CBS News Political Director to Barack Obama: Destroy the GOP

DickersonJohn Dickerson is the political director at CBS News.  It’s an important and prestigious position because the political director’s observations – on the air and in internal conversations with correspondents and producers – influence how political events, like presidential elections, are covered.  The political director at a mainstream news organization like CBS News has to be impartial, fair and objective.

But John Dickerson has another job.  This one is at the liberal on-line magazine Slate, where his title “chief political correspondent.”  In that role, he can write columns and offer opinions, which in the news business often masquerade as “analysis.”  Whatever you call it, it’s not down the middle, just the facts ma’am reporting.

The other day Dickerson wrote a piece for Slate under the catchy headline, “Go for the Throat!” The sub-headline was more explicit.  It read: “Why if he wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican Party.”

The headline was certainly provocative — aimed, as all headlines are, at drawing a crowd.  But it was also an accurate description of Dickerson’s column.  In it, he seems to be giving President Barack Obama advice on what he has to do in his second term if he wants to leave a lasting legacy.

Here’s part of what Dickerson wrote:

“Enhancing the president’s legacy requires something more than simply the clever application of predictable stratagems. Washington’s partisan rancor, the size of the problems facing government, and the limited amount of time before Obama is a lame duck all point to a single conclusion: The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.”

It sounds like something David Axelrod, the president’s political hatchet man, would advise his boss.  That should have been a warning bell to Dickerson. It wasn’t.

“Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize,” he continued. “Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition’s most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray.”

Let’s review:  John Dickerson is advising President Obama to destroy the GOP, to go for the throat, to pulverize Republicans, to delegitimize them, and to leave them in disarray.

And his day job is political director of CBS News.

As you might imagine, Dickerson’s column got more than a few conservatives riled up.  And that prompted Dickerson to write a second piece, saying – take a guess? – that those dopey conservatives got it all wrong, that he wasn’t advising the president about anything, that he was just analyzing the situation.

The new piece, under the headline, “They Hate Me, They Really Hate Me” says this: “For me, this was a math problem with an unmistakable conclusion. Some people thought I was giving the president my personal advice. No. My goal was to make a compelling argument based on the facts. … This is the only plausible path for a bold, game-changing second term for a president who has positioned himself the way President Obama has.”

So Dickerson wasn’t giving Mr. Obama advice at all.  He was simply doing math and coming to an unmistakable conclusion: If the president wants to be bold, he must destroy Republicans.  Now I get it.

“Some assume I hate Republicans,” he also wrote. “This latter charge will confuse my close relations, who are not only proud conservatives but among Fox News’ most ardent fans ….”

How in the world could we have thought that John Dickerson hates Republicans?  Where did we ever get such a crazy idea?  After all, he has close relatives who are Republicans.  Maybe, John, it was because you said that Barack Obama should go for the throats of Republicans and pulverize them.

I remember way back in 1996 when I wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about liberal bias in the media, an op-ed that touched off the media version of World War III. Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, their nominal bosses in the front office, and even my fellow reporters had plenty to say to the press about what I had done – and none of it was good.  One colleague actually called me a “traitor” — and that was one of the nicer things they said about me.

Pointing out something obvious – that liberal bias permeates network news — was a crime against humanity as far as my CBS News colleagues were concerned, a crime worthy of public condemnation.  But when their political director advises the president to destroy his opponents, that doesn’t even warrant a yawn — not from Scott Pelley, the anchor of the CBS Evening News, not from Mr. Schieffer who is still there, not from anybody!

Maybe something is going on behind the scenes. Let’s hope so.  I’m told the new management of the news division is well aware of the liberal culture of the place – and doesn’t like it.  I’m told they’re trying to make CBS News more balanced and less biased.  All I can say to that is good luck.  They’re going to need it, so ingrained is the liberal culture at CBS (and the other networks).

But right now CBS News has a problem with Mr. Dickerson.  He’s either a political director who doesn’t take sides or he’s a political columnist who does.  Being both is not a viable option, not for an organization that wants to be taken seriously as honest, objective and fair.


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  • arj127

    Dickerson’s title on the screen is political analyst. That’s not a director. Goldberg has had an axe to grind with CBS since the Clinton era. However, let’s not pretend that his screed is an unbiased analysis of the media in general or CBS in particular.

  • JPJ

    Based on your logic, no columnist can ever provide a political interpretation of a situation without being biased. Because, you say, that’s partisan. Or, you assume no journalist can ever separate their ability to comment on a situation and report on one objectively.

  • DOOM161

    Come now. CBS “news” gave up any veneer of objectivity years ago (I’d say even before Dan Rather won the election for Bush in 2004). Now they’re just admiting it.

