An Angry Feminist Links Movies to Murder

This space is usually reserved for columns I write. Not this time.  Today, I’m posting a piece by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday. It’s a column that links the recent murders in Santa Barbara to supposedly sexist movies made in Hollywood by “white men.”  I’m posting it in this space because this is something I’d like all of you to read.  Not because I think it’s any good. Quite the opposite.  It is, in my view, a shallow, unserious column that is masquerading as thoughtful journalism. Please let me know what you think.

As deranged manifestos go, the final YouTube video made by suspected Isla Vista, Calif., mass murderer Elliot Rodger was remarkably well-made. Filmed by Rodger in his black BMW, with palm trees in the background and his face bathed in magic-hour key light, the six-minute diatribe — during which he vows revenge on all the women who rejected him and men who were enjoying fun and sex while he was “rotting in loneliness” — might easily have been mistaken for a scene from one of the movies Rodger’s father, Peter Rodger, worked on as a director and cinematographer.Indeed, as important as it is to understand Rodger’s actions within the context of the mental illness he clearly suffered, it’s just as clear that his delusions were inflated, if not created, by the entertainment industry he grew up in. With his florid rhetoric of self-pity, aggression and awkwardly forced “evil laugh,” Rodger resembled a noxious cross between Christian Bale’s slick sociopath in “American Psycho,” the thwarted womanizer in James Toback’s “The Pick-Up Artist” and every Bond villain in the canon.

Police were examining this video posted on YouTube in which a man who identifies himself as Elliot Rodger says he is planning an attack in Isla Vista because he had been snubbed by women. Editor's note: This video contains language that some may find disturbing.

As Rodger bemoaned his life of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desire” and arrogantly announced that he would now prove his own status as “the true alpha male,” he unwittingly expressed the toxic double helix of insecurity and entitlement that comprises Hollywood’s DNA. For generations, mass entertainment has been overwhelmingly controlled by white men, whose escapist fantasies so often revolve around vigilantism and sexual wish-fulfillment (often, if not always, featuring a steady through-line of casual misogyny). Rodger’s rampage may be a function of his own profound distress, but it also shows how a sexist movie monoculture can be toxic for women and men alike.

How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies like “Neighbors” and feel, as Rodger did, unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of “sex and fun and pleasure”? How many men, raised on a steady diet of Judd Apatow comedies in which the shlubby arrested adolescent always gets the girl, find that those happy endings constantly elude them and conclude, “It’s not fair”?Movies may not reflect reality, but they powerfully condition what we desire, expect and feel we deserve from it. The myths that movies have been selling us become even more palpable at a time when spectators become their own auteurs and stars on YouTube, Instagram and Vine. If our cinematic grammar is one of violence, sexual conquest and macho swagger — thanks to male studio executives who green-light projects according to their own pathetic predilections — no one should be surprised when those impulses take luridly literal form in the culture at large.Part of what makes cinema so potent is the way even its most outlandish characters and narratives burrow into and fuse with our own stories and identities. When the dominant medium of our age — both as art form and industrial practice — is in the hands of one gender, what may start out as harmless escapist fantasies can, through repetition and amplification, become distortions and dangerous lies.Every year, San Diego State University researcher Martha Lauzen releases a “Celluloid Ceiling” report in which she delivers distressing statistics regarding the state of women in Hollywood. This year, she found that women made up just 16 percent of directors, writers, producers, cinematographers and editors working on the top 250 movies of 2013; similarly, women accounted for just 15 percent of protagonists in those films.Even if 51 percent of our movies were made by women, Elliot Rodger still would have been seriously ill. But it’s worth examining who gets to be represented on screen, and how. It makes sense to ask, as cartoonist Alison Bechdel does in her eponymous Bechdel Test, whether a movie features (1) at least two named female characters who (2) talk to each other about (3) something besides a man. And it bears taking a hard look at whether we’re doing more subtle damage to our psyches and society by so drastically limiting our collective imagination. As Rodger himself made so grievously clear, we’re only as strong as the stories we tell ourselves.

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  • DiDi

    Anything a feminist writes is pretty much garbage. A small grain of truth has been warped into a political agenda. The guy is just the result of yet another rotten-to-the-core spoiled white male that’s been taught once again, by society and culture, that he is the “alpha” male.

    Let’s teach the facts and truth. No you do not win at everything at life. That is how life is. The problem is that these males have been hoggled up with aggressive competition, have been TAUGHT by their white daddies and their white mommas that they are kings of the planet. So what happens when you have ego-balistic folk like this that experience that they don’t “win” at everything in life, despite being taught elsewise to “follow their dreams” and the lies that colleges give that “When you get your degree, you’ll immediately land your dream job!”.

    They do this. Welcome, to the world of self-entiltement. That’s the monsters that have been created in American society. It’s so sad but hilarious how racism still runs through this country, yet majority of the shooters have been WHITE MALES. But let’s make an excuse for them! Say for society, their mentally-ill instead of saying it for what is is. They have a mind-set of EVIL.

    Some folk are just evil, and there’s a difference between one who is actually indeed “mentally ill” and another who is plotting and bragging about their actions. Mentally ill people don’t have the logic, again, LOGIC to put-together “plans”, rather they are sparazzic and unpredictable. A mentally stable person is able to put together things, because it takes some form of mental capacity to do so!


  • catholicvoter

    The stupidity of this article makes me sorry I wasted my time reading it.

  • Concernedmimi

    Sounds like this loony liberal wishes she could have hooked up with this creep and they could have sailed off into the sunset together! Neither would have been missed!!!!!

  • Brian_Bayless

    Hornaday wrote a complete garbage article that was solely done to create controversy. I hope no one else pays attention to a single thing she ever writes again and that way she will go away sooner.

  • Paul Courtney

    Shallowness in the face of tragedy? Ms. Hornaday learns from the master, as we see Hillary’s book excerpts, saying she won’t tolerate politicizing of four dead Americans. She is the perfect reverse barometer, accusing the other side of doing precisely what she did to try to nip the conversation in the bud. I predict “journalists” from Ms. Hornaday to Brian Williams and the progressive press in between will follow her lead all the way down.

  • Jack Boot

    No shallower than this from Wayne LaPierre:

    “Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media and Obama’s budget kill people”

    Or this from your very own Jeff Webb: (note that the “exploit mongers” include the parents who were “exploit mongering” on behalf of their slain children in Washington DC at that very moment)

    “I care about children a great deal, actually, so much so that I refuse to use them to silence others’ arguments or challenge their Constitutional rights. Exploit-mongers who do this are, morally speaking, somewhere behind pit vipers and barely ahead of NAMBLA members.”

  • Chris Matthewson

    Blaming escapist, sexist and “casually misogynist” movies for this mass shooting is like blaming Jodi Foster; the well-known actress, film director and movie producer; for the attempted assassination of President Reagan.

