Barack Obama is Different — and Other Lies

It seems like only yesterday when we were told that ObamaCare was dead.  Remember?  It was the conventional wisdom which came down to us right after Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican, was elected to fill the U.S. Senate seat that had been long held by Teddy Kennedy.  With Brown’s election, the Democrats no longer had a 60-vote filibuster-proof Senate.  You remember all that, right?

Well, so much for conventional wisdom.

And remember, a while back, when Bill Clinton told us that the “era of big government is over”?

Too bad he forgot to tell that to Presidents Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

And while we’re traipsing along Memory Lane, perhaps you’ll recall when Barack Obama told the American people that 50-plus-one was not good enough for him – not when it came to big, important legislation … like healthcare reform.

And he meant it.  Right up until he didn’t.

He also told us ObamaCare would bring down the cost of healthcare.  Tell me when you stop laughing.

And he promised each and every one of us that under ObamaCare, if we were happy with our insurance plan, we could keep it.  Really?  What happens when the company you work for finds out it’s cheaper to pay the fine than pay for everyone’s insurance?  Well, Bunky, what happens is you get booted from the insurance plan you like.

But Obama was close.  He said you can keep it.  In reality you can’t keep it.  Hey,  let’s not make a big deal over an apostrophe and the letter “t”.

During the campaign, candidate Obama said the “public will have five days to look at every bill that lands on my desk” before he signs it into law.  He signed ObamaCare 36 hours after it was passed.  What’s 3 and 1/2 days among friends?

But the biggest lie of all was that Barack Obama was different from all the pols who came before him.  This wasn’t Carter or Mondale or Dukakis or Gore or Kerry, we were told.  When we looked at Obama we were seeing the future.  And with the help of his loyal base, the lamestream media, we were fed a fairy tale about how the Great Barack Obama was post-partisan.  They told us that if we elected him we’d be “turning a new page.”  They portrayed him as a messiah, a saint, and as Evan Thomas, the resident thinker at Newsweek put it,  “a sort of god,”  Barack Obama, according to Barack Obama and his pals in the press, was a transformational figure in American politics.

Now we learn that all this is close to the truth, but not quite the truth.  In reality, he’s not a new politician.  He’s an old politician.  And he’s not post-partisan.  He’s partisan.  The fact is Barack Obama is nothing more than an old style Chicago politician with a nice smile.

Oh yeah, now we’re being told that by November the American people will forget all about how he got healthcare reform passed into law.  How he rammed it through both houses of congress.  That no one really cares about “process” – which in this case means buying off senators for their votes, giving your union pals a big tax break, and giving God-knows-what to Congressman Stupak for selling out his principles.

In other words, by Election Day we morons will be so thrilled with the benefits of ObamaCare that our anger over the whole sordid mess will be gone and the election won’t be a bloodbath for the Democrats.  Normally I don’t repeat myself in the same column, but tell me when you stop laughing.

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  • Elias

    Thank you Mr. Goldberg.

    “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12)
    Gracious Lord, I humbly ask You to bless our Nation, and all creatures who honor Your name!

    • Ronda Feuerstack

      If you dig a pit for your neighbor, you will fall into it…

      Double minded man speaking with forked tongue inevitably to be accosted by feathered creatures returning home to roost.
      “Lamestream Media” sacrifice truth on the altar of delusional infatuation. The cost is grievous. It is time for AMERICA TO BLESS GOD!

      Indeed! Thank you Mr. Goldberg!
      Elias, thank you for the truth of Psalm 33:12 & the humility of your prayer.

  • James Cain

    In the more than two cenutries of our republic, we have never had a bad President, incompetent, but not outright corrupt.
    For the first time in my soon to be 72 years, I’m afraid of the administration in power.
    A man who seals his academic record and will not perform the simple act of providing a birth certificate, not birth registration, which states at which hospital he was born, the time of his birth, and the signature of the doctor who delivered him, is not a man to be trusted.
    I no longer listen to his speeches because he is, for certain, a political pragmatist of the worst sort. Just as Hitler repeatedly told the German people he did not want war, he planned for and executed it.
    What, in the dark mind of Obama, does he really want to “transform” America into being? I’ve seen enough to know it isn’t anything I want.

    • John H.

      Geez, do you know anything about Hitler other than he was a very, very, very bad man? Have you ever read a book about what went on during his 12-year reign? Or what was going on in Germany before and during his rise?

      You might try cracking open a book. They’re free at that socialized place we call a library.

      And when I write “book,” I don’t mean “comic” book.

      Your ignorance is blinding. But not to me. To you.

