And the Winner Is …

If the debate we just saw were a boxing match, Barack Obama would have been staggering all over the ring.  He was the fighter who hasn’t had a tough opponent in a long time, and he didn’t know how to handle the blows he was taking.  This was a unanimous decision for the challenger, Mitt Romney.  Even the lefties on MSNBC were unhappy with Obama’s performance.  Enough said?

What struck me is that President Obama seemed tired, even stunned — because, I suspect, no one has ever talked to him the way Mitt Romney did.  No one has ever stood up to him the way Romney did.  Not when Obama was the coolest kid in high school, not in college, and not since he’s been surrounded by adoring fans in what passes for the mainstream media.

If journalists had been tougher on him maybe he would have been better prepared for the debate.  Instead, he entered the ring believing he had already won the fight  And all he had to do, he seemed to believe, was throw a few jabs and run out the clock.  All he had to do, he must have figured, is stand there, be his usual cool self, and he’d not only win the debate, but once and for all he’d put an end to Romney’s chances of unseating him.

He was wrong.  And the tide may have turned.  Though I suspect we will see a different Barack Obama in debate number 2.  Stay tuned.

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  • bobemakk

    Just look at all the lies that Obama spews out in his defense, like drilling in this country for example.  The list goes on and on.  Romney is honest and very capable of running this country.

    Obama is also lost without his teleprompters.

  • bobemakk

    Obama was caught in so many lies as usual, that he is the loser in all the debates so far.

  • Phil Silverman (Majorca)

    Romney’s “Lies” might be saying Obama is going to remove the work requirement from Welfare. Stuff like that. Which Obama decided not to use. Obama weak on leading except for ending the manufactured War in Iraq ahead of schedule, getting BL and his thugs after W. gave up in ’06, implementing the TARP on autos, reforming credit card, student loan, Wall Street practices; getting thru a BIPARTISAN health plan so you and I don’t have to pay an extra grand per yr. to cover our drunken neighbor who can afford his won.

    • Phil Silverman (Majorca)

      >>>can afford his own.

  • wally

    I agree. Plus Obama hires like minded people. Take Holder as a prime example. When he was asked by a legislator the definition of a lie, he replied that it was a state of mind. In his case and Obama’s, they dismiss lies as something that is necessary to promote their agenda. 

  • Davidrwilson

    We all watched a competent Romney versus an incompetent Obama. Obama has depended on “style” over “substance” and when he had a bad day without his teleprompter it showed his lack of deep understanding of the issues and how to deal with them.

    Since the debate Obama and the Democrats have been accusing Romney of ” lies” but during the debate Obama was unable to point out a single one. Obama is weak on really understanding how to lead and manage the complexities of government in economic crisis.

  • Jbubs55

    Bernie, allow me to throw some water on the debate fire. I hope I am wrong, but something about Obama’s performance just did not add up. Obama was too, too much out of character. So much in fact, that I believe it was a sham. Nobody, not even Joe Biden could have seemed so unprepared, so lifeless, so detached, so uncool, and so willing to apprear inept. Obama may not be the most brilliant President we have ever had, but he is no fool. So here is my thinking: Obama rope-a-doped Romney.  He absorbed Romney’s haymakers as he studied Romney’s tactics. And in doing so Obama deftly took the focus off of his own record as president and placed the focus on his strange and hapless performance. In the next 2 debates, which will be far more important, OI predict Obama will parry and then attack Romney hard. Then, relative to his first performance, he will appear (and we will be told ad nauseum by MSM) how brilliant he was and is in his comeback.  Have we forgotten that for Progressives like Obama, there are no absolutes: no absolute definition of marriage, no absolute immagration law, no absolute meaning to the words of the Constitution? Truth itself  is therefore relative, which means all that is important to a Progressive is public perception at the right time. Obama is nothing if not a master of perception and right now he is setting the stage for that right time.    

  • Wiley

    If Obama is reelected my grand children will never see another election. Obama will be king in another  4 years.

    • Phil Silverman (Majorca)

      At least he’ll keep us in Caddies and out of two new wars and won’t send your Social Security to Wall Street.

  • John nazzaro

    Reminescent  of the scene from Rocky where the challenger floors Apollo Creed. Creed’s handler warns him-“he don’t know this is a show; he thinks it’s a damn fight”.

  • Concernedmimi

    Romney was absolutely stunning! All he has to do is keep telling the truth and reminding everyone the theory of economics 101 and rebelling the call of FREEDOM!!!

  • beniyyar

    Obama  does best when his cheering crowds adulate him and encourage him, one on one with a strong opponent Obama wilts like lettuce nin the sun.  Obama chose not to fight this debate with Romney because he couldn’t win, and just the next day Obama, true to form, appeared before his adoring crowds and pilloried Romney once again.
    Debates are not Obama’s chosen arena, unsupported lies and exaggerations before adoring and uncritical crowds of supporters and media are.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama needs a drop in unemployment to 7.8% to save himself! Any bets?

    • Wheels55

      Just in time for Obama to say “I promised unemployment would get below 8% in my first term – I just didn’t say when exactly that would happen.”

  • Roadmaster

    That was Smokin’ Joe Frazier VS Tiny Tim.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Repost, with an explanation»»»that will STILL, drive most of you FURTHER AROUND THE BEND¡! Feekin SIMPLETONS!
    Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded. 
    Fyodor Dostoevsky


    I HATE YOU, GOLDBERG! <=·Q got an extra SMOKE¿?

    Dr. Run Paullyanna would have gotten Obama to RESIGN, LAST NIGHT¡

  • CoffeeNerves

    It’s going to turn ugly now.  The cheap, two-bit HACKS from Chicago are going to come on with all guns blazing.  I know Mitt will come through it just fine and will prevail on November 6!  He is a man of character and honor and he is going to be our 45th President of the United States of America!  Go Mitt!  We are behind you, 100%!

  • suki33

    Don’t count Obama out until all the votes are counted. I hope and pray that it will get easier, but remember that he and his people are committed to hanging on to the perks and privileges with all their might.

    Keep working for Romney/Ryan and remember to vote. That’s all all that will end this 4 year nightmare.

    • Wheels55

      Never underestimate the power and the will of the entitled. I think Romney knows not to rest on one good performance.
      Romney has the whole Libya deal to use to his advantage. He just needs to have a less hawkish foreign policy and more protect our own point of view. While we may not care about drones killing so many people overseas, it seems to be pissing off the rest of the world. Romney is right about economic strength is our best defense in this world.
      May the nightmare end in January!!

  • Randy

    I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that within 48 to 72 hours a dark story, damaging to either Romney and/or Ryan will suddenly and mysteriously appear as if from thin air.  Oh, it won’t be true but that won’t be the point.  It will be Chicago politics through and through you can count on that.  Too bad they will not be able to use the altitude sickness excuse next week.  I’ll bet Mr. “Not My Fault” Obama is dreading the whooping Ryan is fixing to put on good ole Joe.  At least they will have someone other than their exalted leader to blame!  Hey, I think I just realized why Obama picked Joe as his VP!?!  He’s the perfect person to blame if (God willing) Obama looses the election!!!!!

  • Dispatch66

    A Romney landslide come November so we can get this leftist twit and his ignorant, hateful and bigoted minions OUT finally and also proove to “Georgie” Soros that money can’t BUY everything. I’m BLACK by the way.

    • asl3676

      Glad to see all you right wingers don’t mind being led to by Romney….Ignorance is bliss for the hateful masses…

      • Elaine Coyle

         You are so right. Liberals/Democrats exude hate as easily as they breathe
        Why is that? Free Cell phone not working? Welfare check late or just old fashioned constipation or words to that effect.???

        • asl3676

          Their is a cure for constipation….more difficult to cure ignorance and hate

          • Alden514

            your comment regarding “blacks for Romney, Jews for Hitler” is about as tacky and hateful as a person can get. Why is it that democrats believe they are free to say the vilest things, but if a conservative says ANYTHING against obama, we’re either racist or “Uncle Tom’s”?  Democrat’s hypocrisy never fails to rear it’s ugly head.  Perhaps democrat’s suffer their constipation between the ears….

      • Coteyankee53

        Ignorance is bliss, especially when you can’t spell lied.  But, I guess George W taught you how to spell?  Yep, it’s his fault!

      • BARBARA

        I see you are still trolling Bernie’s cite.  Go blog on yahoo. You will fit right in with the other elitist dimwits on that cite.

      • Deny916

        Or blog on CNN.  They’ll appreciate yourignorant comment a lot more than we do!

    • asl3676

      Congrats on your being black….Blacks for Romney= Jews for Hitler…

      • TexMexSoup

        So what does it mean when blacks are for half white obama?

    • Deny916

      And you’re smart too :)


    I hope we do see a different Obama in the next debate. This will give Romney the oppertunity to school him some more. I feel Romney has it down and that Obama will be leary of saying some more stupid stuff. He has no record to run on and he knows it. I thought several times last night that he was fixing to walk off the stage.

