Kenn Paul

    Count me as one of those extremists who does not want to accept moderate Republicans (RINOs). We HAVE accepted RINOs for a long time, and the net result is the mess we see today. I understand we have to win, but every time we win, we do so with the help of “moderate” Republicans who, in a close vote, always seem to vote with the liberals. This is why we have suffered for years under a pretty liberal Supreme Court, why we have a drug entitlement, and why folks like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and even John McCain (suddenly a “foxhole” conservative) seem to vote the anti-conservative position in a crunch, thereby losing the argument to the liberals – again. I’m 70 and have closely observed politics for a long time, and for almost all of my voting life I feel we’ve been losing to the liberals. Simply ask yourself whether the country is more socialist or less socialist than it was 50 years ago – no contest, is it? If we cannot prevail on the merits of conservatism, given the dreadful state the country is in today, than the hell with it. I’d rather go down in flames than suffer the slow death of a 1,000 small cuts.

    • B. Sanders

      Kenn Paul, just one question, have you ever or do you plan to cash a Social Security check? just wondering.

  • zapdam

    From 1980 to 2008 the republican party held the keys to the White House 20 of those 28 years. In 1979 americas national debt was 800 billion dollars and after 20 years of republicans that debt rose to 10 trillion, thats 10 thousand billion for you mentally challenged republicans.. Robert Freeman added, “Between 2002 and 2006, it was even worse: an astounding three-quarters of all the economy’s growth was captured by the top 1%.”
    No matter what the arguments are, the facts are there plain and simple. republicans are frauds, fiscal frauds. stealing the truth from americans and the future from americas youth.

    • Terence A Craig

      I like the way you think

    • Konrad Lau

      While Republicans may have been in the White House for a good portion of that time, to whom did the job of budget writing fall?
      For the historically challanged among us…the primarily Democrat dominated House of Representatives.




  • Mike2012

    I live just to the north of Delaware in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Governor Christie is now the darling of all conservative media, and I very much appreciate what he is doing here. However, during his Primary he was castigated as the very RINO type candidate many of you are talking about showing the door. Senator Brown from Massachusetts would also not come close to passing the type of litmus tests on issues Senator DeMint proposes. I’ll take either any day over their opponents. Just food for thought.

  • Sean Polaner

    Mr. Goldberg,

    I am a liberal, rather far left, and I greatly appreciate you. I listen or read you, O’Reilly, and Rosen and all of you maintain, most often, a careful respect of others — friends and enemies alike– while revealing considerable self-reflection and the reasonable voice of doubt. Of course there is heat. Politics is a fight. However, you three represent that no matter how heated it is, this is supposed to be a fight from a mutual struggle, from within a family of citizens as opposed to two armed camps of opponents, in order to strive together for the best achievable public good. We need people on the far right and the far left and everyone in the between- which is not to say that we should respect every argument- just that we should try to respect one another. The visceral hatred I have witnessed from both numerous liberals and numerous conservatives strikes me as the most frightening threat to the future of our country, and this is what ‘dumbs down’ constructive debate to all this name calling and generalizing.

    From this basis, I question your following quote in the article above:

    “I hope the voters are so fed up with the Democrats that they’ll vote in every Republican on the ballot. Yes, including the more colorful ones who say really dumb things — the kind of things that if a liberal Democrat had said them, you’d be calling him, or her, all sorts of nasty names.”

    Personally I don’t want every Democrat on the ballot to be elected in November. I want politicians, conservative and liberal, solidly more dedicated to the country than they are to themselves or an exclusive idea of “their own.” I want Republicans elected that don’t care that I’m a liberal- that never forget that I’m included in the vision of what they’re fighting for- as opposed to any Democrat who is hateful, or who is more concerned with self-aggrandizing or a personal power agenda. While everybody says dumb things, the ones who do so with venom, and repeatedly, reveal a lack of ability to respect their fellow man and/or a lack of value in honesty, higher purpose, and the struggle to discern fact from fallacy. I fear those people, Mr. Goldberg.

    Not you though, sir. Keep at it.

    • EP

      Beautifully said. I too agree that there has been too much bickering among Democrats and Republicans, and I feel left out of the picture. It is like they have made government policies a game. I want someone in there who will think of me when they vote on an issue, as I think of them when I vote for them. This is our government, and we want it now!!!!

    • Terence A Craig

      Sean Polaner, I liked your line:

      “While everybody says dumb things, the ones who do so with venom, and repeatedly, reveal a lack of ability to respect their fellow man and/or a lack of value in honesty, higher purpose, and the struggle to discern fact from fallacy.”

      I have no problem with people that have a different opinion, but I have no tolerance for lies and disinformation which seems to be coming (mostly) from the so-called right wing. That’s not to exclude to far left tactics, my point is, I could point to more lies from right wing “sources.” We now live in an age that requires listening to both sides to extract the truth or “discern fact from fallacy” as you say.