  • Tim Bertram Black

    She gives men too much credit… men don’t need movies to be like this guy.
    You can hear his thought process in the video and read it in his suicide note. It is not atypical male thinking.

    Think of all the presidents who have had extramarital affairs while in office? Jelly will drive a soul mad….

    • Josh

      I agree. Men are very animalistic in their desires and not typically conniving and vindictive and creative enough to plot out an elaborate revenge scheme after being struck Appatow inspired (or going batsh1t after hearing Seth Rogen’s laugh too much). Women, on the other hand, are the perfect gender for a sinister and multi-layered plot that involves things like: Sleeping with your best friend; cutting your tires; filing false police reports; spreading insane rumors; and ruining every meaningful relationship in your life, all because you failed to placate her insanity with the usual back-patting, shoulder-lending, stop-watching-the-game-for-this-sh1t-again nonsense. (And they still won’t go to jail for any of it save 50:1, barring murder they can’t pin on men. But that’s another topic entirely, brought to you by Patriarchy.)

    • Drew Page

      Who elected you to be the spokesman for men? What are your credentials?

      • Tim Bertram Black

        Haven’t heard the “who elected you” phrase since elementary school. You don’t have to be elected to office to be able to assert an opinion in America. I’m a man for one… I know how the critter thinks. I don’t know if you are a chick or a dick because “Drew” is ambi-sexual… but only a man would disagree with my assertion.

        • Drew Page

          You can’t and don’t speak for all men just because you happen to be one.

          • Tim Bertram Black

            An aardvark could have an opinion on all men. You don’t have to be a man to have an opinion on men.
            The aardvark isn’t presuming to speak for all men. Neither am I. You asked for my credentials — being a man is one of my credentials.

          • Drew Page

            I suspected that is your only credential, but I do like the aardvark reference.

  • George Williams

    These people are the result of progressivism, which preaches victimization.

  • jackietreehorn3

    I would love it if just one time, just once, that we place the blame souly on the perpetrator. Sane or Insane, he did it. That’s it, no one else. There is zero accountability anymore. From the highest office in the land, to a Washington Post columnist. Its always someone else’s fault.

    • Tim Bertram Black

      What the lady is saying, basically, is this kid had a distorted view of how he thought his life should be — and that distorted view was partially a result of the media.
      For most of us, life isn’t Porky’s 3. It isn’t toga parties and panty raids. His expectations were distorted… in part by the media.
      That is a no brainer, my friend — it is just a matter of “what degree” you want to give the media as a contributor to this kid’s disturbed mindset.

      • Brandon Scott

        You are a truly awful human being. I suppose you blame everyone else for your own problems too. Mentally ill people do what they do because they are mentally ill. Anything else is you trying to project your own insecurities and agenda onto someone else, which is despicable. People like you make me sick. Take responsibility for yourself for once, and maybe you’ll find that your life suddenly isn’t such a failure.

  • Uncle Dave

    As soon as you realize it is always the White Males fault… everything will be fine.

    And if you would like to really know how TV and movies rot your brain, read;
    “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV”, by Ben Shapiro
    My two pennies…

    • Tova Feinman

      Except this guy was half Asian. Oooops, her “white guy privilege” whine kind of falls apart.

  • Drew Page

    “Eponymous”? Bernie, you’ve been hanging out with O’Reilly too much. If you are going to use words like this, help a brother out, be so kind as to provide a crib sheet. The word isn’t listed in Webster’s New Dictionary or Webster’s Thesaurus (created in cooperation with the editors of Merriam-Webster).

    On to the article, it’s bad enough that today’s white males have been assigned the blame for slavery, but now we are now being assigned the blame for all problems suffered by women and by victims of criminals and the insane. In my own defense, I have never owned a slave nor has any white man alive today. No black person alive today has ever been a slave. I had a mother and a wife of 40 years who I loved and revered up until they passed. I have two younger sisters, two daughters and three granddaughters, whom I love and support. I haven’t even been in a fist fight since the 5th grade. Suffice it to say that I think the film critic lady is full of beans.

    Do you know who taught me to love, honor, respect, defend and support these women in my life? It was my white male father, who married only once to my mother at age 22 for 60 years and was her care giver in her last years, who was a veteran of WW II and who worked as a bricklayer from the time he returned from the War until he retired at age 70. My father worked his entire career, side by side with people of all races and colors. He never owned a gun, never raised a hand to my mother or sisters and I never heard him make a racial slur. This was my role model. I believe there are millions of other good men out there, of all races, who feel the same way about their own fathers. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

    • Brian Stover

      None of us is responsible for the conditions of our birth.
      We ARE responsible for how we live our lives!
      Bitching and blaming other people for our shortcomings and perceived slights is no way to go through life.

  • 633

    Very strange. She apparently believes that culture contributes to violent conduct (fair enough) but that “white men” largely autonomously define that culture-which is largely entertainment based, Women exist primarily as victims, with minorities and women powerless and essentially irrelevant. She obviously marinates in an artistic fantasy career environment, People that divorced from reality need help.

    • Uncle Dave

      But she will never seek that help. Liberalisum IS a mental disorder.

      • 633

        Certainly can be if carried to an extreme.But the entertainment types seem more prone than most to live in fantasy land. The guy in question was mixed race by the way (he was the step son of the Hollywood director). And if there’s any hope to stop this stuff its changing the commitment laws: this guy was obviously (see his manifesto-apparently the cops didn’t) severely mentally ill.

  • FloridaJim

    The indoctrination of our young has taken place in every school and college in America for 50 years so young fools like this can pretend they are knowledgeable when in fact they are ignorant and wrong-headed. We may have reached a tipping point when there are more of them than there are of us.
    When freedom leaves it never returns.

  • RMF

    Sitting back and observing both side of the argument I am saddened that a real and serious point is being missed. Yes, those who commit rampage killings are insane, but to think insanity grows in a vacuum is a naive take on human psychology. We live in vulgar, violent times. The left’s perversion of our first amendment has resulted in an “anything goes,” no more taboos, censorship-rejecting Hollywood. To miss the connection between the pervasive violence seen in movies and video games that our children are constantly exposed to from age four and up is a sign that we are not going to stop that .01% of homocidal psychopaths. A society that feeds on hyper-violence will pay the price. Guns, knivess, hammers, cars are just tools used by very sick people to perpetrate their acts. Take away any tool and they shall find another. I remember in my town a group of violent youths beat a kid to death on the steps of a church with a baseball bat. No, we didn’t ban baseball. When are we going to find solutions that make sense? Surely, people on both sides of the argument are concerned about senseless killings. Let’s wake up before insanity hits closer to YOUR home!

