Attention Mika Brzezinski: The Occupiers Aren’t Homeless… They Just Smell That Way

Monday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, lefty sidekick Mika Brzezinski got pretty emotional. She was upset… I mean really upset with comments Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich made at a recent GOP forum. In discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement, Gingrich ended a diatribe on the hypocrisy and moral falsity of the protesters by suggesting they “get a job” right after they “take a bath”.

The statement absolutely revolted Brzezinski who claimed to be “sickened” and “disgusted” by the “arrogant” and “un-self-aware” Gingrich. She tore into the former Speaker of the House for having the gall to talk down to the protesters with rhetoric that made her “skin crawl”, labeling him a hypocrite and suggesting that he’s the one who needs a bath.

Eager to affirm her outrage, she appealed to the show’s panel of fellow liberals for their thoughts. They of course, agreed.

Now, I can understand how a fierce partisan like Brzezinski would get worked up over a high-profile individual laying a knockout blow on her ideological viewpoint. However, it’s comical to listen to her speak of the Occupy Wall Street protesters as if they’re a group of helpless, neglected, and displaced individuals who have no other option in life than to sleep in parks in unsanitary conditions, and plead for others to take pity on them.

These people aren’t homeless. According to surveys down at protest sites, the majority of them aren’t even jobless. Yet, Brzezinski would have us believe that they’re some sort of protected class who shouldn’t be subjected to public condemnation on the grounds of moral decency.

The Occupy protesters are CHOOSING to stay in these dirty, sometimes disease-riddled, makeshift communities while “Help Wanted” signs are often hanging in the windows of the businesses sitting across the street from them.

They’re not above harsh criticism any more than the Tea Party movement, which commentators from Brzezinski’s own network have routinely said far, far worse things about. I don’t recall her getting terribly emotional about any of those people’s disparaging comments.

I don’t doubt that Brzezinski’s reaction to Gingrich’s words was genuine. Unlike many of her network colleagues who shamelessly play the morality card against anyone with an opposing viewpoint, she wasn’t feigning outrage. She absolutely believes what Newt said was morally repugnant… which is in itself ironic, being that she’s the one accusing someone else of being “un-self-aware”.

No one is discounting the hardships that have come with these tough economic times. As I pointed out in a previous column, I certainly haven’t gone unscathed myself. But lets be honest here… We’re talking about a collective of people who have chosen to spend both day and night seeking public attention, creating conflict, and burdening others while drenching themselves in an unsavory environment of their own creation. They could be spending their time filling out job applications and submitting resumes, but they have elected not to. Thus, they’re not hapless victims worthy of unconditional sympathy from presidential candidates, as our friend Mika has chosen to believe.

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John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • John McIntosh

    You don’t know anything about Occupy Wall St. I’m so happy she feels this way. I happened to be watching her show today, and I was blown away by how hot she is and how much style she has. Oh man…she is so fine.
    I was also an Occupier of Zuccotti Park.
    It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone should be so lucky to be at something like this. It was miss reported however, and I have yet to find anything in any form of media that has rightly characterized it and portrayed it.
    I can tell you haven’t been there because you say that there are businesses across the street with help wanted signs. Where do you think we were? What businesses were these? Also, you don’t make any sense. One minute you are saying that most of us have jobs, and then the next minute you are saying we should be writing these job applications from the non-existent businesses that had help wanted signs across the street.
    You can’t seem to get to the conclusion that people were there for a reason, even though you say we were not homeless or jobless. Who was pleading for others to take pity on us? I don’t recall that happening. I also am confused about where this dirty environment was that we created for ourselves. It was actually very, very clean. There was no single person running the place, but somehow, the place ran like a swiss watch, and it was very clean. I worked in the kitchen often, and we had very strict rules on people grabbing any food. Food could only be distributed by servers with gloves on. I don’t doubt that we ate 100 times better than you too.
    I could write about this all day, but this movement is real and it was courageous. Also, one of the liberating things about it was that you don’t have to be a perfect public speaker or have all the answers to know that some things aren’t right. This isn’t a made-up movement for the news made for the public. This is a real movement with real people. People who came from all over the country. If you were at this park, you would have seen just how many amazing people we have in this country. It’s like these shows like American Picker. They meet a lot of neat people. Americans.