  • Light_V_Dark



    I HATE YOU, GOLDBERG! <=·Q got an extra SMOKE¿?

    Dr. Run Paullyanna, would have gotten Obama to RESIGN, LAST NIGHT¡

    • Wheels55

      Now that makes a lot of sense – for anyone on drugs.
      Get help!

      • Light_V_Dark

        Tell me what ewe are on, Cupcake¡!¿! Has Dr. Run prescribed something NICE, FOR EWE¿?

        Or, are you getting Yummy-ORGANIC-VEGGIES, from Queen Shelly’s Jihad-Victory-Garden¿?

        • Randy

          Dude, how do you really feel?  PS. NO NEED OT SHOUT

          • Light_V_Dark

            Fidel, i REALIZE that there is no raisin OT shoot. I wasn’t even addressing YOU¡!

            Would you rather guillotine, hang, lobotomize, shoot, SHOCK, BURN, STARVE, OR STONE ME TO DEATH, YOU FRIGGIN PAGAN¿?

            G_F_Y»»THEN, HAVE A SMOKE<='Q

      • Light_V_Dark

        A Gae-Ghoul gave ewe a Thumbs Up. HOW EXCITING FOR EWE… Tell me Skeezix, would ewe rather guillotine, shoot or hang me?

        SEXULARS show your LOVE, by KILLING what you adore.

        WHAT YOU HATE¿? Well, you torture and rape us before your murder us…Allahu Akbar!!!

        I just bet ewe LOVE your fellow ANIMALS…I can TELL…

        You bring FOUR_FLUSHER, to a whole new level¿!

        (PETA) killed a staggering 95.9 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2011. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the notorious animal rights group has continued killing adoptable animals at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, at an average of 37 pets every week.

  • asl3676

    Wow…Bernie Goldberg has declared Romney a winner…I’m shocked….NowBernie will have to blame the MSM when Romney loses the election….If you like b.s artists Romeny is your man…

    • Tim981952

       Who didnt think he won?

    • Wheels55

      You actually think Obama won that round? You must be taking in the same thin Denver air (reference Dr. Al Gore).

      • asl3676

        Romney won that round….My point was that Goldberg and his Fox News bosses would have said Romney won if Romney had showed up in Denver and didn’t puke on Obama…..LOL

        • Jeffreydan

            Your “point” was wrong. I could picture Hannity doing that (guy’s a tool), but a couple of people you won’t see pretending the loser of a debate was the winner are Bill O’Reilly and Bernie.

            You must have a high quality keyboard; one would think it would’ve stopped working by now from all your tears raining down on it.

        • Wheels55

          True, one has to be careful when listening to the media. But I think Bernie, Brit, Bret and Bill would tell it like it is. Juan Williams on the other hand would say anything to promote Obama – that makes Juan less of a journalist.

          • asl3676

            While the people you mentioned may have been journalists at one time they are now conservative pundits who are paid by Fox News to give the conservative point of view…This is not journalism.
            Juan Williams is paid $800K per year by Fox News to respectfully express a counterpoint. The only “journalism” Bernie Goldberg still does is for HBO sports..

    • Light_V_Dark

      I’m tired of effeminate-NIHILISTIC-sensualist-adolescents as POTUS. Ever heard of the Bible,  Aslan?

      Isaiah 3:4Douay-Rheims Bible 
      And I will give children to be their princes, and the EFFEMINATE shall rule over them.Or»»»Barnes’ Notes on the Bible And I will give children – Not children in respect to age so much as in regard to talent for governing. I will commit the land to the government of WEAK AND IMBECILE PRINCES. This would naturally occur when the wise and great were removed;

      • asl3676

        Get back on your medication immediately….You want to bible thump go write to Pat Robertson…

        • Wheels55

          I think it swallowed a bible, it didn’t read it.

  • Brushfour

    Romney did one heck of a favor to his campaign,…and to us.  Many people really saw who Romney was for the first time last night.   This constant narrative that ” Obama is soooo smart that you can’t believe it,..and Romney is sooo dumb you can’t believe it “,..has been put to rest once and for all.  Obama did not belong on the same stage with Romney last night.  Next debate is a townhall style debate and Obama will do better there…but Romney will not do worse there.

    • Wheels55

      And, whatever the excuses by Obama, Gore, Juan Williams, etc., people who have been disconnected with this race have a lasting image of Romney kicking butt. People like a winner and Romney looked like one.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Remember the American public has become addicted to Obama’s lies.  They choose them, not out of ignorance, but out of indulgence.  They’ve blocked out the noise of their (actual) reality.
    Think of Job.  He had an intimacy with the Almighty, an eperienced one; but he easily swayed by other friends of lesser experience because there were more of them.

    • Tim981952

       I wonder why? I just watched Chris Matthews, Reagan Jr. and Ed Rendell all take turns repeating Romney lied last night interspersed with an Obama campaign appearance calling Romney a liar and then when Chris came back he quoted a couple of journalists who called Obama a liar and now he’s joined by Willie Brown and some liberal woman from San Francisco who are both calling Romney a liar? Geez. I wonder if they dont think we can get their message. Liberal sycophants cant tell the difference between what they’re told and expected to repeat like trained parrots.

  • Shane

    Obama’s got to find some way to blame his performance on racism. Oh wait, isn’t any white person who criticizes Obama a racist? Then Romney is a racist.  Romney clearly won, and I’m hoping that some of the undecided voters moved into his camp. Let’ s hope Ryan takes down the old loon Biden in the next debate.

  • Ksp48

    And by the way the 47% will STILL vote for Obama. The internet is full of posts about how woeful Obama was, but the poster hadn’t changed his or her mind one iota. The NYT said Romney was rambling and kept interrupting the President. Its a whole different reality. 

  • Ksp48

    Romney was far from Perfect, he “agreed” with the president way too much (you can be polite and reasonable without giving numerous concessions)  and seemed to me to let several opportunities pass him by (especially on the record low recovery  and Obama’s failure to get even a single DEM senator to vote for any of his last three budgets) . Overall though Romney seemed, smarter, more Presidential and far more in commend of the subject matter. Romney A-. Obama C. 

  • ginger

    obama should have sent in the empty chair.

    • Randy

      The chair was smart enough to be unavailable!!!

      • ginger

        thanks for the laugh..that is funny!!

  • Amy

    I am incredibly confident that if and when Obama lets show his arrogant attitude, condescending, etc; Romney is going to ream him a new one. He better not even try it because in life and in the business world Romney has dealt with MORE than ONE person like Obama. If it’s for all the marbles, as a businessman Romney will INDEED let him have it; especially if it in the last debate.

    • asl3676

      Amy….you know what and how Romney dealt with people in business? How do you know that?

  • Paulbopko

    How can you tell if a stick is crooked ? Place it next to a straight one.

  • Amy

    Somehow, someway for SOME reason that’s the story of Obama’s life and self-perception. He appears to believe that just his PRESENCE somewhere is enough and the earth is blessed. LOL

  • Jeffreydan

      Except that Governor Romney also laid out the dangers that BO’s $716 billionectomy will guarantee, and those to be suffered under O’care.

      BO should be a little scared; for three 90-minute sessions this month he’s forced to think on his feet while a superior leader challenges him. It’s not exactly the short & sweet, ‘prompter-aided MSM cuddling he’s used to (and that he can prevent from taking place as often as he wants).

      He’s always been a soft, shallow little child, only this time he doesn’t have a weak opponent or a fawning reporter to help keep that hidden.  

  • Gerpac

    You may be right about seeing a different Obama during debate number 2. Maybe so but I happen to believe Romney will be emploldened by his success at the end of debate number.
    Let’s hope he zero’s in on the Libya debacle and pound home the fact America cannot survive another four years of Obama. While jobs are important we should all be concerned about the future of our children and grandchildren if Barack is re-elected.

  • robin in fl

    it almost became painful to watch .at one point i almost felt sorry for obama.i started to look around for a ref to call it off…o well ,i guess obama just doesn’t do so good without someone writting his talking points and him just having to read them off the teleprompters!

    • ginger

      I cannot feel anything but utter contempt for obama…his lies are coming home to roost …Romney needs to bring up obama’s advising Lockheed-Martin to not send out lay off notices until after the election..even though it is ILLEGAL..and obama promises to pay any legal fees should workers sue…and guess what? we the taxpayer will be paying those fees….need I say more?

  • BerthaLovesRickALOT

    Rommey will loose hes’ a rasist and your a bigget to!

    • JmThms

       That would be ‘bigot’, and ‘racist’,  you non-speller.  Despite the pathetic spelling your point is non-valid and stupid. Good luck in life.

    • MerchantofVenom

      You better stick to loving Rick a lot. Maybe he could teach you how to spell and give you a few clues on punctuation. Other than that I think you are a fine example of an Obama supporter. Exemplary I may add.

