Avoiding Cain’s Pain

The enduring image of Herman Cain’s campaign may have been provided by a woman’s account of what allegedly happened in a car in 1997. Her response to Cain’s advances, repeated constantly for a few days by our insatiable media, was a snapshot of our confused culture, in which supposedly liberated women send ridiculously inconsistent signals to men. The obvious question: If she hadn’t had a boyfriend, would a grope in a car be acceptable — even welcome? As sexual-revolution nemesis Mona Charen tweeted while watching feminist attorney Gloria Allred stand by the woman’s side as she made her accusation, wouldn’t the proper response have been, “Back off, you creep!”?

The alleged encounter says a lot about what a mess we’ve made of the relationship between men and women. Mars and Venus are having an identity crisis; they should be complementary, but are now too often hostile. As much in need of the connections of nature and tradition as ever, they are now independent and individualistic. Knowing there are differences, but beguiled by decades of lies about balancing the uneven biological playing field. 

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