  • Chaim

    Obama could have walked on water and Bernard would have found fault with that.

    • Jesse D. Orozco

      Hilarious! I said the same thing about the media and Bush for the 8 years of his Presidency. What do ya know!

  • Chaim

    Hail to the Tea Party. No more taxes. No more prisons for criminals. No more schools. No more traffic lights. No more government handouts to the rich. No more …………………………..

    • chas

      Chaim, You and the lefts responses are tiring. You imply tea party people want no taxes. That is such a simplistic argument that your ignorance is no longer in doubt. We don’t object to paying taxes, we object to the wasteful and corrupt uses much of our tax dollars go to. We object to the insane deficit’s that congress and this administration are racking up. I was pissed off when Bush and the Repubs were racking up 300 to 500 BILLION dollar deficits. Well the Dems have trumped that in spades. Now we’re talking about TRILLION dollar deficits with no end in sight. Once they push through the VAT even the poor will feel the bite. Then say good bye to our way of life as we know it. We’ll be just like Europe, and isn’t that what all you freaks want anyway. Our grandchildren will pay for your ignorant blind obedience to the annointed one. Oh by the way…Thanks Obama!

  • Armageddon

    Obama’s agenda:
    Obama wishes to weaken the US, financially, immigration-wise and militarily, up to the point where the US will no longer be able or be interested to be a military superpower in this world. When this will happen, someone will have to bail out the US.
    The rich Arab/Muslim investstors will be America savers, they will come to help the US out, and the rest is history.
    And this is my prediction, I hope I am wrong, we’ll see.

  • joedee1969

    When there is no money to pay for ObamaCare they will tell you that the bill is to big too fail. Until we take on the theory of too big to fail, it will always be used as a stick to rob the treasury:

    • John H.

      Yeah! Just look at how real – national health care is killing the other 29 industrialized countries … oh wait, our health care has been killing us. And charging a premium for the privilege.

      Of these 30 nations, we are No. 1 – in per capita spending for health care – and we’re paying twice the average.

      And what do we get for our hard-earned money? Deadly medical incompetence and rationing (where have I heard that word before?) by insurance company bureaucrats.

      Among the 30 nations, some U.S. rankings:
      • hospital beds per capita – 26th
      • life expectancy – 22nd
      • death rate from medical errors – 28th
      • infant mortality rate – 28th

      But, hey, in that last one, we’re just a few dead babies behind Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

      Don’t believe it? It’s been in all the papers. Here’s just one of many sources:

      Still don’t believe it? OK, I admit some birthers just can’t be convinced of anything reasonable.

      • Nancy

        Hmm, and where do we rank in the world in numbers of abortions per capita? Or does the thought of dead babies only suit you when it is used to advance your liberal views?

        • John H.

          Hmm, and what on earth does abortion have to do with national health care? Or do you simply parrot your abortion response to every comment that counters your warped view of the world?

          But while we are on the subject of abortion, why is it that most of those who are “pro-life” care so much for people before they’re born but so little for them after? With estimates as high as 45,000 Americans dying each year because of our inept health care system, this should be a cause célèbre.

          (The Catholic Church, to its credit, does support national health care.)

          BTW, I couldn’t help but notice you failed to counter the facts of how our failed health care system trails nearly all of the other industrialzed nations. You didn’t even to try. Typical. Hmm.

          • Nancy


            Why is it that when challenged, liberals almost always (certainly in this case), become overly hostile and verbally denigrating? Here you go John H. You failed to read the last paragraph of the report you cited as “evidence”. Here it is for clarification:
            Health Outcomes. The United States has the third-highest percentage of the
            population that reports their health status as being “good,” “very good,” or
            “excellent” (Figure 23). However, the United States has below-average life
            expectancy (Figure 24) and mortality rates (Table 5). The United States has the
            third-highest rate of deaths from medical errors (Figure 25) and the highest infant
            mortality rate among the eight countries that report this metric similarly (Figure 26).
            However, such measures are often subjective or limited by differing measurement
            methodologies. They may also reflect fundamental population differences (in
            underlying health, for example) rather than differences in countries’ health care
            systems. These are just some of the difficult research issues facing international
            comparisons like those used in this report.

          • John H.


            Permit me to begin by apologizing. Perhaps I was overly hostile and verbally denigrating to you. Now if that kind of behavior so upsets you, you might want to drop a note to Bernie Goldberg. Have you ever heard the guy? (Psst … this is his Web site.)

            Still, I should have let the facts speak for themselves. And you made a fair counterpoint. In the final paragraph that you included, Americans do score high in feeling healthy (Figure 23). But that 89% is based on self-reporting. In all of the following scores that you included, the US ranks from bad to awful.

