The media did Barack Obama no favors when they deified him, when they tried to turn  him into a saint during the presidential campaign. Now the American people are seeing that he’s not transformational, not post-partisan, not post-political — all the wonderful things he claimed to be, with hardly a raised eyebrow by his pals in the slobbering media.

He has repeatedly told us, with great eloquence, that for big issues to become law, 50-plus-one isn’t good enough.  Big ideas need big coalitions.  They need consensus.  They need Democrats and Republicans.  Now the same Barack Obama tells us that 50-plus-one is just fine with him.  Forgive me for stating the obvious:  Barack Obama is nothing more than an old-fashioned politician, the kind we’ve seen a million times before.  The kind that gives hypocrisy a bad name. There is nothing transformational about him, nothing post-partisan, nothing post-political.  What we got in Mr. Obama is an old pol who reeks of hack.

Nobody, and certainly not Barack Obama, could possibly live up to the media hype.  The fools in the press thought they were helping their guy.  They weren’t content merely being eyewitnesses to history.  They wanted to shape history.  This was no mere liberal Democrat running for president.  This was not Mondale or Dukakis or Gore or Kerry.  This was the Great Obama.  This was history in the making.

And now, the Annointed One is paying the price for all that embarrassing adulation.  Democrats still love him, Republicans still don’t.  But independents are leaving him by the truckload.  And make no mistake, they are the ones who decide elections in America.

This is not what the Lamestream media had in mind when they elevated a mere Chicago politician to the status of messiah.

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  • http://----- Ralph Smathers

    Obama is so “transformational” he is frightening. If he can get the Nancy/Harry healthcare bill passed without strict adherence to the Constitution (“Slaughter,” etc. procedure) then he will also be able to use other unlimited powers (“Czars”) to run the Country by executive order without the support of the Congress or the Supreme Court. He would also be able to bypass other provisions of the Constitution, leaving us helpless against communists, socialists and others (many already working in our Administration), who hate the U. S. A. and its people.

    The Constitution was created to protect us from the depredations of irresponsible government. (Will we substitute Emperor Obama for King George? Have you read how easily Hitler moved from petty politician to Emperor of Germany? Have you noticed how Mr. O. denigrates the U. S. A. while favoring our enemies, especially Muslims; favoring Palestinian enemies against Israel, our friends; favoring Argentina, socialists, against the United Kingdom, our friends; attacking Honduras, our friends; favoring Muslim Iranians, our enemies, against their own people; never a discouraging word against Hugo Chavez, communist; paying all costs of moving unwanted Bantus from Africa (Muslims) to U. S. cities?

    Mr. & Ms. America, stopping this johnny-come-lately common politician from carrying out his intended transformations now could be your last chance to save your greatest protector, the Constitution of the United States.

  • http://----- Ralph Smathers

    Obama is so “transformational” he is frightening. If he can get the Nancy/Harry healthcare bill passed without strict adherence to the Constitution (“Slaughter,” etc. procedure) then he will also be able to use other unlimited powers (“Czars”) to run the Country by executive order without the support of the Congress or the Supreme Court. He would also be able to bypass other provisions of the Constitution, leaving us helpless against communists, socialists and others (many already working in our Administration), who hate the U. S. A. and its people.

    The Constitution was created to protect us from the depredations of irresponsible government. (Will we substitute Emperor Obama for King George? Have you read how easily Hitler moved from petty politician to Emperor of Germany?) Have you noticed how Mr. O. denigrates the U. S. A. while favoring our enemies, especially Muslims; favoring Palestinian enemies against Israel, our friends; favoring Argentina, socialists, against the United Kingdom, our friends; attacking Honduras, our friends; favoring Muslim Iranians, our enemies, against their own people; never a discouraging word against Hugo Chavez, communist; paying all costs of moving unwanted Bantus from Africa (Muslims) to U. S. cities?

    Mr. & Ms. America, stopping this johnny-come-lately common politician from carrying out his intended transformations now could be your last chance to save your greatest protector, the Constitution of the United States.

  • Nancy Werany

    Just finished and enjoyed Crazies to the Left, Wimps to the Right and enjoyed. One thing stands out: You said offering a “bribe” by our legislators to get a vote is legal. If bribery is illegal by me with “my money”, then why isn’t it illegal for someone to do it with someone else’s money? This is the gist of all this corruption in our government. Could this be a consitutional challenge? Think about it, it’s illegal and anyone in government that does it goes to jail. End of problem.

  • Kris L

    I just read your book “Crazies to the left of me; wimps to the right”, and I really liked it.

    I was wondering about your take on evolution, though. If I understand it, it is officially a theory, not a fact. One thing that troubles me about evolution is that it seems to contradict entropy.

    And what about the odds of a cheetah or a camel ever existing? Most mutations are fatal, many of the survivors are sterile. So multiple mutations for the same category (like speed for a cheetah or desert living for a camel) seem somewhat unlikely. Cheetahs have small heads (less wind resistance), claws that don’t fully retract (like spikes for track shoes), a spine that works like a sprint, larger than nrmal heart and lungs.

    Claws that don’t retract all the way wouldn’t be a useful mutation by themselves, so how did the first almost cheetah manage to propogate? Maybe that mutation happened last?

    I always tune in when you’re on O’Reilly – I like the way you say what you think!

  • Barbara S

    Mr. Goldberg…Just finished reading your book “A Slobbering Love Affair” and that is going on my list of books to buy someday when I’m not paying state/fed taxes. It was very intertaining but more importantly, you write in a way that is very clear and to the point.
    Thank you and I will definitely go to the library and pick up another of your books to read…if my small library has them. En joy you on Fox too.

  • Don Severance

    Mr Goldberg,

    Unfortunately much of the media is made up of zealots, on both sides of the political spectrum. I don’t want to be fed pablum by political operatives with tunnel vision, I want an objective presentation of the important issues of the day. You are the type of journalist that I respect most. It’s refreshing to listen to a political experts who remains calm and treats other with civility, and yet is able to call it like it is, even if some toes have to be gently stepped on.


    Don Severance

    • Bernie

      Many thanks, Don.

  • Ellie

    I wonder what you think about Patrick Kennedy’s rant on media not covering the War in Afghanistan.

    • Bernie

      Sad but true: it’s always “fun” to watch a meltdown on TV. I think the boy is unstable. he’s right about the media’s fascination with Massa. Wrong about coverage of Afghanistan. It’s a good thing he’s retiring. He needs some rest.

      • Wil Burns

        Bernie, You said “it’s always “fun” to watch a meltdown on TV.” How about Glenn Beck’s daily meltdown on Fox? What say you?

  • Perry

    Bernie, I look forward to reading you comments ever week. However the comment section
    shows that”we the people”are as bad as the people in congress. liberals don’t want work
    with the conservatives, and vise versa. seems people just want to argue instead of solving
    this country’s problems.They all want to play the blame game, bringing up the past, who done this and that,and whose fault it is. We need to work together to solve the problems
    we face today and in the future.
    We were once called a sleeping giant, and I want to say,

    • Kathie Ampela


      I agree that people in this country have to stop playing the blame game and start working together. I have a story that I think is a good analogy.