    • Drew Page

      “Society” has evolved, or devolved, over the past 50 years. What was once was considered as vulgar, obscene and offensive are now considered the norm.. Traits that were once respected and honored, like modesty, truthfulness and self-reliance, now seem to be considered irrelevant. Too many in “society” demand the most in freedom, but refuse to be responsible, for their words, actions/in-actions, or their lot in life. There is a growing attitude of moral relativism among many that any sort of behavior (accept intolerance) should be tolerated. There is a growing tendency to blame not the criminals, or the insane, with their criminal actions, but to blame others who somehow caused the criminals and the insane to commit those crimes.

      Do movies and video games cause people to commit crimes? For the most part, I believe the answer is no.. Most people who aren’t criminals or insane see these movies and play these games and don’t commit crimes. However, I do believe that certain types of entertainment can desensitize some people to violence, indiscriminate irresponsible sexual conduct and use of foul language, making such things more acceptable in the mainstream of everyday life.



    • Ronald Raygun

      Who can argue with that? Are you smoking crack or are you just in a drunken stupor?

    • Ben

      W T F??

  • semmy

    Okay, so from now on only the guys like Channing Tatum and not Seth Rogan or Johan Hill should get the girl at the end because that’s more real. Hear that, Hollywood?!

    • Drew Page

      I’ve had quite enough of reality. I like happy endings.

      • Uncle Dave

        That’s the whole point of “entertainment”… a small escape from reality (without drugs or alcohol). Just ask shakespeare, or any of the old Greek or Roman playwrites…

      • Ben

        I think all men love Happy Endings.

  • Mark Brickey

    THIS gal’s reasonings are why kids/people get so whacked out. Misplaced responsibility & accountability is a “given” in today’s hedonistic maelstrom of excuses. This kid was only 22? And he was already bawling about not getting laid – frequently? And he had a bizarre crush on a girl he “knew” when she was only 10? This kid obviously needed mature guidance & mentoring about real life manhood, not excuses blaming movies!?!?

  • LHS

    Psycho. His parents – well to do Hollyweird types I have heard, but that doesn’t matter – should have put their son in the nut farm.
    And Ms. Hornaday is waaaaay out there. Good grief!

    • Uncle Dave

      John Hinckley, Jr., who attempted an assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981, also came from a well-to-do family in Denver, Colo. (although he was attending Texas Tech.). The DC snipers were from the inter-city… wakkos come from anywhere…

  • Dan

    The guy was nuts. Hornaday does make one good point (which is an uphill battle for most liberals) in that society DOES use Hollywood to define itself to some degree. But the idea that Hollywood is a bunch of illiberal cavemen is stupid. As someone else said, there are plenty of (2hr talking) ‘chick flicks’.
    The movies are crawling with all kinds of masculine nut busting women NOT often seen in real life.

  • Mr. Common Sense

    I will be brief. What a load of crap!

  • Jeff Clark

    Movie reviewers are wanna be columnists who weren’t even good enough to be reporters.

    A Chicago Tribune reviewer of the third Bourne movie said that the opening weekend large box office was due to the scene in which Joan Allen said “This is not who we are” and the public’s anger at Bush, and then went on to complain about Bush like they undoubtedly all did sitting around together at lunch. Problem was, that scene was not in the previews and no one who saw the movie that weekend would even have known it was in the movie. It was just an earlier example of the frustrated third rate writer desperately wanting to publish a political column they were never qualified to write.

  • Jeff Clark

    These types of arguments are like statistics … pick and choose whatever you want and pretend the rest do not exist. The last I saw, theaters have plenty of “chick flicks”. For all she knows, those were his favorite types of movies. Maybe his inability to have the unrealistic sweet happy ending romantic relationships like he saw in those movies were the reason he was so distraught.

    Or maybe those bad movies she blames provided the release of aggression which 10 times as many other guys needed or they would have become mass murderers instead.

    Or maybe he was just mentally ill.

    • Drew Page

      It’s the “ugly duckling’s” revenge on society.

  • MontanaMade

    It seems to me that she is trying to shift blame from the KILLER to the movie industry at large. RODGERS is the killer- not the movie, the director, the writers, the cinematographer, the producer, the editor or even the theaters any of these “guilty” films showed!

    Here’s what we do know- RODGERS used a hammer and a machete to kill his first 3 victims- then a (legal) gun for the next 3 and himself. Yet, in the media, this is a “shooting spree”!! Let’s get this straight- it was a killing spree, not a shooting spree. And as much as I hurt with the father that passionately spills his guts out over the loss of his son- I didn’t hear him go off on the machete manufactures, the hammer makers of the world, or call for legislation for stricter control concerning the sale of hand tool. Maybe I missed it…

  • Fantastic

    Sounds like Hornaday had this vitriol fermenting in her gut for a long time and Elliot Rodger came along at the perfect time so her spew could be released on the public, seemingly connected and have nothing to do with her own mental illness.

    • Drew Page

      She is a man-hating, self-loathing, guilt ridden white liberal. This is exactly what you should expect from her.

  • KStrett

    Whenever a mentally ill person goes on a murder spree, liberals make a feeble attempt to understand the person and assign responsibility for the murders to something other than the murderer.

    Usually, it is the gun. In this case, the Judd Apatow genres of movies and the misogynistic Hollywood corporate hierarchy is to blame.

    Let’s stipulate there are movies that give men unreasonable expectations of relationships and sex. I would argue pornography affects expectations in men more than frat comedies but for the sake of the argument we will stick with the frat comedies. What percentage of men go on murder sprees because they didn’t get the girl or have as much sex as they thought they should have? .01%?

    If Ann Hornaday is going to make that argument, how does she explain chick flicks?

    They are all have the same formula. Girls meets boy and falls madly in love but there is a secret, deception or lie. The secret, deception or lie is exposed and girl and boy break up. The boy realizes he can’t live without girl and the movie culminates with boy running into an airport as the girl is about to leave forever and professing his love and his stupidity in front a large group of people.

    Do chick flicks create unreasonable expectations in women? Should we expect women to start killing men when men don’t make a speeches in crowded locations about the love they are feeling? Should we expect even more chick flicks when the feminists overthrow their male Hollywood overlords?

    Killing sprees happen because the murderer is insane. ….. end of story.

  • Tom S.

    By her ‘logic’, all movie-watchers are “serial killers” (or about to be).
    Continuing such ‘logic’, therefore, we’re all
    ‘liberal IDIOTS’ (just like Hornaday), as well!

  • docww

    Well written but poorly thought out. Blaming “white men” for all our woes is a bit out of date. After all, aren’t they the new “abused minority”?

    • Drew Page

      I don’t know about their being the new “abused minority”, but white males are the only “unprotected class” in America today. We have women, gays, illegal aliens and minorities of every stripe that the government has put into “protected classes”. Who are these in the “protected classes” being protected from? It must be from all of us white guys.

