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Our Fashionable First Lady

By now you’ve probably heard about the alleged scandal over Mrs. Ann Romney wearing a pretty Reed Krakoff blouse for which she allegedly paid $990.
Well, now. If we’re going to have wardrobe wars, let’s spread the outrage more widely….

The Red-Carpet Review

This year’s Academy Awards was another display of the finest fashion designers on the globe, and stars clamored to wear the latest and greatest. As with all award ceremonies, there are hits, misses, oddities, and irregularities.
I normally don&rs…

Red-Carpet Hits and Misses

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Kim’s Special Day ®

While average families are buckling down and watching every last dollar, some people continue to live in a world blissfully detached from grim economic reality. Among the members of this elevated class are politicians, celebrities — and the Kar…