    • Dave O’Connor

      Parsed your comment, Bertha:  Thus defines you.

    • Randy

      I think you meant LOSE.  Loose means not tight, ie the rope she used to hang herself was too loose, resulting in brain damage, not death.

  • Amy

    I remember a time when being a journalist was a respected profession because of how OBJECTIVE THEY WERE. You NEVER know what their leanings were and that is how it was supposed to me. I lost ALL respect for the lot of them who began pushing and slobbering over Obama. They aren’t and NEVER were journalists.

    • asl3676

      Have you lost any respect for those in the media who slobber over Romney or do you have selective outrage?

  • Brhurdle

    I like the analogy, but I would make a different one. He’s like a fighter whose coach tells him he’s unstoppable since he’s so good. Then in his first fight in the ring he goes down in the first round in an inglorius manner. The guy is a rank amateur who believes the press from an adoring media. The results show that the Obama Administration, for whatever reason, has been ineffective in dealing with the country’s problems. If the ship runs aground, the captain is at fault even if he wasn’t holding the wheel.

  • MerchantofVenom

    You hit the nail on the head on every point especially the last one. Mitt better be REALLY on his toes for the next one.

    That said, Romney took command early on and never looked back. I admit I’m bias and favor Romney, but even I was surprised by Romney’s performance. Even the Libs couldn’t spin their way out of this one!

  • Jamal

    He has had it soft, softer than the press would lead us to believe. Private schools in Indonesia, Hawaii, LA, NYC, and Boston. He has ridden Leftism to fame and fortune–great personal gains. The degree to which he internalizes Leftism (versus merely using it) is still a matter of debate.
    It seems as though this election is clear cut. It will be a test of the character of the American people.

    • MerchantofVenom

      “It will be a test of the character of the American people.”
      That’s what worries me Jamal. It’s not so much their character, it’s their stupidity and gullibility that trouble me. When Biden delivers a speech (gaff after gaff) and says things like…”A three letter word for jobs J-O-B-S” and to hear them cheer wildly behind him. It does give one pause.

      When Barry criticizes, and rightfully so, Bush’s $10.6 trillion debt calling it “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” and then announces he will reduce the debt by half by the end of his first term which would put us at about $5.3 trillion. Yet here we are today nearing the end of his term now faced with a WHOPPING $16 trillion debt.

      This is just swept under the rug, you know, like the WH leaks investigation. Most Americans cannot see the forest through the trees. That is to their own peril.

      • Dave O’Connor

        I agree MV.  And it will be a test; a critical test (whether we linger behind with this sophomore or proceed to a greater sense of reality).

    • sgtstriker

       Very true Jamal,

      Remember JFK’s quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”?  Well, this election will demonstrate whether their are more people interested in what the country can do for them – in handouts, versus more people interested in getting people to return to self reliance and self worth and the country to return to prosperity, growth, and being the great Constitutional Republic that it once was…..

      The true character of the American people will indeed be demonstrated this November.  I for one sincerely hope that the people demand an end to the current insanity in government and return us to the course intended by our founding fathers…

    • tyeeCR

       Brilliant thought perfectly expressed. Go Jamal

  • Elaine Coyle

    The Mitt Romney, who turned around companies showed up. The Mitt Romney, who turned around the Olympics showed up. The  Governor, who reached across the aisle
    showed up. A  talented, confident, successful, individual proved that he could go toe to toe with Obama & BEAT HIM. He also showed that most of the pundits, who were
    abasing him  were liars.
    Obama looked as if he didn’t know what hit him.

  • Allen Joyner

    I’m not convinced Obama has ever been a good debater. He’s not up a timid acting older man like McCain this time. And from what I remember, Hillary beat him pretty good  in the 2008 Dem Primary. Trouble was too many Hillary supporters were sucked in by the Hop and Change BS.
    A great speaker in front of a partisan crowd, yes. Especially with his famous teleprompter. But not a great debater. Not when you must offer HONEST facts to the discussion.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Just like the YouTube clip of Ryan schooling Obama at a healthcare summit, Romney cleaned his clock. It showed how little Obama actually knows. Devastating.

  • Johnny Deadline

    I’ve never believed Obama had the experience or credentials for the job of Commander-in-Chief.  But in addition to being over his head, for the last couple of years I thought he was lazy. 

    Last night viewers were exposed to what many of us have believed all along:  not only does Obama lack the experience and work ethic for the Oval Office,  it was obvious to all that he lacks even interest in doing the job.   

    Which explains why his domestic policy is a wreck, his foreign policy is a shambles and the country is as polarized as any time since the Civil War.  

    Heck with Hillary’s re-set button with Russia.  We need a re-set button for the last four years!

    • EddieD_Boston

      I posted this last week. He doesn’t like the job of president, only the status.

      • Johnny Deadline

        Agreed.  And he didn’t seem to like the job of state senator or U.S. Senator, either.  I guess Obama feels that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  Trouble is he’s taken the entire country and our international allies along for his joyless ride. 

  • John Daly

    Along the lines of the boxing metaphor, I think we witnessed Ivan Drago vs Apollo Creed last night.

  • Iklwa

    In my opinion, what we witnessed last night was (finally) a clear juxtposition of ideologies for a national path.
    We have seen how well the one, top down/socialistic/anti-capitalist approach works.
    It seems to me that grovelling for an additional four years of continuing down that same path is not much of an argument for President Obama.
    I for one am glad to finally have a representative willing to unabashedly espouse conservative policies and face down leftist marginalization with calm reasoning and logic because when compaired with American liberalisim the choice is obvious.
    One can only wonder if having one’s glutious maximus kicked raw is coved under the Affordabile Healthcare Act. I wish I had thought of that one…but I just cleaned it up a little.
    As Ringside Judge #1 I say: 10 to 1 Romney.
    I’m thinking the decesion is unanimous.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Obama is a Liar, Phony, Fake and Fraud.  He is a Thief and Traitor.  He has always been a Big Mouth Complainer who was protected by other Lefties and Marxists.  Obama is an Empty Suit who has never had to be accountable for his Pathetic Performance and Miserable Record of Crap Accomplishments.  

    The world saw first hand what a Turd-in-the-Punchbowl Embarrassment he is to ALL Americans.  He Clearly hasn’t a Clue without his Teleprompter and Marxist Writers.  

    May God Deliver America and the World from this Imbecile who was NEVER Properly Investigated.  May Obama be the example of what kind of Marxist to NEVER EVER put into a position of Leadership…in Obama’s case, lack of Leadership.  

    May Obama continue to be seen in the Light of God for the Fraud he is.  May America see and understand the danger he is.  

  • venter

    MSM did you see anything last night.   Maybe you saw Mitt Romney presidential smart , understanding, not a liar  . A man who is not cowardly A man who wants to fix the broken  parts and run the government like a business and not a piggy bank…This is hope.  Obama was mad and lonely wihout his tele prompter.  Now we know why he didn’t see the world leaders in  person .  He is in phone contact with them  and God knows what is said.  Now people will  get to have an opinion of Mitt without MSM .  His next debate will also be good  he has to bring his knowledge and Obama will bring his anger!

  • Drew Page

    Agreed.  Round one was a slam dunk for Mitt.    I suspect round two will be a dog fight.    I also suspect Axelrod will replace debate coach John Kerry with F. Lee Irmy, or perhaps the incensed Chris Matthews.   

    I don’t know about others, but I thought Jim Leher did a decent job of moderating the debate.   Candidates were given equal opportunities to answer the same questions.    I was far more concerned with hearing the candidate’s complete responses to each other’s statements than I was with either one exceeding the two minute time limit on responses.   This is an election of a lifetime with tremendous consequences for generations to come.    If these arbitrary time limits for responses run over a couple of minutes, so be it.   It the debate runs over time, so be it.   I’m far more concerned about what the candidates have to say than what the pundits have to say.

    I also appreciated the civility and respect that each of the two candidates showed each other.    They made their points without being nasty.

    • Wheels55

      I agree that Leher was right to have let comments run over a few minutes. After all, just like refs in the NFL, the game isn’t about him. Yet, it seemed to me that Leher was trying to nudge Obama to wake up and focus. That effort failed – Obama was clearly dreaming of his next fund raising event.

      • Carolann113

        I actually watched the entire debate twice, 90 minutes is a very long debate.  Leher definitely gave as much rope to Obama as possible and what he didn’t give, Obama took.  I loved the 5 second remark, proof BO believes he is special.
        Romney is/was a pure gentlemen throughout, Obama clearly was not.

        • Wheels55

          Twice? Wow!
          I loved the Romney remark: just because one repeats something over and over does make it true. I actually think Obama thought his BS was true.

    • Amy

      Last night I felt proud to live in a free country where I could watch two intelligent men (who went to the same University), debate each other in a civil, intelligent manner. What a difference from so many other countries.

  • Dan

    Obama will lose all three debates. He has a record he can’t hide from. No amount of debate preparation will change that. And just wait until you see Ryan Biden.  