  • Douglas Mortimer

    This sounds like stuff I hear at academic conferences on a yearly basis. Racism, misogyny, classism, ism ism ism…phobia phobia phobia. It amazes me the things that pass for profound nowadays…

    • Tova Feinman

      What passes now for “academic insight” is strict adherence to liberal orthodoxy and a perverted form of “group think”. How do you maintain your academic integrity in that slime?

  • Walter Peck

    I wonder if any of these people (she isn’t the only one to make this argument) have considered that their toxic gender and racial identity-based politics have been partly to blame.

  • CommonSense

    Ms. Hornaday clearly needs to stay in her lane. She is a film critic for crying out loud. In her most recent, post-column video, she attempted to withdraw her scandalous, ignorant, and feminist remarks. She says she attempted to highlight questions we should all be asking. What sludge. Truth is, the murderer’s video was nothing more than the rant of a spoiled, delusional, narcissistic, and sick punk. He didn’t quote movie scenes or video games. He acted out his sick ideas because he is sick. And she published her ignorant article because she is ignorant. People do what they know how to do, and I’m tired of people using their bully pulpit to justify their social or political agendas, or excuse another person’s actions by blaming them on someone/something else. Take responsibility for your actions, and refuse to lend credence to those who fail to do the same.

    • Drew Page

      Take responsibility for yourself ??? That’s like telling kids to eat their veggies. Those on the Left would consider that to be an attack on people, as no one should ever be held responsible for themselves or their actions. President Obama said as much in his (in)famous quote “You have a business? You didn’t build that, others did.” Obviously, it you are not responsible for your own successes, you can’t be held responsible for your own failures. See how that works?

  • joepotato

    I’ll give you this one Bernie… She knows how to write, but I’m not convinced she knows how to think… at least think in a rational unbiased way. She sounds like another Obot to me with an agenda to deliver…. That’s all I got…

  • Shane

    She’s a typical left wing man-hating feminist who also hates white people. To her, white men are the enemy. She completely misses the point that liberals have made it very difficult to commit mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves or others. This guy was clearly mentally iil and a threat to others.

    • Drew Page

      This is how columnists at the Washington Post develop “street credibility” with their editors and bosses. When you blame straight, white males for anything wrong with the economy, the country, international relations, the environment and “injustice”, you are paying your dues to the MSM.

  • Cecilio Mendez

    If anyone say that a lawnmower and a Rolls Royce are similar products; because both have internal combustion engines, that person would be right. But we must agree there is an ENORMOUS difference between those two items. Almost anything coming out of Hollywood… hell… ANYTHING coming out of Hollywood is damaged goods. But trying to find a connection between a certifiable deranged murderer and the fake reality in (male, white, etc.) films is beyond any comprehension. Well, maybe a “dude” from Hollywood can find some connection!

  • dantheman777

    Agree with Ed l

  • paulbopko

    Lanza, Loughner and every other killing with guns was done by mentally deranged men. The gun had nothing to do with their mental problems. Therefore, I argue that the film industry, as inept as it is, had nothing to do with his view of life. He was a mental problem that should have been committed. Ms. Hornaday has got to stop hating her father and all powerful men..

    • Shane

      I’m sure that she hates the entire white race, as most liberals do.

  • Jim Pell

    I think she made some lucid and valid observations about the cinema industry, its content and its internal power structure. To the extent our movies reflect our national conversation, we can all be a little embarrassed. Wheelchair users are a minority, but society now takes pains to make allowances for them. Young, frustrated sociopaths who can’t recognize unreality are a minority (a very dangerous minority) but the movie industry disavows contributing to their madness. But I fell off Ms. Hornadays bandwagon when she magically parlayed this into evidence in support of her view of the male psyche. She is a talented writer, with a too-obvious and insupportable agenda.

    • sgthappyg

      I would agree with you. The writer makes valid arguments that are worth discussion – not out right dismissal just because she is part of the L word establishment. James Bond would be a good example for the point she is trying to make. I can’t agree with everything she wrote put her article is worth consideration.

      • Drew Page

        James Bond is/was a fictional character. Would you propose putting a warning label on the James Bond novels and DVDs? If this were done, we would need to follow precedent with the fictional works of authors and movie makers where the main characters were male. Readers and viewers could be instructed “Do not try this at home.”

    • Drew Page

      “She is a talented writer” ? Maybe to you.

  • chuck.tatum

    “Patriarchy, routinely blamed for everything, produced the birth control pill, which did more to free contemporary women than feminism itself.” – Camille Paglia

  • Ed I

    Of course the real problem was created by the naive liberals and the left, when the pushed to do away with mental institutions and worse when they pushed to make it far more difficult to commit someone even for a short period of time. Few people appreciate that during the later 1980s through the early 2000s a large percentage of the homeless wandering the streets were mental ill and had been “thrown out” of mental institutions. The final blow came when somehow it was made optional, unless forced by a court order, for the mentally ill to take their medication or to even regularly consult with their doctor for their illness. It is far easier to blame the Second Amendment, movies, illicit drugs, etc. Of course our latest whacko had just been rewarded by his mother with a brand new BMW. I guarantee this idiot had gotten inappropriate signals for his entire life. Again this is a case where professionals but especially the family knew full well this person was severally mentally ill but for whatever reason didn’t tell anyone else. I guess they were afraid to stigmatize their “poor son.”

    • Nizzemancer

      more like stigmatizing “the family name”

  • Trochilus

    A Hornaday keeps the doctors away.

  • Seattle Sam

    Isn’t it pretty obvious from Rodger’s screeds that he hated women? Did he come to that from watching Neighbors?

  • gbauti

    The way I see how Hollywood portrays its character based on Director’s fantasy that made outlandish character to those who sees it.

    Hollywood makes movies that is unrealistic to others and could have a great effect to those people that is limited in understanding. But it amplifies to their mind and made it real.

    Nowadays, casual sex is okay, and it is easy for a person to pick girls and get laid, as Hollywood is trying to portray and inject to their clients, both young and adult alike. However, the truth of the matter is, all of these are lies. We may see rape case soar and some other crimes because of what movie goers see on the silver screen and made it real.

    There is no border line that says that this movie is not real and parents should be alerted of the effect it may cause to their children. It seems that business as usual, it’s all about money.

    This Elliott Rodger had been exposed to Hollywood elite, and he thought that men’s fulfillment was having sex to beautiful women without a notion of rejection. However, when Elliott Roger felt that rejection is hard to bear he made a negative reaction that triggers of killing these people.

  • SkyCitizen

    Bernie, one has only to peruse Ann Hornaday’s 2013 best movie list published by the Washington Post to understand who she is or perhaps who she is reviewing for.

