CNN Finds Benghazi Terrorist Suspect; FBI Doesn’t

BenghaziSo let’s see if I have this right:  A CNN reporter goes to a coffee shop at a well-known hotel in Benghazi and for two hours chit-chats with a man who some believe was the ringleader of the terrorist gang that murdered four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya — and almost a year after the attack the FBI either can’t figure out how to find this guy or has no interest in even trying to find him.

Really?  A newsman with nothing more than a tape recorder and a pencil and paper interviews a prime suspect in the September 11, 2012 massacre, but the U.S. government hasn’t gotten around to it yet?

You may recall that after the attack President Obama promised to bring those responsible to justice.  So far, no one has been captured, killed or brought to anything even vaguely resembling justice. Benghazi happened a long time ago and you get the impression the president would be happy if no one ever brought the subject up again.

But the other day, CNN reporter Arwa Damon sat down with Ahmed Abu Khattala, who has been described by Libyan and U.S. officials as the leader of Ansar al-Sharia, a militia outfit affiliated with al Qaeda.  Was Khattala nervous during the interview?  Was he constantly looking over his shoulder?  Nope. The CNN reporter says Khattala was fairly relaxed.

For what it’s worth, Khattala denies being part of the gang that killed the four Americans.  He says he was at the compound the night of the attack, but denies having any connection to the violence.  He told CNN that he saw men carrying guns and rocket propelled grenades, but that the gunfire prevented him from entering the compound.

Who knows if he’s telling the truth?  Not the U.S. government.

When asked if the American or Libyan authorities tried to talk to him, Khattala reportedly told CNN they had not. “Even the investigative team did not try to contact me,” Khattala told CNN, referring to the FBI.

And when the CNN reporter asked if he would be willing to meet with the FBI, Khattala reportedly said, “Yes, no problem. …But not as an interrogation, as a conversation like the one we are having right now.”

So here’s a question:  How did CNN scoop the FBI?

Eight Republicans in Congress are wondering the same thing.  They sent a letter to the incoming FBI director asking for some answers, adding that the Obama administration’s investigation of the attack in Benghazi has been “simply unacceptable.”

One of those who initiated the letter, Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah, told reporters that “One of the pertinent questions today is why we have not captured or killed the terrorists who committed these attacks?”

And if “CNN was able to go in and talk to one of the suspected terrorists, how come the military hasn’t been able to get after them and capture or kill the people? How come the FBI isn’t doing this and yet CNN is?”

It’s a question that the president and everyone else in his administration apparently have no interest in answering.  Maybe that’s because the answer would be embarrassing.  Or maybe it’s because President Obama considers the attack in Benghazi to be one of those “phony scandals” concocted by Republicans to make him look bad.

Memo to POTUS:  When a television reporter can sip coffee with the man who may have led the attack that left four Americans dead … and no one in your administration has had the time or interest in talking to this man … then you don’t have to worry about Republicans making you look bad.  You’re doing a pretty good job yourself.

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  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Been reading the posts since Adam and Steve, thought you made some good points, but then Toney Kennedy called. He said you were animated solely by your hatred of a group of people and he’s the final word on this. I tried to tell him that some of your points seemed quite sound, but he explained, “shut up.” Desperate, I said that you appeared to be seeking deeper truth and principle, and your positions on race had been considered respectable among rational people for, like, decades. “That’s nothing,” he scoffed, “I’ve found bigotry in people for respectable thinking that went back thousands of years! Now knock it off or my next decision will really let you know who runs this place!”
    Bernie, I regret that a true conservative like yourself could not stand with social conservatives on gay “marriage”. We try to defend against committed activists who use the Courts (and press) to conflate an urge into a civil right, and who care not if a thorough deconstruction of traditional society and law results (or is that the point?). Not exactly succeeding. Anyway, my post is not to attack you or any other conservative on this, but to make the point that we religious right are being branded as bigots, with a Supreme Court quote on the branding iron. When they are done with us, who’s next?

  • BigTruckJoe

    To wheels55 – not according to the MSM. Obamas is the only one that doesnt stink. How else could a half term Senator with no executive experience (or job for that matter) ever have gotten elected.

    • Wheels55

      I can only guess that most of America was in a rush to have its first black President. Could we have waited for a better choice?

  • BigTruckJoe

    If a scandal happens in a Democrat administration and the MSM fails to report it, did it really happen?

    • Wheels55

      If Obama craps in a forest, does it stink?

  • Wil

    >>So let’s see if I have this right: A CNN reporter goes to a coffee shop at a well-known hotel in Benghazi and for two hours chit-chats with a man who some believe was the ringleader of the terrorist gang that murdered four Americans .<<

    A man who some believe and the man who may have led the attack that left four Americans dead. C'mon Bernie, you can do better then this.

    • John Daly

      Your reply makes no sense.

      • Wil

        Ask someone to explain it to you. I’m too busy.

  • Wil

    There is no cover up. The CIA is doing what it has always been doing. Obama has
    precious little to do with what that secret organization does on a day to day
    basis because it is a secret organization, unlike the ARMY and Pentagon.

    • Wheels55

      Odd how this story was suppressed at election time. The re-election machine had nothing to do with it? Saying OBL is dead and Muslim terrorists are on the run doesn’t make it so.
      It may have happened this way with a Republican trying to get re-elected. Politicians do not surprise me anymore.

    • Tim Ned

      I find it hard to believe that someone would write such a ridiculous comment. More so, I condemned to my own condemnation that I actually read it.

    • John Daly

      No cover up? Obama, Clinton, Rice, and the rest lied about it for weeks. You’re a mark, Wil.

      • Wil

        Lied about what?

  • Wil

    Bernie, Does the FBI have the authority to question anyone in Libya?

