Back Off, Kristol!

I keep hearing a lot of moaning at the bar from the right wing; most notably from Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. It seems like every time I see this guy, whom I refer to as “The Wincer” because he always looks like he thinks he’s about to be slugged, he’s going off on Mitt Romney. No matter what Romney says or does, Kristol and a few of his fellow ivory tower pinheads can’t wait to dissect it, as if they’re performing the world’s longest autopsy.

I’ll admit that Romney doesn’t always say things in the best way possible, and that his attempts at humor often bring the term “lead balloon” to mind. But he’s entitled to goof occasionally. Heck, he’s been on the campaign trail for what must seem like an eternity to him, and a bit longer than that to me. But the bone I’d pick with Kristol is that until the debates, Romney isn’t going to have a chance to go toe-to-toe with Obama. Every single thing Obama says will be filtered through the media until it shines like gold. Everything out of Romney’s mouth is going to be slathered with mud. That’s no excuse for conservatives to pile on, as though jockeying for an invitation to MSNBC’s Christmas bash.

I keep hearing that Obama will win the debates. The same people who believe that must also assume that Joe Biden will put Paul Ryan in his place. I will simply remind one and all that after Romney got the hang of debates, he even began getting the best of Newt Gingrich. And anyone who believes that Obama is smarter, sharper or funnier, than Gingrich needs to have his head examined. Preferably, I’d suggest, with a baseball bat.

I have no idea why Kristol has been so hard on Romney. Perhaps he felt that Mitt should have been calling on him for advice, sort of like those guys in the cartoons who are always showing up on mountain tops to ask the shaman for the secret of the universe, only to be told it’s strawberry ice cream.

But, heck, I wanted to be a speechwriter for Romney and I managed to swallow my disappointment when the call didn’t come. Kristol should do the same and quit grumbling, or I’m going to give him something to wince about.

One of the things that caused Romney a lot of grief was when he said that 47% of Americans act like victims and expect the federal government to give them free stuff. Okay, he may have had the percentage off because apparently he mistakenly included some retired folks who don’t pay any income tax because they’re retired and aren’t earning a taxable income.

But people are always getting numbers screwed up. Hey, when David Letterman asked Obama what the national debt was when he entered office, he admitted he had no idea. He probably also has no idea that the figure has grown during his administration from $10.6 trillion to $16.1 trillion, and he probably doesn’t care, and that’s a lot worse than anything that Romney has ever said.

At least Romney recognized that entitlements are like a massive asteroid streaking towards America, and too many people, including the putz in the Oval Office, are acting as if we can all simply duck at the last second and it will fly on by.

There’s no getting around the sad fact that Obama is popular with a certain group, mainly consisting of greedy idiots. They adore him for pretty much the same reason that certain outlaws have captured the public’s fancy over the years. What people like Jesse James, John Dillinger, Willie Sutton, along with Bonnie and Clyde, had in common was that they all robbed banks. Everyone, including ministers and priests, has probably fantasized knocking over a bank. After all, there’s all that money just sitting there and there’s so much good that could be done with it. One could build a hospital or feed the poor or, if one didn’t happen to be a member of the clergy, a person could buy one of those humongous TV sets that bring the baseball game right into your living room. But I digress.

In order to achieve iconic status with the masses, though, what you need to do is not only steal all that money that doesn’t belong to you, but take a moment to burn a few mortgages. A lot of folks were quite happy to shield these thieves from the law, apparently in the hope that theirs would be the next mortgages to go up in flames.

It sure sounds to me like Obama could have happily driven the back roads of Texas and Louisiana with Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. After all, there’s nothing he enjoys more than taking other people’s hard-earned money and passing some of it around to people who didn’t work for it and who don’t deserve it. Instead of doing it as a way to guarantee he’ll always have a hideout available, though, he does it in order to buy votes, in the hope that his own mortgage will be extended an additional four years.

The good news is that Jesse, John, Willie, Clyde and Bonnie, all came to a bad end, so one can always hope.

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • suki33

    If Romney wins, and I certainly am voting to help that effort, I hope someone looks at how many battles he will have won in this election. He defeated his opponents for the nomination in spite of sour grapes from some of them that lasted long after the primary.

    Then he’s been battling the MSM and Obama since the last primary. Add to those opponents the Conservative pundits who have never truly accepted him and continue to gnaw away at him for not being whoever they wanted.

    Romney has stayed focused and battled in a way that I believe shows his character and his  willingness to fight the big fights that Americans are facing. Go Mitt!

