Bernie and Bill discuss selective journalistic outrage. Then Bernie and Bill Send Gloria Allred to Iran.

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  • CCNV

    Speaking of Iran, I can hardly contain my laughter at the discovery of the Star of David symbols in Tehran and other locations!! (The horror the ‘Short Man” must be feeling right now, knowing it’s not been Allah watching over his kingdom!) I salute the Israeli engineers and hope they have received the best life has to offer!

  • Joe

    Bernie, I suggest you miss an important point. Your defense of the NY Times publishing the WikiLeaks stuff is, it seems to me, similar to George Soros’ defense of his activities in seizing property from Jews during WW II. He shrugged it off with, in effect, “Well, if I didn’t do it, somebody else would; it would’ve happened anyway.” Sure, if the Times didn’t publish it, it would have gotten out anyway; irrelevant. If it’s wrong, you DON’T DO IT…even if it’s gonna happen anyway.