    Her suggestion that the son of someone who works in the film industry is influenced by violent movies makes no more sense than an auto mechanic’s son being influenced by watching an oil change. This young man was mentally ill.

    And finally, her chalkboard squeaking screed about white men dominating the industry and it’s content is just plain stupid, however, I would not be surprised if Ms. Hornaday believed testosterone causes global warming.

  • Jarob54

    Not a surprise that this woman playes the blame game on “white men.” Folks such as herself have been doing this for years. The anti gun crowd will place the blame on firearms and those of us left with common sense will say this is really an issue involving mental health. There are millions of white men in this country who own firearms and don’t go about killing people. Only the crazies do this. And there was the mentaly ill dating back to prehistoric cave men, long before Hollwood and Remington were in business.
    Back then I guess you could have placed the blame on fire and boulders.

  • Judgmentday

    Who’s Ann Hornyday?

  • Peter M

    1Shalom1 is right on the money. In today’s morally corrupt society only white, religious Christian/Jewish males are fair game. They can be called any name without fear of retribution by anyone with a victim mentality – and boy, are there thousands of those types out there!
    I must concur with Nicholas344. He nailed it perfectly!!

  • teamfrazzled

    I cannot identify with these white men hating, vagina worshiping extremists who can’t deal with reality. Whether she likes it or not, white men have made major contributions to every single field of study and helped vastly improve the standard of living for our species and are not worthless add-ons who should be demonized and bombarded with demands they be marginalized, Ignored, isolated or punished. If her internal dysfunction is such she just can’t handle that, perhaps therapy is in order and consideration for a more constructive career than one inclined to produce this blather.

  • Stimpy

    I don’t entirely buy what she is selling, especially the gratuitous condemnation of white males in the movie industry. But there is some precedent for linking movie violence to actual violence. In a Stanley Kubrick documentary it was revealed that there were copy cat attacks in Britain that sure seemed to mimic the violence presented by “A Clockwork Orange”. Blame the movie maker? Blame the author of the book? Or just blame human nature? We should all have consciences that regulate behavior but unfortunately some don’t — the sociopaths among us. Culture doesn’t create sociopaths but could it trigger some sociopaths to violence?

  • Tim Bertram Black

    She gives men too much credit… men don’t need movies to be like this guy.
    You can hear his thought process in the video and read it in his suicide note. It is not atypical male thinking.

  • Kevin M. Temple

    Isn’t calling this woman an angry feminist being redundant?

  • 1Shalom1

    Both with my children and with the students in the college I founded, I instilled into them an important principle about movies, theater, books, art, etc – “You are seeing (or hearing) what someone else wants you to see and hear !” Be careful to evaluate what is presented to you. Is the information based in sound Judeo-Christian universal principles or does it encourage throwing off a high standard of living to do what makes you feel good. Maintaining a standard of conduct in life does not always feel good – but it’s the right thing to do. In an overly simplified example, it’s like having traffic laws. It may feel good to go double the speed posted, but it’s not the safest and wisest thing to do for oneself or for others.

    Whether it’s Ms. Hornaday or Steven Spielberg presenting information – you are seeing and hearing what they want you to hear. How will you receive that information? As much as I highly esteem Bernie Goldberg, he even presents to you what he wants to you see. He is one of the few exceptions who will keep an open mind to the opposite view.

    How will you receive what you see and hear – including what I’ve just written ??

  • Ksp48

    the bechdel test? Dark Thirty has two women, but they talk about capturing and killing a man (Bin Laden) so is that a feminist movie or not? How about Argo. At least two women and they talk about trying to escape.

  • andy

    More self-aggrandizing lamentations from the faculty lounge……By someone who seems unaware of what a paragraph shoule reasonably be

  • Nicholas344

    That is what’s good about black rap singers and video games producers. They are simply above profiting from greed and negative emotions that result in violence. No rap singer would ever be caught or even recorded rapping about any violence especially towards women. it is simply unheard of. Only the evil white people who Bernie know would be capable of it. In the future it will be recorded that all of the world’s ills were the fault of one white man called George W Bush who all university intellectuals agreed was responsible for everything considered evil. He wasn’t strung up in time so innocent people died.

  • Barancy Peloma

    the bechdel test was created by a man-hating lesbian. the fact that she wants to see men neither present nor discussed just shows how full of hate she truly is.

  • independance41

    I’d like to be able to follow her logic but must confess I can’t. Maybe if I knew where to purchase her brand of cool-aid.

  • Kevin M. Sullivan

    People do these things because they are psychopathic or otherwise deranged. End of story.

  • Lou

    What if the term Black Men was used.?? But White Men you can get away with using.

    • Ksp48

      I was appalled at White Men Can’t Jump. Not because of the title, but the supposed good friend at the end makes the white dude hit an impossible shot before he would offer any assistance.

  • Ksp48

    “How many men, raised on a steady diet of Judd Apatow comedies in which the shlubby arrested adolescent always gets the girl,…”

    Wait, in my day, the cool guy on the screen always got the girl and the shlubby arrested adolescent always got squat. You mean there has been a change and the fat nerd now gets the girl?

  • beniyyar

    Elliot Rodgers was a homicidal maniac, deranged and twisted, hate filled and angry at the world. If there is any blame to be passed on, I would have to go with blaming his parents first and foremost, after all they are the people most involved in raising him, and instilling his culture and beliefs in him. All this really stupid nonsense produced by man hating radical feminists that Rodgers was a Hollywood trained misogynist, or by the moronic Black race hustlers who claim that White men have some sort of racial propensity towards anti women acts and violence would be laughed out of town in any normal society.

    • Ksp48

      They in fact called the police, who did/could do nothing, And they got him psychiatric help, which did nothing.

    • SkyCitizen

      I agree with your second point, however, blaming his parents when nature chose to open the top of Elliot’s head and micturate on his brain circuits seems a bit misplaced.

  • American1969

    I read her tripe on another site and my feeling was that movies, television, and music had about as much to do with what Rodger did as the Man in the Moon.
    How about focusing on the fact that this kid was an extremely disturbed individual who needed to be locked up? How about focusing on the fact that if the states spent as much money on mental health as they do other things, people like this kid might not slip through the cracks?
    I have a feeling his parents and the psychiatrists are going to be facing civil suits for medical expenses and wrongful deaths.

  • Apatow This

    To quote another woman (Reese Witherspoon), after reading Ms Hornaday’s column, I just threw up a little bit in the back of my throat.

  • Garbomann

    Ms Hornaday alludes to Rodgers’ manifesto as a diatribe to launch one of her own, bashing a white male dominated film industry. It sounds to me that the only thing separating her from Rodgers is the fact that he acted out on his hate of the opposite gender with a weapon instead of a pen.