            Yes, there are difficulties in cross-country measuring, which means the US health care system could conceivably be better – or worse, though that’s almost hard to imagine.

            Life expectancy, however, is easy to measure and compare. Americans do die younger, on average. And not only do we rank 30 out of 30 in per capita costs but our costs are 20% higher than No. 29. We are so far back that better measuring might show we’re only 10% or even 5% higher than No. 29.

            If the US were ranked at the top of most categories, certainly those opposed to national health care would parade the results from coast to coast – without hesitation.

            All the evidence suggests that, of the 30 industrialized nations, the US pays far more and get far less from its health care system.

  • Buz Chertok

    During the course of the amendment process in the just completed senate so-called reconcilliation debate, the republicans put forth a series which addressed remedies for just about all future instances where the results of the health care legislation depart from Obama’s oft repeated promises. Not unexpectedly, the dems defeated them. If,somehow,the public were to be made aware of this simple damning fact there would be absolutely no question as to the inevitable defeat of all of the dishonest fools that voted for it as well as Obama himself because just about everything he promised was an out and out lie. An honest media would ensure this but, then again, an honest media would have prevented the passage of this abomination in the first place. Hopefully,the public will wake up and throw the political bums out despite the media bums.

  • MerchantofVenom

    So far 14 Attorney General’s are going to file a law suit against this healthcare bill. I’m sure in a few days there will be more. It will be an up hill battle but there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Strangely, the ray of light glows from the anointed one himself.

    Recently the Messiah gave the SOTU. If you remember in that speech the Supremes were sitting directly in front of him in their robes, and sat there, while the Messiah reamed them a new one, ridiculing them in front of cheering liberal dogs for its decision on campaign finance.

    If this lawsuit goes all the way to the Supreme Court lets hope and pray they have a long memory.

    • Jack Davis

      The states’ attorneys general and their staffs, David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Lee A. Casey will give Obama’s Justice Department a run for its money.

      We also have the 2010 midterms and the 2012 general election to turn things around. So Obamacare is NOT a done deal by any means.

      See you in November.

      • Jana, St. Louis

        Jack, as an ex-Democrat, I’m with you all the way!!! I’ll be voting Republican, working for Republican candidates and have already started donating to Republican candidates, starting with Scott Brown.


        • Jack Davis

          Exactly, Jana: Repeal and replace. Might take two elections to do it–2010 and 2012–but the American people WILL be heard on this issue.

  • CCNV

    Now Obama is running around the world telling everyone else how to run THEIR country (more of your tax dollars at ‘work’). If he would get his nose out of everyone else’s business and stop stirring up hate and discontent against the US, maybe we could get down to the business of JOBS!?

    As for those Democraps whose sucker votes were ‘bought’: If you were able to see behind Obama’s back, my money is on the fact he had his fingers crossed while making promises – wait and see.

    Oh, and Wil, we all know you are a “Closet Conservative”. You’re only here to learn the facts. From now on, put your comments in the form of a question and we will tell you the truth about your Messiah. The truth shall set you free!

  • Ellie

    Socialism: participation is mandatory!

  • kimberly

    Yes we CON! That is not a misspelling.

  • Jana, St. Louis

    Bernie, Barack Obama did present himself as a “transformational” figure in American politics. That’s part of the reason he is gradually sinking in the polls. Now that we’ve had more than a year to think about it, most of us have come to conclusion that we don’t want America “transformed.” We want it “improved.” There’s a big difference.

  • Jana, St. Louis

    Poor, delusional Willie Burns
    Runs his mouth, but never learns.
    Koolaid is his favorite drink,
    Makes him forget how to think.
    Can’t admit his left-wing throng
    Read the country so very wrong.
    In 2012, when the Messiah’s voted out,
    He’ll rant and rave, whine and shout.
    When his wacko crew loses the fight,
    He’ll slither away into the dark night.
    And we’ll forget all about poor Willie Burns,
    The man who runs his mouth, but never learns.

  • Sitting Owl

    Well, the country has a bad cold and the “solution” from BIG GOV’T MAMA is to remove our lungs. Thus, we cannot BREATHE FREELY. Now, we have to live with built in increases in taxation and future hardships. We have to pay for unwanted and imperfect programs because the Congress and the President DEEMED it so ! Neither is without blame and lack of real leadership. Let’s head to the polls and remove these socialists before we go down six feet under !