      I remember growing up in a house with very opinionated people. My step-father was a democrat, a quasi-socialist, supported union labor (he’s a retired Local 3 electrician), thought socialized medicine was a good idea, etc. Hated Ronald Reagan because he fired the air traffic controllers-thought he was a ‘union buster.’ My grandmother (my mother’s mother) was equally as opinionated. She was a republican, hated any entitlements, hated the unions, etc. One Thanksgiving when I was about 13, my step-father and my grandmother had a huge fight over the effect unions have had on the country. Neither one would budge an inch. I remember sitting in between the two of them trying to eat my turkey and my insides shaking because they wouldn’t agree. (Quite a happy house, mine was!)

      It’s easy to get upset and passionate when you feel strongly about an issue, I’ve done it myself. But people definitely have to come together to work out our problems, or we’ll have a country like the house I grew up in.

      • Perry

        Kathie, Your analogy is the perfect example to what I said. We are at the point where it doesn’t matter if your idea’s are good for the country,because they want you to just follow along with the political party that you belong to. neither party has the good of the people on there agenda, just power. they don’t care about us. We need to vote out all incumbents on both sides in november. I read a lot about corruption in the countrys all over the world,and how we try to stop it, yet it is in our on backyard.

      • Wil Burns

        Kathie, I have a copy of the company rules around 1853 in a Northeast city for their employees. These were the rules before unions got into the act. Let me state them here for you:


        Time Table of the Mills


        First Bell ring at 4:40 am. Second bell ring in at 5:00 am

        YARD GATES

        Will be opened at ringing of Morning Bells, of Meal Bells, and of Evening Bells, and kept open ten minutes.


        At ten minutes after the last Morning Bell, and ten minutes after Bell which `rings in` from Meals.


        October 1st, to March 31st, inclusive, ring out at 7 am, ring in at 7:30 am.

        April 1st to Sept. 30th, inclusive, ring out at 6:30 am, ring in at 7 am


        Ring out at 12:30 pm, ring in at 1 pm


        Ring out at 6:30* pm

        *Excepting on Satrudays when the Sun sets previous to 6:30. At such times, ring out at Sunset.

        In all cases, the first stroke of the Bell is considered as marking the time.


        If it weren`t for the unions, the work force would still be working this schedule. Look at it closely. Work starts at 4:40 am and ends at 6:30 pm, 6 DAYS PER WEEK. Oh, and you got 1/2 hour each for breakfast, dinner and supper! You had to bring your own meals.

        Is that what you conservatives want to go back to? Those good old days!

        • Kathie Ampela


          Since you are such a blind ideologue, you totally missed the point of my story. I GREW UP IN A UNION HOUSE. MY STEP-FATHER IS A RETIRED LOCAL 3 ELECTRICIAN. HE WAS IN THE UNION FOR 25 YEARS BEFORE HE RETIRED. I was using the opinionated personalities in the house that I grew up in to illustrate my point about the state of politics in this country. Both my step-father and my grandmother were correct in their arguments. My step father said that he enjoyed a better wage and quality of life when he was in the union than when he worked for almost 20 years non-union. My grandmother was correct in stating that the unions had become very corrupt. Neither one would see the other side. They just carried on like a couple of immature babies, both being too blind by ideology to cede the other’s point. But your ignorance has demonstrated not only what I lived through in my childhood, but the state of our political system. Thank you, Wil for making my point for me!

    • Ron Kean

      You have a good point. Dissent and debate can be extreme. Many presidents in the past have overcome disagreements. Compromise can happen. Consensus can happen. It’s good when it does.

  • Ralph Gossard

    You invented the term “Lamestream Media” and an apt one it is.

    I suggest the term “Fascicrats” for those democrat radicals who are trying to ram big government down our throats.

    You have the cache to make the term stick.

    Kindest regards.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, The extremists who have total control of GOP are willing to utterly destroy our democracy at any cost.

    They have realized that it is a lot easier to manipulate their followers with lies, and they have made disinformation and propaganda their entire platform. They now have angry mobs protesting against things that aren’t even in the health bill, but their blind devotion to “the Party” has made them virtual automatons, completely willing to shut down our system of free and civic discourse, silencing anyone who dares to point out their utter lies.

    • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

      What lies, Wil? I keep hearing about all these lies, but none of your ilk can give any specific examples. Can you, in your infinite wisdom, please give all of us peaons just a few examples of the lies that the “extremists who have total contorl of GOP” have spread? I find it humorous that when liberals stand up for their beliefs, it is considered honorable, but when conservatives stand up for their beliefs, you call them extremists. I think you need to get your head out of the sand and stop being so damned objective. Has a liberal ever done anything wrong in your eyes, or are you too biased?

      • OmEgA

        One that comes to mind: “Saddam has WMD.”
        Result: Perhaps 1,000,000 dead Iraqi citizens.

        Continued perpetuation of the bogus “War on Terror” as a top issue is dishonest fear mongerering, including formulation of the DHS at a $52 billion budget which couldn’t even stop the underwear bomber. Actually, every chance they get, Neo-Cons push fear & it probably won the election for Bush in 2004.

        Rejection of any & all healthcare reform with constant references to “Socialism” & “welfare state” is also a dishonest way of avoiding this important issue.

        Pretending that the best “energy independence” will come from offshore drilling, or more aptly, ‘selling what’s left to Big Oil’, is very one-sided as well.

        These are just a few quick issues that come to mind.

        Do You really NOT see “disinformation & propaganda” in the neocon platform? “or are You too biased?”

        • Kathie Ampela


          I find your statement that the “War on Terror” was bogus to be extremely offensive. I don’t know about yourself, but I was standing 4 blocks from the WTC moments before they collapsed. I don’t know if you consider hijacking civilian airliners and crashing them into office buildings with unarmed civilians to be an act of war, but I do. But when you are snug in your bed at night for almost nine years, it’s easy to forget.

          Some interesting reading material about Saddam and WMD’s:

          There is more to be found if you google yellowcake. Our media will never present the truth. The protection of our enemies is far too important to their agenda.

          • OmEgA

            Hi Kathie & sorry for Your offense, although I stand by that statement.

            50%+ of Americans rejecting the Aghan / Iraq campaigns is compounded by the fact that we can’t afford to maintain this presence. Meanwhile, the war profiteers & oil companies are making record profits while the threat is hyped through Operation Mockingbird “War Analysts.” Even 13 out of 16 Republicrat contenders for the 2008 presidency were pro-war, representing a nation who is 50%+ anti-war according to some estimates.

            No, I don’t consider hijacked airplanes to be an act of war, but an act of terrorism. Terrorism is a name given to small-scale violence used for political purposes while War is usually assigned to conflicting national interests.

            Well, considering that the US government armed Saddam & supported him through his worst attrocities, including the murder of a million ethnic Kurds, I’m not the least bit suprised he had some WMDs. Considering we funded Al Qaeda under Reagan in the 1980s to combat the Soviet threat, I’m not the least bit suprised that extremism was abundant.

