Bernie Goldberg: Zimmerman Described As ‘White’ Because Media Needs To Further Storyline

  • Sonny Ofthemeek

    To all who have rushed to comment, trying Zimmerman and Trayvon in the media (Edited tapes and all), street and congress, as well as our president (who has been as silent as all on the BOUNTY placed on a citizen of the US dead or alive by the new Black Panthers- DOJ never prosecuted their last crime), shame on you all. Where is the national outcry? We teach our children to be patient, honest and respectful and to not jump to conclusions before knowing all there is about someone or something. Tweeting innocent people’s address who are not involved and now having to hide in fear away from their AMERICAN HOME ( What if it was the real Zimmerman;s mom and dad and harm befell them? Why is this not a crime in its self?). So called newscasters ( readers of script today) spewing their biased views in place of fact checked news. Millions being made off the death of another dead AMERICAN ( Trayvon) is getting out of hand. Supposed outraged students not in school but robbing Walgreens and missing out on their education. To turn up the heat you refer to his race (Zimmerman’s) as WHITE HISPANIC! When on air has this been said before of any race? Our President comes from two races, when has the news referred to him as white, or black African American as with Zimmerman? Oprah has commented to prove my point! Agree or disagree let me know please. Race has never been a true aspect of this case, let the facts, not those needing a soap box to spew hatred and unrest, decide this and all cases. Can we sue DOJ for allowing the New Black Panthers to announce on TV and on their radio ( remarks broadcast on news stating for them to Boot up and strap up for war ?) Will they ( the New Black Panthers) put a bounty on me, or you next with impunity? Write our President, or Attorney General and ask for his input, if you dare.

  • Jeff Metz

    Funny how you never see a person listed as a “white african american,” despite the fact that person may have a white mother and black father.  But Zimmerman was listed as a “white hispanic.”  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  • Red Rowan

    You are right again.  Never saw the term “White hispanic” until this case.  

    • Cox290

      I notice that this is a month old, but I find it strange, Red, that you ‘re not aware of the term white hispanic.  In Mexico, within large families, the dark skin sibling or chastized by the lighter skinned siblings, calling them negra or negro.  Notice the Mexican soap-opras are always white mexicans, wereas many mexicans are quite red and brown skinned.
      I’ve met many redskinned mexicans who have drivers license, identifying themselve as caucasian or white