  • Tom

    Hey Ken, you’re deluding yourself if you think you are a “hard core conservative” No conservative in their right mind (and no liberal in their right mind) would advocate setting the minimum wage at $15/hr. That’s just silly!
    Further, you are supporting the OWS “movement” that has had thousands of arrests, a murder in Oakland, rapes, property damage and felonius assaults on police officers. Contrast that with the Tea Party who has worked through the system to affect needed change.
    You sir are no conservative!

  • Ken E. Arant

    I am a HARD CORE REPUBLICAN and I sympathize with OWS.

    The Federal Reserve Bank continues to float free money to their friends on Wall Street of which a majority goes to overseas investment, for example building more Starbucks and McDonald’s in China.

    First, I would break up, tear down, and gut Wall Street, as they have done to the rest of the country. They can not be trusted. Look at Democrat Senator, Democrat Governor and Goldman Sachs CEO John Corzine. It is a 19th Century Invention. It is time to slaughter America’s Sacred Cow.

    Second, the majority of the money loaned from the Fed then would be loaned to local banks on Main Street where they would be re-invested back into the United States. No more than 10% of money loaned would be allowed to be invested overseas by any bank large or small – it would violate FDIC regulations by conning the investors insurance program. A 20 to 1 leverage rule would be the new rule.

    I believe Ron Paul thinks this, but he has no clue as to how to say it.

    Third, the minimum wage needs to be set at $15 an hour. Sound like too much to you? If it does, you need to have your head, and your wallet, examined. That is almost double what it is today on a nationwide average. These people could then pay taxes on that income.

    The drain of jobs from this country is due to three things – disinvestment by Wall Street as noted above – cheap child forced labor sweatshop working conditions from Communist China and the unfair trade policy we allow – and cheap labor from South America.

    Until we dismantle Wall Street, address Communist Chinese trade deals, and close our border we can not creat enough jobs to pay down the $15T debt or send seniors their UNCONSTITUTIONAL Social Security checks.

    READ THIS CAREFULLY. I would also add, OWS does not particularly have the freedom of speech, association and assembly when you have Bloomberg’s Posse with the AR’s walking outside of your tent. Freedom of speech should not be minimized by the muzzle of an assault rifle, or the nozzle of military grade pepper spray.

    The fact that you’re spending more time complaining about those on the fringe instead of those who have raped this country, skiing in Davos, people like Jim Cramer, and taking down this elite trader scheme that is stacked against us, is absurd.

    I am proud to have the OWS people stand up, but I don’t believe Hollywood, Mika or Russell Simmons have any idea as to precisely why it has occured and am so sorry that the Traitorous Traders were burdened or inconvenienced on their way out to another expensive New York dinner…

    We need to target Wall Street, put them in our crosshairs, and take them down…

  • Squirrel

    Liberalism is destroying this country.

  • val roberts

    Firstly,i have to commend Mr.Goldberg for having the time to respond to Mika. MSNBC as a whole is a pathetic,dishonest,misleading,shameless and hypocritical bunch of human-beings. When you talk of junk journalism,look no further.

    Secondly,American’s complain about their legislative and executive branch of government while the media just go scot-free. When news media is no longer about enlightening and informing the public but what i call the 3ms, mislead,misinform and manipulate. Then,how can most people make a sensible decision on whom they elect into government.

    Lastly,America has Tea-Party,a legitimate group,O.W.S. a DIVERSION group,but what is missing, is a third group,and that group should be called O.S.D.(Occupy Spin Doctors)targeting the likes of Mika and Co. At least,this will teach them NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE STUPID LIKE THEY TEND TO THINK.

    • John Daly

      Mr. Goldberg didn’t write this. I did 😉

  • Iklwa

    Let’s see, how many diverse groups we have in the current crop of occupation sites and why they are in attendance.