  • James King

    In the event you haven’t noticed, BO utters “you know” a lot when away from the prompter, much in the same manner as modern illiterate people utter an even dumber phrase, “I’m like.” But the media and celebs will be out in force from now on, even more strongly because of a sense that their boy is missing something, though many of them will never know what that is, and the single word answer is, character.

    BO got taken to school last night, and the teacher is up to the job for the next two. And he sure fooled me. I have thought he was a bad candidate. Instead, it looks like he has taken many of us to school and made a decision that he should not peak too early.  If he can keep it up, and if he can not be influenced by media that will try to slow him down he just might be elected.

    If he is elected and does not work tirelessly to reduce spending that they all like now to call “investing” after Clinton came up with that line, then he should not be re-elected, and voters should put them all on notice that they will all be fired if they do not reduce spending.

  • Dave Gorak

    I’m supporting Romney not because he’s so much better on the immigration issue but because he’s not Barack Obama.  Both political parties have made it pretty clear that the Hispanic vote is more important than putting Americans back to work.  Why are both parties refusing to condemn our policy of allowing 7 million illegal aliens to keep their non-farming jobs while 23 million Americans can’t find full-time employment?  Why are we continuing to admit more than 1 million legal immigrants every year when many economists say our dismal jobs market is not going to improve any time soon?

    The Fools on the Hill in Washington have been able to get away with their betrayal of American workers because of a mainstream media that write only from the perspective of the “poor” illegal alien and think that the practice of critical thinking is outdated and unnecessary in the process of reporting the news.Dave GorakExecutive directorMidwest Coalition to Reduce

    • Drew Page

      Let’s drop the euphamistic terms like ‘undocumented workers’ and start calling illegal aliens what they are, illegal aliens.   There are legal ways to enter this country and they chose not to avail themselves of those ways.   Many illegal aliens are a drain on legitimate taxpaying citizens.   Those who are on welfare and/or any other forms of government assistance cost the taxpayers.   Those who show up at hospital emergency rooms, clinics and doctor’s offices and can’t or won’t pay force health care providers to increase the costs charged to legal U.S. citizens for this who then must pay for the care provided to these people.   And then there is the added costs of law enforcement, prosecution, defense, incarceration and maintenance of illegal alien criminals, not to mention the costs to victims of criminal illegals.   then there is the cost of educating the children of illegals.   None of these expenses should be the obligation of U.S. citizen taxpayers.   But U.S. citizen taxpayers are being sold out by politicians (primarily Democrats) who pander to illegal alienss in order to garner the votes of Hispanics.

      • Amy

        I think this needs to be brought up in the debate. However, I don’t think Romney will. Someone needs to say it before 50 million people. I think many more agree, than not that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers money. They go to school for free, have health care free, etc; U.S. taxpayers can’t say the same thing, neither can the children of many of those who came from other countries and assimilated by becoming AMERICANS and who came here LEGALLY.


    How can you defend the indefensible?  If you were a defense attorney and Obama retained you to argue his case, what tactics could you use?  Divert, deflect, distort.  Obama tried all of those and they failed against the hard reality of truth.

    Obama tried to use the same old tired lines they spout in his campaign speeches.  You know, the same lines he dusted off from 2008 and is using again on his 2012 stump.   Obama was so lazy and overconfident he chose not to write new material for this campaign.  But then Obama is a legend in his own mind and he knows the MSM will never report negative facts about him.  So why bother?  Romney could truthfully expose Obama’s campaign promises vs. his performance without appearing snarky. 

    Obama tried using the same lies against Romney his campaign foments in his ads.  Romney defended himself very well against these lies, because it is easy to defend against lies when you are telling the truth and come across with conviction and honor.  Kudos go out to Gov. Romney, well done. 

    • Drew Page

      Why would anyone in their right mind believe anything that Mr. Obama has to say?    His lies and broken promises are well documented and too numerous to mention here.  

  • Newmansgang

    In 2008, then candidate Obama sold the American public “Koolaid” and they drank it while believing that he was the messiah who would magically transfer all of the countries’
    problems. In 2012, Obama has a record which is easy to spin when he is reading a prepared speech, but as was proven last night he can’t run away from this record in a debate. His economy is in shambles, and without a cohesive plan to fix it things will get worse. His foreign policy is a joke -can’t wait for that debate- and his class warfare rhetoric is offensive. What America needs is someone humble enough to strike deals with the “other” side of the aisle putting the partisan crap aside, and I believe Mitt Romney will do just that.

  • Iowa48

    He has always been nothing more than a slick Three-Card Monte dealer on the corner scamming the tourists, while the media shills for him and keeps an eye out for the beat cops.  Officer Romney showed up on the corner last night.

    • Amy

      The only reason he won is because BOTH he and the MAINSTREAM media united to get him elected. You know what it’s called when “ONE” media unite and push ONE candidate and his agenda??? C OMMUNISM..Cuba, “Gramma” newspaper, etc;

  • Wmslaw84721

    I suspect the Obama we saw last night is the same one Middle East leaders see every time they meet.

    • Drew Page

      Keen observation.    I think that all world leaders see the same Obama that we all saw last night.

  • barjandor

    Our favourite “gotcha” moment in last night’s debate was when Mr. Romney, responding to BO’s dialogue on BO’s fiscal plan for the economy in the next four years said, “I’ve been in business 25 years and “I” don’t even understand you” or words of that affect.   

    Regarding that clown Chris Matthews on this morning’s TODAY Show………..did the paramedics get there quickly enough to resuscitate him from that heart attack he was obviously having?  Gee, any member of the GOP can be assured of being treated fairly on his show!!       

    • Drew Page

      Romney’s comment was “I’ve been in business for 25 years and I have no idea of what you are talking about.”   

      You are right on about Chris Matthews.   I watched an interview of Matthews by David Gregory this morning and Matthews was still apoplectic and raving about what Obama could have and should have said, while David Gregory grunted in agreement.    I think most folks understand that Chris Matthews, is a cheerleader like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and is not really a journalist or hard news reporter.  But people like David Gegory, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and the retired Dan Rather are/were supposed to be unbiased journalists.  They absolutely have the right to hold whatever political beliefs they wish, but as news reporters, they and their networks have an obligation to the general public to deliver the news fairly, whether it makes their political favorites look good or bad.  The same goes for the publishers of the NY Times, L.A. times and the Washington Post.

      • ginger

        Matthews may have enough sense left to realize that his idol has feet of clay…LOVE IT !!!!

  • Tomsemiterrific

    We may see a different Obama in terms of posturing–there may be a few superficial attempts at being aggressive–but the “cool guy” style is now lost–for good. And the substance just isn’t there. My guess is Obama will try to correct the errors of style and regain his mythological likability, but I don’t think it will happen. Why? Because Obama lost, not because he was flat or did not bring his A game, he lost because he encountered a truly formidable object in Mitt Romney. Until then Obama has been like a college football team playing high school teams, and looking great as a consequence. But confronting Romney he’s getting into the pro leagues. 

    • Tomsemiterrific

      Besides that what we’ve witnessed the past 4 years  from Obama was manifest last night: he’s lazy and it shows. In fact, “show” is the word: He’s a show horse, not a go horse. 
      He’s all too ready to schmooze with Oprah, or the ladies on the View, or Letterman–but he is MIA when it comes to the knotty issues of governance. I mean, for God’s sake, Obama was watching football just before the debate. 
      All he really does effectively is campaign—another form of schmoozing, glad-handing and getting adulation from highly screened audiences in highly controlled situations…and let us not forget the source of  his wit and wisdom: his teleprompter. When it is MIA Obama is MIA. He’s just used to reading what is on the teleprompter, smiling, waving at every one, and then heading for the golf course or to shoot a few hoops. That’s his status quo. America deserves better-America NEEDS better.

    • Drew Page

      Obama doesn’t have an “A game”.    There is no teleprompter from which he can read the words of another.    Maybe for the first time in his life, he has to compete on equal terms with a formidable opponent.  

      People know what the unemployment rate is.  They know what the price of gas is.  They know what how much their annual income has increased or decreased over the last four years.  They know what their home is worth, if they still have one.  They know that the prices on food, clothing, electricity, college tuition,  insurance and taxes have gone up over the past four years.    These aren’t the changes they hoped for in 2008.   

  • sgtstriker

    I believe that Romney was still too timid.  I want to see more passion and more clear signs of a determination to turn this country around.  He’s got my vote, but he needs many, many more to win this race.

    Mitt Romney did a good job but Obama’s handlers are going to present a different Obama at the next debate and Romney had better be ready…..

    The Vice Presidential debate should be amusing…  Biden is always good for a gaffe or two…

    • Amy

      …before this debate there were people saying Romney was too “stiff”. We finally saw the REAL Obama, in the meantime.

