“Conundrums” and “The Bogus Era”

In the immortal words of Oscar Hammerstein’s King of Siam, “Is a puzzlement.” Everything from the media’s silence when it comes to Benghazi to liberal voters not being even slightly perturbed by Obama’s constant lies about the Affordable Care Act, or the fascistic activities of the IRS, leaves my head spinning.

A reader of mine we’ll call Ray sent me six contradictions that sum up the thinking of Progressives, or at least what passes for thinking in those bizarre quarters. It begins: “One, America is capitalist and greedy, and yet half the population is subsidized. Two, half the population is subsidized, yet they regard themselves as victims. Three, they think they are victims, yet their representatives run the government. Four, their representatives run the government, yet the poor keep getting poorer. Five, the poor keep getting poorer, yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about. Six, they have things that people in other countries only dream about, yet they want America to be more like those other countries.”

It seems that in spite of Nancy Pelosi predicting that the Democrats will be running on ObamaCare this November and Obama’s running victory laps over the number of alleged enrollees, Obama keeps trying to pivot the discussion from his signature piece of legislation to the economy. Good luck with that. Nothing like bragging about fewer people holding down fulltime jobs than when there were 30 million fewer of us than there are today, and with the promise that between ObamaCare and a higher minimum wage there will be between three and five million fewer people employed in 2016 than there are today.

When a reader named William let me know that terrorist-cum-professor-cum Barack Obama’s best bud, Bill Ayers, was the scion of a very wealthy family, I wasn’t too surprised. In America, as in Western Europe, communists often emerge from a life of privilege. They feel that their status, though not earned, is fully deserved, and entitles them to dictate how others should be forced to live.

In my own extended family, we had a number of poor communists and an equal number of wealthy, obnoxious, knuckleheads who never stopped parroting fanciful lies about the glories of the Soviet Union. Those relatives without money were a lot easier to stomach because as wrong-headed as they were, they weren’t hypocrites living a lie and they weren’t arrogant.

Speaking of the rich, while I am delighted to see the Koch brothers donating a ton of cash to electing Republicans to the Senate, I would love to see them finance a campaign to recall Harry Reid. Considering the role Reid has played in promoting ObamaCare, the fact that Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation and that he is very much involved in the Bureau of Land Management’s attempt to seize Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch so that his cohorts can erect a solar panel power station on the property, I would think persuading Nevadans to dump the walking cadaver would be both easy and delightful.

Lest anyone think I am merely a mouthpiece for the GOP, let me say that I would also enjoy seeing John Boehner gone from the scene. The rest of us know that the prime purpose of these numerous congressional committee hearings is to get the Republican chairmen face time on TV, not to get to the bottom of the endless scandals in which this administration has become embroiled. But Bonehead Boehner continues to dither around, refusing to appoint special counsel with the power to jail perjurers, while the scandals fade, gather cobwebs and ultimately fall off the radar, much like that Malaysian jetliner.

Everyone but anti-Semites will readily acknowledge that until the Palestinians agree to at least recognize Israel’s right to exist, no U.S. President is going to see positive results from his attempts to broker a peace agreement. So why do they keep trying to place a dead horse before a broken cart? As with immigration reform, until an actual wall is erected along our entire southern border, it is nothing but a phony political football for Democrats and Republicans to kick around at election time.

Finally, according to a Bloomberg report, divorce is actually a boon for the economy. The report points out that when a couple call it quits, there is a need for moving vans, a second household with new furniture and dishware and, of course, pay days for two sets of lawyers.

I expect that the next Bloomberg report will point out the glorious financial advantages of death, what with the need for cosmeticians, gravediggers, casket makers, florists, hearse drivers and, where needed, professional mourners.

“The Bogus Era”

I doubt if there has ever been a time when obvious lies and sheer humbug were ever as widespread as they’ve been over the past couple of decades. But, then, I don’t believe we have ever had as many really stupid people eating, breathing, voting and taking our parking spaces, as we have today.

I believe there are many causes for this dismal state of affairs. To begin with, there was the generation that came of age in the 1960s, arguably the largest group of arrogant and narcissistic youngsters America had ever seen up to that point. Alas, they, in turn had millions of children and grandchildren, even though they trumpeted the Roe v. Wade decision as if it were the Second Coming.

Those louts then elected Jimmy Carter, who betrayed the Shah of Iran, thus ushering in three decades of Islamic terrorism; Bill Clinton, who first tried foisting HillaryCare on us and then settled for turning military bases into gun-free zones; George W. Bush, who kept insisting, parrot-like, that Islam was a religion of peace; and Barack Obama, whose litany of sins is simply too lengthy to list.

Over that same time frame, homosexuals have gone from being hounded for their practices to being the moral arbiters of the nation, a role that they are ill-suited to play. For one thing, they like to pretend that their status is the same as that of blacks who were living in Birmingham in the early 60s.