  • Ksp48

    How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies like “Neighbors” and feel, as Rodger did, unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of “sex and fun and pleasure” –

    How many mentally ill people can not discern reality from fantasy?
    By the way, does she even know if this psycho even saw that movie , or does that not matter a bit?

  • Larry blaspheming liberalism

    The Hollywood that she bemoans is controlled by leftists. The owners are liberals. The directors are liberals. The movie reviewers are liberals. But she has drunk too much of the liberals Kool-Aid to denounce liberalism.

  • suki33

    Thank you for giving this piece space. I had not read it in the Washington Post and think it’s a point of view to consider.

    I watch very few new movies, what appeals to Hollywood does not appeal to me.

  • Risty317

    Movies are make believe……….anyone who doesn’t understand this is suffering from mental illness. Our pop culture has immersed us in such a contorted mix of movies, reality TV, and postings on social media, that some cannot tell the difference anymore. It doesn’t matter whether the person directing or producing the film is a man or a woman. It’s not about the gun laws. It doesn’t matter how people are portrayed in one movie or another. This is about mental illness…..and by the way, Hornaday should start her own chapter of The I Wanna Write Just Like Maureen Dowd Fan Club………..that’s not meant as a compliment…..

  • Joe Rubino

    I am ignoring Ms. Hornaday’s ridiculous inference that specific movies, or certain types of movies, are to blame for specific crimes. As Bernie pointed out on The O’Reilly Factor last night, the common element of deranged killers is the fact that they are indeed deranged.
    Instead, let’s focus on her complaint that the movie industry is controlled by white men. The fact is that women can get movies made the same way that men get movies made. I once saw an interview with Spike Lee in which he described how he financed his movies in the early days of his career: he called wealthy black celebrities and asked them to invest in his movies. He described calling Bill Cosby, Oprah, Michael Jordan and many other wealthy celebs. Essentially, he was doing what many movie makers do- he was calling people he knew who had the resources to help him. It would seem to me that any woman producer or director could do the same thing, after all, there are likely many, many wealthy women who like movies enough to invest in them.
    Ms. Hornaday is part of the culture that believes that opportunities should be handed out equally like toll tickets at an turnpike entrance. In reality, many successful people make their own luck, and create their own opportunities. Nobody in Hollywood is closing the door to somebody who has raised the necessary funds for a desired project, regardless of gender.

    • Ksp48

      Controlled by white men?

      Ok but who exactly was Sylvester Stallone before he came up with the character “Rocky Balboa”. No one controlled him. Who exactly was Stephen Spielberg before he came up with … everything. My point is, if you are creative enough then you become the man, so stop whining about control and come up with something that gives you your own control.

  • USA Rocks

    The Washington Post should fire her for being a racist, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Sams_1

    Whos afraid of Virginia Wolfe
    Virginia Wolfe
    Virginia Wolfe..
    who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

    Bernie Goldberg THAT’ S WHO

    • John Daly

      We get all kinds, folks.

    • Ksp48


  • Brian Stover

    I’m offended and OUTRAGED!
    It was not my fault that I was born a white male. Now people like Ann Hornaday and her ilk are taking me to task for an accident of birth.
    This is unfair, and I hope Congress has the balls, er courage, to enact legislation to prevent this political incorrectness from spreading.
    All we ask is for equal treatment from intellectuals. Is that too much?

    • Ksp48

      Take away white men and frankly we’d still be swinging from trees, living in huts or dying at a young age from every disease known to man.

      • RetiredLawyer

        Ksp48: The best post on the topic.

      • Stimpy

        Yeah, I wonder if she despises Jonas Salk.

        • Drew Page

          I’m sure Hornaday believes Salk stole the idea from some woman or minority.

    • Uncle Dave

      I’m sure that she wishes that you, I and the rest of us males were aborted.

      • Drew Page

        Just be glad she wasn’t the one who did your circumcision.

        • Uncle Dave

          Are you inferring a result similar to Lorena Bobbitt? :)

          • Drew Page

            It’s been known to happen. 😉

  • Buzzeroo

    WHO???Ann Hornaday????Really???? Bernie–If you happened to have read her dopey screed somewhere other than on line, I hope that it was printed with indelible ink of very soft paper.

  • Hammockbear

    Bernie, as Editor Reid said, “Here to read YOUR thoughts and analysis”. Please do not bother to waste your time allowing dribble and ignorant rants of so-called journalists to be printed here.

  • Editor_Reid

    Bernie, I love ya, but moronic pop pseudo-analysis I can get anywhere (CNN, NYT, WP (obviously), etc.). I come here to read *your* thoughts and analysis. Hornaday isn’t worth the time of day, much less serious consideration.

    • wildjew

      I don’t read Ann Hornaday’s columns though I do visit left-leaning, Obama-supporting Washington Post from time to time. Here is something I wonder about in terms of consistency. Many times after a particularly horrific mass-murder by an angry young man, it turns out the perpetrator is addicted to these violent on-line video games that Bernie Goldberg’s colleague Bill O’Reilly believes contribute to this culture of violence, just as he believes teenage roll model Beyoncé might also contribute to an epidemic of out of wedlock pregnancies. I wonder if Hornaday is equally outraged by these violent and graphic videos.

      • Ksp48

        Only if they are white men apparently. Its ok to be as misogynistic as you want if you are a man or woman of color.

        • wildjew

          A man or woman of color or a Muslim. Great point.

      • Josh

        Modern feminists have their own beef about video games. See Anita Sarkeesian for the inside scoop about that. But video games aren’t an issue. The O’Reillys of the world suffer from “Good Old Days” syndrome, where they think each new generation is worse and more violent and vulgar than the previous. I imagine it’s been like that since forever. Some hairy, dirty old man in 19800 BC probably grunted to his friend on a rock about how obscene and sex-crazed the new batch of caveboys were.

        I think Hank Williams, Jr inadvertently solved that long ago, when he proclaimed “all my rowdy friends have settled down.” As folks age and calm down and take to their leisurely lives, the folks who are still rowdy seem even rowdier.

        As far as Beyonce goes — Ksp has it right. If you’re considered a minority, you’re immune from criticism. Another good example directly related to Beyonce would be her husband Jay-Z (whom I’m a fan of, so I’m not throwing him under the bus). He’s an NBA owner, just like Sterling. But, unlike Sterling, Jay-Z can spit out racially charged rhetoric, speak about murdering and drug dealing, and rather than being looked at as a bad influence in the league, he’s celebrated and emulated.

        The Hornadays of the world come across as if they’re scared to go after anyone but white men. But I don’t think that’s it. I think they simply expect bad behavior from minorities; they believe that’s all minorities are capable of, the same way first-world white feminists don’t give a damn about third-world Muslim women, because their expectations of “those people” is that that’s all they’re capable of in life.