            Actually, they came up with about ten excuses as to WHY we should invade Iraq & really NONE of them stick 100% unless we ignore recent history. Regardless, the end result: $15 billion no-bid contract to Halliburton under Cheney, $50 billion in a year for Exxon/Mobile, etc.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            Were you in a coma during Desert Storm? If that is support of Saddam Hussein then I sure as hell don’t want the government running health care.

          • OmEgA

            Considering that this particular war only lasted about a year, perhaps YOU were in a coma for the rest of the time. Just a few years prior, we were gladly supporting Saddam through the Iran/Iraq war as I stated above. In doing so, we ignored Saddam’s use of chemical weapons & various other human rights violations, & a big reason was keeping the oil flowing.

            As for health care, enough consumer demand exists to fix what is broken, namely expanded coverage, cutting costs for medical procedures, & possibly cutting out the middle-man: insurance.

            Calling this “government run” is not exactly true.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            On one hand the argument says we never should have gone after Saddam, and on the other hand the argument says we didn’t go soon enough. Contradict much?

            What would you call getting insurance provided by the government? I think government run is exactly the term that should be used. Really? Cutting insurance all together? Do you have any idea how ludicrous that sounds? I agree on cutting medical costs. With innovations such as robotic technology that have decreased both incisions and revory time, why is that price staying the same or going up when less care is needed and less work is bieng done? I was glad to hear during the State of the Campai… I mean State of the Union Address that President Obama finally used the proper term “Health Insurance Reform”. He also quickly went back to the Health Care Reform chant. Which is it, health care reform or health insurance reform?

            Great article in todays St. Louis Post Dispatch:


          • Kate

            Desert Storm was the war, that might been helpful and could have brought peace and welfare to the whole region. The army then was really supported by many Iraqi people and they expected, that the US will finish off Hussein at last. The work was not finished and many, too many people were killed by Hussein as a revenge for this help to the US. Ever since then, the Americans, no matter what they do, are considered as unreliable allies. And therefore, nobody in Iraq really wanted to risk to help them, especially if they do not know, who will come next. The whole problem there is not solved really and the government there is not strong. The people are tired and want peace, but the terrorist and radical muslims are just waiting till the army leaves and will probably bring horror. At least they will start something to get into power. It is not solved!

          • Wil Burns

            Steve, Do you have Employer provided healthcare coverage?

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            Yes, and I’m very confused what my insurance, which I’m perfectly happy with, has to do with anything. I’m sure you will twist it to fit your agenda though.

            How you do say it? Oh yes, graze peacefully!

      • Wil Burns

        Steve, How about, federal “death tax,” that is a lie, even under its technical name “estate tax,” when they die. HEIRS pay an estate tax, if the estate is big enough and other rules are applicable, upon death of a rich person.

    • Ron Kean

      You don’t understand the GOP.

    • Bill

      Why is it that Liberals have to deceive people to push their platforms and policies. For instance, while the Senate health bill allows federal funding for abortion, the Liberals simply deny it. Why? The Liberals say that the bill will be “revenue neutral” or actually bring down the deficit, but everyone know that’s not true, even many leading democrats in congress. Why? Obama said he would have an open and honest debate on C-Span, but that was acknowledged to be a lie by his own party members – and even some of the press. Obama said that his Administration would not hire lobbyists. How’s that whopper working out? Obama said America would be more respected by the world. Now, we discovery that America is as unpopular than ever. Obama wanted to scrap Guantanamo and most of the Patriot Act. Well? Same with renditions, middle class tax cuts, pulling out of Iraq, and a host of other complete fabrications. What’s your explanation for all these obvious lies? Well, I’ll tell you what its all about: you and your fellow liberals were duped into electing a typical Chicago pol who brought with him thug politics, broken promises and corruption. You elected a man with zero experience and with a socialist ideology who wants to make America look like the worst of Europe — that’s what you did.

      • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

        The main reason I didn’t vote for Obama was because he made it very well known here in Illinois that he would be bringing Rahm Emmanuel with him to the White House. That, and he never did anything fo this state as a Senator at either the State or the U.S. level.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Hey looney tunes, in 2008 the democrats nominated a far-left moonbat and the republicans nominated a moderate. Rethink your poor excuse for thinking.

      • Wil Burns

        No, the republicans nominated a crazy old man and a flaky woman from Alaska!

        • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

          Sorry Wil, I have spent a lot of time in AZ, and I live in Illinois. I had the privalege of being around both gentelmen’s “work”. President Obama did didley squat while in Illinois, and did didly squat for Illinois while a U.S. Senator. Currently, he is doing didley squat for the United States of America, except ignoring a glaring deficit and focusing on ramming his leftists, partisan, liberal, bs agenda through. He is an idealogue and a demagog, nothing more, nothing less.

          • Wil Burns

            Steve, How come you people that don’t want the government to provide a health care plan, have no problems expecting, if not demanding, that their health care be provided for by their employers? Since when is it the responsibility of an employer to provide healthcare. This has to be a terrible burden for small businesses. Not only for cost, but researching plans as well.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            I don’t demand it. Its an option. If it’s offered, what is the problem? The government has no business being the the health insurance industry. It has a multi trillion dollar deficit. Or did you forget that the last three administrations piled that on us?

  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    Hi Bernie:
    I watch you on the Factor and really appreciate your way of thinking. Obama is a disaster and the “Left wingers & spineless Congress” need to be voted out. Their arrogance in reference to Health Care is so objectionable that I cannot believe that anyone with a brain would listen to anything any of them have to say. Keep up what you do and I just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it.

  • John S. Adams

    Bernie, I just saw you on Bill OReilly’s show commenting on the Sandra Bullock award and the statement you made about the real hero’s in the Michael Oher story, “Blind Side”. First of all, nobody ever picked this kid up off the streets. While it is wonderful that he was given a home by the Touhey’s, everybody in Memphis knows that Sean Touhey was well aware of this kids’ skills in athletics and coaches all over Memphis knew the kid would be an All-American if he ever got in college. Touhey, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, was then an ideal participant to make sure the kid ended up at his Alma Mater to play football. The book was a wonderful story but written by Touhey’s college roommate, clearly distorted the facts and conveniently did not tell the truth about how this was no more than a new way to recruit outstanding athletes.

    • David

      I don’t know if the Touheys are heroes or Ole Miss recruiters, but I’m certain that real heroes are largely ignored in the lamestream media. Anyone remember Leonard Scutnik?

      • Jack Davis

        Yep…dove into the freezing Potomac River to rescue a flight attendant from an Air Florida 737 that crashed in icing conditions.

      • Bruce A

        I remember him. He jumped into the Potomic in January after an Air Florida jet crashed into the river, 1985 if I remember correctly President Reagan invited him to the State of the Union Address and recognized him as a hero for helping to save passengers in the frigid water.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Wow, didn’t know these facts. So Hollywood is guilty of perpetuating a myth/lie. Surprised?