  • Sitting Owl

    Well, well, well. The nation has a cold and the solution is to remove the lungs. How can we breathe FREE



    • Jana, St. Louis

      Keep telling yourself that. If you say it often enough, you may actually begin to believe it.

      • Bruce A.

        Check out medicare, govt. run & broke. No question something has to be done about the cost of insurance & care. This problem did not arise ovenight & it will not go away with the swipe of a pen. THERE IS NO MAGIC CURE.

    • Tim Ned

      I agree, most Americans want health care reform. But the vast majority did not ask or want the one delivered by the Democrats. We need fixing of health care, not a destruction of what is good in our health care system.

    • Jeff


      I typically view polls with some skepticism, but we’re seeing something pretty unusual now.
      Those were not “GOP polls.” In fact, every single major poll (Gallup, Rassmussen et al), most of which have a pretty liberal history, were consistently anti-Obamacare. Even the smaller ones from networks (not limited to FNC) were noticeably as such.
      Presidents don’t normally see their approval ratings plummet the way BO’s did by this point, and it’s uncommon to see a president’s key policy with across-the-board negative polls, with disapproval ranging from 54% to around 61%, after he was elected with 53% of the vote.

      Your grasp of facts appears consistent with your grasp of English.

      • Jana, St. Louis

        Jeff, please don’t confuse John with the facts. He gets his poll numbers from the Daily Kooks website – the same people who polled Martha Coakley as leading Scott Brown by a wide margin.

        I see that Wil Burns hasn’t yet commented on your post with his usual vitriol. Maybe his mother’s chased him out of the basement, and forced him to look for gainful employment.

        Let me save him the trouble of responding:

        1. You’re delusional.
        2. You’re hysterical.
        3. I prefer to ignore your polls.
        4. You’re a racist.
        5. Everything is George Bush’s fault.

  • KansasGirl

    Thanks Bernie, always appreciate your opinion. Now we need to stop financing these criminals.

  • joedee1969

    Mr. G, you hit the nail on this one.Your not the only one who see through things,check this guy out:

  • Jeff

    I have heard that there is some sort of federal funding as part of the bill to go toward union and community organiser pensions. Can anyone confirm this? Basically this is something that I have been thinking about because one of the KEY players in Obama Presidency is Andy Stern and SEIU. I have also heard I think from Glenn Beck that SEIU pension/health benefits are badly underwater and could swamp the union. So is there a “lil kickback” to this and other unions as more of the pork in this legislation?

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Jeff, absolutely nothing would surprise me about this bill. There is absolutely no lengths the Democrats won’t go to in order to implement their left-wing agenda. Ex-Democrats like myself are sickened by what has happened to the party. The Democratic Party used to be the “Party of the Common Man.” The new slogan should be, “The Party of the Socialist Wannabes.”

  • Perry

    Bernie, I guess you know now that conventional wisdom is no longer needed. if your not radical in your thinking, you just don’t matter.
    We all know what a liar this President, and congress is today. They have proved it for over a year now.
    I watched the interview with Stupak, when he was sure to vote against the bill. He was so confident he had the votes to stop this bill. then as I watched him flip, he could not even hold his head up straight and look people in the eyes. Made me want to puke.
    Just goes to show that they all are liars.

  • Bruce A.

    This is a mess. No money & it’s being thrown around Wash. D.C. like it’s water.
    Just pass me some Kool Aid, I can’t take it anymore.

  • MerchantofVenom

    The New Up and Down Vote

    And so it came to past in the year of our Lord 2010. Where a top of Capitol Hill stood the Messiah. The heavens parted and the sun shone majestically on the anointed one. The multitudes gazed up in awe; hungry for the words of the Messiah.

    “I come to you my brethren with all the problems I inherited to save you. Give me your sick and injured for I shall heal thee.”

    The anointed one waved a hand upon the multitudes. And spoke the words they longed to here.

    “I give thee healthcare. I am him and I deem it so”

    So it was said. So it was written.

  • Tommy

    With every passing moment this country becomes more liberal. You’ve got ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the New York Times and the AP doing everything in their power to keep Americans “informed” that Obama is right and Republicans are wrong. Professors in universities all across the nation are preaching their liberal propaganda to students. In order to get a B in a class, I was actually forced to write a paper on how much of a “conservative bias” the mainstream media has. When I stood up and said that was not the case, I got lectured for three straight classes by the professor. The mainstream media and professors are the real people in power in this country, and I don’t know if there’s a way to stop it.

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Tommy, You stop it by presenting your conservative ideas in a thoughtful, positive, rational way. I grew up in a Democratic household (now mostly Independent). For years I bought into the liberal way of thinking because no one ever challenged it (or I just wasn’t listening). When I started watching Fox News (in 2008, after the lamestream media treated Obama like he was the Messiah), I began to see a different point of view.