  • savage24

    As I see it, the real problem is that liberalism is a mental disease and those suffering from it continue to deny it. Blame the angry white men, the guns, the movies and everything else just so long you don’t address the real problem, mental disease and liberalism which allows this destruction of lives to thrive.

  • vasawxfan

    Bernie: Have not read any of the posts below, but I’ve seized upon the only sentence in that absurd diatribe that sports a ring of truth. To wit: “Even if 51 percent of our movies were made by women, Elliot Rodger still would have been seriously ill.” This random display of sanity makes all the writer’s other bilge superfluous.

  • Mainline Florida

    From both her WP photo and her column I find it ironc that Ms Hornaday is a movie critic as she both looks and reads like a woman who hasn’t had her ticket punched since the Carter administration.

  • Dennis

    Sorry, but it was such poorly written tripe I could not finish it. Like most critics, movie, TV, books etc, she is clearly far more impressed with her turgid prose than with what she has to say. If not, she would have read this nonsense herself and not published it. Do these people have editors? Are they simply allowed to published whatever drivel that comes into their tiny, little heads?
    As to her subject matter, I would like to know where she earned her Phd in psychology. Somebody needs to remind her that she is probably not qualified for this. In fact, she needs to be reminded that the only thing required to be a movie critic is a pulse.

    She strikes me as one of those hanky-wringers who believe Disney cartoons are wildlife documentaries. In fact, she needs therapy at least as bad as Elliot Rodger. This obviously man-hating feminazi should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm.

  • mplo

    This woman is so full of crap that it’s unbelievable. I’m not buying what she says!

  • scott miller

    She refutes herself in one line: “Even if 51 percent of our movies were made by women, Elliot Rodger still would have been seriously ill.”

  • paperpushermj

    I would argue He spent to much time around Women and We all know that will drive any Male Crazy.

    • Sams_1


      • paperpushermj

        Thank You

  • Tova Feinman

    He was psychotically mentally ill. He could have been raised on a steady diet of Disney movies and went on the same psychotic rampage thinking all women were in-attainable Disney Princesses. The key component here isn’t movies, it’s severe mental illness and a mental health system that is too slow to respond to crises.

  • n.j. llorca

    This movie critic has a problem with men. The movie culture intrinsic to our society is increasingly void of values and human dignity. This includes men and women of all cultures and races. Hornaday is using this tragedy to promote “white men” bashing.

  • therealguyfaux

    “For generations, mass entertainment has been overwhelmingly controlled by white men, whose escapist fantasies so often revolve around vigilantism and sexual wish-fulfillment (often, if not always, featuring a steady through-line of casual misogyny).”

    Setting aside the issue of misogyny, I have decided that, as a result of having seen too many episodes of Person Of Interest, that I should avenge, as many as I can, victims of terrorist plots of a sort ignored by the authorities because they do not endanger national security. And why not? I am entitled to have MY pleasure in life, too. And MY bliss will at least have the benefit to society of ridding it of people like Elliott Rodger.

    Come now, Ms Hornaday– will you tell the producers of that TV show that they are engendering a hatred of a sort we cannot countenance in our society, by their depictions of Government agencies and personnel interested only in power and feathering their own nests, and ignoring the outcome of the disregard of the lives of some people, at the hands of those who do not directly threaten the Government?

    Here’s a perfect example of a male-fantasy of vigilantism having wrought its nefarious influence on a poor citizen of this nation. Will you not crusade on my behalf, so no other poor schlub out here decides to become The Tall Man, With Greying Hair, In The Dark Suit? Some ideas ought never to be expressed, Ms Hornaday, for fear they may influence some poor little lamb out there to go rogue. It’s too late for me.

    C’mon, do I have to sarc-mark this– REALLY?

  • Ryan Nichols

    And now a victims father is blaming the nra. Why not lay the fault on the graves of our founders? I know from experience that murder leaves you looking for closure in placing blame. But guns are here to stay people. It’s time the talk get serious, and debate obtainable measures to help prevent these crimes.

    • URSilly

      He doesn’t give a hoot about the others killed by means other than a gun. If he can be indifferent to other peoples’ tragedies, why shouldn’t we be so of his?

  • Brian Fr Langley

    I made me a movie which didn’t really stink,
    but no one would watch it, now why do I think,
    because having no balls,
    gets me no curtain calls,
    though the color of my skin is really quite pink.
    Anne H

  • phillama

    I agree that movies have a negative effect on certain people, look at the batman killer in colorado and now this guy. His own father was a director that made these kinds of trashy movies. I dont understand why he didnt look at porn and take care of business, its so much easier and more satisfying anyway. Why heck ive been masterbating for almost fifty years and you dont have to worry about the wife or girlfriend cutting you off, just make sure you stick with legitimate sites.

    • Walter Peck

      ” ive been masterbating for almost fifty years”


  • Integrity

    I think her real anger stems from the fact that she wants to be “the true alpha male” and she knows it will never happen. Fortunately her rage was directed towards her keyboard. I pity the fool. QED

    “the true alpha male,”
    “the true alpha male,”

  • wildjew

    Is this true?

    “Why are all mass murderers Democrats?”

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014

    Liberals don’t respect life and teach an entitlement mentality. They think they deserve everything without working for it and when they don’t get it rely on violence for revenge. Liberals have created monsters.

    Check it out:

    Now add Elliot Rodger: Lover of “The Young Turks” Show. You liberal f#*ks. Nice going.
    Enter to win the Family Gun Package Giveaway!

    – Nidal Hasan – Ft Hood Shooter: Reg­istered Democrat and Muslim.
    – Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooter – black liberal/Obama voter
    – Seung-Hui Cho – Virginia Tech shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff, registered Democrat.
    – James Holmes – the “Dark Knight”/Colorado shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, #Occu­py guy,progressive liberal, hated Christians.
    – Amy Bishop, the rabid leftist, killed her colleagues in Alabama, Obama supporter.
    – Andrew J. Stack, flew plane into IRS building in Texas – Leftist Democrat
    – James J. Lee who was the “green activist”/ leftist took hostages at Discovery Channel – progressive liberal Democrat.

    • URSilly

      This is why they are so quick to blame guns and so adamant about millions of people losing their constitutional rights…they know that THEY have created human beings that cannot be trusted with a gun. If you want effective gun control libs…ban yourselves from owning any. Really.

  • gold7406

    Ann is so far off base. If her critique was correct, “Animal House” would have instilled absolute pandemonium across the country 36 years ago.
    What caused this kid to snap was a left leaning mentality. I deserve and I’m entitled to a certain lifestyle, because I have rich successful liberal parents. I am well educated, I have an expensive car and I’m open minded. He was told about social justice and it’s not his fault, he’s should have what everyone else has. If he doesn’t have it, someone took his share.