  • Bill

    Before leaving for work I say Obama giving his latest speech denouncing the health insurance industry. When he was finished, the two next commercials were of personal injury lawyers who denuniciated the insurance companies. The lawyers are known local sleazbags who are also big Democrat donors to judges here in Las Vegas. It sounded like the guys who wrote the lawyer ads also wrote Obama’s speech. I thought of Obama saying the words “Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Hire a heavy hitter. I’ll put the law on your side and fight for you.” Then there was a Fox News story about all the former terrorist lawyers who are going to work for the Department of Justice. Finally, there’s the story about former personal injury lawyer John Edwards plotting his “comeback” to politics by claiming that the big corporations and insurance companies are cheating the working man. Wow! I’m a lawyer myself and I felt like crawling under a rock. No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket. Its being run by lawyers, supported by lawyers, and who are putting the interests of terrorists over ordinary Americans and “endangered” bugs and fish over the interests of our farmers and food supply. It scary and needs to change. Wh need to rid ourselve of all these lawyers in government.

    • dave

      Courious how lawyers deride insurance comapanies. Now that is cutting off your nose to spite your face…. The lawyers really do not want the insurance companies to go away. If it were not for the insurance companies deep pockets, the lawyers would have to find other work. Remember most cases are settled, not tried. Insurance policy limits are the source of the cash for settlement. and the lawyers 40% plus costs; don’t forget the costs! (See Bleak House – Dickens; Some things haven’t changed in 150 odd years)

    • Wil Burns

      Bill. So, you are a lawyer and you hate lawyers? Shouldn’t you be standing on a high ledge somewhere, threatening to jump?

  • RuBegonia

    Joined this rumble a day late and a dollar short, and a dollar short, and a dollar short….



      • MICHELE


        • Troy

          I am a conservative and despise most in Hollywood. But we live in a free market capitalist society (at least we still do for now) and while all the occupations named are far more honorable than anything coming out of the movie industry, the fact is we are paid based on income generated. A baseball player makes more than a construction worker, based on how much revenue he can generate for the owner of the team. As much as that sucks, you cannot change it without fundementally changing the entire economic system of the country.

  • Angel


    I’m still waiting for someone with cojones to come forth with actual facts regarding our health care issues and the health insurance industry. So far we’ve only gotten one side of the story….insurance companies are evil. I recently email one of your colleagues the following:


    As an employee of one of those “evil” health insurance companies, I’m sick (excuse the pun) of you making blanket accusations and agreeing with every negative remark from every person you bring on your show when it comes to the health insurance industry.Mr Fair and Balanced…when are you going to invite people from the health insurance industry and hear what they have to say? It amazes me that an industry that employs so many Americans, many of them union, has no one stepping up and defending them? I work for an honorable company that has saved more lives than anyone in Congress. I ask that you do your homework. To say that ALL health insurance companies are evil would be the same as me saying everyone in the media or Congress is evil. Wise up.

    Most polls show the overwhelming majority of people with health insurance are very happy with the service they are receiving form their carriers. I was watching Fox News Sunday today was happy to hear Mitt Romney correctly state that President Obama has unfairly targeted health insurance companies (in my opinion for political purposes).

    • Wil Burns

      Angel, I sometimes just shake my head at public opposition to reform. We know the system is broken; we know we pay too much and get too little. We know the Republican attacks against reform proposals are wrong. Given the mess we’re in, the demand for comprehensive reform should be overwhelming. And yet, the resistance to sound ideas is intense.

      The efficacy of the right-wing noise machine is really a sight to behold.

    • Frank

      The truth is that the “evil” insurance companies rank about 38th on the list of total corporate profit and earn an average of LESS THAN 3% profit based upon their total revenue. They raise premiums because the COSTS of health care go up and they have to have enough money in reserve to cover their exposure.

      • Wil Burns

        OMG! You don’t understand how things are “written off” do you?
        You pay several top execs 7 figure salaries, you buy a new building or two, etc. WOW. Suddenly you aren’t *cough* making a profit.

  • Jane R

    When journalists are no longer “straight up” in news reporting and begin to “lean too far left or too far right”, their unbalanced words will ultimately trip them down.
    Ring around Pelosi
    Journalists too cozy
    Red hate, Blue states
    They all fall down.

    • gringo

      Hi Jane
      “Ring around Pelosi” – that’s goooood!!!
      “Blue states, They all fall down” you may be closer to it than you think.
      Have been thinking a bit about her willingness to lose some dem reps so long as she gets the numbers for the bill. Of course it all depends on perceptions, personal ones, like each and every dem rep asking himself “Do you think you might lose your seat?”

      Now just imagine Nancy calling her slaves in, one by one, and asking them that very question. And if they say yes, she says “Well then, what more do you have to lose? You MUST vote for the bill because you are going to be kicked out anyway, but if you vote against it in the hope of saving your seat I will personally make sure you lose. I will cut off your ……. and then I will cut off your…….” (funds and support, that is !!)
      No wonder some have decided not to run again.
      I predict Nancy will not be the Speaker after the mid-terms.
      The real question thjough, in her case, is, will she be there at all?

      • Wil Burns

        Yeah, back to republican rule. How well did they do when they were in complete control? Not to good!

        • Troy

          Funny thing, the last year that Bush was in office and had a Republican majority the budget deficit for the entire year was 161 billion. We were horrified by that number. It was one of the reasons republicans lost in the midterms that year, they were spending like democrats. So what was the budget deficit last month? Well over 200 billion. So maybe we should review who is up to no good when in control. I am fed up with both sides, but one side in particular is hell bent on bankrupting this country.

          • Wil Burns

            It’s official: U.S. in recession all of 2008

            THE ECONOMY IN TURMOIL December 02, 2008|

            By Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer
            It took seven economists 11 months to decide what should seem obvious given all the foreclosures, bank failures and layoffs – the United States is officially mired in a recession. December 02, 2008|

            The pronouncement by a committee of academics led by Stanford economist Robert Hall should have come as no surprise.

            December 02, 2008! Guess who was president?

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, While I appreciate your argument regarding the hypocrisy in this case, it doesn’t change the fact that the Republicans are also hypocrites on this issue. Personally, I’ll take hypocrisy in the context of extending access to health care for all over hypocrisy in the context of tax cuts that favored the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. By the way, isn’t cutting taxes supposed to make our economy stronger? Those 2001 and 2003 tax cuts worked wonders! NOT!

    • tim

      Will, didn’t you get a tax cut as well? I did.

    • Jon

      Look at the facts. Tax revenue was higher in 2007 than 2000. Over the same time period, the top 1, 5, 10, and 25% of income earners paid the highest percent of that load EVER. Problem was not the cuts, but too much spending.

