Bernie on The Impact Segment: Analysis of the O’Reilly “The View” Bruhaha

  • Robert

    I agree with you on the points you were trying to make, that is….. when O’Reilly would shut up long enough for you to make them. He, O’Reilly has a habit asking a question and not shutting up to let the guest answer.

  • Bob

    A few years ago Bill asked Bernie to comment about his appearance on The View.
    Bernie prefaced his comments thusly:
    I would rather do hard time in a Ugandan prison then watch the View, please Bill, and I’m begging you, don’t ask me to watch it again.

    It’s just as painful to watch now as it was back then.

  • JE Viosca

    Once again Bernie can barely get a word in edgewise… I believe the 2 women in question were spoiling for the ‘brouhhaha’ mentioned above. They were waiting with slobbering anticipation for O’Reilly to say something they could find offensive, and were ready to attack. If he had said ‘Muslim Terrorists’, or ‘Muslim Extremists’, they would have started yelling simply because he brought up the fact that Americans were murdered that day by members of another culture. How bigoted of him.

  • Bruce A.

    Maybe Whoppi & Joy should hold their breath, kick & scream next time they hear something they disagree with. At least they would look a little more mature.

  • Elias

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,

    Mutual respect is the most important key for a family and a healthy society. Unfortunately this important ingredient is missing, and many people behave as retrograde.

    Unfortunately some people who are in visible places such as television and other media, are people who behave worse; these individuals should not be role models.