  • Randy James

    The Republican party is doing a fine job of destroying itself. After 40 years, I gave up and re-registered as an independent. If the leadership of the Republican party wants to continue to feed off the crony capitalism, fuelled by the abuse of this nation’s credit and currency, let them continue as they have been. If evangelical Christians are determined to impose their religious conceits on the rest of us, let them continue to thump their bibles and pontificate about the “sanctity of life”. Let them continue talking about what our fiscal policies are doing to “our children and our grandchildren”, while protecting a system which keeps their pockets fully lined with fiat Dollars in the here and now.

    Washington D.C. is populated by a self-delusional and deranged class of self-serving, utterly corrupt opportunists who’s sole priority is to keep themselves at the top of the heap, while debasing the credit and currency upon which the entire global economy depends. If these people were in charge of any household in this country, and pursuing their reckless and utterly irresponsible credit addiction, there would either be an intervention, or a commitment to a mental institution.

    Let there be no more raises in the “debt ceiling”. Let there be no more “quantitative easing” to prop up the market for US debt. Let the US economy embrace the correction which has been denied and deferred for 37 years, and go through the ordeal necessary to cleanse it of the waste & fraud which defines it now. If the Republican party wants to survive, let it survive on the pragmatic economic principles this nation must pursue in order to have any chance of preserving it’s future.

    Barrack Obama and the Democratic party are indeed a cancer on this nation, and the only way to dislodge them is to starve them to death. All the House Republicans have to do in order to insure that outcome is vote ‘no’.

  • jazzdrums

    bernie this is the new normal…i think the focus has to be on the gop maintaining or winning seats in congress in 2014.. the army of dem organizers are out there already warming up the vans and buying gift cards to get otherwise non voting, non caring, lesser educated and informed people to the poles.

  • docww

    So what else is new? When you’re down and out, certain people will want to stomp on your head. We only tend to learn when things aren’t going well, so this is a great learning experience for the Republican Party. Some say that the Republican Party needs to retain it’s core values but change the tone of the message.

    I disagree. The big mistake the Republican Party has made is on social values. Nobody wants to be told what they can or can’t do behind closed doors. Apposing gay marriage and abortion are losing causes. As a person, it’s OK not to be gay or to choose not to have an abortion, but don’t try to foist your personal opinions on everyone else. Stick to economics, personal freedom, foreign policy and similar matters of national importance and stay out of other people’s personal lives.

    If the Republicans want to stick with these social values, they will share a philosophy with one other group that also loves to do so–radical islamic terrorists! They love to dive into other peoples personal lives.

  • moronpolitics

    I have taken the citizen’s oath. Have you? Go to my blog after March one. same as my name. I will tell you where to go. In fact, go tomorrow, but the NEW site isn’t open yet

  • m444ss

    In as much as Mr Dickerson swears he’s not biased, is he now working on an equally insightful analysis piece on how the Republicans can beat the left (one that doesn’t say, “be more like the left”)?

  • pat

    In all aspects of our daily lives, we have come under attack. It is more then a true statement to say that the America I (conservative) love is being torn and destroyed before my eyes. How is it when I ask others so often do I get that all too familier, WHO CARES look at me and the famous answer of, (I can’t do anything about it, so why worry, I didn’t vote anyway). The have got me thinking the same thing after hearing that same answer from so many people!?!

  • Tim Ned

    CBS evening news has another problem besides Dickerson, I just turned them off and I’m sure others will.

  • Brian

    The majority of people who voted for Obama did so due to emotional reasons, not logical ones. (Examples, because they feel the economy was all Bush’s fault, celebrities told them to vote for Obama, due to Obama’s race which is why many Blacks and many young, White Liberals under 30 voted for him to try to prove their open-mindedness, because they hate Capitalism and want government to wipe their butts for them and pay for their college debt, etc.), It truly is sad how spoiled and lazy a lot of Americans have become. All the technology and gadgets out there are hurting people’s social development and lowers their average iq rates because they can no longer pay attention long enough to learn anything. So this gives the Dems an advantage and will help feed the culture of dependency.

    Obama really lacked the experience to be president. He should have served in the Senate another few years. And a lot of his problem is due to his inexperience and his radical associations and far-left leanings. He really is not a good leader at all. His first term speaks for itself. How about that deficit? He has not reduced it, he expanded it at an alarming rate.

    The Democratic party of today is one filled with a bunch of anti-establishment, pop-culture crazed, overly pc, and rebellious types, who have no clear identity and core values, other than the federal government and social justice, are the answers.