      • Ken Besig Israel

        The fact that the top 1% or 5% or 10% of the American public paid up to 70% or even 80% of the taxes collected should concern every American because it means that far too much of America’s wealth is being held by too small a percentage of the American public. Indeed, not only is too much wealth held by too few, the disparity is growing daily, and the percentage of working Americans, the so called “working poor”, who earn too little to even pay taxes is growing as well.
        This is an unhealthy situation for all concerned. The working poor and the non working poor are becoming even more dependent on big government for their survival, and this has led to, well the election of Barack Obama, perhaps the most inept, incompetent, and immature President America will ever endure. Barack “Rob the Rich to Pay the Poor” Robin Hood Obama is trying to improve the plight of the American poor in the worst possible way, wealth redistribution by government policy regarding health care reform. If he is not stopped, he could well destroy the market economy which has made America the world leader in technology, business, science, finance, etc.
        The wealth of America can be redistributed fairly but by competition not by government fiat or God forbid, Barack Obama’s massive deficit spending. The only fair and ethical way is to cut business taxes, not just for small businesses, but for all businesses. This must be coupled with a drastic reduction in the number of workers employed by federal, state, and local governments so as to reduce the need for heavy taxation.
        If Barack Obama would just take these two simple steps, he will have no need to reform health care with another monstrous bureaucracy to be funded by taxes which no one will be able to pay. All it takes is the desire to do so and the certain knowledge that it will work.

        • OmEgA

          You speak about Tax Cuts, but they aren’t going to expand health care coverage or fix the system, they will only expand the profit margin of insurance companies unless other measures are taken.

          I agree with 2/3rds of Your comment but I’m failing to see how tax cuts alone will lead us to the point that we have “no need to reform healthcare.”

          Considering 25% of dollars spent on health care in this country go to administration & medical treatment in the USA costs comparably more than virtually anywhere else in the world on a per-procedure basis, I think we need to dig deeper into the issue on all fronts.

        • David

          What other people make is none of your business. Nor is it the business of a free government. The fact that our government takes money from its productive citizens in this way is wrong and should be corredted.

          • Ken Besig Israel

            Dear Dave,
            It may be none of my business what others earn, but it’s what put Barack Obama into office where he will keep pushing his socialist agenda for the next three and possibly more years. It may be none of my business what others earn but the Obama administration is driving America bankrupt by trying to control what others earn.
            Thus it is very much my business and yours as to how America’s wealth it divided because if the uber wealthy get control of any more of it, the American public will ultimately elect someone who will make Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan.

  • joel

    well berno….the terror act at the pentagon is yet another reason we should start racial profiling white people… many more people have to die befor we wake up and start checking and triple checking our fellow white people. We are freak’n monsters! I got a compromise you might agree with… about we have check points for whites, other check points for blacks, and other check points for arab muslims……and after bernie bern, we can seperate the water fountains…..please let me know what you think….

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, What the Lamestream media have in mind when they elevated the dauphin from Texas to the presidency? How did that work out out for America? Lets see… debt, recession and 2 wars!

    • Jack Davis

      Wil…guess you missed my last post on this subject. Maybe you were still working through your Kool-Aid hangover, eh? Anyway, once again…only for your (because you’re still not getting it)…here’s how Obama has worked out for America. (And remember: he’s been in office for just over a year.)

      A stimulus package he vowed would keep unemployment from going higher than 8 percent

      Giving up a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, and getting nothing from the Russians in return

      Working to put a missile shield in Romania, just so he can have his name on it

      Trying to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York to stand trial

      Dithering…YES, DITHERING…on Afghanistan

      Screwing the Chrysler bondholders

      An abominable health-care bill opposed by a MAJORITY of Americans

      Hiring Janet “The System Works” Napolitano

      Hiring Eric “Mr. Pardon” Holder

      Hiring Tim “What the Heck Are Taxes?” Geithner

      Failing to follow through on Black Panthers intimidating voters on Election Day

      “Carbonhagen,” aka “Hopenhagen”

      Failed outreach to Iran

      Failed outreach to Muslims

      Apologizing for America tours

      Van Jones

      Obama owns every item above, NOT ONE of which he can blame on Bush or the Republicans. So there are EXCELLENT reasons for Obama’s anemic presidency. Borrowing from “Seven Days in May,” Obama is not just a weak sister. He’s a criminally weak sister.

      Barack Obama is THE WORST president EVER inflicted on the United States.

      Now, Wil, do you get it?

      • Kate

        So what do you suggest, how do we elect the best President next time, what should he be? May be, before election, we should make an independent research, what greatest pains of America should be solved and then hire the guy according to the experience he has. If he does not fullfil the job within a certain time, he will be fired. But you should be sure of what you really want. What if he does the job and you will be unhappy with the result?? I read somewhere, that God punishes you by fullfilling your wishes…

      • Wil Burns

        Jack, You Republicans seem to be counting on the voters having a short memory this election year. You don’t want them to remember that Republicans were the ones who crashed the economy. You don’t want them to remember that Republicans started two wars that we are still paying for. You don’t want them to remember that bank bailouts (TARP) happened on Bush’s watch. Now do you?

        • Charlotte Waring

          Wil, The Republicans did not crash the economy. Both parties are responsible for the problems in Washington. Politicians of both parties waste our money, and kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with.

          Well, we are now out of road. We’re on the path to bankruptcy. Thank you to the Democrats and the Republicans. You’ve failed all of us. And we, the people, have failed to do our duty in overseeing government.

        • Jack Davis

          As I told you before, Wil…and you’re STILL not listening…you need to research Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the CRA, Jimmy Carter and how ACORN strong-armed banks to make risky loans to people who couldn’t meet their mortgage obligations. Oh, and don’t forget Franklin Raines’ contribution to the mess.

          Thanks to the aforementioned players, we got the mortgage-based derivatives that lead to the mortgage meltdown which put our whole economic system at risk…but of course YOU don’t want to go there.

          Know something? Neither do I. After all, if you read my list, you’ll see the damage that Obama is doing to the country today.

          Another suprise for you, Wil, is that not everyone disgusted with Obama is a Republican. Last I heard, Independents were deserting Obama in droves. No surprise there.

          So…Wil…what’s that you always say? “Graze peacefully”? You are SO much the ostrich, pal. Head in the sand; looking back in time; it would behoove you to get current.

          • Kate

            Therefore, it seems good to have more controls on the big banks and their risks. As far as I know, most small bankers did not even know, how poisonous things they were selling to their investing customers. What exactly were the big banks CEO’s thinking, while they became so creative in hiding the risks? The risks might dissapear by some sort of miracle if you distribute them far away? Someone should be punished for this deliberate big damage. Nobody really forced the banks to give loans and credits to people, that could not possibly pay them back. And certainly nobody forced the banks to hide the risks in some derivates and derivates of the derivates. If nobody gets punished for this criminal act, and instead the bankers pay themselfs immoral benefits, how can we ever trust them again?
            The other question is, how do we change the system without damaging it further…

          • Wil Burns

            Jack, Your man Bush crashed the economy. Obama is trying to get it back on track!

            Graze peacefully!

          • Jack Davis

            As I told you before, Wil…and you’re STILL not listening…you need to research Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the CRA, Jimmy Carter and how ACORN strong-armed banks to make risky loans to people who couldn’t meet their mortgage obligations. Oh, and don’t forget Franklin Raines’ contribution to the mess.