      Just be careful about taking this sort of talk to the discussion forum, Cap’N Crybaby (the moderator) will launch a barrage of rude names your way and probably ban you. Not to mention, “cover up” the reason for the ban with a lie.

      Good post,

      • CCNV

        Antagonizing may get you booted from here as well.

        • Terence A Craig

          Antagonizing or telling the truth? You make the call.

          • CCNV

            It’s antagonizing. You just can’t let it go and move on.

          • Terence A Craig

            All it takes is a letter from Administration, that’s all I ask. Administration, where are you?



  • Michael Harris

    Thank you Bernie.

  • Steve Bowler

    I’m with you Bernie but is it not a question of where to draw the line? It could be argued that we put up with a few RINOS 2000-2006 and wound up demoralizing the base due to deficits etc. and ended up with 60 liberal democrats in the Senate. And of course now we have Obamacare, bigger deficits, more regulation. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I don’t know if or where the line needs to be drawn, just that what you propose sounds like something that has been tried and arguably failed before.

  • Jerry

    Ann Coulter: They say O’Donnell has a problem because she’s never held a job in the private sector (like our president), didn’t pay her taxes (like our treasury secretary), and had her house foreclosed on (like half of the electorate).

    They also accuse her of saying crazy things — but she’s running for Joe Biden’s old seat, so this may be an advantage”

    Me: Maybe it takes another cycle or 2 to get rid of the Rino’s. Quite a few of the Rino senators are up in 12.

    • Terence111

      Quoting and listening to Ann Coulter, we are very near the end of civilization as we know it.

  • Terry Walbert


    There’s one point I think you are missing. This is not just about winning the Congress in 2010. The real goal is to turn the GOP into a conservative party.

    As far as I’m concerned, if the Republicans want to be a milder version of the Democrats, the GOP can go the way of the Federalists and Whigs.

  • Lev

    What most scares me is how easy the righteous became enemy of everybody who they disagree with. Do you think that a dictatorship of right is better then dictatorship of left? When you run too fast in the right direction you risk to miss the target and continue to run …

  • David in Texas

    I usually agree with you Bernie, but not on this one. Continuing to return RINO’s to our elected houses is not winning. I’m tired of biting my fingernails wondering how these people are going to vote. That’s one thing you can say about a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, you know. If you really would (and the others) want to see her elected as you say, then support her. Do all you can with your considerable influence to help her get elected. Not only her, but other Constituional, liberty and freedom loving small Government Conservatives as well. I really admire you and the other’s whose voices I listen to, but I must say you piss me off when you settle for less than what I know you believe.

    • 111Terence111

      Even if the candidate is a nutball?

  • Kathie Ampela

    The Christine O’Donnell thing points out the hypocrisy on both sides. The Right screamed bloody murder about Tim Geithner being a tax cheat, but there is silence about O’Donnell tax problems. The Left fall all over themselves to point out all the stupid things O’Donnell has said, but give Mr. Gaffe a minute, Joe Biden, a total pass. We are in serious trouble when we can’t point out that the side we agree with doesn’t always get it right.

    I hope that O’Donnell wins if only to beat the other guy but I don’t like her or have much faith in her..isn’t that selling out my principles?

    This whole discussion might be a moot point because the media have now helped Chris Coons reinvent himself. He is not a bearded marxist, but a clean shaven capitalist and the narrative has been written and so it goes..

  • EddieD_Boston

    She’s cute. I mean really cute. So there goes the women vote. They’re all jealous of her. Come on Delaware men. It’s on you.

    • Nancy

      EddieD, I’m afraid you may be the one who doesn’t “get it”. Completely off the subject of Bernie’s article here but… really? Women will not vote for her because of jealousy? Com’on. Get off your male egotisitcal high horse and wake up to the real issues. O’Donnell is indeed very cute; thus, if we were talking about the The Miss Cute America Pageant, I’m sure every voting American woman would choose her over any other candidate. The upcoming election is a serious issue. What it is not is a beauty pageant. Get a clue.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Nope, don’t agree at all. Look how quick it took women to turn against Palin. Yes, I do think women are irrational. How else do you explain voting in droves for a rapist? The proofs in the pudding my dear. Feminists talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Did you see the movie Mean Girls?

        • Nancy

          Funny thing, you use Palin to defend your point. Palin makes my point. I believe women turned against Palin because every time she opens her mouth, she sounds like “just another dumb broad” putting yet another damper on the view of a woman’s ability to hold office. Well, that is an intelligent woman’s point of view, anyhow. And yes, I saw the movie which was just that, a movie. A cute movie focused on the woes of popularity among teenage girls. And your point is? It is doubtful you and I would ever agree as this is evidently a matter of perspective. Then again, perhaps Delaware women are really that shallow? Wouldn’t know, but in the south, we just don’t roll that way.