  • gbandy

    It is just sickening that our Nation is so divided to allow such a ridiculous statement from this fool or anyone in the media for that matter. What does this idiot really want all out war between the parties? Obama has added fuel to this division for his entire reign in the Whitehouse. Demonize wealth and prosperity, demonize Christianity, demonize Whites and after all Michelle said it herself “This is the first time I was proud to be an American”. I really fear revolution is coming sooner than anyone will admit.

  • ds9plumb

    This problem with MSM bias is so pervasive and extreme — how can we best deal with it? I have intelligent family and friends that are clueless about so many issues because they expect the usual networks to provide them with the news.

  • FloridaJim

    There is not much I can do to CBS I never watch them at all. I never pay attention to them and mute any CBS corespondent that comes anywhere on my screen. If Republicans are to gain support they must get a better more powerful message from a candidate with a backbone and the will to denounce Obama with facts and well articulated comments. Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Hatch, are all embarrassing and should be dumped by their states by they go on endlessly paid for by our tax dollars and $16.5 trillion dollar debt which is ignored.

  • Deb

    Thank you for your exposé, Bernie. Just saying it over and over will eventually, I hope, let it sink into the soft skulls of the voters that they’re being played. Sigh…

  • Venter

    Dear John Dickerson you made it very clear for us. You didn’t have to back track. You were being honest.! Honesty can’t harm you. Changing the story just reinforces what we all felt about the MSM. John Dickerson you finally put it in writing for America that the MSM wa /is for Obama and against honest reporting, You can now be their poster-boy. God Bless America! Thank you John Diekerson for coming out of the shadows!

  • Phil Silverman

    Bernie and friends, let’s be fair and BALANCED. You and Ailes and hannity and O’Reilly have done NOTHING but try to “destroy” Barack Obama first as a man, then public servant Gonna deny that, son??

  • Gloria

    Maybe a new voting requirement should be to restrict the right to vote to those who pay their “fair share” – that is PAY taxes – & have some real skin in the game! Those riding the gravy train cannot vote since they will surely vote for the candidate who will perpetuate the grease flow that keeps the wheels on that train running smoothly.

  • Wheels55

    I am tired of people in political circles, including politicians themselves, pointing fingers at others and saying things like destroy the other side or calling them others enemies. How can any reasonable person expect things to get done without all three executive branches being run by the same party? And the same party deal does not work too well as Obamacare shows us.

  • Prakash Heda

    I hate him for suggesting to destroy GOP, leave them the way they are…its awesome that GOP was able to lost an election which was kinda impossible one to loose…anyone who likes democrats should never even think to destroy GOP….who doesn’t love silly opposition:)

    • nickshaw

      Or incoherent posters?

  • Robert Blum

    The GOP should embrace Obama’s concept of fundamental transformation . . . to become Libertarians . . . a party that would not compromise their ideals regarding the US Constitution, a sound currency and free market capitalism.

  • bbf

    With “leaders” like Boehner in charge..and the GOP cave-in at every opportunity… the Dems can rest assured that the GOP will destroy itself!!

  • Bill Purdy

    There is a common thread that runs through the thinking of many liberals/Democrats. That is that it would somehow be ideal or desirable to have only one political party and one political philosophy. Of course that has been tried elsewhere usually leading to despotism. I think historically the USA has prevailed due to the free exchange of ideas and a system designed to prevent one party from gaining too much power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • michael lofrano

    Just another illustration of how inept the GOP is in defending itself and propagating its message. To exist in an environment where a major news organization’s political director can say something such as this without fear, with impunity shows just how this feeble, decrepit, incompetent political party is standing up for itself. Expect it to be trounced politically for at least the next four year or more.

    Boehner and McConnell–leaders. Ha. Time for a third party.

    • wally

      The republicans are not inept. However, they do need some help. It is obvious that the MSM will not help them since they either ignore any GOP statements be they defensive or offensive. In that way, the MSM makes the GOP seem like they do not have answers. Fox is one of the few that stick up for the GOP.and of course what do they receive? That is right, they are ridiculed by the MSM since the MSM is all in for the liberal agenda. The only way to correct some of the problem is to have more conservative voices in the media by buying out more news sources and running their own propaganda machines. One must fight fire with fire.

      • Brian_Bayless

        The Republicans are not inept? The party is a trainwreck right now. Stop crying about media bias and stop letting the extreme vocal minortity of the party do a majority of the talking. For all the talk about liberals whining and not taking responsibility, some Republicans are doing exacty the same, like yourself. You want young people to vote republican? Then stop saying that the only reason they voted for Obama is because they are brainwashed by the big, bad mainstream media. That is implying that they are not competent and that they are incapable of making decisions themselves. They are no longer fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That will get them votes, going back to that instead of harping on what they are doing now. Also, Romney & Ryan was a weak ticket. Ryan’s budget plan is as math-challenged as this country’s high school students and Romney is a shallow, empty suit. Until Republicans stop blaming and pointing fingers for why they lose elections, they will never fix themselves.

