Clueless Clapper (or how to get fired from the Obama White House)

This article could also be titled four strikes and you’re out. James Clapper, retired lieutenant general in the United States Air Force , is our current Director of National Intelligence. Now this guy is a real piece of work. I’m not sure if he’s just this inept, or is intentionally trying to get fired from his position in the Obama Administration. If the latter is true, I might be able to see his point, but seriously, this is some truly scary incompetence for someone in such a highly ranked position. Let’s take a look at his last 4 boondoggles. And these are only in the last few months or so.

Strike One:

Strike Two:

Strike Three:

Strike Four and you’re OUT !!!

I’m trying to use my crystal ball and see how long it will take before he is politely asked to leave, I’m thinking in a week or so, but anytime would be fine in my book. We all know how the Prez don’t like it when military guys in his employ disagree with his policies, or at least his strongly worded warnings or intentions, but I think  Mr. Clapper has worn out his welcome with this last statement. I don’t know about you, but this guy worries me. I understand why Obama had to relieve Stanley McChrystal of his duties for basically openly undermining his authority, but this Clapper just seems like he’s becoming a political liability for Barry. I have a hunch that the clock is ticking on our National Intelligence Director. I know if that happens, I won’t be losing any sleep.

The Clapper:

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