Chick-Fil-A: From Political Correctness to Police State Speech and Thought Control

By all accounts, Chick-Fil-A is an excellent company. It has a very successful business model; the closely held company is profitable and growing. It is renowned for the quality of its products and excellent customer service. It’s a good place to work, providing jobs for thousands of young people and offering aid to further their education. The company is well known for its many philanthropic efforts. Any company should be envious of Chick-Fil-A.

The company’s thinly-veiled homophobic mission statement: “Be America’s Best Quick-Service Restaurant.”

But, in the alternate universe in which we seem to live these days, Chick-Fil-A is pilloried by a tiny minority, assisted by the increasingly intellectually corrupt and propagandizing mainstream media.

Just when you think absurdity has reached its limit, along come the attacks on Chic-Fil-A.

And, the justification for the assaults: Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A’s President and Chief Operating Officer, in answer to a question, stated his personal views. I have read everything available in an effort to find any negative, accusatory or inflammatory comments directed at anyone. I have found none.

In this upside down world, the term political correctness no longer accurately describes the leftists’ intimidation tactics; in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Maoist China and countless other past and present oppressive regimes, it’s called police state speech and thought control.

For the radical left, the right of free speech is nothing more than a cover for its outrageous statements and actions. But, to them, it’s a one-way street; any opposition to their mantra is not to be tolerated.

The media whores, as usual, twist and misinterpret the facts. As with their predilection to assume tea party violence, those with opposing cultural values are cast as intolerant religious maniacs, bent on imposing their beliefs on the rest of the population.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

And, we have the mayors and local government politicians in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco racing to the podium to knee-jerk themselves into a knot. In statements littered with all the appropriate police state-approved language, they rant and rave, threaten and pander for the benefit of a tiny minority of their constituents, and, of course, the press.

At least one of the politicians is walking back his outrageous statements, but I find their initial comments very instructive. Automatically, they assume government’s power to unilaterally, without due process or any other consideration of law, issue edicts, threats and demands aimed at private citizens and private enterprises.

Their initial visceral reaction: ‘We will use the government’s power to punish the owners of a company who have thoughts and beliefs with which we and a minority disagree.”


The country drifts closer to the codified intolerance of a police state. The minority subjugates the majority. The media machine is little more than a propaganda arm of a leftist federal government and its allies.

Yet, the country debates the wealth of one presidential candidate and the oratorical snafus of the other.

I’m headed out to buy a bag of Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches. If you haven’t tried one, they’re pretty damn good.

Author Bio:

graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Rodney authored “Leading Your Business to the Next Level,” a non-fiction business book in 2005. “Powers Not Delegated” is Rodney’s first foray into fiction; the book meshes his knowledge of history, business and current events to produce a relevant and plausible tale of domestic and international intrigue. Additionally, Rodney writes political commentary on his own blog and for other nationally known blogs/websites. Rodney lives in Atlanta. His passions include hiking, photography, history, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football.
  • Frederick A Theobald

    I don’t have a lot of time for the butcher of Southern Rhodesia (Robert Mugabe) but his one saving grace is that he believes that homosexuals are criminals.

    …and why people call them “gays” is also a mystery, a more miserable bunch of people would be hard to imagine.

  • Lac920

        Mr. Cathy states that he supports biblical  marriage.  He doesn’t say “kill the queers” or “we don’t want to serve homos”. I have met him. He was wearing a windbreaker with his name on it…and below the name was not CEO or President. Guess what?  It was “customer service”. This is a humble man who knows that he will answer on the last day. It’s amazing that he could say he supports traditional marriage to a Baptist magazine and be vilified the way he has. The one good thing about all of this is that we get to see clearly who is of God and who is of the world, and it is out there for everyone to see.

  • Shane

     No one if more intolerant of those who disagree with them than liberals and Islamic Jihadists, which is one reason that these groups are allies. Liberals slander and libel anyone who dares to disagree with liberal dogma. People should feel free to boycott any company that opposes their values, but it is wrong for politicians to prevent a business from operating in their city just because the company does not accept gay marriage.