            Thanks to the aforementioned players, we got the mortgage-based derivatives that lead to the mortgage meltdown which put our whole economic system at risk…but of course YOU don’t want to go there.

          • Kate

            I recently read an interview with Vernon Lomax Smith on his experiments of economy. It is interesting and worth reading with more details than I can give here. He also mentions Professor Gary Becker, who apparently said last year, that it is important to recognize the reasons and mechanisms of poverty in order to solve the problem. From what I understood, Vernon Smith says that all deep crises were caused by unresolved problems with mortgage market. It seems, that his students learn to deal with the problem of market bubbles in 3 turns of his experiment. The present crisis was caused by the fact, that the old bankers that had dealt with the crisis of 1927-30 are not in the market anymore and the present bankers are not experienced enough to handle it. This is quite a new aspect: we are doomed to make the same mistakes in the course of history, because they are too far away from each other and the experience of problem solving cannot be passed through. This, although we have books and reports on it…???

    • Henry

      Wil, since when has the Lamestream Media ever “elevated” Dubya? Please provide examples, if you can. Unlike Dubya, the Anointed One was elevated to rock star status by the LMS. That is why all the focus is on him now since he’s currently in the hot seat as we speak. Dubya had his turn; now it’s the Anointed One’s turn to face public scrutiny. No changing the subject, like you always seem to do, OK?

    • Ron Kean

      Bush again?

      You’ve finally run out of things to say.

    • EddieD_Boston

      The mainstream media gave us Bush? WTF? Wil, what day is it in your little world?

      • Troy

        Why does no one realize that the TARP funds meted out during the Bush administration have been PAID BACK, with interest. That was the type of bailout that was reasonable. Except of course instead of going back into the general fund to pay down the deficit, Mr. Obama is using the money as a sort of slush fund. He will eventually spend it all on whatever he wishes. Already he is proposing billions for a real estate bailout in Nevada. Hmmm, which democratic politician is in trouble in that state? It is going to be used as a huge campaign slush fund to buy votes whereever dems are in trouble.
        If you look at real numbers, since the money was paid back, you have to subtract over 500 billion from Bushes last budget deficit and since he is not putting it back to pay down the debt but instead treating it as a federal revenue, you need to add that same money to Obama’s deficit for 2009.

  • Jack Davis

    Disagree, Bernie. The media did Obama a HUGE favor when they deified him. They gave Obama what he wanted: the presidency of the United States.

    Borrowing from Winston Churchill, it may be said, “Never in the course of American politics was so much done so wrong by so many, and reported honestly and truthfully by so few.”

    Thank you for being one of the few.

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Jack, the media may have given Obama the Presidency, but he’ll be remembered as a failure, as an inexperienced man with more style than substance who rose to the highest office in the land and then squandered his opportunities.

      I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when he decided his fate was to lead the greatest nation in the world.

      • Jack Davis

        You’re right, Jana. That’s NOT what Obama had in mind–and there are two reasons for that: He broke two cardinal rules. 1) Keep your feet on the ground though friends flatter you. 2) Don’t believe your own PR.

        Obama WILL be remembered as a failure. You’re absolutely on point with that observation.

        • Jana, St. Louis

          Jack, when Obama began his campaign for President, my 76-year old mother predicted that arrogance would be his downfall, if he got elected. It appears that her prediction might come true. I think this guy was believing his own PR when he was ten years old.

          • Jack Davis

            LOL, Jana! Ten years old, indeed!

      • juju bea

        I’m sorry Jana, but I beg to differ on one comment you just made……HBO has no style… and his substance is polluted….all smoke, mirrors, and teleprompters……He has never had a real job. He’s a rabble-rouser of the worst kind….he seeks to destroy and not build because he’s never built anything in his life….

        • Jana, St. Louis

          juju bea, my mother calls him an “onion” – peel away the layers and there’s nothing there! You’re right about him never having built anything in his entire life. But then why would he? He’s a socialist sympathizer. He believes in spreading the wealth around, not creating it.

          Maybe you’re right about the style, but I had to give him something! And you have to admit – the fake black preacher accent is pretty good. But not nearly as good as Nancy Pelosi’s fake, upper crust semi-English accent.

          • Troy

            You just have to wonder about the ego of someone who writes 2 memiors by the time he is in his early 40’s, and has really accomplished nothing of significance in their life.

  • Ron Kean

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    And it can’t come too soon for the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania.

    • Jana, St. Louis


      I don’t think Barack ever considered the possibility of falling. And apparently he never heard the old adage: “Be nice to your adversaries on the way up because you’re going to meet them again on the way down.”

  • Bruce A.

    I seem to remember the same news media falling in love & all over Jimmy Carter.
    Another Washington outsider, he was passed off as a simple peanut farmer & did have experience as a Govenor. From all indications our current President has no experience as the head of any enterprise, not even a lemonade stand. I can even remember the same people now who voted for Carter & Obama expressing the same buyers regret.

  • Ted K

    What will Hollywood put together, in a few years from now, when they are making “The Obama Story”? Where will they say he was from, what schools did he attend, and most of all, WHAT DID HE ACCOMLPISH?

  • EddieD_Boston

    My take is that 10-15 years ago when talk radio became a political force by contradicting the left-leaning mainstream media the mainstream media became even more biased because of a natural inclination to fight harder for their cause/agenda when faced with opposition for the first time.

    • Jackie

      Exactly. With the advent of talk radio and Fox News, the MSM can no longer control the message. They can’t decided what stories get covered and what stories remain hidden because there are cameras and microphones everywhere, the Internet where anybody can become a blogger, and because there are citizen journalists out there like the 2 kids who did the ACORN exposes. If you’ll remember, the videos of Reverend Jeremiah Wright were ignored by the MSM for a long time. Then they were posted all over the Internet, and the MSM had to respond. And how did they respond? Not by asking Barack Obama WHY he remained in a racist, anti-American church for 20 years, but by insinuating that people who brought up the Reverend Wright issue were themselves racist.

  • Ken Besig Israel

    I only wish that Barack Obama was an old time horse trading political hack because if he was he would probably have realized that his most important and immediate task would be to do whatever it takes to get America’s unemployed back to work. Instead Bernie, Barack Obama has been wasting his time and America’s money on such esoteric and unnecessary things like health care reform, climate change and save the planet, building bridges to the Moslem world, and saving the financial institutions when he should be concentrating on cutting taxes on everything especially small businesses and stopping Federal government deficit spending immediately.
    A real small time Chicago political hack would have done these things as soon as possible on taking office, if only to show his good faith to the ward bosses who got out the vote for him.
    Bernie, Barack Obama’s problem is that he is neither a political hack nor the Second Coming, Barack Obama’s real problem is that he is inept, incompetent, and unfit for leadership on the scale of the American Presidency.

    • Wil Burns

      The recession, though devastating, will pass. But rising health care costs as boomers age may bring lasting harm to this generation’s financial well-being. By the time all boomers are 65, the senior population will have grown from 40 million now to about 72 million. Who will pay their medical bills?