  • fitzsimmons Photography

    As usual Mr Goldberg,you are right on target. I think his ability to do both of these things shows a real problem with CBS News……

  • Paul

    Bernie: Thank you for your analysis. The democrats want only one way of thinking theirs’, and one party theirs alone. And they are determinate to do what ever it takes to accomplish this. To discredit anyone who speaks out against them and villanize them. can you imagine if a conservative said of “going for the throat of democrats”. The democrats would be screaming bloody murder. But again the lamestram media remains quiet.

  • moronpolitics

    The Obamists managed to keep their full agenda hidden with the help of the news/entertainment cabal. Fox et al did a PATHETIC job of explaining the future. The FACT that Obamacare would require people to pay for THEIR OWN health insurance or pay fines to the IRS and that this wouldn’t start until AFTER the 2012 elections should have been shouted every hour on the hour. Candidates should have SCREAMED it. Nobody even whispered these facts, but there is no way to hide them now. When I told people they usually said that I was mistaken or that THEY would get THEIR health care FREE under Ocare. hahaha NOW they will find out the truth. Can’t hide it when the IRS is DEMANDING you pay up or else. HA HA HA. No way to blame in the GOP either. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Looks like even top people at networks can’t find full-time job, forced to work two jobs in this economy, must be Bush’s fault.

  • floridahank

    Dickerson is a hypocrite but doesn’t realize it. With all the political information he has, he is close minded and continues to be one of the narrow minded liberals. Down deep, Dickerson doesn’t understand the foundation of the United States as shown in our Founding Fathers. Dickerson might be considered farily intelligent, but in actuality, he doesn’t have wisdom about our nation.

  • bearmountain

    When dealing with BHO and the rest of the progressives: You must possess the bluntness of warriors utterly dedicated to purpose and corresponding contempt for compromising politicians and the liberal self defeating mind-set. Talk is not a substitute for action. You must be a model of personal courage and be prepared to die without regret. We are absolutely at war with this administration.

  • bonaparte3

    Given that destroying the GOP is already Obama’s agenda, he really doesn’t need a partisan cheerleader coaxing him to do it.

  • Kitcrsn

    DICK-erson, exposed himself as nothing but a leftist pickle-puffing, Obama bootlicker.

  • John Davidson

    Boldness often brings out the madness in people.

  • sean1

    Sadly, I don’t think CBS, or any of the other networks for that matter, is the least bit interested in objectivity anymore.

  • NY199827

    it has gone beyond sad, now its worshiping the Messiah to the point they cover up news stories for the guy that would be neg. to him. the MSM is totally in bed with this administration and that!s dangerous!!!!

  • Al

    I think conservatives republican or libertarian have played nice with liberals much too long. This is a great piece exposing liberals for who they really are. They need to be called out for statements and actions that are frankly immature to say the least. All of Obamas little groupies have hit below the belt way too long. Its time too punch the liberal bullies right in the nose with a dose of truth and shame!!

  • rlpincus

    And, let’s see, the owner of Fox also is a 20% holder of an Arabic media group that is anti-American and anti-Israel.

  • nickshaw

    The tolerance exhibited by the party of tolerance and the followup hypocrisy and out right lies when they are called on their version of “tolerance” are surprising to you, Bernie? 😉

  • gonaes

    CBS needs a Walter Cronkite, or a Douglas Edwards, or a Edward R. Morrow to bring sanity back to that news orginization

    • nickshaw

      At the very least, these men were not so blatant with their liberal views, Gonaes. Today, they make no effort to hide it.

  • Bill

    Any pretense of an objective non biased news organization is now put to bed!

  • telstar1950

    Well, call me stupid but I still do not understand what MSM has to gain by eliminating conservatives. So what if liberals succeed and and win the war? Where’s the profit for MSM?. Could someone please show me the money? And why has no one sought and discovered a way to turn the tables on MSM. There are medium other than television even though it may be the most powerful. You may not be able to strike a deadly blow to the heart, but if you hack away at someone’s knees long enough, eventually they will fall. OMO.

  • Johnny Deadline

    Dickerson’s conflict of interest and explanation makes perfect sense Bernie, in this topsy-turvy world. Just yesterday the Secretary of State again took personal responsibility for the Benghazi tragedy before both the Senate and House but isn’t accountable for the deaths of an American diplomat and three other countrymen.

    Dickerson’s argument that he wasn’t giving advice to the president but rather analyzing the president’s options coupled with yesterday’s Kabuki theater performance on Capitol Hill reminds me of the Menendez brothers defense after murdering their parents? Remember that? The defense argued they should be pitied and deserved public sympathy because they were orphans.