They actually compare religious Christians who object to providing cakes and flowers for same-sex marriages to Dixie lunch counter owners who denied service to black patrons. They’re so far off base, it’s almost obscene. For one thing, there were no alternative lunch counters that would accommodate blacks, whereas the gays had to go out of their way to find the bakers, florists and photographers, whose religious beliefs would compel them to sacrifice the fees.

Furthermore, you’ll note that none of the gays who sued ever claimed they had been banished from the place of business, no matter how the proprietors may have felt about sodomy. It always came down to those wedding ceremonies.

The gays, who have seen virtually every court rule in their favor and every company they have pressured knuckle under to their demands, have proven themselves to be the one thing more contemptible than sore losers, and that’s sore winners!

Still, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer them a piece of well-meaning advice. It wasn’t that long ago that the psychiatric profession labeled homosexuality a mental disorder, and sodomy laws were strictly enforced in certain locales. Well, pendulums, being pendulums, tend to swing back over time. So if I were a homosexual, I believe I would leave well enough alone and not make such a major to-do over same-sex marriage, especially since statistical reality, unlike media coverage, shows it to be a low priority item for most gays.

If we didn’t live in an age of such willing dupes and useful idiots, even liberals would have to acknowledge that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who stated their own objections to same-sex marriages in 2008, hadn’t had a moral epiphany when they switched their positions. I’m not saying that a middle-aged man and an elderly woman can’t experience a sincere change of heart. But, injected with sodium pentothal, I’m betting that even Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton would admit it was only the realization that gays represent a fairly sizable bloc of votes and extremely deep pockets that explain the sudden conversion.

Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, I find the notion of her succeeding Obama into the Oval Office as an even worse nightmare than the one in which I find myself married to her. In fact, after writing an article in which I stated that, considering his tortured early life, which involved being abandoned by his father, his stepfather and, ultimately, his nutburger of a mother, it’s probably to his credit that Obama didn’t wind up a serial killer, a reader questioned my conclusion by bringing up the tragic massacre at Benghazi.

In response, I wrote, “I get your point, but considering that, as Secretary of State, it had been Mrs. Clinton’s decision not to supply the additional security that Ambassador Stevens had constantly begged for that led directly to the deaths of four brave Americans, I consider her the serial killer. As I see it, Obama’s role was limited to driving the getaway car and coming up with the phony alibi.”

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  • loupgarous

    Hillary Clinton will never be elected President as long as there is money to replay video clips of that “reset button” skit in which she enabled Putin to become all that he is today – aggressive and contemptuous of America – on televisions across the land.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    How many Americans even know of the two million people deported from eastern Poland, the Baltic States, and Romania in 1939 and 1940 to die in the Gulag, the seven million Soviet citizens killed in the camps during World War II, the million POWs (including Finns and Poles) killed by the Soviets during World War II, or the million members of minority nationalities, such as the Volga Germans or Crimean Tatars, who perished in the Gulag during the war, not to mention the five to six million who died there following World War II, including those repatriated (sometimes with British and American help) from territory that had been occupied by the Nazis? How many Americans realize that Mao-Tse Tung—who came to power only because Stalin survived World War II—was the greatest tyrant in history, responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese?

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    • Brian Fr Langley

      The deportations you refer too, were Germans being deported from their own ancient lands (eastern Germany) by the Soviets and the Poles due to the agreements made in Yalta by the allies. (I agree it was both a tragedy and a travesty)This mass deportation created some 10-12 million German refugees in the late 40’s, (of which, up to a million or more perished). Not coincidently, this is the same time period as the half million, to 3/4 million refugees (Palestinians) who began fleeing the Arab armies which were attacking the new (Jewish) state of Israel. So where are all these millions of German refugees today? And where did these Germans end up? Where are their refugee camps? Well of course their fellow German brethren took them in. Also during this period, India declared Independence, thus causing massive Muslim refugees to flee to the new Pakistan, while conversely millions of Hindu’s fled to India. In fact the Muslim refugees numbered a staggering 14% of the total population of their destination in East Pakistan. Where are their refugee camps today? Where did they go? They too were received by their brethren in India or Pakistan. Or what happened to the Jewish refugees kicked out of all Arabs lands following Israel’s war of Independence? (some two million+) Like the others, their Israeli brethren took them in. YET, less than a million Arabs in an population of nearly 250 million Arabs, among nearly 30 separate nations, encompassing some 5 million square miles, can find no home among their own brethren to this very day? Then folks like you say “Jewish state, what a laugh” The fact, that there is such a staggering double standard about Israel, and it’s right to exist as a Jewish state, is proof positive anti-Semitism is alive and well.

      • Matt McLaughlin

        i don’t even believe in the term, ‘anti-whatever’. Let me try the same silly shet>’You’re being anti-Celtic’. there.

