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At the Crossroads of Religion and Politics: Republicans, Proceed With Caution

In his new book, Believer, political guru David Axelrod tells us that when his pal Barack Obama was running for president in 2008 he lied, for political reasons, about his position on gay marriage, telling voters he was against it when he really was for it. According to Axelrod, “Gay marriage was a particularly nagging…

Jon Stewart’s Legacy is Comedy, Not Truth


A little over 20 years ago, a much younger John Daly who had few responsibilities, a 32-inch waist, and a full head of hair used to return to his college dorm room after a long day of classes and routinely flip on some mindless television to unwind. MTV was typically the channel of choice. It…

“Bruce Jenner Gender Change Captures US Attention” — Really???

bruce jenner

The other day when I turned on my computer and loaded my Yahoo page, it read, in bold letters:  “Bruce Jenner Gender Change Captures US Attention.” Capture (v.) 1. to take captive; seize or catch by force or craft.  2. to win possession or control of, as in a contest.  3. to succeed in preserving…

Mr. Obama’s History Lesson

Even though the “Big Three” Broadcast networks didn’t cover it, by now most of us know that in a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, President Obama delivered a sermonette of sorts, telling us that radical Muslims don’t have a monopoly on atrocity, that Christians have also done terrible things in the name…

Super Bowl Sunday

super bowl trophy

Today is Super Bowl XLIX and I will watch the game in the comfort of my living room as will billions around the world. I will have seen 48 on TV and have had the privilege of attending one Super Bowl in person. I am a life long NFL fan and NFL Season Ticket holder….