  • venter

    A person who fixes things has no time for sweet talk.  My best plumber, electrition, doctor , teacher all got the job done  without a good personility or  back slapping themselves.   DIDN’T  we have enough of   talk, jokes , singing, golf,  basketball. and campainging (for 4 years)!  I am part of the 47%  I know what he said and says.  Perhaps he is normal like us and doesn’t say things exactly  right,  WE all do that and he doesn’t have a teller prompter.  He is always thinking and is humle and normal.  MSM BETTER FOCUS ON OBAMA  BEFORE ROME FALLS 

    • MarioP

      Everything comes to an end, even your perfect utopia.

  • Michael

    I understand your point, Burt, and in general, I agree with you.  However, Kristol, like many of us, may be so desperate for Romney’s campaign team to “get the message” that he feels like he has to say such things on TV.  Some of us are worried that if anyone’s in an ivory tower, it’s the people running the Romney campaign.  Seriously.  The Obama people hammer the Romney team when it comes to communications.  There hasn’t been a team more “on point” and passionate about their message since the Bolsheviks (and yes, I’m making the comparison).

    Most importantly, I was extremely disappointed and even a little angry when Romney failed to talk at all about our troops in Afghanistan when he made his acceptance speech at the convention.  People can talk all they want to about campaign strategy, but to a lot of us, if in the same speech in which you ask to be Commander in Chief, you can’t man up and tell the men and women who are getting their legs and heads and other body parts blown off on the country’s behalf that you know they exist, you know where they are, you know what they’re dealing with, and you know how to help them, then you’re just missing something that can’t be fixed by a campaign advisor.  I was glad Kristol called the Romney campaign on that one. 

  • Artlouis

    I think I know what is on the minds of the Kristols in the party. They never really had a lot of hope that the GOP candidate, whoever he was, would win. They wanted Romney because he seemed least likely to damage the party’s quest for the Senate. Now, with his 47 percent comment, Romney seems to be doing that kind of damage after all. The GOP establishment wants to distance itself from him now, to keep the Senate up for grabs. 

    • Mariop

      Ah! I think you’re finally getting the picture. Sooner of later, when a Republican candidate keeps opening his mount, he’ll eventually say something unintelligent, to put it gently.

      Hey, can you guess who said this? 

      “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.” 

      Someone understands what his team’s problem is.

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Artlouis: The only reason that the line about the 47% is getting so much attention is because the media has inflated its importance.  The fact is if Romney had said 42%, he would have been exactly right.

      The election will probably rest on the debates.  At least I, as a Romney supporter, hope so.  I have heard Obama speak without a teleprompter.  Not a pleasant experience.


      • MarioP


        I’m curious which group of people you took out from Romney’s 47% to get your 42%. 10% of all voters are elderly, and therefore they pay no income tax. If you subtract that 10% from Romney’s 47%, you get 37% of voters who do not pay income tax and are not elderly. So what is your 42%?

        Maybe you did this to get your 42%. Since the elderly make up 10% of the voters, and about half of the elderly support Romney, you subtracted the 5% who support Romney from Romney’s 47%. Is that how you spun it? You expect the elderly who do not support Romney to pay income tax?

        Also realize that not every non0elderly voter who depends on federal aid votes for Democrats. In one of my other posts I already provided a link to a video showing some poverty stricken voters who are Republican. So why would Romney ignore those voters and classify them as Obama supporters?

        That  47% number Romney threw out makes absolutely no sense no matter how you spin it. He mixed in elderly, Republicans, millionaires (yes, some millionaires don’t pay income tax), and your grandma to make a lame and very devastating sales pitch to the donors. Maybe he thought they were brain donors.

        • Wheels55

          Some “elderly” do pay income tax.
          The bottom 47% pay only about 6% to 7% of all income taxes. It stands to reason that the bottom 42% do not have to pay any. (

          • MarioP

            Last night Romney admitted that his 47% comment was “completely wrong”. Hence, anyone who tried to twist and defend that damaging comment was completely wrong not only in the liberal eyes, but in Romney’s eyes as well. I guess now we all can put this debate to rest.

  • brendan horn


    Kristol and other Republicans might not realize it,but they are playing into the hands of liberal media types (who love to brainwash the populace) when they waste valuable air time critiquing Romney. The theme the libs are putting out there is that many Republicans are not satisfied with Romney. This may be true – but who in their right mind is satisfied President Obama? Conservatives need to be as creative in telling the truth as the Libs have been in spreading their lies.

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Nobody in his right mind is satisfied with Obama.  Unfortunately, America is currently the world’s largest loony bin.


      • Deny916

        Burt that was beautifully said! 

      • MarioP

        Obviously half of the nation is satisfied with Obama, because they know the alternative is worse.

        BTW, less than a week before the elections, guess who will be visiting Cayman Islands? Your worst nightmare. Mitt just can’t catch a break.

        • brendan horn

          The only alternative worse than Obama would be someone like mariop.