          • EddieD_Boston

            Nope. I was in a bar at 7pm the night Palin was announced to be on McCain’s ticket. While I was in a conversation with the guy next to me about Palin, as she was being discussed on the TV, the female bartender, a woman across the bar, the woman to my left and the woman on the other side of the guy I was talking to all chimed in with negative comments about her. This was only seven hours after she was announced that afternoon. It was a cat-woman festival.

            True story, exactly how it happened.

            You’re your on worse enemies. But you all seem to think men are sexists. Hmmmmmmmm.

          • EddieD_Boston

            ooooops….”own” worst enemies…

          • Nancy

            You used my reply space, although it’s just as well since all that is left to say is “Thank you for clearing up the forum by which you have formed your position on the appearances issue” which, btw, only assists my point. I truly do not believe that the majority of American women share your acquaintances bar room views.

  • Soul

    My thoughts on the issues are that, Christine O’Donnell has an uphill fight on her hands. By several accounts her chances of pulling out a victory are low. She can use conservatives support as the MSM media is not going to support her, a Tea Party candidate.

    I personally think it better to help O’Donnell. If you believe in what she stands for on the issues, be honest and and use that energy to spread the word to others on the internet.

    Going after Bernie, Charlies Krauthammer, or Karl Rove, all of whom would like to see O’Donnell win, isn’t going to do much to make a victory happen.

  • Larry Middleton

    Delaware is scary to me also but lets keep our fingers crossed.
    Maybe she can pull another rabbit out of the hat.
    What I am really scared of is Depression if us Republicans cut spending to
    much. First stop the growth of spending. Means testing on Soc. and payout to some of us 60+. In fact maybe sell our accounts to Insurance cos. We need strong financial minds to fix this not politicians. Medicare and Medicaid need to be fixed also by the smartest Financial minds on Wall St. and Insurance (I will be shot for this). Us Baby boomers are now here and we will Crunch our children and Grandchildren.
    Instead of Tax increases on THE TOP 5%. Take away our Soc. and give us a tax deduction for our $. given up. Give us three years or some time period to put money in Roth IRAs. Give the 100,000+income the same opportunity. Think out of the box.
    As a 35 years in the Financial business, I know it can work.
    Now everyone yell at me. I ready for it.

  • Leona Salazar

    I would love to see O’Donnell win. I’m sure Bernie, Rove, and Krauthammer would love to see her win as well. But we don’t count. I can’t vote for her, because I live in Washington. I’m going to assume Bernie, Rove and Krauthammer don’t live in Delaware either. So, let’s see the people of Delaware prove Bernie, Rove and Krauthammer wrong. It’s really up to them.

  • Lily

    I am tired of the “purists.” I don’t want electable, I want honest, knowledgeable, men and women who will not sell out to get something else. We are losing this country to a liberal agenda that sounded so different years ago but the truth comes out now. We are losing our country to a man and his cronies who are SUING a State that makes up this Country and who have filed a U.N. human rights complaint against Arizona! I want conservatives, whether Republican or even Libertarian who are fiscally conservative and hold to smaller government, etc. (I won’t include Dem’s in that because they have all proven that they vote the party line more than Republican’s do).

    I’m tired Bernie, I appreciate people like you who remind us what we are fighting for, but I am growing very tired. However, I will never be Winston…I will never Love Big Brother.

  • Ellie Velinska

    Bernie, you deserve the ObamaCare given to you by Olympia Snow, you deserve the Financial reform given to you by Scott Brown. People deserve the government they are voting for.

    It is fair. If America cannot vote conservatives in office – America deserves the socialism.

  • RachelW

    You do not ‘get it’. While I politically understand your position, you must also understand ours. The term ‘purist’ is also a lovely bomb throw on your part, the meaning is not lost. As far as Christine O’Donnell’s rise and the establishment’s fear of the true power of the people, you above all should recognize that when those in power are threatened they come out with the rhetoric of Karl Rove. His power and influence is gone, the GOP elite are no different than the Liberals and I am surprised you can not see our distaste for either. Yes, I would rather have 30 solid Conservatives than 51 Collins. Bernie, time for you to stop the slobbering love affair with the powers that be at Fox.

    • Terence111

      Here, Here! it’s time to lose the Faux News.

  • Lou Shepherd


    The issue is this: THe primary is over. We’re not talking about which Republican is more winnable, she WON! You three are trashing her after the election. Now there’s only 2 choices – a very left-wing dem or conservative O’Donnell. She (and we) needs all the support she can get – and she’s not getting it from Rove, Krauthammer and Goldberg.

    • Bernie

      Lou: How did I trash her? How did Krauthammer trash her?

      • Terence111

        You failed to hold the party line, you decided to acknowledge to 1000 pound elephant in the room.

        It’s a shame; truth is sometimes expected to be ignored (on both sides).

        The Rove comments are surprising, as a strategist, he should have been more accommodating (like softball Sean) but I applaud his candor.