Can You Feel the Excitement ?

I mean it’s almost tangible. It just seems to fill the air. I’m talking about the Royal Wedding of course. I hope this doesn’t come out sounding too sarcastic, as I’m currently spending the summer out here in Wellington New Zealand working, and all that is on the news is coverage of the Regal Nuptials. Summer in the United States is actually Winter in NZ, so the weather is on and off sunny and brisk, and extremely windy and raining. Anyways, regarding the Wedding Ceremony that should air this evening here, to  say that I’m numb at this point is an understatement. At least on the radio this morning, the local rock jocks had a phone in survey asking men to call in and say what they would prefer to do this evening. Choice one was watch the Wedding, choice two was slam your fella in a car door. And I think you know what I mean about fella. Most choices were with the car door. The coverage so far has been overwhelmingly with CNN’s latest media superstar Piers Morgan. The last I heard he was doing swimmingly in replacing Larry King and had whittled the viewer ship for that time slot down to a quarter million viewers currently. He may be right on the heels of Kathleen Parker and Katie Couric at this rate. I’m hoping for England’s sake, that this mega media blitz does bring in an endless stream of much needed revenue to the United Kingdom, as the soap opera element is truly undeniable, and seeing that  ABC has cancelled two of its three long-running daily daytime TV dramas, consigning “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” to television history, perhaps these daytime tv junkies will want to take a road trip in the near future and finally get off of the couch for once. There are already hordes of die hards who have been camping out for days nearby Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace as if they’ve been waiting for the premiere of a new Star Wars film, or some kid of twisted British Grateful Dead concert.This can only bode well for the future profits of the Empire. Well, hoping the weather holds for the two lovebirds, It’s sure to be an extremely raucous event filled with pomp and circumstance, and all the makings of broadcast history. The networks over here are calling it the wedding of the century, and seeing that we’re already 11 years in, that is saying quite alot. Looks like we only have 89 more years to one up this momentous occasion. Either that or you could try repeatedly slamming your fella in a car door.

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Tim Hoffman has joined in a quest for the truth. Hoffman has worked in the television, video game, and film industries for the past 20 years and brings a unique insight on the role the internet plays on media bias, political opinion, and conservative news. Hoffman is a new media political junkie. He is so "in tune" with the pulse of the internet that the bits and bytes sometimes talk to him in the middle of the night. Hoffman is a Media Studies and Anthropology graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. He writes from a secure location within the confines of Halloween by the Sea. Tim loves email and can be contacted directly at
  • JDO


    Oops … read that wrong. Hah, yeah, campin’ out British freaks. So lame.

  • cah

    Nice piece……Thank goodness though for a distraction from Donald Trump and his latest demands on our poor Pres. Another will take place when the Queen celebrates her 60th yr. reign in 2012. It’s also only the beginning, as the Olympics will follow that salubrious occasion. Having been a resident for a while, you well know those proud Brits. Want to believe it’s just not all about $$$ and proper timing, but indeed true love.
    Oh, by the way, my prediction is that they’ll pop over to NZ while on honeymoon. Get ready!