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Conservative Ugliness on Homosexuality


Back in 2012, in the run-up to the November election, I decided it was time for me to get more politically active than I had been in the past. With the economic recovery a joke, the national debt and the size of government exploding, our relevance on the world stage dwindling, and a president who…

Would You Like Some Talk About Race in America With Your Latte?

Starbucks is an immensely successful company at least in part because they appeal to a supposedly hip customer base that’s willing to pay more for a cup of coffee than a gallon of gasoline – because they figure Starbucks is cool and trendy and if they buy their over-priced coffee they must be cool and…

Why the Small Stuff Will Matter With Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Likely Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker has been getting a lot of attention lately. Much of it has been good, including his rising popularity in national polls, a close second-place finish in the CPAC straw poll last weekend, and taking first place in a recent Quinnipiac poll of Iowa caucus-goers. Some of the attention hasn’t…

My Interview with a Putin Critic Shot Dead Near the Kremlin

In the fall of 2013, I went to Russia to report a story on the Sochi Olympics for the HBO program Real Sports. After visiting Sochi, I went to Moscow where I interviewed a critic of the Sochi games- a man named Boris Nemtsov who was also an outspoken critic of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin….

Imagine if ‘Frisky’ Joe Biden Were a Republican

Frisky Joe Biden

It’s nothing new that Democratic politicians don’t face the same level of media scrutiny as their Republican counterparts. There’s been a clear double standard for decades when it comes to covering the actions and behaviors of the political right vs the political left. Sometimes that double standard is fairly subtle, like when Republican candidates are…