    Hillary skates on what arguably was criminal incompetence and cover-up, and 59% of Americans polled think she is doing a good job as Sec of State. Is she Teflon-coated or are Americans just really that stupid. I really don’t know, anymore.

  • metheoldsarge

    The Republican Party is doing a good job of cutting
    their own throats. During the debates when the Republican candidates
    were trying for the nomination, there was a lot of mud slinging which
    I personally felt to be a turn off. Instead of trashing each other
    they should have concentrated on winning the White House and what
    each one planned to do if elected. All they accomplished was to
    provide a lot of useful information the Democrats could use against
    them. The bottom line is that the Democrats were better organized
    and had better financial resources. Furthermore, Obama bought a lot
    of welfare votes, with taxpayer money, by ending the requirement for
    welfare recipients to put in some community service in order to get
    their checks. The freeloaders will vote for who they believe will
    keep those welfare checks and food stamps coming.

    • Brian

      Then you admit a lot of Obama’s support comes from people who depend on the feds in some way?

  • Red47

    Sorry, “journalist”, you cannot be both and pretend to be a regular newsguy. They used to teach this in j school. He went through maybe even before I did, so I am sure he learned it once.

    • nickshaw

      “Learned” supposes that it means “retained”, Red.
      Dickerson, apparently, didn’t do the former to affect the latter. 😉

      • Red47

        Hello there, Nick old bean. Yep.
        And sometimes the stars in the eyes make it hard to see reality!

        • nickshaw

          LOL! That is true, Red!
          Whatcha’ doin’ over here? Slummin’ like me?
          We don’t get enough trolls in our regular haunt. I like the occasional joust! 😉

          • Red47

            When I have free time and cannot really do anything that requires thinking, I am amuse myself poking the monkeys with a stick and watching those who feel so very superior show their backsides. One of my favorite things is to make a statement and not give a link. They have no idea how to do research. They simply act as though there is no way to find anything out unless someone hands them the propaganda. The Left is screamingly weird. They somehow never get to the reality that their philosophy is failing everywhere it is implemented. They also don’t notice that it has, historically, always failed. Knowing that makes it really fun to watch them bellow and taunt. It is like having a peacock, only without the pretty feathers–and with the annoying call.

          • nickshaw

            Your way of expressing yourself is admirable, Red!
            Are you sure I don’t have a shot? 😉 😉 😉
            (That last is an inside joke for you that think I’m trolling for dates! 😉

          • Red47

            You will always have a fake place in my fake heart. My fake online world is tons of fun, and you help keep me laughing.

          • nickshaw

            😉 That’s my job. To make pretty girls smile!
            Errr…unless it’s a fake laugh! Say it ain’t so! 😉

          • Red47

            Real laugh. Maybe I am fake pretty 😉 Real girl, though. Say, I just signed up for the first steps in becoming an Archery Instructor I’m asking the husband to get me a compound bow for my birthday. I am also going through a course to become an NRA instructor. I’m going to give it a shot. It should be a blast. After the intro course, there are a couple more rounds. Oh, I think I’ve emptied my pun clip.

          • nickshaw

            Ahhh, be still my fibrillating heart….. 😉
            See you on the other side, Red.

          • Red47

            I think I could use my bow to handle some of that heart movement. What…overkill you say?

          • Red47

            I don’t really want the trolls. They are just like babies who stomp their feet. I keep wondering if one will show up who can actually debate.

  • Tony Chopkoski

    One might wonder at my using dementia with Tricky Dicky…entirely worthwhile. Look at the job Democratic propaganda did on McCain, Palin and Romney. Palin in particular. Like Lyndon Johnson, she is a person of the people. Remember Johnson holding his hound dog up by the ears? That’s just country…much as Palin saying she could see Russia from her window. But the demented screwballs gotta hype that up these days into a National Debate. What we gotta do is have balls and lash out. To put in lay terms..the Jerry Springer Show is everywhere. (And we have examples of this as far back as the Jefferson-Adams bit.) Look, Romney and McCain both took the high road. Did that work? OK, maybe the tenor of the next elections’s Zeitgeist will change. But don’t count on it.

    • nickshaw

      I agree, Tony but, it pains me that you would repeat Tina Fey’s words and put them Sarah Palin’s mouth.
      It just shows how deeply liberal lies are accepted and repeated by those on our side of the aisle.

  • Dax Dushkewich

    Obama isn’t stupid…he’s just fulfilling the mandate of his entire Manchurian Presidency in breaking the back of the dollar to force a global unified currency on the world as the only option left available in order to save all of your assets.

