Another Look at NPR

By Jonah Goldberg, NRO

First, a confession: I listen to NPR. Sometimes, when I have to explain this fact to my right-wing brethren, I’ll forgo trying to make the case that much of what NPR does is simply great radio and instead I’ll note that it’s more useful to listen to enemy broadcasts than more friendly fare.

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  • Adam Powell

    Hi Bernie

    Jonah Goldberg’s “near suicidal idiocy of NPR’s decision to fire Juan Williams” is followed by NPR’s omitting from its official history any mention of Juan – or of “All Things Considered” co-host Michele Norris. (See Eric Deggans’ report in the St. Pete Times, at [].)

    Even if you believe that no one there ever *plans* it this way, it just comes out that way. But then you have been writing about this for years; my initial take is on NPR and Juan is at []…