      The strain that the burden of caring for aging boomers will put on the health care system could overwhelm the economy. If current trends continue, in 20 years almost a third of everything we spend on goods and services will be spent on medical care.

      • HotJavaJack

        And the current House and Senate bills do nothing but add to the bureaucracy and increase costs. And, more on topic, his holiness the high lord Obama is just fine with that and the media is going right along with the impending train wreck because they led the coronation in the first place.

      • CCNV

        I, for one, find it absolutely horrendous to complain about our Senior Citizens – and those ‘on their way there’! If anyone deserves a handout (food stamps, etc.), it’s those who have PAID their dues!! But, our Seniors are much too proud to take a handout. They will manage to survive on what little funds they can get from Medicare…until the Goverment redistributes that as well.

        On the other hand, look around and see how many 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients are out there now. Why can’t they pick up trash along the highways to ‘earn their keep’? There are NO incentives for these people to become productive members of society. Frankly, I am tapped out financially. No more Government programs. I suggest we all choose someone we WANT to support.

        God help us all…

        • gringo

          You know, CCNV, that Mr. K. Marx was half-right – there is a class struggle, and it is between the working class and the non-working class.
          But here and now the “non-working” class is not the land-owner, the capitalist, the employer, not even those who are out of a job but looking. It is those who refuse to work.

          And there are those who project themselves as pro-worker but depend on the votes of “refuseniks” (3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients, etc.) They cynically appeal to the hard-done-by-worker but ensure first that they continue to get the votes of the non-worker (NO incentives for these people to become productive, etc.)
          Yes, they are part of the class struggle – as if they were in Russia in Mr. Marx’s times – but this time they are absolutely against, and sworn enemies of, the real working class.

      • Jeff

        Congratulations, Wil! You managed to post a comment without obsessing about President Bush.

        You’re still wrong, as usual, but at least there’s some baby steps here.

      • Ken Besig Israel

        It is so easy to cynically sweep unemployed people and their problems under the rug with expressions like “the recession will pass,” and move on to a more appealing and hot button topics like health care. It reminds me of the not so funny joke that when my neighbor loses his job it’s a recession, but when I lose mine it’s a depression.
        Health and physical well being are something that we take for granted and which are subject to factors like genes, environment, and other factors many of which are beyond our control. The destruction of families, the loss of homes, the psychic damage to children are all outcomes of long term unemployment, and this is actually a phenomenon that we have a lot of control over.
        Again, if Barack Obama was even a moderately qualified politician with even a rudimentary understanding of economics, he would have devoted every minute of the past year to getting America back to work rather than wasting his political capital on such fine sounding but ultimately useless and counterproductive policies like health care reform, climate change, foreign relations, or the site of the Olympic games.
        Clearly Barack Obama has no idea how to focus, nor do his advisors. Barack Obama has no idea how the Executive branch leads the Legislative branch into turning policy into law, even when Obama’s Democratic Party has an overwhelming majority in both the House and the Senate.
        Barack Obama is not competent to lead America, not competent to lead his own party, and is entirely inept in anything connected with international leadership.
        With God’s grace and large helping of luck, Barack Obama will spend the remainder of his Presidency sitting in the Oval Office looking in the mirror and telling himself, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, and his wife Michelle what a great guy Barack Obama is and let mature adults run the country.

      • stmichrick


        It appears WE (the government) will pay their medical bills.

        How does funneling more and more of the bill to the government (the ‘single payor’) bring down costs?

        Oh; I know! By cutting reimbursements to providers! Who will continue to provide the same quality care at a lower rate! And by giving people fewer choices of (evil) insurance providers by cutting their obscene (2%) profits.

        I’m so relieved.

        • Troy

          Well Wil was right about the problem and the fact it is going to grow, but as usual he is completely wrong about how to solve it. How the hell does telling someone how much you will pay them for a service going to solve a problem. That is the dumbest thing ever. Price controls never work. Does anyone remember the rolling blackouts in California a few years ago? That was a direct result of price controls. Why the hell would you open a hospital or be a doctor or anything else in the medical field if you are told you are only going to be paid a certain amount which will most likely result in a financial loss for you. By Wils theory lets just tell all the car companies they have to sell their new vehicles for 50 cents. Hell yeah, everyone gets a new car. Before you post you should have a slight clue about economics.

  • Jackie

    Bernie, ‘slobbering’ hardly describes it. I’ve got more respect for twenty-dollar crack whores who sell their children into white slavery than I do for the Katie Courics of the world. Especially Brian Williams, who outdid all his slobbering colleagues when he bowed to the President at the White House. What a cringe-inducing moment that was!

  • Kate

    If you mean really mean it: who do you vote for in the next election? some sort of Henry Ford, Bill Gates, the richest banker on the Wall Street??? Do you see on the political horizon anyone suitable who would work with full engagement for the american people with all the jounalists on his neck, critisising him no matter what he does??? The media (liberal/republican, left/right) are not informing anymore, but permanently bring short term panic news into the world. Really, we would be far far better of, if we just switch all media off. And then might realise, that things are not that bad.
    Bernie, you do not inform either, although you should know better according to your book Bias. If you know, and do something different, than you are far worse than your President. He won, because he was young and enthusiastic and full of energy, with the aim to fullfil all the promisses he made. Then he met the wall of reality of the White House.
    I suggest that you watch the british sequel ‘Yes, Minister’ and ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. It is very funny, but clearly shows, how impossible it is to flogg the dead mare of administration into some reasonable action… It is valid for all democratic countries worldwide.

    • Mark

      Un fortunately all those promises turned out to be lies.

    • Xian Do

      Bernard Goldberg is indeed a journalist.
      However, this is not a news forum.
      This is a commentary forum…and Mr. Goldberg provides valuable insight and an experienced perspective on a subject matter that, for years and decades, was dismissed as extremist hysteria:

      The lack of objectivity and impartiality in a Global Media enterprise that cloaks itself in the mantle of fairness and truth.

      It was Mr. Goldberg’s courage and determination to uphold those journalistic principles that motivated him to write his book BIAS.
      It was BIAS that finally brought the long-dismissed issue to the fore.
      And as long as such examples of media bias, distortions, and outright propaganda continue to infest the hallowed halls of journalism, he will continue to shine a light upon such transgressions for all to see.

      I’m imagine that if there ever comes a day when such agenda-driven bastardizations of the news are a thing of the past, Mr. Goldberg might gladly return to straight reporting of the days events.

      If Mr. Goldberg does as you suggest and stop what he’s doing because you think he’s worse than President Obama…well that’s precisely what Obama and the Lamestream Media want him to do.

      Me? I hope Mr. Goldberg never gives up.