    He isn’t behind this whole thing, but George Soros and others like him certainly are.

    Obama is just a willing puppet in their cause. A globally unified currency will bring with it a global constitution that will supercede all other national constitutions around the world.

    In order to protect their assets and possibly even wipe out a great deal of their debt, all countries must sign on to this constitution…which will effectively end all forms of national sovereignty around the planet. We will have entered into a one world government with totally un-elected leaders in a matter of hours…and be conqurered without firing a single shot in the wink of an eye. Only then, will the real tyranny begin.

    This is how the Holy Roman Empire of old use to operate…and the coming revived Roman Empire of the near future will operate in the same fashion.

    This is the 11th hour…and quite possibly…the 59th minute as well…

    There can be no doubt, by anyone with an IQ of double digit proportions, of the Dictator’s agenda.

    He means to disarm America.

    To quote Shakespeare, from The Tempest;

    “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
    Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason“.

    ARREST , TRI, and HANG the TRATOR!!

    • metheoldsarge

      You are correct. Obama is just a willing puppet. Anyone who believes
      the real powers that be are going to let this radical stay in power
      once their main objectives have been reached, better think again. The
      real power is controlled by the ones behind the curtains. They are
      the powerful elites like Soros, the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s,
      Rothschild’s, The Kennedy’s, those in the Hollywood Left (Not to be
      mistaken for the useful idiots you see on the big screen) and the
      elites of the Bilderberg Group are among those who make up the real
      power. The Powerful Elite Liberal Progressives have been trying to
      push the socialist agenda in America for decades. Possibly as far
      back as the early to middle 1800s. They were unable to successfully
      push some social programs like Socialized Health Care on the American
      People with White Presidents. They failed miserably with Hillary
      Care. Had she been President, she would have tried but I don’t think
      she would have been successful. Bringing in Obama was a smart move
      on their part. Obama has shoved through programs that couldn’t be
      done before. In just a few short years he was able to shove
      Obamacare down our throats along with the Food Safety Act and NDAA
      and giving the UN a greater foothold with Executive Order 13575.
      NDAA killed five birds with one stone. All they have to do to get
      rid of their enemies now is to trump up suspicions of terrorists
      contacts and your rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth
      Amendments along with Posse Commutates are now gone. Four
      Amendments down and six to go. Anyone who protests it will be called
      a racist. When you think about it Obama is just another useful idiot
      to the powerful elites. As soon as Obama has outlived his
      usefulness, he too will be thrown under the bus. Time is running
      out. WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • nickshaw

        Though I may not agree with everything you wrote, Sarge, the bulk of it is right on the money!
        The ONLY reason to elevate a black guy, even if he is only half black, without any experience, relevant history (or even known history!) or intelligence, to the level of president is to be able to use the race card to shut the opposition to his policies up!
        No more.

        • Brian

          No kidding!

    • nickshaw

      Zero isn’t behind breaking the back of the American dollar?

      You got that right, Dax!
      Frankly, I doubt Zero has the intelligence or ability to see farther into the future than tomorrow to hatch or understand the ramifications of such a plot, should it exist.
      Zero’s only concern was to be president. Now he’s bored and will move on to Sec. General of the UN as his next goal.
      It’s the puppet masters behind him that are the real concern, as you, so ably, pointed out.

  • Michael Babbitt

    There seems to be no need or standard for professional integrity anymore – a sign of a free society in decline. Sooner or later this type of journalistic bias and activism will profoundlly cripple our republic.

  • rlpincus

    It is analysis. Conservatives are so thin skinned now that they spend the day searching for things to cry about.

    • nickshaw

      Akin to the “analysis” you unload around here on a daily basis?

      • rlpincus

        Aren’t you the worthy who said I was too complicated for you to follow so you wouldn’t respond anymore? Did you make an exception to your moral imperatives?

        I’d say you post around here a lot more than me, even if you are only saying “You got it right…” to your pals.

        • nickshaw

          I said you were too complicated for me to follow?
          I assure you, you are not in the least bit complicated to me!
          To take my refusal to respond to your, never ending, bull as being a sign that you are “complicated” is another example of liberals arbitrarily assigning new meanings to words and situations.
          Somewhat like advice and analysis, don’t you think?

          Poor, deluded, little liberal troll.
          As to agreeing with those who share my views, I think it good to show others that they have support. Don’t you do the same at HuffPo?

          • rlpincus

            Actually, it wasn’t my “take.” You said something to that effect. All I know is you got painted into a corner and couldn’t get out, another sad victim of those mean liberal trolls.

            Sorry, I’ve never posted at HuffPo.

