Chu Chooses Silence on China

Congresswoman Judy Chu arrived in China last week as a guest of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs. Yet even as she castigates America for abuses of Chinese people who came here more than a century ago, she didn’t make a peep about the abuses carried on every day by the Communist government against the more than 1 billion Chinese people trapped under its authoritarian rule. Indeed, in the same month she’s calling for a formal resolution of regret about anti-immigrant injustices that occurred while Chester A. Arthur was president, Chu can’t seem to find a negative thing to say about the world’s largest dictatorship.

As the dictatorship’s guest, Chu was quick to play her part. She gave a fawning interview to China Daily, the government-controlled English-language newspaper which proudly spouts the Communist party’s line. Chu explains that America’s relationship to China has suffered under “great anxiety and tension.” “There are some in Congress who are saying negative and angry things about China,” Chu said.

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