    • Drew Page

      Sgt.  —  I believe that round two will be a dog fight.  Obama will come out swinging, despite the fact that it’s not his style; it will make him look desparate.   I think Romney and his team will be expecting this and will be prepared for the attacks.   Romney will keep his cool and be an effective counter-puncher.    The state of the economy today cannot be laid at Romney’s feet; he wasn’t the president for the last four years, Obama was.

      Do you think the average American gives a damn about Romney’s taxes, or that he worked at Bain Capital, or that he’s rich?    

      • sgtstriker

         Unfortunately, “the average American”, just votes their party, or what their union tells them to vote, or what somebody else says would be best.  More Americans need to pay attention and have some knowledge as to what is happening here, and around the world.  If this were to become the norm, we would never be burdened by having to endure a President like BHO again….

        I agree with your expectations for debate #2…  Obama has absolutely no successes in the area of foreign affairs…  He has irked our two greatest allies and exposed himself as a knucklehead to the rest of the world…

  • Carol Pruitt

    The presidential pretender was finally exposed for who he is. A puppet who’s strings were cut. It was so obvious that he has NO depth of knowledge about the operation of the executive and what he is required to do. He is so protected it has hurt him.
    It was like watching a train wreak. I can hardly wait for the next installment!

  • Linda White Besink

    I don’t know how it will be different next time, with foreign policy the theme.  He can’t defend anything on his record in that regard.  Will be interesting.

  • Bruce A.

    The President looked like he wanted to hide behind the podium.  I can’t blame him for that with his dismal record.

    • Phil Silverman

      Well, at least Obama has had a job in the last 11 years.

  • Robertrth

    Both men spent their entire lives preparing for the debate, Romney by work and accomplishment, Obama by undeserved adoration.  Preparation is not to change Obama’s lack of just about everything except bluster.  The next debate is up to Romney to lose.   My guess, all Romney has to do is keep acting the part of the man with a lifetime of real accomplishment.

    • Tomsemiterrific

      Robertrth, Romney doesn’t have to act the part of the successful man–because he actually is a man of real and meaningful achievement. And, unlike Oblamer, he knows he’s earned his degrees and his business successes.
      The choice here could not be clearer: a man who has succeeded in the competitiveness of the free market, and a man who has no substantive accomplishment and who has used his status from school to get a part time teaching position which he used to indoctrinate his students into collectivist ideology and tactics: When you teach Saul Alinsky what you’re really teaching is the tactics of subversion and overthrow of the social and political order. 

      • Amy

        ..and having served a Mission, he actually helped/served those IN NEED FOR FREE…unlike Obama who apparently has only helped and served HIMSELF.

    • Amy

      I don’t understand…Obama said that preparing for the debate was “a drag” and “like homework”..what all did he have to “LEARN”????? doesn’t he know everything a President should know after almost 4 years in office?

      • ginger

        well .obama did say that his school years were a haze of drugs and alchohol….all the dead brain cells showed up last night,

  • American Veteran

    Not so fast Bernie.  Narcissism is characterized by the lack of, he who has it, to see reality.  BHO is processing HIS win last night.  MSM will see that he stays on that course. Next debates will see a more arrogant BHO, but as empty as he was last night.  He accused Romney of not having a plan; when he has SHOWN not to have one himself.  And for Romney to talk about any plan, is to risk the “Poser-in-chief” to steal it and pass it as his own!

    • Phil Silverman

      Romney could not even explain his Medicare plan. Obama nailed him on that. Romney went into great detail about how he is not going to raise midde class taxes, despite wanted to go from 39.6% to 25%, double the military budget, etc. I found it not believable. Both and Ryan love to say, can’t really explain that now, it’s too long..we’ll tell ya later. I would have loved to hear Romney explain how Obama was going to remove the work requirement in Welfare. Ok..Romney won debate #1 on style and energy level. 

  • waterlylies84

    I believe the *real* Obama did show up last night. He is a man who believes he is entitled to win, if for no other reason than that he is “eye-candy” (his words on The View). Will Obama come out stronger next time? Most likely. But I have to ask, with what. As Montana said, his foreign policy is worse than his domestic policy. He has nothing to stand on. He cannot even take credit for Osama because it was years in the making and if Jarrett had, had her way, Obama would not have OK’d the op. Nope Obama is on the run, he will run from the fight.

  • theslowrider

    I believe Obama, in the next debate, will have to act angry and double-down on his lying. I find it very hard to understand how anyone is undecided in this race. God help this country.

    • Amy

      To me, Obama almost seemed “defeated”. Like he had finally been uncovered for the failure he always believed himself to be, but convinced himself of the opposite. He’s been uncovered and discovered.

    • Tomsemiterrific

      If he comes out aggressive and angry he will lose even more cred next time. 

  • Renabuz

    Maybe a different Obama next time. Maybe even the best Obama possible. But that won’t be enough. The experience he has gained from just one face-to-face confrontation with a knowledgeable able person will do very little to help him counter serious verifiable charges. The only weapon he will have at his disposal will be nastyness which Romney is more than capable of turning back on him exposing him as the haughty, lying , lazy incompetent that he is. Moreover, the press will shamed by his performance and start to leak more and more of the terrible crap that he has publicly uttered in the past that they withheld in order to help him beat Hillary and then McCain. By the time Ryan gets done disassembling Biden and Romney handles Obama over the next two weeks things will start looking like they should and this socialist despot will be through. 

  • nickshaw

    Bernie, you said, ” He was the fighter who hasn’t had a tough opponent in a long time,…” in the first paragraph then, basically contradicted yourself in the second.
    Zero has never, ever had a tough opponent debating him!
    You can’t even point to the Pantsuit debates because both she and Zero were simply debating the method to get the same result!
    Everyone else was too scared to take a stand or talk back to Zero ’cause he’s black (or partly anyway). That’s the reality.

  • Montana

    What I found compelling is this: Romney didn’t really care that the POTUS was standing there. Romney treated Obama just like a rival CEO and went after him with a strong vigor! That level will need to be sustained from here on out. I think the real Obama will show up next time, but it will be just as bad- Obama cannot stand on his record on Foreign Policy either- it’s just as bad, if not worse than his domestic policies!

    Yes- Obama will have the “Bin Laden” moment to brag on, but what else has he got? Afghanistan? Iraq? both are messes that are doomed to fall back into the hands of tyrants when we leave- so chalk another failure up to Obama for more wrong decisions. The Middle East? Roughly 20 countries are falling apart because we did not lead or direct. These countries do not know what freedom is, so they rely on the U.S. to help them- but we backed off to let them fend for themselves- and the tyrants took over

    • nickshaw

       I agree, Montana. Mitt was talking CEO to CEO. If it were business, Mitt would now own Zero Inc.
      If Zero dares bring up, spike the ball, that he got UBL, Mitt should be prepared and simply ask if this continuous crowing (and even movie making!) might, in itself, be linked to the death of our ambassador?
      That the DNC convention just a week previous to the murder where ball spiking was a major theme might have a part to play?
      Bin Laden is dead and so is our ambassador.
      This might just be a devastating blow!
      I have not heard many pundits on either side make this connection!

      • Amy

        BIN LADEN?? “dead”, STEVENS? “DEAD”.. Who’s life was worth more?

  • Conchkey83


    • nickshaw

       I am really surprised Mitt didn’t mention that F & F were left out of Dodd-Frank, Conch.
      One of the biggest players in the housing collapse, arguably the biggest, is left out of a bill to clean up Wall Street?
      The mind boggled then, as it does now!

  • Caren

    Not worried about debate #2.  There is no defending Obama’s epic failure job performance.  Obama comes unglued when confronted and Romney has so much material to attack with.  But don’t sell Obama short.  He’s a street fighter.  His problem is he doesn’t have his gang or teleprompter with him up on stage.  Quite enjoyable!

    • nickshaw

       I would suggest Mitt’s team employ radio scramblers in the next debates, Caren.
      Zero will be using an ear bud that can’t be seen.

    • Amy

      maybe if we let him talk “ghetto” he’ll do better. LOL

    • Phil Silverman

      Does Obama have his teleptrompter wityh him at press conferences, one on one interviews with O’Reilly, or at Town Halls? “Gang”? Ya mean like when he was a “community organizer”? Soundz racially charged, Caren, no?

  • eRightWinger

    I don’t think Obama can be educated on American history, government and world affairs in 2 weeks. He had his notes in front of him. It didn’t work. He just doesn’t know basic facts and processes and the economy and foreign policy reflect it. Remember when Bush was accused of being fed answers during a debate and a photo of a square protruding from his suit in back was circulated? look for a 42″ screen to be placed somewhere near the front row for Obama to read off of at the next debate.

    • Phil Silverman

      I do not think “notes” are allowed [to be brought in] at these events. He was writing when he was looking down, I’m sure. Obama’s always called the Teleprompter man despite good communication at Town halls and press conferences; even one on one with O’Reilly? or am I wrong? :)

  • POC247

    Romney was brilliant….succinct, articulate, sharp. I thought this man stood on the platform and showed us what a president should look like and sound like. Besides his grasp of facts his reminder of how Americans should be living out the ideals of the Constitution was truly inspiring.