    There are those given grants to attend collage at no cost to them.
    There are those sent to collage by parents striving to give their children a “leg up”.
    There are those who are attracted by the lure of young women sleeping in tents.
    There are those attracted by the lure of ready access to drugs.
    There are those attracted by the lure of easy access to victims for heinous crime.
    There are those attracted by ready access to free food.
    There are those attracted by the possibility of exposure on television.
    There are the weak-minded provoked to “action” by leftist professors and agitators who would see socialist justice finally brought to the shores of the United States (we all know how well that plan has worked in the world over the last hundred years).

    If I do my simple math I come up with a preponderance of motivation led by personal greed and sloth, followed closely by malevolence and trailed by ignorance.

    I have come at last to know why liberals and their leftist brethren always seem so unhappy. They continually place their faith in the “brotherhood of man” and are continually disappointed by the greed, avarice, perversions and criminality of those same people. At the same time they are afraid to take matters into their own hands for fear of being labeled “greedy” or “establishment” themselves.

    When I attended junior high school, there was a click of the cool. Those who were included dressed alike, spoke alike and congregated in the same places. Individualism and self reliance were suspect traits. Woe be unto he who deviated from the expected norm for he would surely be destined for exclusion from the click.

    The next time you drive by one of the “Occupy” sites, stop, get out of your car and walk through the encampment.
    Look for yourselves upon all of the original thought being espoused and bred.
    Imagine these same folk our future world leaders and be afraid…be very afraid.

    Ask oneself: Are these the attitudes I want determining the future of my health care, my nation and our international policies?

    • T.Geloso

      The 3rd full paragraph in it’s entirety sounds like you lifted out some Nixonian rhetoric from the late 60’s to early 70’s.
      Can’t you be more original ?
      I often wonder what “gets your knickers in a wad” when it comes to mankind having both individual and social components to his personality, and addressing these within the confines of government.
      It sure hasn’t worked with this capitalist system as is at the moment. The economy is so good, there’s about 15% of the adult population, (46 million) on food stamps because of the greed of corporations among other reasons. So how would you address it, with more capitalism ?
      Nice try, but the “greed, avarice, perversions and criminality” aren’t exclusively on the left, (if at all), more over, it’s a phenomena of those who are in position of authority at either the state or federal levels of gov’t. Coveting the power that derives from the authority they have.

  • Drew Page

    I am willing to conceed that a minority of those OWS protesters are trying to make their legitimate complaints known. I am also willing to conceed that not all of them are filthy pigs.

    Having said that, I do believe that the majority of these ‘protesters’ are homeless people, union paid agitators and a lot of people with nothing better to do that want to be part of a “happening”. For every person who wants to complain about Wall Street brokerage firms being bailed out, there is a kid who doesn’t want to repay his student loan. For every person who wants the government to do something to create more jobs, there are several more who don’t think they should have to work for a living. For every person who doesn’t dirty up the place, there are dozens who leave their garbage, urine and feces all over the ground. For every person who can articulate a coherent reason for protesting, there are scores who have no clue. These are the people that Newt was referring to and Ms. Mika knows it.

    Where was the Mika Brzezinski’s righteous indignation when the Tea Party protesters (who went home every night, cleaned up after themselves, didn’t keep people from getting to work, destroy property, use the open ground to relieve themselves, riot, rape and pillage, din’t need to be tear-gassed by police or arrested) were called every dirty name in the book, from Nazis to racists, to rightwing fringe lunatics?

    But let Newt, or any other conservative, say these people should get a job and take a bath and poor Ms. Mika is in tears and outraged, wanting to nail Newt to the cross.

  • waterlilies84

    Mika needs a dose of reality. She clearly stays in her ivory tower too much.

  • Bill Hurdle

    I think the moral outrage of anyone on MSNBC should be analyzed from the perspective that the majority of these people are extreme left wing “double digit IQ intellectuals”. Their ability to analyze anything is limited to a visceral reaction based on their blind allegiance to political dogma. Their brains are programmed with the instinct for attacking the opposition regardless of the circumstances. They experience no moral conflict or guilt even if their position is illogical. What would have been surprising is if they hadn’t reacted negatively.