      If conservatives want to really get their message across, they will drop the “holier than thou” attitude, stop lecturing everyone else on morality, and concentrate on issues like fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, and the dangers of big government. Those are arguments that appeal to Independents, and win elections.

      • Kathie Ampela


        This is a great post, thanks! That’s the one aspect of conservatism that’s always turned me off-they become the morality police and tell everyone else how to live. Generally speaking, I don’t care how other people live. I think we have enough problems to work on, don’t you?


        • Jana, St. Louis

          Absolutely, Kathie. I hate it when Conservatives try to “out-Christian” the rest of the country. It’s not a winning proposition. Thank God Conservatives are beginning to realize that. Hopefully, more Republicans and Conservatives will present themselves like Bob McDonnell in Virginia did when he was running. He focused on fiscal restraint and jobs, and he got elected. No preaching, no holding himself up as morally superior to everybody else.

  • babe


  • BD Holte

    In the last 20 years it really does not seem to matter whether a democrat or a republican has their hand on the steering wheel. When it really get’s down to it, each of the party incumbents will do WHATEVER gets them re-elected, which means, they will make the decisions that brings campaign money to them.

    We will never have public servants in Washington, only career politicians, who will only play the game at high stakes, with the goal of destroying the other party. We will never see them propose and vote for term limits and this county NOW needs term limits more than ever. Only we, the voters can impose term limits. Anyone out there agree?

  • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Bernie, thought you might find this interesting, and it pertains to your article.


    BERNIE IS COMPLETELY CORRECT. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER put in the best context, “don’t listen to what Pres. Obama says, watch what he does, it’ll be the complete oposite”.

    • Ron Kean

      Victor Davis Hanson says the exact same thing as Krauthammer.

  • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Bernie, I’ve dealt with his BS since he was an Illinois State Senator. The biggest mistake in the history of the GOP was to allow Alan Keys to run against Obama in the 2004 US Senate Race. As a US Senate Barrack Obama voted present more times than he voted yes or no, and was not present for 314 roll call votes. Talk about representation. I live with Chicago politics in Springfield every single day. He is nothing but a Chicago politician. He is a demogogue, and idealogue, and an objective, partisan leftist who will do anything to change the world to fit his warped sense of reality.

    • stacy

      I agree Obama is an embarrassment to the people who live in the great state of Illinois. Our state has produced many great men, but Obama is not one of them. he is Richard Daley on steriods do what I want or I will force you to do what i want because I know whats best for everyone. He will do anything to change our country into his warped vision. We are in grave danger and all Americans should make sure that he is out as fast as possible so that we might stand a chance to repairing the damage he has done to the GREATEST NATION UNDER GOD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Kathie Ampela

    I feel like this country is under attack from the inside and on multiple fronts. National security, the economy and the culture – all under siege from the far left. I can’t see how this will end in a good way. And I’m really worried about what legislation they will ram through congress next, amnesty, cap and trade? What’s to stop them when they don’t care about political consequences? And they have the full support of our media. Can we make it to November?

    • Wil Burns

      Kathie , You’re being hysterical and appear to be not terribly well informed. The world hasn’t ended ,but the chances of the insurance company canceling your policy because of a tiny technicality once you get sick or, if you happen to drop your insurance altogether and wanted to pick some up again later, they won’t be able to discriminate against you because of a pre-existing condition.

      This may not be the best bill in the world but it does change the landscape and that’s more than enough. Unless, of course, you’re against it because it doesn’t maintain the status quo for all those poor hard working people like yourself.

      • Cap’n Eddie Ricketyback

        So, Burns, if you “happen” to drop your insurance and a few years later you develop some disease it’s OK by you that insurance companies will be forced to provide you insurance? And wot’s all this about “happening” to drop your insurance? Responsible people understand the importance of insurance against catastrophic illness and place a high priority on protecting themselves from ruin. Perhaps, God forbid, they will even go without that new car, wide screen TV, the latest iPod, etc., in order to buy insurance. But irresponsible people will go for the car, etc., instead of the insurance. And the rest of us will pay for it. Nice system of values you have there.

        • Brian

          To say that the worknig poor are buying new cars and electronics instead of buying health-care is absurd. I work in a mental health facility and if you do not have insurance and a child as a mental illness or eating disorder good luck to you. I’ve seen couples take out 2nd mortages to pay for treatment for their child or spouse. The plan is at least a start to ensure that the working poor can have something.