    • user34603

      Your remark is astute. Liberals (‘illiberals’ as Michael Savage calls them) and Jihadists are ‘my way or the highway’ folks all the way. It makes sense when you recall that a liberal always has to be noticed, be the smartest person in the room, be on the attack against a Bush president (pick one), and be ready to call others the names that best fit the liberal accuser.

      In east Tennessee, an old saying goes….   ” If a man looks behind the door, you can expect he’s been there… “

  • eddymatt

    I find Chick-Fil-A to be a great company that promotes a family outlook and business practices that should be  a model for many other business (fast food or not) Their buildings are clean and their employees are ‘nice’ , ‘polite’ , and anxious to help. Recently our Chick-Fil-A ,here, gave away a whole cheesecake with a minimum $10 purchase.  The cheesecake was worth more than the meal!!!!! The people at this franchise remember who pays the bills and makes us want to return..  There is one addage that I have seen over and over by other business and their owners.  “When you get greedy, bad things happen”.  I am thankful for Chick-Fil-A and plan to continue my patronage..

  • floridahank

    Regarding “Rev.” Russ Smith, he apparently is not a follower of Christianity, by his
    personal use of Reverend., because the Holy Bible is against it. I would therefore not
    accept his opinion as worth much regarding his “mixed feelings.”

    Jesus prohibits the use of self-exalting and honorific titles of distinction among those who have chosen to follow Christ. While conferring honorific titles upon prominent religious authorities may be the way of the world, it is not the path that Christ has called us to pursue.

    Yet, in spite of the clarity of Jesus’ command, Christians have historically ignored His words. We continue, for example, to address our church shepherds as “Reverend,” “Doctor,” or “Minister” and, unfortunately, far too many of them are glad to receive such flattery and even love to have it so!

    Christian magazines are filled with advertisements for books or products recommended by “Doctor” so-and-so; and churches continue to promote their ministries led by “Reverend” so-and-so. The Christian world, it seems, is consumed with exalted and honorific titles for those in positions of leadership or influence. Some pastors, in fact, are rather offended when their congregational members address them by their first name or simply as “brother.”
     So some people  create their own little spiritual world which is shallow in the true meaning of Christianity.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      So what do you think of a man who is a felon, a fraud and a usurper using the title “President?”  

      • floridahank

        If it was up to me, there would be at least 6 high-level people in prison, another 40-50 “fired” from their positions, and probably 2-3 Govt. agencies closed or reduced 50%.

        I would change the way that the biased media had access to all the questions put to the Pres., and make sure the Conservative reporters had a chance to ask the important questions to the Pres. and agency heads.
        I would make sure the public always got both sides of the issue, not the controlled way it’s done today.

        While Romney wasn’t my first pick, I believe he’s more experienced with business and has a more mature worldview than Obama can even begin to imagine.  I doubt Obama ever did any work for a profit-making company who was accountable for making more $$$ than spending $$$.  Compared to the business world, the USA is bankrupt today.

  • floridahank

    This is an indication of desperation by the homosexaul agenda.  They hate God and the Holy Bible, they hate the traditional family unit that has worked well for thousands of years in all major societies, they want to overly-control the public school system,
    they are using propaganda to make changes in our legal system and the definition of justice for all (want pro-homosexuality to be the standard for behavior in court cases),
    want to change our military from a balanced fighting unit to a social experiment in “tolerance”,  what to control what churches can preach out of the Bible and what should not be discussed.
    I see this backfiring on them.  Chick-Fil-A will get more customers who are fed up with homosexuals trying to tell a pro-family, pro-American business how to run their business and how to spend their profits.
    I believe fundamental Christians will solidify and elect Romney and get rid of Obama and his gang.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Writing as one (“gay”) who the public might think would welcome these overtures , I certainly do not.  These actions are nothing more than giddy panderings to a segment of our society.  There have been exceptional licenses (I abjure the term “rights”) granted to many who find themselves in minorites, but fairness has to be balanced.
    I’ve yet to hear of these civic leaders skipping the dedication to a mosque (or a photo-op with the imam), wherein death is the preached as a proscription for homosexuals, jews, and – even birth-control practitioners.
    But, these pendulae swing wide. New England states took three-hundred years to rid themselves of “blue-laws” authored by religious zealots only to secularize the same as ‘political correctude’.
    There is no merit in ‘infantilizing’ a group of people, and then say they have ‘franchise’ in politics (still one vote per person, last I read – dead, alive, illegal, gay, handicapped, etc., which by actions reflect other.