    • Amy

      …and in my opinion, THIS is the kind of President, true Americans like US deserve.

    • Phil Silverman

      I did not find him brilliant…just “fired up” me, he was too repetitive and too superficial. “I’m about jobs, jobs, jobs”. Not while he was Governor or running jobs overseas with Bain. On theatrics, yes, he overtook Obama, tired from 24-7 Presidential business at 1600.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    I agree.. this race isn’t won until it is over!!!!!

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    I don’t think the Democrats like the American People, and I do think Mr. Obama badly needs advisors to deal with the economy.  I don’t think he has them either.

    Lets also not forget that Clinton had the peace bonus as the Soviet Union fell apart, and that Bush had a Democratic Congress while we were moving into the meltdown just before Obama took office.  Bush doesn’t walk away clean.. but people who understand the economy of this country know how to adapt and get it fixed.  So Obama’s contentions of inheriting the problem don’t wash.  The idea that Clinton used one of Obama’s tricks to achieve prosperity doesn’t wash either.  In fact, Clinton started the national deficit and blew the peace bonus out… (censored.. fer sure.)

    • Amy

      Obama mentioned Clinton 2-3 times. At that point, I would have told him one of two things:

      Mr. Obama, You are NO Bill Clinton, Sir.
      Mr. Clinton is not running for President, YOU are.

      • Phil Silverman

        Ronald Reagan isn’t running either.

  • Phil Silverman

    Romney won the way Palin won in 2008. ever..SUBSTANCE. Plus we have a fired up opponent verses a – yes – tired President…four years of incredible challenges by a GOP determined to dissect every time he cut his toenials. By the way, Obama won on healthcare/medicare, and generally, where something needed EXPLANATION. Romney did the ususal thing: I’ll tell ya later.

    • Ahalbert

       Apparently, most of the public, even MSNBC, doesn’t seem to agree with you about the debate.

      Dems don’t understand that the President should create the goals and Congress should craft the laws to meet those goals. If Romney invents all the details, he end runs Congress like Obama does. Romney expains the principles needed to fix the problems. Obama doesn’t understand the principles (or the problems for that matter), so he just strings soundbytes together to make people feel good. The public may have finally seen through it.

      The other big thing Dems don’t grasp is growth. Growth = tax revenue. Dems confuse programs with results.

      We can forgive Obama for incompetence, but not for lying.


      I must have been on a different channel.  What did Obama explain?  He repeated the same old campaign tripe from 2008 and the same old lies his campaign foments.  He was so out of his element.  Did you notice how his cadence changed when he was finally able to recite his 2 minute closing speech.  I guess you like recited speech writer lines vs. hearing ideas about conviction and principles. 

      • Amy

        Romney kept saying what his plan was about, and Obama drove me nuts repeating the same memorized stuff about $5 trillion…here and $2 trillion here…same lines over and over and over..that’s all he had??? and untrue to boot.

      • Phil Silverman

        I say Obama won on substance…if only a tanscript was availbale do you think Romney would have won? Fine…he outdid Obama on theatrics, no question. 2 more Presidential debates and one VP debate. If Obama goes 50-50, and Biden beats Ryan narrowly, Obama loses NO swing states. >>>> I agree with anyone who says that these puppet shows NEED to stop. Bad for the mind.

        • Jeffreydan

          “I say Obama won on substance…if only a tanscript was availbale do you think Romney would have won?”

            A little substance for you:
            Governor Romney called BO out for his “plan” to reduce $4 trillion of the debt over 10 years. He correctly said it wouldn’t solve the problem and explained why.
            He also pointed out specific consequences that will result from those hundreds of billions being taken from Medicare.
             He said the economy will improve with an increase in the number of taxpayers, not so much with an increase in taxes, and that his policy gives ALL taxpayers get a cut, not just rich people like BO has dishonestly suggested.

            If there’s one thing BO lacked in the debate, and lacks on several levels in general, is substance.    

    • Wheels55

      If Obama is tired now, why should we re-elect him? Four more years of being tired won’t help us. How about a permanent vacation!!

      • Phil Silverman

        Tired…well. We got a fired up Romney..fresh from many GOP debates where he learned how to assert himself…Obama working at 1600 on some of the most serious and complex issues we have ever seen. He showed up beat to his socks. Ok, Romney’s theatrics were compelling. He was fresh from 3 triple expressos at Starbuchs. We’ll see what happens in #2 and #3.

    • Jeffreydan

        “…four years of incredible challenges by a GOP determined to dissect every time he cut his toenials.”

        Actually, it’s more like “less than 2 years where he had to become the unifying leader he claimed to be long ago.”
        You need a little more correction, so brace yourself: Obama won on absolutely nothing; I’ll be generous and say the medical portion was a tie. You might support BO’s policies, but it doesn’t undo Romney’s exposure of their real consequences.

        As for Governor Romney’s supposed failure to go into more detail: that’s one of the best examples of a fake argument I’ve seen. It’s a little silly to demand a politician to have a program already 100% drawn up when he hasn’t been elected and isn’t in a position to sit down with legislators. 
        BO acted like it’s unusual a candidate has provided only an outline of his plans, and he’s lucky Romney didn’t hammer him for his same failure in 2008. Either you fell for this crap, or are as desperate as he is to find some area where Romney isn’t superior.       

  • morefandave

    Obama’s handlers will jump on him for being too passive, he will overreact and become strident and unpresidential in the next debate. I’m loving this!

  • 5843supie

    it’s being reported that the angry bernard filed this column well before the debate, then went our drinking,  convinced that he could predict what would happen in the first go-round.
    it was predicted,  for gods sake…. that romeny would win the first one…
    this wishful thinking has to develop into something solid…   most people figured george bush would get beat in 2004 when he was bumbling around,   and we know what happened there….
    stay focused troops……  crossing your fingers ain’t gonna do it !

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    As one blogger stated, the “empty chair” showed up!  When Michael Moore, the left wing darling, states that “this is what happens when you hire John (Hanoi) Kerry to prep you for a debate” you are in deep do do?  John McCain said “if it were a fight, they would have stopped it” and not allowed the opponent to stagger around the ring.  

    If anyone paid attention to Mitt Romney’s Global Initiative Conference sponsored by Bill Clinton you would have realized that Mitt Romney is more than capable of handling a Man/Child without his little teleprompter.

    The next debate will focus on “Foreign Policy.”  Romney could show up in a Dick Cheney costume and win that debate.  Obama’s foreign policy is a debacle at this present time, so bad that his administration has been spending two weeks attempting to cover the mess up.  Mitt Romney has a clip full of .50 cal rounds while Obama has a BB gun after these past two weeks.  The bin Laden is “dead” rant will not amount to a hill of beans in that debate. 

  • jimzien

    In my view, the President and his strategists had one overriding goal for the debate: to solidify his support in Florida, without which Mr. Romney cannot possibly prevail in the Electoral College. Mr. Obama made his case to (primarily) older Florida voters with respect to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act — in fact he enthusiastically embraced “Obamacare” as a positive shorthand for it — and clearly laid out the dangers to future Medicare recipients of Mr. Romney’s voucher approach to replacing the current system. Partly as a result of the debate, therefore, Florida will remain in the President’s column (as will Ohio); all the rest is commentary.
    P.S. See where Florida in particular stood before the debate in the aggregate polling analysis of Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight here — fivethirtyeight(dot)blogs(dot)nytimes(dot)com The post-debate results over the next week or two will be interesting to track.

    • Ahalbert

       My 86 year old mom has been a lifelong Democrat. She very recently told me she’s worried about Obamacare. I was shocked. Seniors are smarter than Obama thinks.

      • jimzien

        And her worry is…? You may want to share the objective information here with her:

      • Ahalbert

        You think a one page summary reveals what’s in 2500 pages of legislation and 14,000 pages of regulations?

        The point was that life-long, rubber-stamp Democrats like my mom are concerned about how Obamacare will negatively affect them. She is concerned about its affect on Medicare and knows of doctors dropping Medicare patients. She is concerned about rationing.

        My 86 yr wife’s old mother  just died after a triple bypass undertaken to save her life. The family feels the $50,000 procedure would have been denied under Obamacare.

        A survey I saw yesterday showed 55% of doctors against and 36% for.  CBO
        has said cost of implementation is several times the original pricetag
        of the law, and potential savings are uncertain and further out than
        projected. Thousands of dollars per household in new taxes starting 2013, taxes on medical manufacturers, small businesses dropping insurance…high probability of less choice, lower quality, and higher cost. There were better ways to cover 30 million uninsured and get preexisting conditions.

  • kayakbob

    I suspect the Presidents performance is a result of several things:

    1.  The office, by nature, creates a separation between the office holder and the outside world. An entire complex dedicated to your every wish & whim can only result in an insulated world after 4 years. To an extent, that is just human nature.