      • Jana, St. Louis

        Wil, how old are you? Twelve???? Someone post’s something you don’t like, and you accuse them of being “hysterical.” What’s that about? Do you think everyone who disagrees with you is hysterical? If so, that makes you the mental equivalent of a fourth-grader.

        And stop acting like Democrats are the only people in this country who want healthcare reform. Repeat after me: REPEAL AND REPLACE. REPEAL AND REPLACE. REPEAL AND REPLACE. Emphasis on the word REPLACE.

        BTW, your admission that the health spending law “isn’t the best bill in the world” is interesting. When we’re talking about the creation of a brand-new social program that amounts to one-sixth of our economy, shouldn’t it be the very best bill in the world?

        • Kirby

          Jana, don’t expect Wil to respond to your post. He can’t respond to a rational argument. He’ll either ignore you, attack your motivations or change the subject. But he’ll never respond directly to your questions or comments.

        • Wil Burns

          Jana, I hope your party runs their fall election with the battle cry “REPEAL AND REPLACE”. See how that works out for ya!

          • Jana, St. Louis

            Here are some other slogans they’ll use:



            HELLO VAT TAX!!!!!!

            BTW, Will, the Republicans aren’t “my party.” I’m an ex-Democrat, and now an Independent. You know about the Independents, don’t you? They’re the people who put Obama into office, and are now deserting him in droves. I guess you missed Virginia, New Jersey and Massachussetts.

          • Jana, St. Louis

            Try this slogan on for size: NO MORE APOLOGY TOURS

  • Wil Burns

    To Bernie and the doom and gloom crowd:

    OMG, we’re still here! The Seventh Seal did not open, floods and locusts have not plagued the land, the seven horsemen did not appear!

    According to conservatives Obama would instantly be turned into Adolf Hitler and the world would end!

    What happened to the prophecies?

    (watch some conservative will say something like “just wait.” Honestly implying that he thinks those things will actually happen shortly)

    I dunno, maybe some people might be better able to afford healthcare in a few years, but its not like we started an unnecessary war or anything…

    I know its crazy for a lot of you, but just bear with us, you’ll get your chance in the next election to change things if America wants to.

    But, to run on repealing healthcare reform, good luck with that!

    • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

      So, as usual, you create a straw man argument. How about addressing the topic of the article? To bad you can’t deny any of what Bernie wrote. Keep on smokin’ that peace pipe Wil.

      • Bernie

        Thanks Stephen … you expressed my thoughts, precisely. Not a word in his post has anything to do with my column. But that peace pipe must be filled with some good stuff.

      • Wil Burns

        Steve, To all you against the health care reform bill…where were the Republicans when Bush was in? How come they did nothing to correct the problems?Instead they spent over a trillion in Iraq,with no funding set aside for it.How come no one complained about this spending or all the lives that have been lost? How come the Republicans pushed through Medicare Part D that cost 389 billion with no funding for this,which has also pushed the debt to record levels? This bill does have funding and will bring down the debt over 2 trillion in the next 20 years according to the Congressional Budget Office which has member of both parties in it. Enjoy!

        • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

          So you move from one straw man to another. Do you have ADD?

          • Wil Burns

            Steve, Your trailer park mentality is starting to bore me!

          • Jana, St. Louis

            And you’re beginning to sound very angry, Wil. Why???? You should be basking in the glow of the health spending bill victory. Instead, you sound defensive. Could it be that you’re beginning to think about the law of unintended consequences? All the things that will inevitably go wrong with a 2700 page bill?

            Here’s something to keep you awake at night, Wil: The Democrats OWN Obamacare. Live with the consequences.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            Trailer park mentality? Is that the best you can come up with? You insult me all the while avoiding the issue. You’re a true class act Wil, and ignorant to boot!

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            O and Wil, youre website you have attached just shows how pathetic you are. You can’t back anything up with any type of formidable argument or actual evidence. You just insult and avoid the questions. You must lead a sad miserable life. Don’t be a downer for the rest of us.

          • Anonymous

            “This bill does have funding and will bring down the debt over 2 trillion in the next 20 years…”

            Hey Wil, always have to bring up Bush, don’t you? And do you honestly think the health care bill (which helped usher in Obamacare, for better or for worse) will bring down the debt by that much? Puh-LEEEZE!

        • Henry

          Hey Wil, let’s hope for your sake that there’s adequate coverage for treatment of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) under Obamacare (soon to be coming to everyone, like it or not). Obviously, you need treatment for it, and the sooner, the much better!