          • nickshaw

            LOL! “You said something to that effect.” he bleated mournfully!
            Show me the actual words!
            “All I know…” and then go on to tell us your take on the conversation as though it’s the truth.

            Unsurprisingly, you don’t actually “know” much. Just as Reagan described liberals many years ago.

            Me? A victim? Ha! It’s liberals that have victimhood down to a fine art.

            And I admit, I was wrong. You seem to spend much of your time at CNN. Same difference.
            Peace. Out.
            (of course, you’ll take this as me being too lame to understand your complicated musings! LOL!)

          • rlpincus

            The thought that you spent a few minutes of your heroic day running down my posts on other sites is delicious.

            Your victimhood is so ingrained that you barely recognize it. But let’s look at your choice of word, “loser.” By the time Obama is finished, the US will have enjoyed 16 of the last 24 years with a Dem in the White House. Bush only won one election with a majority of the vote. So who exactly backed the loser in the last quarter century?

            You weren’t too lame to follow me. Just dim.

          • nickshaw

            One second, with high speed intertubz, tells me where you’ve been, loser.
            Just click on your name. No “running down” or “following” required!
            Or are you too dim to know that?
            The US will have “enjoyed” 16 years of Dim rule? LOL! Come back in 4 years, no, make that 2, and repeat that. If you can still afford an intertubz connection. What am I saying? Zero will give you one for free! Even if you continue to be on welfare! Especially if you’re still on welfare!
            Okay, I’m done with you for today.

          • rlpincus

            Yep, you get painted in a corner and do the ol’ crybaby routine. SOP.

  • EasyPloy

    Here’s an idea: Rewrite this column replacing GOP with “the Obama Administration.” Replace “Obama must” with “John Boehner must.” Post/publish the article with the byline “Bernard Goldberg with Jon Dickson” and wait for the upheaval. At that point you can tell your critics that all you did was swap the names. Not that it will change any minds publicly…

    • Patrick H.

      Liberals would freak out and I bet the words “nazis”, “facists”, “taliban” “Hitler”, and all of those other buzz word types would be used.

    • nickshaw

      For liberals, hypocrisy only applies to the Right.
      It’s a foreign concept on the Left, Easy, and, as such, is dismissed.

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Tricky Dicky has been a queer duck since he pawed over Palin. A shill for whatever far, far left holdovers there are from the SLA days, he is an anachronism and really, really rife with early dementia.

  • Joel

    If a true scholar of journalism existed, say a PhD at Columbia’s J school, one may expect that they would publicly distinguish between offering a political strategy and analysis without agenda. Since no such piece has hit the airwaves, then Columbia must have no such scholars.

  • Vince Ricardo

    Bernie, I’m sure that Mr. Dickerson has enough integrity and intelligence to be able to separate the opinions he writes for his “moonlighting” job at Slate from the political direction he gives at CBS Ne … ok, I couldn’t even finish the sentence.

    • nickshaw


  • Joel Wischkaemper

    What is happening is ugly and I don’t see the end of this story.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Truly amazing how Dickerson can say what he said and keep a straight face saying he’s not biased. Worse, he probably actual believes it. Pretty much sums up the state of journalism today.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Do you believe the reporters that are worshiping Obama are American Reporters, or knowledgeable about the United States? I don’t, and find a huge number of mistakes, but

    • EddieD_Boston


      • nickshaw

        It’s irritating that folks agree with you before you can hit the “edit” button, ain’t it, Eddie? 😉

  • Switchlight13

    Obama worship by the media makes one sick. The only hope for this once great nation is to raise the voting age to 30 and require at least a high school diploma to vote. The high school drop outs ie. the parasites of society, will always vote for the freebies & handouts. The under 30s at university living in their parents basement are brainwashed naïve idiots who think the parasites love them & Obama will get them a job.

    • bobemakk

      Switchlight-I was just about to post the same words. You are 100% right. I pray that we are not destroyed in Obama’s second term.

    • begbie

      Thomas Jefferson was a champion for the requirement that all voters must be landowners. Maybe he saw it coming, the politicians pandering to the weak minded. The federalists were wrong to oppose this.

      • bbf

        And then..there was the question of Sally Hemings..which caused me not to admire Jefferson once I read of her. One child could look the other way..BUT SIX by his slave????

        What is more certain is that Sally had six other children. Their
        birth dates are recorded in Jefferson’s Farm Book or in letters he wrote. DNA tests in 1998, and a careful rendering of the birth dates and Jefferson’s well-documented travels, puts Jefferson at Monticello during a “conception window” for each of the children born to Sally.


        Sally served, probably, as a chambermaid at Monticello, also doing light sewing. The affair was revealed publicly by James Callender after Jefferson refused him a job. There is no reason to believe she left Monticello until after Jefferson’s death, when she went to live with her son Eston. When Eston moved away, she spent her last two years living on her own.