        • Brian Fr Langley

          The correct term is anti-Gallic, and the English (and some Americans, remember freedom fries) have it in spades.

          • loupgarous

            And this despite the fact that one group of French-Americans, Cajuns, are avid defenders of the United States of America. Two Cajuns were Commandants of the United States Marine Corps (Camp Lejeune is named after one of them, and Commandant Lejeune’s farewell address is read to Marines around the world on the USMC’s birthday).

            French-bashing is, unfortunately, popular everywhere there’s a keyboard and an Internet account to hide behind. In Cajun bars, it’s a little more risky.

    • potemkin_village_usa

      __The ghastly atrocities you bring up happened in societies where information is heavily controlled by the government; there is no free press. At the end of WWII, the German people were surprised when they found out about the internment camps and the massacre of millions of Jews and Gypsies. Our free press in America is so common place that we carelessly take that freedom for granted. Supreme Court associate Justice Louis Brandeis understood the dynamic of a free press and how it exposes public policies, bad acts and bad actors.
      “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” ___Justice Louis Brandeis

  • Matt McLaughlin
    • Matt McLaughlin

      Churchill told Parliament, on August 2, 1944, as the Red Army was standing idly by watching the Germans crush the Warsaw Uprising: “The Russian armies now stand before the gates of Warsaw. They bring the liberation of Poland in their hands. They offer freedom, sovereignty, and independence to the Poles.” And when some MPs questioned the wisdom of Yalta, Churchill told them: “Marshall Stalin and the Soviet leaders wish to live in honourable friendship and equality with the Western democracies….I know of no Government which stands to its own obligations, even in its own despite, more solidly than the Russian Soviet Government.”

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Indeed, in Palestine in 1917, David Ben-Gurion was trying to set up a Jewish
    battalion in the Ottoman army to fight against the British…”

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Just a minor correction Burt, Palestinians do recognize Israel’s right to exist. What they DON”T recognise is Israel’s right to exist as a “Jewish” state. The reason is simple, the Arabs (and some U.S. Presidents, along with their Secretaries of state) believe they can recognise “Israel”, get a deal, then demand repatriation of all long lost former residents of what is now Israel. Arab Governments and the Palestinians will print ten million+ documents proving past residency to ten million+ former Palestinians. (who will literally come out of the woodwork) If Israel accepts these new “Palestinians” the Jewish state will be voted out of existance. If Israel rejects these new “Palestinians”, then their hope, is to turn Israel into an aparteid pariah state. (like the former South Africa). Their end game always remains the same. NO Jewish state allowed. Their anti-semitism runs so deep, that Kerry is either blinded by the opportunity to gain a success no one else has, is just incredibly stupid, or worse.

    • Matt McLaughlin

      The definition of a Jew is SO ambiguous…’Jewish state’…what a laugh.
      Herzl said that Jews were not a race, but a people. Oren said that Israel does not have an official religion. I ask, how is the nation of Israel, Jewish?

      • Brian Fr Langley

        Who is a Jew indeed? While ambiguous to some, perhaps even themselves, there is NO ambiguity to the anti-Semitic. Seems men like Hitler had no trouble figuring out who they were, and neither do any of the others of his execrable anti-Semitic ilk. As for who fought who in WW1? For a 100% certain fact the Jewish legion fought with the allies to depose the Ottomans.

        • Matt McLaughlin

          ‘anti-Semitic’>i don’t deal in synthetic language, 2) israel looked for help in all corners to create Israel. they hung jew-brit soildrers and blew up brit HQrs> argue with Cambridge, Allie Stalin killed 2 million Muslims.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            Of course the Ottomans were falling all over themselves to help a Zionist cause? I mean really? As bugs bunny says “what a maroon”. As for Stalin, how do allied armies fighting Nazi’s, somehow become complicit in this guy’s (Stalin’s) maniacal despotism? He also starved to death ten million Ukrainians, is that the allies fault as well? Yes Stalin was a bad guy, (probably worse than Hitler) but the difference was, Hitler was over running Europe (while Stalin was being over run) and the Japanese (remember them) bombed Pearl Harbor.

          • Matt McLaughlin

            youre churchill’s/adelson’s bitch.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            Yet my hero (Winston) kicked your hero’s (Adolph) ass.

          • Matt McLaughlin

            typical anglo-american response. england’s effort to the victory was only %6 of the total. and london was SO broke after WWII it vacated Palestine, Inidia and Greece. and then VW bought RRoyce and germany is the industrial capitol of europe, ANYWAY. hee hee

          • Brian Fr Langley

            Hard not to recover when America rebuilt them under the Marshall plan. Then helped collapse the Soviet Union which freed East Germany. Without a typical Anglo-American response, Germany would still be a pile of rubble.

          • Matt McLaughlin

            youre arguing about 10 different things. germany happened anyway. fk winston in the keyster.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            and your arguing about no thing?