Choosing Between RINOs and Libs

For several weeks now, I’ve been involved in email debates with some of my fellow conservatives. They’ve been on my case ever since I pointed out that a Republican-lite is preferable to a Democrat. I swear, if this were the Middle Ages, they’d have me burned at the stake for heresy.

It’s their contention that it is better to vote for a third party candidate than for a Republican In Name Only (RINO). In response, I have pointed out that a third party candidate can’t win the presidency, and while wasting your vote on one can have the short term benefit of making you feel good about yourself, in the long term, you’re merely making it easier for the liberal to win the election. So while there’s nothing to prevent a conservative casting his vote in 2012 for a Libertarian or a Constitutionalist, in reality he’d be helping to re-elect a left-wing radical named Obama.

Speaking of Obama, some people, most notably Bill O’Reilly, have wondered why, after the firestorm over his close ties to an America-bashing racist like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he and his family would attend Easter Sunday services at the Shiloh Baptist Church, listening to an America-bashing racist named Rev. Wallace Charles Smith. Frankly, I always believed that “birds of a feather flock together” covered all such questions.

In any case, I hoped that if I wrote down my reasoning, I might be able to put an end to the barrage of conservative hate email. To begin with, if a true conservative can’t win GOP primaries, what makes anyone think he can win a general election when, unfortunately, tens of millions of Democrats are allowed to vote?

If you accept that the liberal candidate in a presidential election, no matter how vile he is, can count on receiving 45% of the votes cast, a third party conservative would have to essentially run the table, garnering virtually every Independent and Republican vote if he’s to have any chance of winning. Inasmuch as the reason that most people register as Independents in the first place is because they shy away from those they regard as representing the extremes in either party, this scenario strikes me as highly unlikely.

Furthermore, registered Republicans are the reason that RINOS get elected in the first place. If that weren’t the case, people like Bob Dole, John McCain and the two Bushes, wouldn’t consistently carry the GOP standard in presidential elections.

What I have come to believe is that a lot of conservatives don’t really want to elect a president, but, rather, wish to install a dictator. They want someone who will get rid of all those annoying federal departments, bureaucrats and even those pesky checks and balances. For good measure, they’d like Sir Boss to make the Federal Reserve Bank disappear, along with the Supreme Court and just maybe daylight-saving time. While he’s at it, they’d appreciate it if he brought back doubleheaders, 25 cent-a-gallon gas and Tom & Jerry cartoons. The reason I suspect that’s true of many conservatives is because it’s true of me.

However, without a dictator at the helm, those things simply won’t get done. As you may have noticed, even Obama, who had huge majorities in the House and Senate, couldn’t get all of the goofy and scary items on his loony agenda enacted.

So, while I can certainly understand and even share a great deal of the frustration of those who have no use for RINOS, me or even reality, for that matter, it seems clear that threatening to sit out presidential elections simply because the Republican candidate doesn’t possess all the various attributes and convictions of Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, Abe Lincoln, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, is not only antithetical to pro-American conservative principles, but as childish as pinning all of one’s hopes on Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Finally, one thing that virtually all of the people who have taken me to task have mentioned is that they want a strict Constitutionalist sitting in the Oval Office. If it’s not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, they’re against it. When they bother to get specific, they mention federal dollars for schools, Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare and the NEA. What I couldn’t help noticing were the items never mentioned, not in their email and not in the Constitution, such as Medicaid, Medicare and unemployment insurance.

A few of them swell themselves up like bantam roosters by quoting Thomas Jefferson about the blood of Tyrants and Patriots occasionally being required to water the tree of Liberty. If you took them seriously, you’d actually have to believe they’re planning an armed insurrection, sitting home oiling their muskets, deciding whether to first target their liberal next-door neighbors or the family of RINOS living on the corner.

It would be much easier to picture all this if you didn’t know that these are the same folks who get very upset if their Social Security check arrives a day late.

