Badger State Brawl

Over the past year, Wisconsin has produced more than its share of Republican heroes. Governor Scott Walker faced down public-employee unions, and faces a well-funded recall attempt as a result. Newly minted U.S. senator Ron Johnson has been a leading voice against excessive debt and the dangers of Obamacare. Conservative Wisconsinites want Representative Paul Ryan elected president of the world — and if another planet is discovered with life on it, they would elect him president of that one, too.

It stands to reason, then, that the Republican presidential primary to be held on April 3 is a mere undercard to all the other action in the state — most notably the Walker recall on June 5. But even though the presidential race may not be on the tip of every cheesehead’s tongue, the state GOP will grant someone its 42 delegates next Tuesday. And come November, it will be one of the handful of states that determines who will be filling out the official presidential March Madness bracket next year.

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