Are Liberals Actually Human

by BurtPrelutsky

Two questions that often plague me are what planet do liberals hail from, and why don’t they go back?

For instance, Michael Moore, who looks more and more like Helen Thomas every day, along with many of his fellow leftists, has insisted that, morally, there was no difference between Osama bin Laden’s killing 3,000 people on 9/11 and our killing him. Just how fatheaded do you have to be to even suggest such a thing?

But it’s not uncommon for liberals to cite moral equivalence where there isn’t any. They do it when it comes to equating cold-blooded murder of innocent people with the state’s execution of the murderer; they do it in regards to the Middle East not only when they condemn Israel for defending itself against Arab and Muslim terrorists, but when they equate Christian martyrs with the blood-thirsty Egyptian mobs who burn down their churches and slaughter them in the streets.

The reaction to the killing of Osama bin Laden was interesting on many levels. To begin with, people argued whether the proper term was assassinate, kill, execute or even murder. I think the appropriate word was exterminate, which is generally the way we refer to rodent and pest control.

Then we had the problem inherent in Barack Obama, a liberal who not only opposes capital punishment, but who campaigned for terrorists to be tried like common criminals in civilian courts, serving as judge, jury and executioner, of a man who was never Mirandized, provided with an attorney or given the opportunity to face his accusers; and, for good measure, whose fate was Seal-ed without the okay of the U.N., the World Court or Rosie O’Donnell.

Can you imagine the stink that would have been raised by the MSM if George W. Bush had green-lighted the operation? At the very least, the environmentalists would have gone berserk, comparing the dumping of bin Laden’s carcass to BP Oil’s contamination of the ocean.

Finally, if any additional proof of the Left’s intellectual dishonesty were needed, we have Nancy Pelosi stating, back in 2006, that, “Even if Osama bin Laden is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late…the damage he has done is done. And even to capture him now I don’t think makes us any safer.” But five years later, she has the gall to announce: “The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against Al-Qaida. I salute President Obama, his national security team, Director Panetta, our men and women in the intelligence community and military, and other nations who supported this effort for their leadership in achieving this major accomplishment. The death of Osama bin Laden is historic.”

You would have thought Mrs. Pelosi might at least have squeezed George W. Bush in there at some point, perhaps in place of those anonymous “other nations.” Come to think of it, which nations do you think she had in mind? Luxembourg? North Korea? Pakistan, perhaps?

But that’s the sort of embarrassing thing that’s bound to occur when, as is all too typical of liberal politicians, one values partisanship above principles, and make a practice of rewarding the vainglorious and the abysmally ignorant, people such as Mrs. Pelosi and Harry Reid, with leadership positions.

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  • Rick007

    Liberal are neanderthals. Neanderthals never went extinct. They came out of hiding when Jimmy Carter was elected and replaced the JFK-style democrats. Liberals are now cavemen. They can’t do any math, not even addition and subtraction. They actually only lie and never tell the truth because neanderthals don’t have the genetic makeup that causes honesty in most humans. They can’t go back to their caves because JC filled them with the petrolium reserves, the one thing our second worst president ever did right. They want to defeat independents and conservatives, but they are afraid of fire & loud noises and therefore also afraid of guns and bombs. That’s why they like their polar opposites, Muslim radicals, who shoot guns and set off bombs for the liberals. Neanderthals also tend to break up into gangs so that whenever they get a majority, they start attacking each other.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Ron: The MSM equates the two groups in a couple of ways. One, they tend to downplay the torching of churches and the killing of Christians, and don’t display anything like the moral outrage they display when anyone looks at a Muslim cross-eyed. Two, they also avoid the religious motive for the attacks in places like Egypt, but will give major coverage when a no-name Florida Baptist pastor burns a Koran.

    Also, Nancy Pelosi isn’t just another liberal. She is the minority leader in the House, and was, until a short time ago, the Speaker. Those are positions she was elected to by the majority of Democrats in the House. If she represents them, it is fair to suggest that what she says represents the liberal position. To say that she doesn’t necessarily represent every single left-winger in America is meaningless. Every single American didn’t vote for Obama, but as the President, he represents the entire country. If we conservatives have to accept that unfortunate fact, I’m afraid you folks on the left have to learn to live with the fact that Obama, Pelosi and Reid, speak for you.


    • Ron

      1. Just because someone disagrees with something you say does not make them a liberal.

      2. You did not cite anyone who equated “Christian martyrs with the blood-thirsty Egyptian mobs who burn down their churches and slaughter them in the streets”. It was a conclusion you made.

      3. I am a conservative and believe in the free enterprise system. The fact that George Bush was an advocate for TARP and the previous bail outs he sponsored does not mean conservatives are intellectually dishonest, just like Newt Gingrich’s [a leading conservative] does not make conservatives intellectually dishonest.