  • Lt Live

    To exault something as nasty, perverse  and vile as homosexuality to the level of a civil right it seems would require someone nasty, perverse and vile,  and Rohm Emanuel seems to fit the bill perfectly. And aparently there are many more like him on the left.


    I realized my typo after I posted my comment, I know it’s called  Chick -Fil -A
    Don’t know what I was thinking! Pardon the mistake.


    Free speech for the left, and not the right, I for one am sick of it. For the people that support free speech for everyone, support Chic-a- filet on Wed. 8/1/12.
    I personally support gay marriage I think everyone has the right to love who they wish, but I also support FREE SPEECH for everyone not just the liberals. I know some may say how can you be a conservative and support gay marriage? To me Marriage is a partnership for life and who ever you want to share your life with is your business.

  • BruceMajors
  • Drew Page

    Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, piously defends “Chicago values” telling the world that Chick-Fi-A restaurants do not share them and therefore, there is no place for them in the Chicago community.    On the other hand  good folks like Louis Farakan, Bill Ayers and his Bernadine Dohrn (on the FBI’s most wanted list back in the late ’60s) and the black and Hispanic gang bangers do share “Chicago values”.   

     And then there is the Chicagoan-In-Chief, Mr. Obama, who up until his most recent ‘evolvement’ also supported the definintion of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.  Maybe he didn’t share “Chicago values” back then.  Mr. Obama is a classic Chicago politician; he feels strongly both ways about issues, unless the polls say he shouldn’t, and his favorite  color is plaid.   He also has the ability to staunchly deny that which he staunchly proclaimed previously and to convince you that what you heard him say was something just the opposite.    To all those who believe that Mr. Onbama lies about everything, you must realize that everything he has ever said has been taken out of context.

  • Jinna

    Oh. And do a bit more research on Mayor Menino. He supported a mosque that was built in Roxbury MA and the main supporter believes all gays should be killed.

    Menino is a huge phony and the liberals are too dense to notice.

  • Jinna

    If it isn’t the media, it’s the administration that’s trying to destroy businesses one by one. look at Mary Lou’s in Massachusetts. It’s well run and profitable so of course, the PC police are after them.

    This administration won’t be happy until all businesses fold and we’re all on welfare.

    • Drew Page

      Those politicians who want to bar Chick-Fil-A restaurants from their cities should realize that these restaurants are franchises, owned and operated by independent individuals, who may or may not share the views of the founder of the franchise, Mr. Cathy.    Mr. Cathy was asked for his views on same sex marriage and said the same thing Mr. Obama used to say before he ‘evolved’.  

      By attempting to keep Chick-Fil-A restuarants out of their cities, they wind up punishing people who had nothing to do with this controversy and limit job opportunities and tax revenues these restaurants would bring.   What’s next, are these mayors going to kick out all businesses in their towns who disagree with any of Obama’s policies and/or ideologies?

  • jujubeebee

    I think politicians should stay out of it.   All citizens should be able to have and express an opinion.   It is up to us whether we want to buy their product or watch their movie.   I personally have cancelled subscriptions to Newsweek and our local newspaper and am glad I did.   I have less stress reading their bias.   I have also decided not to watch movies that certain celebrities make me feel the media bias.    I feel I have a right to personally boycott their movies, tv shows, restaurants, etc.    The other side can do the same.   The mayors have no right to decide what their city is for or against just because they got voted in.   I will eat at ChickFila.    I will shop at Whole Foods.   I won’t go to Arbies though after they pulled ads from Rush’s radio program after the Sandra Fluck thing.   It is still a free country.  Let the games begin!     I won’t watch any of Oprah’s stuff and can’t stand even to see the small clips on Fox of Joy Bahar because I won’t watch Barbara WaWa’s show either.   
    Still a free country and no one is going to tell me who I can buy from or support!   The other side can do what they will.   I don’t care.