        There is some evidence that he asked his daughter, Martha, to “give
        Sally her time”, an informal way to free a slave in Virginia which would
        prevent the imposition of the 1805 Virginia law requiring freed slaves
        to move out of the state. Sally Hemings is recorded in the 1833 census
        as a free woman.

        • artlouis

          Why do you interrupt a serious discussion of a serious issue with a load of stale, back fence gossip?

          • Brian

            Because many Liberals have an insecurity. They try to elevate their status by attempting to save the world or show that they are more open-minded than others.
            They also do it to take the focus away from truth and discussions involving critical thinking.

          • Phil Silverman

            well, they tend to be NON-SEGREGATIONIST. (the dixiecrats were consevative extremists).

        • Larry B

          One big fat non sequitur.

    • begbie

      Also, let me just add that under Jefferson’s voting requirements, I would have been eligible to vote at age 26 when I closed on my first house with .5 acre lot. By then I was responsible, less impulsive, independent of my parents’ money, and working for my living. All reasonable expectations of an objective voter.

    • Bob From Virginia

      Give credit where credit is due. A whole of post grad people support Obama. The problem is he is fashionable. Tragically in today’s America that is the most important thing for a candidate to be. In the contest between image and substance substance doesn’t have a prayer.

      • fitzsimmons Photography

        He might be fashionable but it’s because the Dems always CREATE these larger than life figures. They have attacked and chipped away at every institution in America, including the church or religion in general. So what do they do because there’s a spiritual vacuum? They create their own dieties in the form of government leaders. They pray to the icons and the programs created by the icons!!!!!!!Pathetic

      • JmThms

        ‘A whole of post grad people’ are flaming liberals. That is the irony. How supposedly sophisticated and educated people can fall for such feeble critical thinking.

        • Phil Silverman

          yes, unlike the supporters of Romney.

    • nickshaw

      Errr, hold up a bit there, Switch!
      “The high school drop outs ie. the parasites of society…”?
      I’m a high school drop out and, but for a short period of collecting unemployment insurance benefits many decades ago, do not consider myself a parasite by any means!
      In fact, I have paid back to the general welfare of America in spades!

      I know you are generalizing but, that might be a bit too broad!

    • Phil Silverman

      really? the 47% are leeches? I thought they comprise the Americans who fight the manufactured wars and get layed off for political reasons? is corporate welfare ok? even Lady Sarah rails against that. :)

  • newsguy04

    Sort of like Andrea Mitchell pretending to a correspondent for NBC News, then going over to MSNBC for a little show and pushing an agenda. No problem here!

  • zyzak

    We are at war, never forget that for a minute.

    • gloria100

      At least it’s out in the open now. It’s better that way, really.

  • sjangers

    Sad and not the least bit surprising, Bernie. I try to get my information from both sides of the political spectrum, but I haven’t even been able to bring myself to watch the “big three” networks for news since Peter Jennings passed away. So much of their presentation appears to be goal-oriented propaganda that it’s hardly worth sifting through the dreck for the occasional nugget of useful information.

    • bobemakk

      I felt that Peter Jennings was a liberal as well. I listen to Fox and it even seems that we can’t depend on them that much anymore. Some of the stories they air are old news, and that is what lots of people claimed about the lamestream media before this debacle with this fake administration even started. And the republicans and tea party are caving in to Obamas demands. This entire world is confusing to me, and I follow politics very closely since I retired.

      • sjangers

        Jennings was definitely liberal, bobemakk, but I always thought he did a pretty good job of separating his personal beliefs from his professional behavior.

        I agree with your point about FOX. Up until about a year ago I felt that their news operation was at least reasonably well balanced. The last election cycle seemed to raise the stakes a bit and I think FOX succumbed to their political leanings, which impacted the way they were presenting news. I hope they get back on track soon.

        Like you, I often have trouble making sense of it all. The country is very divided and there are far too many tools available today for unscrupulous people to manipulate information and make it even harder for us to understand what’s going on. I studied political science in college, and have generally followed the domestic political scene pretty closely, but it seems to make less and less sense with every passing year.

  • GT Slade

    Why does it still hurt when they prove you right?

  • Tommy Phillips

    He should be fired immediately.

  • RonKean

    These guys insult our intelligence when they make lame excuses for the controversial opinions they publish. “You didn’t build it…” really means…, or ” It was a ‘composite’ girlfriend…” and that really means…etc. They say these things and offer the lame excuse so that fellow Democrats will have a positive spin on something dumb and take talking points to Facebook or Twitter or on chats like this.