  • Ron

    Who equated “Christian martyrs with the blood-thirsty Egyptian mobs who burn down their churches and slaughter them in the streets” and why is what Nancy Pelosi says proof of the left’s intellectual dishonesty? She doesn’t speak for every person on the left just like every conservative doesn’t speak for me.

  • Nicholas

    And this is how you demonize and demote a group of people so you don’t have to listen to their point of view. Pay attention everyone. Liberals aren’t even human, therefore we don’t have to feel bad about insulting them in ways that would make us violently aggressive if they were used on us. Here’s a suggestion Burt: How about looking at them as human beings and then going from there? Oh that’s right, then you wouldn’t be able to stand on your soapbox. I forgot that this isn’t about what’s right for the country but what’s right for only the people who think just like you do.

    It’s things like this that make me like my species less and less everyday.

  • Wil Burns

    Obama is a doer, unlike talker GOPers. GOPers have a nasty habit of being chickenhawks. We still haven’t forgotten how Saxby Chambliss ran an attack ad that morphed Sen. Max Cleland’s picture to make it look like Osma Bin Laden. Chambliss is a counttry club patrician (the typical GOP representative) who used his family’s wealth to dodge the draft (Dan Quayle, Dubya, Limbaugh, Rove, Cheney etc). Chambliss again in 2008 ran against a Democrat Jim Matrtin. This time his opponent was a man who appealed his health disqualification to get drafted!. You know who won? Chambliss. And what about Tammy Duckworth (triple amputee from Iraq war) vs. Pete Roskam? We know GOP politicians are little better than scum. But GOP voters and cheerleaders are worse still. GOP voters will always choose the most crooked, cowardly, and dishonest candidate. Ain’t no road low enough, ain’t no alley dirty enough.

    Obama is a smart guy, and courageous. The GOP cheer squad is just getting to know him. Just like the health insurance industry flack Paul Ryan or our own Ohio’s cheapjack chamber of commerce flunky John Boehner found out, Obama is a tough smart guy – a guy who is learned. This guy is like FDR who saved our economy our nation and the world, even as he broke the back of the corporate oligarchy.

    • Cameron D. MacKay

      Wil Burns:
      So what exactly has Obama done which classifies him as a “doer”?
      1. Hired one of the most incompetent cabinets in generations.
      2. Chose to implement an ungainly Healthcare Bill when he should have been focussed on the economy.
      3. Put forward a budget which reputable economists consider a joke
      4. Created total uncertainty in the business community causing them to not expand their enterprises and employment
      5. Become the laughing stock of the rest of the world when they realized he has no consistent foreign policy.
      In the rational world, one does not count continuous blunders and mistakes as factors when deciding to classify a person as a “doer.”

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Joe: I hope you’ll enjoy the interviews, but I wasn’t playing favorites when I began with Rep. Bachmann. I like her a lot, but the 50 interviews are presented in alphabetical order and Bachmann just happens to come before Barone, Bean and Bergman.

    J.L.: Although mine was along the lines of a hypothetical question, I would say you answered it correctly.

    Wil Burns: Apparently you have me confused with someone who cares what Secretary Gates told 60 Minutes about his boss. Come to think of it, perhaps he was the one doing the sucking.


  • Wil Burns

    “Defense Secretary Robert Gates has told 60 Minutes that President Obama’s decision to launch a raid against Osama Bin Laden’s compound with ground troops was “one of the most courageous” decisions he has ever seen a president make.”

    Suck on that, Burt!

  • J.L. Tharp

    I don’t think liberals accually have to be human. I think all that’s required is a pre-programmed talking head that’s locked into a constant dronning narrative about human rights, inhuman rights, homosexual rights and the redistribution of everything except personal responsibility. It helps if the droids only ambition is lie, steal, cheat, pilfer, scam or run for political office. Hope that answers your question.

  • Joe Chernicoff

    Burt, the operative word is ‘eliminate’ – such as in ‘we reach our goals through the process of elimination’…
    Anyhow, you remember the old catch phrase “you can’t trust anybody over 30”, from the 60s; well, I think the new phrase you can’t trust anyone under 70. The more comments I read from online Groups, such as LinkedIn (and there a few good ones there), and the more I listen to our candidates for the Republican nomination, except for a couple, I firmly believe that all of those people had their ability to show common sense/reality eliminated though whatever education they may have had in their younger days. It’s totally dumbfounding to see how many unintelligent people there are in this country (not academic intelligence, but the intelligence enabling one to reason). Maybe I’ve just been around too long, but I really wonder what the hell is this country going to be like in the next decade or so?

    Anyhow, I have ‘Portraits of Success’, which I probably won’t be reading for a couple of weeks (I read two or three books at a time – right now I’m reading Karl Rove’s book, Bush’s ‘Decision Points, Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, and The End of History – great stuff) – glad to see you began with Michelle Bachmann – one of whom I believe, at least today, is a bright light on the political scene.