Bumper Stickers and a Lawless Leader

In a little over two weeks the political conventions will be over. Labor Day will be behind us and the ‘real’ presidential campaign will have begun. In past years, bumper stickers and yard signs appeared in mass; citizens proud and anxious to publicly support the candidates of their choice.

But, this year, will conservatives be inclined to camouflage support of their preferred candidates? What have we observed during the past few weeks that might cause pause?

In Sarasota County Florida, an anti-Obama billboard was virtually destroyed. The authorities concluded the damage was not the random work of teenage vandals.

According to Sarasota GOP Chairman Joe Gruters, whose organization erected the billboard, “This job could not have been done by kids. You had to have a box truck or a ladder. For them to have dissected the sign as they did, it was pretty obvious it was a planned attack.”

Against the GOP convention attendees, the Black Panthers made vile and un-quotable threats similar to those during the Zimmerman investigation in Florida. And, of course, there was the Panthers’ non-prosecuted voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election.

Last week, the Family Research Council (FRC) was attacked, and, except for a FRC employee’s heroics, could have turned disastrous. That after the FRC was officially designated as a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And, as always, individual incidents such as these are ignored, rationalized, perversely spun or condoned by the mainstream media.

However, much more troubling is a political environment created and nurtured by Obama’s administration and campaign.

Sadly for our nation, Obama’s lies and lawlessness are setting a deplorable example for many of his supporters.

His campaign accuses Romney of felonious conduct; Obama says it didn’t happen. The death of a human being is deliberately linked to Romney, and the Obama campaign, though undeniable evidence proves otherwise, denies any knowledge of or involvement in the attack.

Obama’s campaign fills the airways with messages intended to pit one group of Americans against another. Envy, jealously and animosity, the core elements of potential violence, are the mainstay of Obama’s campaign.

The president intentionally ignores the rule of law. By way of executive orders, he bypasses the Constitution, unilaterally bestowing amnesty on millions; he overrides Congress’s mandate that able welfare recipients work for their government dole.

Obama’s ‘Chicago-style’ campaign rewards its friends and punishes its enemies. Contributors and favored voting constituencies receive billions. Supporters of the opposition are brutalized by the mainstream media and have their tax returns audited.

The president’s Attorney General, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, selectively launches investigations and issues indictments; again, the politically favored are ignored, the opposition scrutinized. And, the Attorney General, himself, stonewalls congressional investigations into his personal misdeeds.

Uninformed and misguided followers emulate the actions of a corrupt leader. The leader sets the tone, the limits of behavior. With no constraints and little civility exhibited, followers do what followers do…follow their leader. If the leader chooses not to obey the law, why should we expect the followers to do so?

I will put a Romney sticker on my car; it might be more prudent may be not to do so. However, prudency is not a factor in my decision.

If, as citizens, we allow ourselves to be intimidated by the lawless, the Republic is lost.

Author Bio:

graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Rodney authored “Leading Your Business to the Next Level,” a non-fiction business book in 2005. “Powers Not Delegated” is Rodney’s first foray into fiction; the book meshes his knowledge of history, business and current events to produce a relevant and plausible tale of domestic and international intrigue. Additionally, Rodney writes political commentary on his own blog and for other nationally known blogs/websites. Rodney lives in Atlanta. His passions include hiking, photography, history, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football.
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  • Genann59

    I have seen something on facebook yesterday and today that tonight Fox is presenting some sort of expose on the Obama admin which, it is said, will likely take out Obama or Fox. I think it is supposed to be at either 8 or 9pm tonight, I don’t know if that is eastern time, I imagine so. I hope this is true, it was said in the article I read that Fox had had this material for a good while but held it back as it was too explosive but due to the attacks on Fox by the left and in particular the Obama team they have decided to put it out.
    Like I said, not sure if it is true, but I plan to be parked in front of my TV turned to Fox at 8pm my time, central, until I see it for find out it was merely a rumor. This has got to be something not to miss if true.