    But that insulation caused him to think he could just show up; recite a few lines from speeches over the years and that would be enough..not great..but enough.

    2.  It’s Jim Lehrer’s fault.

    3.  It’s John Kerry’s fault.

     OK, it’s anybodys fault but his. I got it.

  • Tmwight

    CNN in its “fact checking” cut Romney’s comment about 23,000,000 unemployed and underemployed, eliminating the words “and underemployed”. Then the pundit then declares it a “FALSE”. CNN is as bad as MSNBC, what it did is unconsciousable.

  • Neal Hixon

    The blame game has, to no one’s surprise, begun. This time it couldn’t fall on Mitt Romney. It certainly couldn’t fall on President Obama.  So it looks like Jim Lehrer is being set up as the scape goat for Obama’s performance. The next debate is a “Town Hall” forum. This is where Obama is at his best. If Romney wins the next debate, I’d like to see the media blame the townspeople. That would be interesting spin.

  • Cnychu

    Dennis Miller said “Obama better hope a kicked ass is covered by Obamacare.”  Succinct!

  • CareyCG

    I thought I was watching the “Rope a Dope,” but Romney never let him off the ropes.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Obama kept trying to make the numbers he created and his ideas facts.  No support..  nothing that proved they were the case.. he merely said it and expected it to fly.   Again.. I don’t think the Democrats like the American People, and it was contempt that led them to believe they could simply say something and make it work.

  • jimzien

    In my view, the President and his strategists had one overriding goal for the debate: to solidify his support in Florida, without which Mr. Romney cannot possibly prevail in the Electoral College. Mr. Obama made his case to (primarily) older Florida voters with respect to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act — in fact he enthusiastically embraced “Obamacare” as a positive shorthand for it — and clearly laid out the dangers to future Medicare recipients of Mr. Romney’s voucher approach to replacing the current system. Partly as a result of the debate, therefore, Florida will remain in the President’s column (as will Ohio); all the rest is commentary.

  • JohnInMA

    We will surely see a more aggressive and alert Obama in round 2.  But we should also expect a barrage of media covering for this performance as best they can.  Already Romney is positioned as a big lying liar – so I expect the left media….I mean the media will parade experts and pundits endlessly to prove him wrong – maybe up until the next debate.  And if they run out of material before hand, expect the spin to turn towards racist and elitist language analysis in everything Romney said.  There is no way the media will conceded easily or not try to take some of the sting away.

    Already they are going after the ‘lie’ about Medicare funding (reduction).  Spin, spin, spin.

  • BruceMajors4DC
  • Paul Courtney

    We’ll have about 48 hrs before progressive press and the fun fact checkers regain their footing and start explaining how Obama really won the debate, so let’s enjoy it.  As I watched the aftermath this morn, thought the same thing as Bernie, like this-anyone suppose John Kerry interrupted Pres. in mid lie ONCE during entire debate prep?  Bernie’s thoughts help broaden the picture-anyone suppose anybody in Obama’s inner circle said something like,  “Hey, Boss, what if Romney doesn’t actually have a plan to raise taxes on middle class?”  Looks like Mitt was right to ignore a lot of shrill panic from fellow Rs.

    • Tmwight

      As I wrote above CNN is already declaring Romney’s unemployment comment false, by cutting a critical part of it. I couldn’t believe it. I actually thought CNN bettervthanthevrest. I was wrong, it is as dishonestvasvMSNBC.

      • Paul Courtney

        T:  Looks like I underestimated ’em.  Again.  A. Cooper has done a fair job jumping on and staying after the Libya story, other than that they follow the Times.  Cooper followed the Syria slaughter, too, but never (unless I missed it) focused on it happening in the face of Obama Outreach, and State Dep’t oft-expressed belief in Assad.

  • Julie Sturgeon

    We will definitely see a different Obama in two weeks — more energized at least. But I don’t think he’s capable of changing his entire personality and psyche that fast. When this guy gets fired up, his demeanor is very condescending. He smirks. He throws out arrogant statements. And there is no amount of prep that will change his innate anger at being challenged. The man has a glass jaw and Mitt can throw a punch. No amount of factual preparation will change that.

  • wally

    The MSMedia did him no favors the last four years by covering his ineptness. It was exposed for all to see last night. A liberal’s nightmare!

  • rbblum

    Romney could just about guarantee a ‘win’ IF he would pledge to serve for only one term.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Romney won the debate but be warned, this is not over. He needs to rise above the fog and keep the debate momentum going. Let’s see if Romney has a bump in the polls after this and if so, can he capitalize on it.  Let’s see how the media spins this, they don’t like to be proven wrong…this blows a hole in their “Obama has it in the bag” narrative and they’re not happy. How will Romney do in Round 2 or more importantly, how will Obama do remains to be seen. Obama believed his own narrative that had a cake walk to re-election and was unprepared.  Same thing with Middle East, he was the great defeater of Al Qaeda (which is why is skipped intel briefings), except they blew a hole through that one too…The VP debate should be better than an SNL sketch…love to see how the media spins that one

  • Mvf

    I guess that Obama ‘s performance didn’t send tingles down Chris Matthews legs. Barry really looked pained most of the night. But he has always struck me as someone that didn’t do his homework and depended on his easy manner and broad comments (e.g. The earth begins to heL and the oceans recede). Going against a smart guy that does his homework can be a painful exercise for a smart, lazy liberal.

  • Gus1249

    My take is Romney won the debate hands down but like the recovering alcholic, it’s one debate at a time.  My money is on Romney but politics is liken to a crap shoot.  I’m sure your experience has let you know that.

  • Wheels55

    Using baseball analogies: Romney loaded up the bases and hit a grand slam while Obama just watched pitches go by and walked (I think the moderator was trying to help him). Romney was very prepared and it showed. Obama not only seemed unprepared, but not at all light on his feet. Obama showed, at least last night, what many have been saying about him: he does not work hard to understand the issues and what needs to be done.

    Unless I missed something, I think Romney let Obama off the hook a little with the Supreme Court ruled tax penalty for those who do not buy their own insurance. He could have easily said that is a tax (technically a penalty) on the lower and middle class.

    The next debate between those two should be different. I doubt Obama will be as unprepared. I bet Romney will be just as prepared. I just don’t think Obama can back-up his first term when going one-on-one with a truly smart guy.

    I agree with oledan that the VP debate should be a laugher.

  • Bert

    Mr. Goldberg, you can bet BHO will be more engaged next time and much nastier, in both tone and specifics. Romney better expect that. America loves second chances, but not third.

  • Ken

    Just like everyone else I to thought Romney clearly won the debate on virtually every point.  But I don’t agree we will see a different Obama in two weeks.  I doesn’t matter if your are more confident or aggressive.  Obama simply doesn’t have anything he can point to from a foreign or domestic POV that you can aggressively defend as a clear success story.  Trying to make a case for 4 more years of what?  The blistering pace of the recovery, a whopping 1.25% GDP growth rate. Continental drift is oupacing our economic growth.  Job creation is absymally slow, we need approximately 200k jobs a month just to keep up with population growth and almost every one of the last 44 months have been averaging just over half of that so he would have needed over 3 million more jobs created just to have unemployment remaining in nuetral.  Counting all that have dropped off the rolls after exhausting their 99 weeks the real number is not 8.1 but 11.7.
    The next debate will also cover foreign policy.  Russia, China, the Middle East.  He gave the farm away to Russia shortly after he was elected, China treats him with open disdain, and the Middle East is on fire.  I guess he can talk about our cozy relationship with Belgium.  An untrained ferret could wipe the floor with Obama on foreign policy.  If I was Romney I would relish the moment Obama brings up the “video” which by the way no one in the MSM has yet to mention that prior to 9/11 when everyting erupted ther was virtually no mention of the video.  There was going to be demonstrations and riots on 9/11…period.
    They could’ve pulled the wrong color popsicle out of the freezer that morning as an excuse and everything that happened in Egypt and Libya would still have taken place.
    The fact that both of those countries has recently had violent overthrows of there govt’s makes it indefensible that their embassies and consulates would not have their security increased at least a week prior to 9/11.  We now have The Muslim Brotherhood as the controlling parties in both countries, and lets not forget that Al Qaeda was born out of The Muslim Brotherhood.  Al Qaeda is now on the rise  in the region. In my humble estimation it will take a half century to repair the damage Obama has brought to the Middle East.
    The only way Obama can win a Foreign policy debate is if Romney shows up as Bin Laden in drag. 

    • DrSique

      “we need approximately 200k jobs a month just to keep up with our population growth”

      Very true BUT virtually all of our population growth comes from immigration. The sane thing to do would be to enforce our immigration laws and lower legal immigration numbers, at least until we begin to see some serious recovery. Romney pledged to stem illegal immigration through enforcement during the primary debates and he should be held to that position. Economist, Thomas Sowell, says it best, ” Americas immigration laws are meant to protect Americans, not benifit foreign nationals”(paraphrased). Ironically, liberals have sold a bill of goods to minorities in this country again, convincing them that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. We all pay for it, worknig class minorities most of all.