    • American1969

      Your post is “gold”! Totally spot on!
      So does this mean that a film like “Blazing Saddles” would cause race riots, according to this stupid woman? Even Mel Brooks said he wouldn’t be able to make that movie today because of PC.

    • Geoffrey

      gold7406: Right on the mark!

  • Rocky Raccon

    “Even if 51 percent of our movies were made by women, Elliot Rodger still would have been seriously ill. But it’s worth examining who gets to be represented on screen, and how” –
    So the writer is using this tragedy to say there should be more women directors in Hollywood (I don’t think a stretch would even cover the leap she’s trying to make here)

  • Debasquet

    If Mr. Rodger was so upset being a virgin, why didn’t he simply visit a prostitute.

  • Walter Peck

    Guns don’t kill people. Seth Rogen kills people.

  • OldAndInTheWay

    I don’t watch the trash that comes out of Hollywood. What conditions what I desire? Washington Post articles written by dingy broads? Ridiculous.

  • Bob Snyder

    I’ve have been in law enforcement for most of my life. During the course of my career I have interviewed murderers, rapist, thieves, pedophiles and con artists. Not one of them ever blamed a movie, a white male or lack of sex as a reason for committing their crimes. Ms Hornaday appears to be suffering from functional psychosis.

    • gold7406

      either that or she was never asked out a lot.

      • Josh

        There’s certainly some irony to be found in this. This maniacal schmuck did what he did due to rejection — everyone having the times he wanted to have. Most of these fugly, nutso feminists (the ones who are genuine and not simply profiteers) seem to turn to male-hating, society-scolding feminism for the same reasons.

    • American1969

      Leftist thinking is a psychotic mental disorder.

  • Deborah

    Pathetic at best. Feminism only exists if one allows it to exist. She wants to be significant and edgy, but she only appears ridiculous.

  • Damian

    Sounds like she’s speaking of herself and her bad time in college. I wonder how many times she stayed at home instead of partying. It’s a weak argument at best. Much like it’s the “guns fault”.

  • Jim Campbell

    The only sentence that made any sense at all in this article was the last one.

  • BigJoe

    This looks like this May be the lowest form of exploitation I have ever seen. These poor young victims headed in to their most exciting time of life and this cruel, insensitive, monster tries to gain exposure by launching the worst piece of excuse for journalism I have ever seen. I am just hoping that I am told sometime soon that this was some kind of social experiment and that “of course” this article wasn’t real. If it is indeed real, than she is correct about messages being sent, and she may have NO idea that her horrific writings are what our social problems are made of…. All the shame in the world on her!!!

  • jazzdrums

    david brent..some of you know this character, would tell this writer, Geh Out.

  • Sam

    So I just watched you discuss this on the news… what “this woman” is saying? “angry feminist”? you are the most insulting person I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to on the news. I bet if a man had the same exact option, you would at least have the courtesy to use his name.

    • FlaVet

      Your very first a downer. Trot over to Kos for some “comfort”.

    • justwanderin

      Hi Samantha

    • John Daly

      She IS a woman, and if you can’t conclude from her column that she’s an angry feminist, you didn’t actually read the column.

  • Tony Seel

    And she has evidence that this maniac watched these movies? What is most incredible about this woman is that she can psychoanalyze this deranged young man from the other side of the country.

    • Josh

      This is the new and strange type of scientific stance that feminists and other nutzoid progressives seem to take these days. It’s a standard I really want to use in my day to day. I say something, as outlandish as it can be, assert it’s true, and not only can you not disprove it, but trying to do so only strengthens my case that it’s true, or else you wouldn’t try to disprove it. I suppose while those fake, semi-intelligent intellectuals invent, innovate, attempt to solve problems, and actually work, the real intellectuals, the upper echelon of humanity, can pluck a random maniac out of the news and tell us all in 500 words how society is at fault.

    • gold7406

      she has excessive testosterone, it gives her special powers.

  • tim ned

    Trashy and shallow. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Couldn’t find any better words.

  • John Daly

    Remarkable. Looks like the author of the piece used this horrific event as an excuse to vent out a lot of personal baggage. Hard to believe people actually get paid to put out garbage like this.

    • FlaVet

      How many “feminists” that can’t get a date ( Looking for Mr. Goodbar ) have the same problem and are misanthropes?

  • Brian Fr Langley

    It ain’t rocket science, despite Hollywood’s far left leaning beta wienies, (of both genders) the movie industry is just that, an industry. Unhappily for Ms. Hornaday, market forces dictate who sells, and what sells. And nothing sells in America like sex and violence.

    • Jeff Webb

      >>Unhappily for Ms. Hornaday, market forces dictate who sells, and what sells.<<

      And unhappily for Ms. Hornaday, her last name is Hornaday.

      • FlaVet

        They make ammo don’t they?

        • Traveler1055

          Yes , they do one line of ammo called ” Dangerous Game Series ” for Large game while on safari.

          • FlaVet

            Good stuff I hear too.

        • Benmaxcon


      • Benmaxcon
  • Josh

    So, here’s all we gotta do. Get rid of all white males. Get rid of sexism. Get rid of racism. Institute monetary fairness. Throw away all the guns. Give every special interest group its own little quasi country with its own laws. Pay a fair living wage. Increase funding for arts and people whose true life passions lie outside of the workforce.


    Until then, every single bad thing to happen in the world will be blamed on a racist, tilted, rich-white-men-come-first patriarchy. Every single good thing to happen happens in spite of it.

    But it’s always nice to know that some people are willing to give criminals an out. Hey, it’s not your fault. It’s this bogus materialistic society we live in, man. You don’t have the capacity to think on your own; you’re simply a slave to commercialism. You’re brainwashed, and forgiven.

    In other news: I killed about 12 prostitutes, 8 pedestrians and 20 Ballers, stole half a dozen cars, and had a massive shootout with the cops before lunch today while playing GTA V. Real life damage done: 0.

    Tonight, after work and after the Spurs’ game, I’m going to watch either I, Frankenstein or the new Liam Neeson movie, Non-Stop. And while I can’t predict the future, I think it’s highly likely that I won’t go shoot anyone as a result.

    I’m a straight white male too. What’s that about?

    • Deborah

      Well Josh according to idiots like Hornaday, EVERYthing is your fault because you are white. White male priveledge seems to be the talking point of the day. It’s amazing that people want to come up with some new ingredient in efforts to blame for their own inabilities to get what they need/want in this world. But that is today’s entitlement society. I am so glad I was raised by parents who made me, a white female, own my mistakes and refused to allow me to make excuses for my failures. I am cautious today in fear of being labeled one of these wimpy pathetic women who cries every time something doesn’t go their way.