          • MarioP

            That made me cry :~(

  • GlenFS

    Burt,   Mr. Redistributer in Chief needn’t concern himself with the long arm of the law, he makes his own whenever he feels the need.

  • Mariop

    Burt, you gave us another interesting and entertaining blog. You managed, somewhat, to admit Romney’s 47% number was a blunder, a blunder that appears to have severed his chance of getting the job.

    However, I’m a little confused why you brought up the debt while Obama was in office. What does that have to do with anything? Did you forget that Obama worked  with Bush’s budget for eight months and Bush’s allocated bailouts? You must have, because the correct deficit for Obama should have been counted from October 1, 2009, when the debt was at $11.9T, resulting in a $4.1T, 3-year deficit. But hey, your memory is not what it used to be, so that’s OK, bud.

    Also, did you catch Rush this morning? He stated the Obama never talked about national healthcare during the run for 2008, because had he done so, he would not have won. I guess Limbaugh was not paying attention when Obama entered the race for presidency in early 2007 and stated that “The time has come for universal health care in America” and “I am absolutely determined that by the end of the first term of the next president, we should have a universal health care in this country”. Boy, is Rush so lazy he can’t google the basics before he opens his trap?

    • brendan horn

               Liberals are creative when interpreting their failings. The latest lame excuse is that Obama has failed with the economy because no one could have succeeded. No, he has failed because his inept economic strategy was doomed to failure. Your lame justification for Obama’s debt was not around when libs were condemning the debt during Bush’s term even though Obama is breaking records with his debt – which has not boosted the economy like advertised. 

      • MarioP

        You’re making absolutely no sense. The Democrats were complaining about the excessive debt since Reagan, while the Republicans only started complaining about the debt since Obama. Reagan was breaking records during his two terms, but did you complain? Bush1 broke records during his single term, but did you complain? Bush2 broke records during his two terms, but did you complain? All of a sudden, when a Democrat breaks a record, the wackos go berserk.

        Oh well, the economy is not at the level it was advertised at. At least the Democrats did a better job than the Republicans would have. If your party had the better solution, you would then have the right to complain. But your party would have driven the economy into a depression, so don’t try to look like you’re the better alternative, because you’re not. The Republicans are great at complaining, but they never have the solution. Prime example: Mitt Romney.

        • brendan horn

                 you are the one who makes no sense. You want America to follow in the ways of the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea. Move to North Korea or Cuba if you want communism. They have had much more experience with it and it would take America about 40 years to sink to their level even if we embraced communism today. Your analysis is absurd. You say Obama is not that bad because things would be worse without him. This is severely delusional on your part. Things are bad because Obama is an abysmal failure. There is no evidence the next four years will be any better. I am sure you will soon be encouraging people to buy the great new tire. It will be square, just like communism and socialism. 

          • MarioP

            Bud, you’re just proving my point about conservatives being so extreme and polarized. You again start listing the extreme Left as what I want. You blindly state that if someone doesn’t want extreme capitalism, they want the USSR, Cuba, etc… There are plenty benefits from both the capitalistic and socialism systems that can coexist. Look at all the successful Western European nations. Where do those fall in your spectrum of Left or Right only? Like a brainwashed and uninformed American, you can answer that question by claiming the US is the best nation in the world, but in reality, other nations are beating us in many areas. Go ahead and stubbornly believe the US is the best, but such thinking will cause us to stop improving our nation while others will catch up and surpass us. 

            And finally, look into the numerous and abundant economic studies that conclude how the financial bailouts have prevented a depression, and how the Republican policies, if adopted, would have driven the unemployment rate above 15%. Do that research and get back to us please.

  • NS Sherlock

    Sometimes I think obummah is trying to ‘quit’ because his ultimate goal is that he really just wants to see himself on TV; however, the way the libs and media hang on his every word there’s no way they are going to allow him to leave. It’s like witnessing a sick, twisted love affair where the libs keep touching themselves in anticipation. How damn stupid does someone have to be to see this guy isn’t the least bit interested in our country?

    • BurtPrelutsky

       NS:  I wouldn’t say Obama is totally disinterested in America.  If he were, he wouldn’t be so dedicated to ruining its economy and decimating its military.


  • Wheels55

    Burt, the debates should be a great place for Romney to shine. That assumes they are run fairly – which I kind of doubt.

    • BurtPrelutsky

      Wheels: I agree.  Knowing Obama for the bum he is, he’ll probably respond to the first question with a 60-minute soliloquy and then chastise Romney for trying to get a word in edgewise, as he did when Bret Baier attempted to interview him. 


      • PVMan1

         Fortunately, there are time limits on answering questions during a debate…or you’re right, he’d blather on so fewer questions could be asked.