©2011 Burt Prelutsky. Comments? Write Burt!
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  • Paul

    In 1964 Barry Goldwater won the nomination for the Republican Party. He was soundly defeated but following four more years of President Johnson and his liberal policies the political center of America drastically moved to the right, making a landslide election possible for President Reagan and ushering 20 years of a Reagan Revolution”.

    My contention is this, if Republicans can hold on to either the House/Senate or both, coupled with the total collapse of support for President Obama and his policies, what better time to run a strong republican (i.e. Sarah Palin) candidate in the 2012 election.

    This could do two things; she may actually get elected, especially if the economy continues on the decline. Secondly a strong conservative nominee for 2012 will pull the body politic back to the right paving the way for a conservative to easily win the 2016 presidential election with a mandate and just maybe usher in another “Reagan Revolution) political environment.

    If pragmatic republicans who constantly talk about nominating the most conservative electable I’m reminded of Barry Goldwater’s “I will offer a choice not an echo” speech. So if you truly are pragmatic and are willing to build for the future, offer up a strong voice for the 2012 election, set the political stage for the next 20 years of another “Reagan Revolution”.

    Should a strong conservative republican candidate loose in 2012 even in a landslide, President Obama’s moderate liberal front has been completely stripped and the American people see his for his true political potions are a Radical Liberal whom America has have rejected time after time. With republicans holding on to either the House or Senate President Obama would be held in check from passing any damaging legislation thus restraining him from any further damaging our economy.

    It seems reasonable, pragmatic and forward thinking to nominate the strongest republican candidate to for 2012. Nominate and elect Sarah Palin.

  • Rocko

    Important, to forward this to Rush, please make sure he get’s it.

    Rush, this was the best damn intelligent group of thoughts ~ I have heard ~ period..(thank you)
    Heard you articulate many times but tonight you were superb….

    I’m sure you will take flack from the “Honcho’s in the Republican corporation for telling it like it is.
    I know you know, the Honcho’s are afraid to let Palin in the game…They know, she will put the finger on them big time, like she did in Alaska….Everyone has a little larceny in them. Will lay odds, Sarah is about as honest as they come but not so honest as to hurt the security of this country.

    Felt the same about Trump as you and told many people but would not want him as President.

    Sarah Palin is the only one that I want as president. If not for McCain, she and someone else would be in the White House………..Think, I sent you the cspan video of the VP debate, sent too about everyone lately.
    That debate, Palin/Biden, set an all time record for viewers ~ 84 million including PBS
    Maj Gen Craig E Campbell Talks About Sarah Palin
    Big mouth Christie, give me a break, he’s nothing but a punk…..Sure the corrupt in the party would want him.
    When asked what he thought of Gov Walker, he said not my biz…”wimp”
    The head of the Iowa Republican Party should be fired for going to Jersey to ask Christie to run.
    Believe me when I tell you, he should be fired…….If I was Sarah, I would tell him to go to hell.

    Sarah Palin had the courage to go to Madison and call out the union bosses.
    Took big balls just to go in harms way, with all those union mafia punks, yelling and cussing.
    Hard to believe that such a class act could have the heart of a warrior

    Where were Christie, Rubio and the others?…..Rubio ~ want to give 18 million illegals amnesty then Rubio is your man, believe me when I tell you

  • CCNV

    Before we elect ANY males to office, one qualification should be that women are allowed to see them sitting in their boxers – without a shirt. My gut can’t handle many more that are as grossly ‘under-qualified’ as Weiner.

  • JohnInMA

    Although not a scientific “study”, my anecdotal observations of people I know is that they are driven by one of the most basic of the human motivations – bitching. So, by putting energy into “cleansing” their party (both sides of the aisle), but abstaining when the final candidate isn’t “pure” enough, they have the opportunity to say, “I didn’t vote for this #&$^#$% loser!” The question remains to be answered whether the die hard Reaganites will really sit it out and allow Obama to make them even more miserable over another 4 year period. Some may simply want the chance to complain.