    • Tim Ned


      Recently I changed my policy for me and my wife to a high deductible which dropped my rates 60 percent. This type of policy will be illegal under the new health care plan. Do you really believe that socialist have the interest of the working folks in mind? Go live in Europe once like I have and you will find out.

      How do I know my plan will be illegal? I read the bill!!!

      • Jana, St. Louis


        Will Burns is too busy annoying people to respond to your question, so I’ll answer for him:

        1. It’s all George Bush’s fault.
        2. You’re a racist.

        • Tim Ned

          Thanks Jana for filling in. That is what I would expect from him!

  • Cap’n Eddie Ricketyback

    When I saw Stupak make this announcement:
    “I am pleased to announce we have an agreement…”

    I was reminded of another politician in another time announcing:
    “… and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine.”

    • Jack Davis

      EXCELLENT, Cap’n!

  • Ron Kean

    In one sense it’s not funny.

    I used to say all presidents lied. But I think Obama is as pathological as Hillary Clinton when she said that they had to make a corkscrew landing in Bosnia under fire and then CBS found the tape of that landing with a sweet little girl giving flowers.

    The fact is that the big majority of House members thought the bill was bad. If it takes millions of dollars to make you change your mind, then you really didn’t want it in the first place.

    But it’s history now and we can complain or put it behind us and resolve to go about the process of helping Republicans win in 8 months.

    What I continue to dislike most is Democrats who keep up the drumbeat of calling opponents ‘Racists’. That’s what makes me really angry.

    • Wil Burns

      Ron, This is great. This will secure 4 more years of Obama in the White House. He has done more good in the short time he has been here than that Joke, Bush did in 8 years. You can tell what kind of people the Republicans are by the way they yell out immature things in the House, real professionals, those people are.

      • Jeff

        If this is your way of proving that Obama is not just another shameless liar pol, Wil, it needs some work.

        Congrats on waiting until the third sentence to gripe about President Bush, though. Your therapist must be proud.

      • Ron Kean

        Bush again?

        • Wil Burns

          Yeah, Bush again! Check this out:

          Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s humanitarian visit to earthquake-torn Haiti. At about the 50-second mark you can clearly see George W. Bush, having taken all the hand-shaking he can handle, wipe his hand off on the back of Clinton’s shirt. You can almost hear him say “Yucky.”

          • Tim Ned

            some people gaze upon the heavens and imagine the possibilities. Others see UFO’s. It’s amazing that some see exactly what they are looking for. And you see in this video exactly what you want to see.

          • Jeff

            Wil, I realize this is directed at an IHC (intellectual honesty-challenged) person, but what the heck…

            First, every time you resort to the same old Bush-bashing, we see it for what it is: an admission that you can’t defend BO’s so-called governing on the merits.

            Second, except for a week or 2 after 9/11, President Bush was constantly slandered and insulted by the left for 8 years. It didn’t matter when he did something right. It didn’t matter when he reached across the aisle. It didn’t matter when democrats happened to be on the same page as he was on a particular subject. It didn’t matter that he treated them with far more respect than they deserved or offered.
            In other words, criticism of George Bush by you and the rest on the left was pretty much a joke then, and means even less now.

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Ron, you aren’t the only one who’s sick of the “you’re a racist if you oppose Obama” drumbeat. The thing I don’t understand is, why on earth are the Liberals doing it? Do they really think people are going to be cowered by being called racists? Do they think the American public is going to believe that charge? Do they think hurling the charge of racism makes them more sympathetic? If so, they’re really delusional. Calling me a racist because I don’t like Barack Obama’s big-government philosophy just makes me angry, and more determined to help defeat him.

  • Lev

    I am afraid that you grossly underestimate communists like Obama (you do not need to belong to a Communist Party to think and act as communist). The very idea that you can get something for nothing is very appealing. How many people are happy today to receive health care that they cannot or do not want to earn? It does not matter that tomorrow the country will do down the drain together with them. Today they are happy and in November they will vote for.
    In Russia Bolsheviks promised the peasants land and and the peasants brought them to power. Later Bolsheviks took the land back together with the peasants freedom creating the so called collective farms, but it was to late.
    In Germany Nazi came to power legally, through election and then they burned the Reichstag to blame political opponents and consolidate power ( Nazi were not communists, but difference is technical and tactic is not distinguishable).

    So beware.

  • Cap’n Eddie Ricketyback

    “There ain’t no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something. . . .All this talk about rules. . . .When the deal goes down . . . we make ’em up as we go along.” – Alcee Hastings, impeached federal judge and current Democrat member of the House of Representatives, on the Health Care Bill which was passed on March 21, 2010 (A Date Which Will Live in Infamy).