    • Nancy


      Part of our current problem is that too many have taken your suggestion and switched all media off, coming to the erroneous conclusion that “things are not that bad”. The role of the media is to INFORM OBJECTIVELY. Bernie is a watchdog and I, like Xian and so many, am thankful that there is someone still connected and interested enough to attempt to apply some quality assurance to the trade. Bernie was in the trenches, and I recall his reports on the news which by the way, were professional and unbiased, always. Without oversight, the media would merely be a propaganda playground –as it was in the novel 1984, as it was in reality in Hitler’s Germany. And in both cases, Kate, fiction and nonfiction, things were THAT bad.

      • Kate

        Well, well. You are right, Bernie is a respected person, doing a good job. And as every respected person with a loud and clear voice he is some sort of leader, such as the one of the public opinion. And as such a leader, he seems responsible (at least to me) for what he publishes and requires from others. I do not know if you remember, how the political activists against the war in Vietnam, who called the returning soldiers murderers etc etc., a few generations later said, that it was their right to be wrong, because they were young and inexperienced. I do not know if this is an excuse. But I too was young at that time and it was a great time, very optimistic and full of exciting rebels, but it never came to my mind to consider the war against communism as wrong. Bernie is about 2 generations late with his criticism of the liberal media (which he even admits somewhere)…
        The real war he should be leading now is i.e.: against the lobbyists, that buy votes for whoever suitable to whomever, that the voter does not know, nor his motivation. Against the greedy young arrogant men and women, that have no respect for anybodys else property but theirs. How can we secure some sort of peace in Irak and Afghanistan? I have no idea, how a problem of the dimension of the last economic depression could happen, and I have no idea, how it can be solved, but this is, what I would like to hear-read from the experts and media, left and right, and then read-hear a founded comment on that matter. Instead I read some sort of hick hack about Obama and if his promises are possible to be kept. Can you imagine a campain, where the future President promises ‘blood, sweat and tears’ and wins the election??? Again, no matter who is President (democrate or republican) of the States, he cannot solve the problems alone. Those times are very long over. We are all in the same boat, if we intend to remain prosperous.

        • Wil Burns

          Kate says:
          March 4, 2010 at 10:55 am
          Well, well. You are right, Bernie is a respected person, doing a good job.>>

          No Kate, Bernie is an opportunist! His first book was BIAS, pushing the premise that *all* media outlets are biased and dishonest. (Of course, we need to remember Bernie was quite happy cashing paychecks from his employers at CBS and being the frontispiece on shows like ’48 Hours’ for many, many years.)

          • Brian

            Correction Wil, if you read Bernie’s book, BIAS, it was written after he wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal about how CBS, i.e., Dan Rather, was distorting the news in a liberal way (e.g., from the years of 1981-1993 poverty was a huge problem in America, however, in 1993, no one was poor according to the media outlets).

            After that, Rather never forgave him for exposing CBS for what it was doing. Yes, he may have been an opportunist in writing the book, but the exposing piece in the WSJ was not an opportunistic shot for money, it was very controversial and created a rift between himself and Rather that was never repaired … I’m actually kind of surprised it didn’t cost him his career.

            And, one final point, what ended up costing Rather and Mary Mapes their careers? I think Bernie was right regardless of his so-called “opportunist[ic]” sensibilities.

          • Jana, St. Louis

            Wil, you’re delusional, as usual. Bernie Goldberg is a hero because he had the guts to point out the left-wing bias in the lamestream media when other people either ignored it or simply accepted it. And I doubt that he was “quite happy cashing paychecks” at CBS. He was probably miserable, and that’s why he got the hell out of CBS.

      • Wil Burns

        Nancy, The point of the big lie that the news media has a liberal bias is perpetrated, so conservatives can then out of hand disregard any negative things said about conservatives. Sadly, it has worked!

        • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

          You’ve been listening to too much Noam Chomskey. The media is liberal, a majority vote Democrat and prefer bigger government. How is that distorted, or are you just too biased to admit it? I vote the latter.

  • Michael

    You forgot to mention “not post-racial”.

    • Dianne from PA

      hey, you took my line!

  • Kathie Ampela

    I have to thank the lamestream media for their Obama worship. With their help, we have the Tea Party movement. People are more involved with their government than I can ever remember in my lifetime. People are paying attention more than ever before. Old Media have rendered themselves obsolete. We have the rise of New Media. People can get their news/information on their OWN terms. We DO have change we can believe in – we did it ourselves. I give a hearty THANKS to the lamestream media. We couldn’t have done it without your help :)

    • Ron Kean

      Good point Kathie. We can thank the MSM for the credibility of the internet. But the internet mooches from the mainstream media. It’s like birds picking at and cleaning a gazelle in the jungle. I’m curious about the time when the internet is wholly original in content. It is a little now. But mostly it collects from the MSM so the MSM is needed in that way.

      • Kathie Ampela

        It’s true the internet lifts stories from certain MSM sources (i.e. AP, The Washington Times, etc.) But there is also original content that the liberal media either misses or willfuly ignores. (see ACORN corruption story) Certain internet sites do a more thorough analysis than the MSM. Here is something I found on American Thinker (just using this as an example):

        In all fairness, the MSM can’t compete with the net merely because of the vastness of it. But it does force them to be honest. Why go to a media outlet you don’t trust, when you can surf the net and find both ‘lifting’ of stories from other sources and original content? The downside is that it’s time consuming. That’s one of the reasons why Fox News is invaluable.

  • Robert

    The lamestream media did not forsee the economic meltdown caused by the insane lending and investment practices of the major fiancial institutions. They did not see that their access to America was going to ve crippled by wholesale layoff’s of writters, closing of newsrooms and bureaus’s accross the country and the world. They would not have the power to keep the Obama fairy tale alive. Nor, I believe, did they consider the relentless tracking of Obama’s campaign promises as they were broken, or severly bent, one after another. Without their almost total contorl of content based in historical terms the emporer’s clothes were not just seen to be gone but were shown to be non-esictant in the first place.

  • Henry

    “Now the American people are seeing that he’s not transformational, not post-partisan, not post-political — all the wonderful things he claimed to be, with hardly a raised eyebrow by his pals in the slobbering media.”

    If the American people, in general, had looked deep into his record long before he got elected, they should’ve been at least troubled by his associations with Bill Ayers and, of course, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They probably would’ve also discovered that, apart from being a Senator of Illinois, he’s never ran a business/corporation nor been governor of a state. Yet despite that, people voted for him partly because of his gifted oratory skills (in my humble opinion) and partly because the media elevated him to rock star status. The point I’m trying to make is that if people really did their research before the election, they would’ve found that he wasn’t all that he was cracked up to be!

  • Tommy

    Too bad the media isn’t leaving him. In this story – – here’s what the AP says about Obama’s health care plan:

    “At its core, Obama’s proposal would extend health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans while cracking down on insurance company practices such as denying coverage on the basis of a pre-existing medical condition.”

    In other words: “It’s a perfect plan, people! Why don’t you see that? Come on, Republicans, change your votes over to his side!”

    And you know what, I bet Obama does get his health care thing through. Just like how that one guy about 10 years ago switched from being a Republican to an independent just to screw over the Republicans, something similar’s going to happen and he’s going to get it through. Then the media will hail him as the savior of millions.