Surprise Special: Classic Goldberg- 48 Hours On Crack Street Part 1

This was groundbreaking TV Journalism that first aired in 1986 by CBS News

And it was my first major reporting assignment on prime time television …

None of us who reported this story — the introduction of crack cocaine into our culture — wrote a script. There were no voice overs, also known as narration. Just real life action unfolding before our eyes, and the viewers’ eyes — in some scary places around New York City.

Hope you enjoy.


Note: We will be releasing this in a 3 part series. Please check back often. Remember you can subscribe to updates by clicking this link.

48 Hours On Crack Street- The Dealers

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  • marie


  • Ralph M. Hahn

    I remember watching “48 Hours on Crack Street.” I thought 48 hours, in its original format, was a pretty good show. Until CBS News turned it into another “Dateline: NBC.” You held my interest then, Bernie, as you do now. Why don’t YOU host “The Factor?” It would be more interesting with you and Dennis Miller as guest hosts. I think that the two of you would be much better O’Reilly-like hosts than Laura Ingraham and Juan Williams.

  • E.A.U.M.

    Imagine; this is just 1 1/2 short blocks from Mayor Koch’s residence. I could just see the Mayor strolling through this hell, blurting out his favorite dim-witted saying; “How’m I do’in?” What a jackavone that Frank Purdue look alike was! Mind you; this all got even worse when dinkins took office. Dinkins would actually have the NYPD ignore most of what was going on,simply to avoid the wrath of big mouth street thug Al Sharpton & Co. He would have had to lock up half the minority community; and that is something this closet racist was just not having. “LET THEM VENT!” Thank God this all ended in 94; when Mayor Giuliani took office, and totally ignored the rants of the Sharpton street thugs, and started locking up anyone & everyone who wasn’t tied down to the pavement.

  • Danny Harmon

    I loved all your work on 48 Hours, Bernie, especially your coverage after Hurricane Andrew.
    “Crack Street” changed the way TV journalism was done and we thank you for your part of it. It’s too bad the 48 Hours franchise has frittered away to just a 12 minute mystery packed into 60 minutes. But it was tops when you were on the team in the 90’s.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Andrew

    Wow, that was pretty riveting stuff Bernie, thanks for posting.

  • Ellie Velinska

    Wow, you filmed Barack Obama’s dealer – if only he knew that he was supplying the future US president.
    Very hip gear you are wearing there. Cool.

  • Berg

    Where’s Rudy Giuliani

    • Tim

      He wasn’t mayor yet.

  • Bruce A.

    Nearly 25 years later this is still a great piece & part of our current affairs.
    I have not seen reporting like this in years, but then again I quit watching CBS long ago beacuse of Dan Rathers biased reporting.

  • Terence A Craig

    Nice, you shoulda’ kicked that guys ass Bernie.

  • Ron Kean

    Bernie…When did you start getting grey? 19?

    Seriously, how much were 2 bedroom apartments going for in that neighborhood at that time? This was no ghetto. I wouldn’t have expected buying crack in such a nice seeming neighborhood.

    How is it today?