  • Genann59

    You ought to see the stickers on my car. I leave no doubt where I stand, and have friends ask me if I am not afraid to drive into certain neighborhoods with those stickers on my car – not only antiObama stickers, but pro-life stickers and proAmerica stickers. I will not be made afraid to say what I believe. I’m not afraid of death as much as being afraid to speak openly. We have to take our country back and we cannot let them even think we are afraid of them, when bullies sense fear, they are emboldened even further to bully. My favorite so far is Vote for Romney – Not the Commie. I plan to get yard signs, and cover the entire back of my car with ProRomney stickers, antiObama stickers and proPersonhood stickers. No one will have any doubt at all where I stand. And that is the way it should be regardless of how anyone feels about either candidate.

  • rogers

    I think Romney will win by a lot.  I think there will be a lot of former 2008 Obama voters who will (maybe even secretly) vote for Romney come November.  I think there’s a big underestimation of how many people voted for Obama in 2008 because it was cool or for white-guilt (or for any reasons that had nothing to do with Obama’s ideology and policies).  These are people who are not particularly politically ideological.  I think they (like most of the american public) have had enough of the unprecedented stupidity and negativity from the Obama campaign and during the last almost-four years of his presidency….they’ll see this election as a colonic.

    Notwithstanding the MSM’s full-tilt support for Obama, i think there’s a silent majority of people who aren’t buying the spin and the stupidity.  I think we’ll see as much in November….and i’m guessing then the MSM will express shock and bewilderment as to how they and the polls were so wrong etc.  Actually, they will have underestimated the intelligence of the american public.

  • Deny916

    I Don’t understand HOW these dumbocrats can still get on tv and preach about what a good job this clown is doing.  This is the nastiest campaign smear on a man who has a pretty stellar record–and I don’t think he’s even warmed up yet with how much nastier it will get.  Unemployment claims are up again, 42 months of unemployment over 8%…it just boggles the mind.  I sincerely hope that voters will come to their senses in November. 

  • sjangers

    It’s an interesting crew that’s running the Democrat Party right now.  But they’re not doing anything “out of bounds”.  We know that because we’ve been told that they aren’t.

    It would probably be too divisive at a time when the country needs to be united, but I’d certainly like to see a very thorough investigation of the way the Obama Administration and the DNC have done business once they’re no longer in position to obstruct such a probe.  I don’t think we’ve seen such blatant abuse of power and violation of fundamental standards of acceptable social behavior in Washington for decades.  Who can say if an investigation would uncover actual criminal activity, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if it did.

    • Wheels

      This is what we get when a President refuses to work with Congress. Obama shuts down the House and his pet monkeys, Reid and Pelosi, refuse to do their jobs.
      Past Presidents, including George W., worked with both sides in Congress to get things done, It’s a lot of work and creates headaches for a President. Clearly Obama avoids work and probably has not had one headache in the past four years.

      • sjangers

        That’s one of the things that happens when you choose a former community organizer to run a country.  President Obama doesn’t seem to have any practical experience working with people whose viewpoints vary widely from his own.  If reports from some former co-workers are accurate, he apparently had a hard time even acknowledging colleagues with different political perspectives, so it was probably a bit of a stretch for him to let Republicans ‘ride in the back seat’ when he got his turn behind the wheel of the car.

        Elections do have consequences, Wheels.  And sadly, we’re paying now for the unfortunate choice we made in 2008.

        • Wheels

          Very true. Even more unfortunate is that many who supported Obama in 2008 still think he is a good President. I guess they believe all that it isn’t his fault stuff. I’ll give Obama this much: he is like Obi Wan Kenobi saying “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”. Obama’s B.S. works well on the weak minded.

          • sjangers

            That was good, Wheels!  Obami-Wan’s been playing Jedi mind tricks on us!  “We haven’t done anything out of bounds.  Nothing to see here.  Now go about your business.”

          • Wheels55

            Obami-Wan-Blowme: Let the force be with you – the force of my hand in your wallet