    This is a good example of the tactics used to accomplish this unlawful largest single transfer of wealth and power from individuals to government in this country’s history. As Tim Ned says above, look for amnesty for illegals next so that they may avoid paying the price for it.

  • Jack Davis

    (((Borrowing from Harry Truman here)))

    Come November, the Dems will experience a rain of ruin the like of which NEVER has been seen in the American political system.

  • Holly

    “Oh yeah, now we’re being told that by November the American people will forget all about how he got healthcare reform passed into law. ”

    Rahm said the same thing on 60 mins Sunday night and I had a nice guffaw. regardless of what monstrosities Dems try to push to attempt for us to look in a different direction, we will rememeber. Let me repeat, WE WILL REMEMBER!!!

    • Wil Burns

      Holly, So…we have a new law and in November, the GOP will run candidates on the platform of “repeal the health care law in it’s entirety”.

      * 22 to 26 year old voters will vote – Keep me on mom and dads insurance
      * Minimum Wage earners will vote – Keep me on subsidized insurance
      * People with pre-existing conditions will vote – Don’t take my coverage away
      * Middle Class (Healthy) Americans will vote – Don’t return to skyrocketing Insurance Premiums

      Regardless of voters think about the law today, before they actually feel the changes (if they feel the changes), the above 4 demographics will be a huge challenge for the GOP. Good luck with that.

      • bmmg39

        Both parties wanted to fix the situation with preexisting conditions, Wil.

        • Wil Burns

          Oh no! The health bill passed! People who are sick will be treated. What a terrible place we’re living in! If only we could have elected George W to a third term. Things were going so swimmingly. Not!

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            You’re obsessed with an individual who is ten times smarter than you, and it’s hilarious!

          • The Patriot

            Who is paying you to be here, Wil?

          • CCNV

            I believe Wil is a ‘closet Conservative’. He just needs to phrase his comments in the form of a question. Come on out, Wil…we’ll tell you the truth!

      • Jana, St. Louis

        You forgot to mention the VAT tax that will be enacted to help pay for this monstrosity, on top of all the other taxes Obama has in the works for middle and upper income people. When Americans realize how much socialized healthcare is going to cost them, they won’t be happy campers. Fortunately for Republicans and Independents, the Democrats OWN Obamacare. When the system proves to be the disaster we all know it will be, the country can place the blame squarely at the feet of the Democrats.

      • Jana, St. Louis

        Wil, the Republicans will not run on repealing the “health care law” in its “entirety.” Their slogan will be “repeal and replace” the “health spending law.” Memorize it, Wil: REPEAL AND REPLACE. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

      • KansasGirl

        Oh Wil, you are so terribly misguided and misinformed-apparently you drank too much kool aid, poor baby. Middle America is already opposed to this disaster-it would appear that the only ones who support it are those looking for a hand-out, much like yourself. Go back to sleep now, oh, don’t forget your sippy cup. Buh-Bye

  • Sheryl

    The “passage” of the Obamacare bill is deeply disturbing on so many levels. I saw right through Mr. Obama from the start and was very depressed that so many of my fellow countrymen did not. Now, we have to regroup and fight back. We’ve become so spoiled, so “squishy” if you will. We don’t recall our history. In the Civil War, brother fought against brother, hundreds of thousands died to defend their beliefs. It was a battle that nearly ripped this country apart. We don’t have to go that far…we just have to show up at the polls. What we’re lacking, sadly, is a credible leader. To many of our politicians are out selling books, etc. trying to make money. I don’t begrudge them, I think we need someone who is willing to put their country first. We’ll see if such a leader emerges in the coming months ahead. We can stop the slow, slogging march toward economic and social disaster but we’re going to have to toughen up and commit to the effort. “Appeal to Heaven”.

    • Brian

      I agree with that statement. I am mostly left leaning as far as politics go, but how could you have not seen how much of a lightweight Obama was? I guess this is what happens when you don’t want Hillary in office. Too many of the politicians are out for themselves and just vote along party lines in order to stay elected. They do not accomplish much of anything. I am sick of both parties and hopefully a real leader will emerge soon, but for now we can choose from teh current group of hacks we have.

  • Tim Ned

    Now that healthcare is behind us watch out for the next steps. 1) Take control of Wall Street through so called financial reform. 2) Put through amnesty for 16 million illegal immigrates and turn them into voters to guarantee the 2012 election. 3) And once that guarantee is in place put through the VAT tax to pay for it all.

    The most impressive aspect of Chicago politics is not their ability to get elected, but their ability to hang onto power.