  • Barker

    These modern-day rejects, whether they’re college graduates or not, are so mucked up by their liberal teachers, that they don’t even know what they’re conplaining about.

    Don’t compare these losers with the honest hard working folks of the Tea Party, who have a legitimate issue about the damage that Obama and his socialists Dems are doing to America, and the misery they have caused for all of us.

  • Roadmaster

    What is unbelievable is that there are SO many people who think just like that blond bimbo. Lay off the peroxide, Mika, it’s affecting your brain matter. How is that show still on? The collective intelligence of the whole bunch barely equals a slow third grader. I watched it by accident for about 15 seconds one time and my I.Q. dropped 4 points.

    The media and the dhimmicrats have “jumped the shark” supporting the OWS crowd, yet I keep seeing polls where only 20% of the respondents have a favorable view of the occupiers, 31% unfavorable, and 49% “don’t know!” Good grief! If you “don’t know” that a bunch of bums, squatting on public property is the height of silliness, there’s no hope for you. Stupidity is contagious, and terminal. Where are they conducting these polls – on the campus of Columbia, or CUNY?

    In the America I grew up in, those with an unfavorable view of OWS scum would be far north of 90%. It’s starting to look like that country, filled with patriotic, hard working people is long gone. They’ve been replaced by a bunch of whiny, spoiled children who can’t/won’t even wipe their own butts, enabled by guilt plagued liberals who sit around telling each other how much they care, and how much Newt and I DON’T! Idiots…

  • Florida Jim

    My son lost his jiob two years ago but he has kept trying to find other jobs while paying his bills and feeding his family. He has had eight different jobs in this time from Pay Day Loan sales to Health Care Sales to Bug and Pest Control to auto loans to small independent dealers and back to a position equal to the job he originally lost. When people say there are no jobs I think of my son who worked regularly while finsding ever better positions for almost three years. Lazy people are out of work!



  • Terry Walbert

    The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements present a contrast between two philosophies even if many of the participants, especially the Occupy folks, may be unaware of that fact. Since there were placards with Ayn Rand’s picture at some of the Tea Parties, this difference will not be news to some of the Tea Party participants.

    In 1969 Ayn Rand wrote an essay, Apollo and Dionysus, contrasting the July moon landing gathering in south Florida with the Woodstock gathering in upstate New York.

    Here is a link to her reading her essay at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston.

  • T Geloso


    Why else would these people not have a job ? Just maybe there’s little left for a many of us who aren’t either tech savy enough, not politically plugged in, have worked in more traditional jobs, or have been arbitrarily thrown away by “the system”. Because, the economic powers that be have outsourced those jobs anyplace else that they can skim a buck off, (more likely millions) for themselves and, not so much, for the share holders.
    Your lip servie to “hard times” is self serving and manipulative. It’s just a well placed diversion.
    In all the accounts I’ve ever seen of Occupy people, not once did I hear anything close to personal analysis of individuals. You gotta be makin’ that up to butress your own agenda.
    It’s been my experience with you in particular, and people who think like you, that when it comes to content, unverifiable innuendo is king.
    It’s the “he said, she said” thing. Do you watch alot of network TV or anything its equal ?
    I do get the feeling you’re projecting either your own, or some group think type of insecurities that have little if anything to do with an honest reality.
    It’s not that all politicos are whores. Just a majority of them, about 92%, give or take some. And party affiliation has nothing to do with it.
    That percentage is bought off by special interest groups of whatever variety. Which usually doesn’t mean anything good for the people of that reps district. If you’ve got examples of the convergence that’s benefited the constituency in a big way, I’d like to hear it. My guess it’ll be the exception, not the rule.
    Now to “Newtie”. If anybody thinks he’s a paragon of virtue, I don’t wanna be drinkin’ or smokin’ whatever they’ve been into.
    I’d expect a self serving, arrogant diatribe out of a hippocritcal scumbag, the type that served divorce papers to a wife while she was in a hospital bed.
    It’s just not him that has earned the right to be taken to task, to be called on his villification of others. People of your mind frame need to be constantly reminded of that, because, given this example and countless others, the sun don’t shine out your ass mister.
    Your mind set isn’t anything new. Politically, back during the 1928 presidental election, this sort of underhanded thing was common practice. So, you’re in good company with predecessors of your ilk.