  • Brad Trun

    Gay Marriage: Equality vs. Freedom

    New postscript addressing the political bashing and threatened persecution of Chick-fil-A.  I like their chicken!

  • terry


  • Brian_Bayless

    I’m sorry but if you publically state that you are against gay marriage and support groups that are against it as well, then you are going to get some backlash.

    Personally, while I dont agree with those agaisnt gay marriage, I do not find these actions deplorable. Its not like they are using sweatshop labor or practicing unfair labor conditions or funding terrorist groups.

    I like the food and I will eat there but to say those sorts of things is a terrible PR move and one that a good company should not state publically.  Their food is something that has mass appeal, so you should appeal to the masses if you want to continue success.

    • ph16

      You’re absolutely right that making a statement on a controversial issue (no matter what the issue is and what side one is on) opens one up for criticism and is not a good PR move at all to take a side on it.

      That said, I do think Chick-Fil-A should be allowed to build anywhere that landowners are willing to rent to them as long as they meet zoning laws and do not commit acts of discrimination against homosexuals as employees or as customers. If one is offended by the views the CEO holds, he or she does not have to eat at the place and if enough people are offended and stay away, then obviously the restaurant will fail in that city as the right to free speech does not come with the automatic right to a positive reaction.

      In other words, while those mayors have the right to their opinions and to voice their opinions, I don’t think they have the right to use the powers of government to prevent Chick Fil-A from running a restaurant in their cities just because they disagree with their views. The free market should and will decide (trust me, if enough people are offended by Cathy’s views and stay away, it’ll go bankrupt very quickly in that city).

  • Rev Russ Smith

    I must confess rather mixed feelings about all this.  I’m not one who thinks that people who are gay pose any sort of threat to the society or to heterosexuality (Though I do think some of the so-called gay activists and their supporters could.)  As an individual, I will probably choose not to eat at Chick-Fil-A.  However, I will oppose any attempts to use the force of government to prevent the company and its thousands of franchise owners from making a living.  While I might not agree with some of the choices the owner of Chick-Fil-A has made, I will allow him the freedom to choose according to his conscience.  I’d expect the same.

    • Brhurdle

      You sir have demonstrated your shallow intellectual capabilities. Because one man has a position on gay marriage, not homosexuality, you have decided not to patronize a chain of restaurants that have thousands of other workers that may or may not share the same opinion. Do you believe the McDonalds that you will patronize instead of Chick-Fil-A has no employees that oppose gay marriage? You embarass the occupation by listing yourself as a Reverend. You feel you are being so sophisticated in your magnanamous postion but are demonstrating your own intolerance.

      • Rev Russ Smith

        Allow me to attempt to explain my “shallow” reasoning.
          The “one man” you mention is the owner of the restaurant chain and makes the decisions on where the profits the company gets go.  That’s why there is a difference between my purchases going in part to pay salaries of people who hold a wide variety of ideas and who support a wide variety of organizations and paying into a company that I _know_ supports organizations that I would choose not to.  If it is “intolerant” to choose to support businesses that support the things I do and to not support those who don’t, then I would suggest to you that everyone is “intolerant” in this way.  Can you honest say that you continue choose to purchase from companies that you know support things you’re opposed to?  I am not trying to be magnanimous or sophisticated, only true to what I believe.  As a person of faith, let alone a “reverend,” I’m constrained to act according to my conscience.  That doesn’t embarrass the occupation at all.  If I didn’t do so, it would.
          I suspect that the real problem is that I’ve come out on a different side of this than you did.  Try to get used to that.