      • Paul Courtney

        Excellent point, Dr., the irony is opponents of open immigration are supposedly the racists.

  • I.M.Konservativ

    Obama got pummeled last night!   Obama’s ‘celebrity’ filter got yanked from the screen and the revelation was BUTT ugly!  I wish all campaign coverage was like this, no skewed polls, no edited bull from the media.

  • terry


  • GlenFS

    I’m pretty sure when Obama is toweling off from his morning shower, Michelle will ask what is that mark on your a$$… and when the examine it more closely they will find a distinct “RR” imprint.

  • Patrick

     It seems that one of Barack Obama’s greatest strengths, his “coolness”, could be one of his greatest weaknesses in these debates. Honestly, if he doesn’t step up in the next debates, he has a danger of becoming “the man of yesterday”, a position his opponent in 2008, John McCain was.

  • Deny916

    Mitt Romney kicked his a$$ and 60 million peope tuned in.  Let’s hope that will give Romney the boost he deserves.  He came across as a smart man who has confidence and can definitely do the job as president of the United States.

    President Mitt Romney…I like the sounds of that : )

  • cynthia_pismo

    Romney was prepared and ready to go!  He definitely won. Let’s see in the next few days, does it change the poll numbers and add any points to Romney. Do the lukewarm conservative republicans fight harder for Romney, instead of holding their nose and and voting for Mitt, will they now embrace him and campaign harder for him.  

    Obama failed to deliver tonight, the President did badly and the narcissistic main stream media will turn on Obama if he continues to do badly.

  • cynthia_pismo


  • Carolann113

    Ahh, I question the 1st stimulus bill? Obama took office Tuesday January 20th, had a party here ..  had a party there then wished the Islamic nations a Happy New Year on or about the 23rd via closed circuit TV which ended that week. 
    1st full week begins Monday January 26th with President’s Day coming quickly on Monday February 16th which on Friday February 14th Obama took his first vaca on Air Force 1 home to Chicago to celebrate the long weekend but not before demanding congress stay behind to pass that bill and then fly it to him for his signature. Of course they stupidly complied after all he had control of both houses. Plus he changed plans and had the bill flown out to (I believe) Colorado four days later.
    Now someone explain to me how he managed to write that bill in 15 days, all the time attempting to figure out what he was doing as president & decorating his new home?
    How? He didn’t! That’s how! Am I striking any notes with anyone or is it just me? Use fact check, I don’t have to a branding iron burned it into my butt permanently!
    My God, literally from Day 1 he shows his hand and what? We should expect anything other than? Vote this imposter OUT Now before what is left of our country is gone.

  • NS Sherlock

    Loved the jabs at the ‘green’ energy wasted money, the obummah-care push through, and the numerous times Romney caught obummah lying…flat out lying! Lots of ugly rumors were dispelled tonight.

    Overall, obummah had the Pinky Reid dumb expression tonight. And the First Hag looked none too pleased when she pranced up to the stage. Guess who will be sleeping on the couch tonight at the White House?

  • Bill C

    Obama was finally exposed as the empty suit that he is. Hard to believe anyone with half a brain would vote for Obama after tonight.

  • oledan

    Oh , and if that was’nt enough just wait until next week when Paul Ryan gets ol’ “gaffaminute Joe” in the crosshairs. I dont know if Fox News wants that debate or if they will defer it to “Comedy Central.”

  • oledan

    Bernie, Without question Romney won hands down. I was amazed just how prepared he was with stats and facts. He hammered Obama not once but 3 times on Solyndra I just wished he could have in some way interjected “Fast and  furious” and The benghazi debaucle in there and the many “Czar’s” Obama has appointed.
    Keep up the good work Bernie, you’re a class act.

    • Ahalbert

       Fast and Furious could be brought up as part of the next debate since it involves foreign policy.

  • venter

    Romney was great in the debate and he did the job the MSM never did . This is a smart man , classy,  successful knowledgeable, caring , thinker with out a teller prompter.  Romney  knows from business  experience how America has to be run AND that is like a business.  He said he  will bring the democrates and republicans together and he  understands that is how a business runs ALL the departments have to work together.   MSM can you see what you have done .  You MISS REPRESENTRED Romney   With out a teller prompter you are helping and empty chair run the country.  Shame on you.  NOW that you can see what Obama is  you can be reporters and help our country  get the facts out about the president and also the truth out about Libya.  Obama was a man on the stage who was mad and lost who seemed  angry that he was discovered. 

  • Carolann113

    Absolutely Bernie! Obama attempted to repeat & repeat lies hoping to deflate Romney’s confidence, it didn’t work.  However, I totally agree that we will see a different Obama in the next debate. The President is a master of mocking using  jokes and he will try to make Romney look like an ignoramus tripping over his own feet but
    Romney is too intelligent & knowledgeable to fall prey.

  • Nell

    Hello America, I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message……BOOM!

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Presidential limo when Michelle climbed in and waited for her hubby.

  • halrogers

    I’d like to know who wrote the 139 executive orders signed by Obama in the past 3+ years. Clearly not Obama, so who writes his “orders” — also executive orders are not supposed to be used by the president to simply create new laws.

    Also, who actually wrote the Obamacare 1000+ pages? It appeared quickly after he was elected, who had it on their shelf for all these years?

    I think Obama is being manipulated by former Students for a Democratic Society (home of the Weathermen faction in which Bill Ayers worked), or some of the democrat socialists in congress, like Ted Kennedy, etc.

    What has Obama actually written himself? To me, Obama is 95% fraud and maybe 5% competent, and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. He may be completely incompetent.

    • Carolann113

      Halrogers my rant above (the long one LOL) was actually in reply to your post only I messed up. Hit the show more button to read it all, my Passion is running amuck tonight.
      BTW, you are right on!

    • bookman65000

      “He may be completely incompetent.”  There’s no “maybe” about it.  He is.

  • Hammster

    Bernie, I had the benefit of listening in the car. Without the images or camera cuts. I heard a stammering, searching BHO, who thought he could BS his way through a bluebook essay exam and got schooled by a prepared Mitt Romney. He has run out of his rhetorical flights of fancy.

  • halrogers

    Romney showed Leadership, which in business means not setting details, but setting goals and objectives. That’s why Romney is the right choice. Obama thinks the president’s job is attending to details, which is what staff people do, not line management.

    Democrats are completely unfamiliar with how businesses work, which is why they can’t figure out why their policies aren’t encouraging job creation. Business owners don’t like uncertainty, and Obama is 100% uncertain about what sort of stupid idea he’ll come up with next.

    • Rick Johnson

       Well said. You’ve nailed the differences perfectly.

      • Phil Silverman

        How what business works – raiding a struggling not failing company and sending Americans to the unemployment line? Yes, Obama shoulda said something like that – about 17 times.

        • Ahalbert

          Why would Democratic leaders like Corey Booker, Bill Clinton, and Deval Patrick, just to name a few, defend Romney’s company if it were unethical or evil?

          I think you are repeating talking points and don’t understand how the company actually functioned.

        • fishinrj

           Nonsense. Saving businesses on the verge of bankruptcy or total failure is not sending Americans to the unemployment line. Venture capital companies salvage those companies, Mr. Silverman.

          • Phil Silverman

            Sometimes, of course. But TOO MANY times they raid a struggling, not failing company…pocket millions personally…send alot of Americans to the unemployment line.

  • Judy

    Mitt Romney wants this job, bad, and he won the job interview contest!!!

    • Phil Silverman

      I thought Obama already had the job…Obama won on substance. think about it.

  • Stephen Luftschein

    Well stated Bernard.  Although unlike some, I HAVE seen him spoken to like that.  In “Zbiggy’s” class at Columbia College.  And he harumphed and hung his head then, too.

    Mitt won with continued competence, preparation and commitmment.  The President looked ill prepared and like many Progressives these days, faced with the ultimate proof that their philosophies don’t work, defeated.

  • MsContrary

     Romney came across as the father figure educating his son. Obama came
    across as the son. Lehrer came across as grandpa trying to keep up.

    • halrogers

      Lehrer tried to coach Obama a few times. I noticed it on a couple of questions and it was annoying to see Lehrer providing him guidance.

      • BARBARA

        I too noticed the coaching from Lehrer.   I find it amusing the Blame Stream Media (BSM) is blaming Lehrer for Obama’s poor performance.  Surely if I noticed the hints given Obama these pundits did too.  So they live up to their name of BSM because it just has to be someone else’s fault if Obama falls short, never Obama himself.   They live up to their name even if diverting blame means attacking one of their own like ravenous cannibals.  The MSM truly doesn’t have a single shred of ethics anymore.   

    • Phil Silverman

      STYLE over substance. Read the transcript.