    • John Daly

      Why do I get the feeling that you’ve posted this identical response on countless right-leaning people’s blogs?

      You try to personalize it by putting my name at the top, yet very little of what you’ve written has anything to do with me or what I wrote.

      I’m curious… Do you get this content from a lefty website or a mailing list, or something? If so, you might want to email the author and ask him to run a little spell-check on his work. I’m still trying to figure out what “butress” means.

      • Nancye

        He means buttress.

        Definition: Support by argument.

        • Ted

          I know I’m sticking my neck out, but I’m going to assume Mr. Daly knows the meaning of the word when it is spelled correctly.

      • Drew Page

        John — Regarding the post of Mr. Geloso, I learned all I need to about him in his second sentence, where he identifies with the unemployed who are not “tech savey, politically plugged in, have worked (past tense) in more ‘traditional’ jobs, or have been arbitrarily thrown away by ‘the system'”. It’s everybody else’s fault he’s unemployed — your’s, mine and all those ‘big shots’ outsourcing all the jobs.

        When the automobile became popular, companies that used to make buggy whips went out of business and the employees lost their jobs. Most of those people found other jobs or starved to death. When the dust bowl hit Oklahoma, most farmers packed up and moved on; others, like Mr. Geloso, stayed and bitched about it.

        • T.Geloso

          Absolutely no to your assertion that it’s everybody elses fault that I’m supposedly unemployed. How do you come by that ?

          My empolyment status has absolutely nothing to do with anything here. Maybe in your mind it does so you can bait me for whatever reason. .

          There are plenty of reasons for, and stories from the Occupy movement as to why they are there. I personally don’t know them and for anybody to assert they know on an individual basis is ludicrious. You can speculate and it might have some sliver of truth to it, but your assertions with its ultimate certainty sounds like dogma to me.

          The narrow reasons why you and others think they’re, there strike me as holding the “party line”, and being tools of the rich, be they corporate or individual, who have the corporate media in their pockets.

          Your analogy is unrealistic. This lateral movement could have been done within our country that had a dynamic and large manufacturing base at that time. And maybe even with relative ease.

          Can that be said today ? No. That base has been gone for up anywhere between 10 to 30 years when offshoring manufacturing jobs started in earnest. So where do these people go to survive, the service sector for many which doesn’t pay anywhere near what they were earning, that’s if they can find any employment there.

          Sorry to hear that you consider my take on this as bitching. If giving you or anybody of your mind set a different take which you think offensive on a situation is “bitching” then I’m guilty. And, I’ll keep doing it till I see any different.

          I don’t vote against my own self interest when it comes to the gov’t and how it is, or isn’t performing both in my self interest or its general direction.

          Some people only see the boogey man as the gov’t in and by itself,and exonerate these ultra/mega rich businessmen/corporations.

          A different reality is there’s an abusive alliance of the politicos who consider their real constituency the people who line their pockets with millions of dollars. Not the people in their geographic area.

          This alliance is what needs to be changed, and one way to do this is to not let these rich have more tax breaks to supposedly create jobs. Tarrif policies need to be re-written as well. Also, get the obscene amount of political contributions by the rich out of the system. The Supreme courts decision of equating money with speech is a morally reprehensible.

          There’s trillions of dollars not being used by these people to create more money for themselves via the employment of others to make it for them. Why should these people be given more with tax breaks when all they do is hoard it ?

          A few weeks ago, maybe a month or so, the federal govt’s Office Managment and Budget came out with a report that that the top 1% have since 1979 (I believe) had their share of national wealth increase by 275%, while the shrinking middle class went up 40%, and the poor of all different types gone up 16%. No less the that rich 1% have more wealth than the bottom 40 %.

          I’ve got no problems with anybody making money, but when there’s that much disparity and the social fabric is affected as it is, then I will say that this is truly abusive to a numerical majority of differnt types.

