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What New Hampshire Means

Hunter Baker
Mitt Romney scored an expected win, but benefited greatly from being able to give his victory speech early in the evening when a large audience was watching. He sounded well-practiced, interesting, and sharp. My guess is that many …

What Iowa Means

Kellyanne Conway
The Iowa caucuses provide four big takeaways:
1) Mitt Romney’s ceiling is real.Keep reading this post . . .

2012 Predictions

Each year, we gather the brave to put their byline on predictions for the new year. Here are the 2012 prognosticators.
Barack Obama will lose the U.S. presidential election in November. The GOP will win a record share of the non-Hispan…

The Way We Were

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Debate Nights

Last Thursday night we had the last of 13 GOP primary debates before the Iowa caucus. Were they too much? Not nearly enough? What did we learn and what have we yet to learn? Some familiar National Review Online commentators discuss.

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Confronting Truth

Václav Havel, the playwright who led the Velvet Revolution in the former Czechoslovakia, died this weekend. National Review Online gathers experts to discuss the impact of his life on history and the lessons he taught about protest and leadershi…

What I Want for Christmas

National Review Online helps you shop for your loved ones, once again.
Need a vacation? These three books will take you away.Keep reading this post . . .

A GOP Debate Preview

Tonight’s GOP debate, sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and CNN, will focus on foreign policy. NRO asked the experts what viewers should look for from the candidates.
Peter Brookes
Foreign policy and n…