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The Wizard that’s Oz


Well the 2012 baseball season has sprung upon us like a field full of daffodils. With it, we have our first major controversy already just 1 week into the campaign. The Florida Marlins after years of political wrangling and lawsuits finally completed their new $360 Million ballpark on the site of the old Orange Bowl…

A little tired of………….The Little Couple


Back in 2009 my wife happened to stumble upon a new reality series on The Learning Channel (that’s TLC in TV lingo). The Little Couple. The plot of the show follows and chronicles the lives of Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein. A newly married couple (of over 3 years now I believe) in their mid 30’s…

NCAA Native American Mascot Controversy


The world of intercollegiate athletics is an interesting stew to say the least. It is a mixture of money, a smattering of egocentricity, a dash of concern for the student athlete, a yet smaller dash of perceived concern for said student athlete’s actual academic progress towards a degree and then brought together with a healthy…