          The OWS people see that, and are drawing attetion to this huge economic/social disparity, that’s all. Examine why you feel that way, and if you feel uncomfortable with that, it’s your problem. Not theirs, nor mine.

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    The OWS is dead and is being buried, these liberals are in mourning, that’s all.

  • sam

    it’s so sad to see & hear whites coming against whites & liberals unnecessarily coming against Newt Gingrich just bec. He’s now leading in da polls……

  • chuck.tatum

    I’m baffled at myself for continually watching Morning Joe. I can’t stand either Mika or Joe “When I was in congress…” Scarbourough. Then I get madder at myself for not changing the channel or hitting mute. If the producer’s would switch to tea, they could get rid of over-caffeinated, loud-mouthed, talk-over-everyone Joe.
    My excuse for tuning in again and again- decent guests.

  • therealguyfaux

    Insofar as the Occupy movement ever had any validity, its call to hold the Big Banks and Government accountable for the “free-wheeling” of the twenty-o’s as the cause of the economic downturn certainly struck most people as reasonable. Then, as is the case with many kooks, they looked to parlay that into support for their nebulous amorphous agenda(s)(?), which for most people was, to use a trite phrase, a bridge too far. Say what you want about Tea Partisans, they are certainly more representative of the USA as a whole, despite the Mika’s of the world whingeing about how the Tea Party Movement are all middle-aged white people; Earth to Mika: Who’s actually paying the bills, eh? On a meta-level, both Occupiers and Tea Partisans are correct: The Government and the Banks are joined at the hip, and even more than separation of Church and State, we need separation of Bank and State. So long as the Government stands ready to intervene in the economic arena to help out their large contributors, we will see this same debacle repeated. We need some hard-and-fast rules against outright criminality on Wall Street, but beyond that, no Governmental intrusion. And for the love of Heaven, repeal as much of the Tax Code as possible to remove all temptation! We don’t need the Government deciding winners and losers, and we don’t need self-proclaimed “losers” with their hands out crying “Gimme!” every two minutes. George Bernard Shaw who, as a Fabian Socialist, would know, once observed that any Government whose program was to rob the Peters to pay the Pauls could always count on the undying support of the Pauls. (Except maybe Ron and Rand!) We need a change–SOON–or we’re done for as any sort of self-respecting nation.

  • Peter Alex

    Mika…What a gig she has. Read liberal Op-Ed pieces every day, make disparaging remarks against anything that is remotely conservative in nature (or substitute ‘logical’)make her pained faces and get paid.
    I tune in this East Coast Liberal morning version of ‘The View’ for a few minutes almost every day. I have no to say, I don’t really know why.

  • Dave O’Connor

    The idea of these well fed, articulate and pseudo-sophisticated “occupiers” are homeless is mere ‘drama-prop’ (drama-propaganda). (Once called ‘agiprop’ {‘agitation propaganda’} when dealing with Commintern – as Ms Bzrezinski could ask her relatives {try the Bene`s family side.)
    I campare them to yuppy starkers who work up sweat at an airconditioned palace of macho-tinselism; sauna,steam and shower, and then in designer rags sneer at laborers paving streets.
    But, between Freshman Orientation and Thanksgiving, what did the sophomores have to do.
    PS: Gotta hand it to myself, love that “drama-prop”. Like a reality series; ‘Real Occupiers of Westport’, (Wellesley Hills, Edina…)

  • John In MA

    It is simple to me. The “movement” is nothing more than a collection of people who want to further empower a redistribution agenda in any way possible. Therefore, disgruntled graduates are as welcome as the homeless person. All they need to do to convince the group they belong is to rail against wealth and the wealthy and advocate for further distribution of tax dollars for a myriad of personal reasons. That is why the message seems incoherent. Every possible “give me” mentality to fix something “unfair” is represented. How else do you explain the cry that college costs must be offset because someone made a bad choice?

    And so, because it is a total grab bag, and because it has been designed to last months, with 24 hour participation, who else can become the core but those who are either jobless or homeless or combinations of every non-productive group in our culture?