  • Ed Thornton

    this raghead in office is a complete fraud!

  • Ed Thornton

    obama is a failure thats putting it mildly! he has our country close to what he helped with in detroit. obama infact is an illegal himself so why is this raghead even here he needs removed now and send the raghead back to kenya thats were he belongs.

  • William L. Wilson, M.D.


  • redrowan2000

    Can anyone confirm this? The order to stand down was given by Valerie Jarret? if so did she usurp the authority of the President as commander and chief?

  • brendan horn

    I think the reason the Obama administration has not found those responsible for the attack is because they thought they had solved the problem when they identified the coptic Egyptian moviemaker. They probably still think movies were the problem at Benghazi. It took them only a couple days to go after the moviemaker and several months later we have nothing done against those who perpetrated the attack.

  • BonnieU2T2

    Everyone in America who was paying attention saw live feed video of people in regular clothes walking into the Consulate with guns! Are we supposed to not believe our lying eyes? How long is the main stream Media going to get by with only covering what supports Obama’s agenda and ignoring the massive and growing rejection of him, his Administration, His Economic policies, his Healthcare Bill, His Anti-American and apologetic attitude, His Muslim Brotherhood-friendliness, His arrogant Executive orders, by-passing the Congress, and over-riding the Constitution, His INjustice Dept. and Homeland Insecurity Dept, failure to Secure our borders, illegal gun-running to Drug cartels in Mexico, voter fraud and fighting reasonable Voter-ID laws? If we don’t do something soon through the Congress, or the Supreme Court, the entire USA is going to look like Detroit! I can’t think of a single incident in my lifetime where our President, State Dept. and Military left Americans behind, without support or Security to be slaughtered by our enemies until Behghazi. And Hillary wants to be the “Commander in Chief?” God Help us!

  • Randy

    This is just another example of Obama voting “present”. What do you expect from a guy who spent his whole life avoiding every decision and running away from any position that might be even remotely unpopular. He can’t even keep his stories straight. A month or so ago the IRS was a scandal and was to be thoroughly investigated. Now it’s just a phony scandal being ginned up by the Republicans to make his excellency look bad. If the FBI actually arrested anyone then the whole phony scandal concept falls apart. And heaven forbid Mr. Obama might look bad or maybe even have to make a hard call.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Seems these folks are not so hard to find? So why would the Obama administration, NOT want to find them. Perhaps it’s because they armed them in the first place to over throw the nut bar Moamar Qadaffi. The point is U.S. foreign policy is in shambles, and the Administration doesn’t want you to know this is the case. Better to look decisive by drone strikes, because dead men don’t talk. And if a few innocents are taken out? Collateral damage? Oh well? The reputation of the President is worth more than the lives of a few innocents?

  • Cecilio Mendez

    Mr. Goldberg, a huge section of the American population has lost the ability to become undignified. The proliferation of crappy TV programming and the insignificance of most of the “information” in the “news” are pointing to a lack of sensibility towards shock from many. The “government” knows that and is acting accordingly. You are right… but the group of listeners who care is diminishing.

  • gerald tache

    The most important question not being pursued by the lefty media and Republicans is: where was BO for eight hours after he was informed of the attack? Where and why is he not answering this question. Was he concerned about the death of an American Ambassador and three brave members of the Benghazi security force. Why did he escape to a fund raiser 12 hours later?
    Why did he not attempt to contact the President of Libya to request his security force rush over to the U.S. compound to help defend the Americans. Why is this question night being asked by the brain damaged members of the “LAMESTREAM press”? if this tragedy happened during W’s watch the socialist media would have demanded his impeachment. As Bernie and others have said, we now have the most corrupt press over the last one hundred years.

    • hateyourface

      He must have been busy reading a book to a bunch of school children… wait. whoops. nevermind.

      • Wheels55

        Funny. But President Bush was immediately informed and took action. Say what you will about the action he took, but he had a seemingly impossible job ahead of him and took action. Obama had a much smaller issue and did nothing and still has done nothing.
        We did not know what the 9/11 attacks were going to be or when. Obama had knowledge that our Benghazi folks requested more security. As far as I am concerned, the four dead Americans in Benghazi are on Obama and Clinton’s heads.

        • WhiteHunter

          It’s interesting, isn’t it, that to the Hard Left Bush’s famous EIGHT MINUTES of stunned silence when Andy Card whispered in his ear as he was reading aloud to a classroom of first graders to give him the unimaginable, inconceivable news of the 9/11 catastrophe supposedly made all the difference in the world and “proved” President Bush’s unfitness…while these same sneering Bush-haters have nothing at all to say about their Messiah’s complete and never-explained disappearance for the rest of the night of 9/11/2012.
          Of course, the Messiah had more urgent matters on his mind that night: He needed to pack and then get a good night’s rest to be ready for His Air Force One flight to the rah-rah fundraiser in Vegas the next day.
          I doubt that He lost so much as a wink of restful, nourishing sleep that night–nor did Valerie Jarrett, nor did Secretary Hillary “What Difference Does It Make?” Clinton (“the greatest Secretary of State since Thomas Jefferson!”).
          Probably the only calls they made were to order that the speechwriters get to work on some appropriate remarks, and the Marine Honor Guards have their dress blues freshly dry-cleaned and their shoes spit-shined in time for the welcome-home ceremony for the dead in the hanger. And, oh yes, “find some reason to arrest that Coptic video guy and arrest him, so we can blame all of it on him!”

        • Wil

          Funny. But President Bush was immediately informed and took action.>>

          Nope, He later went to war with Iraq, who had nothing to do with 911 attack!

          • Wheels55

            Try to keep up. While the Iraq war was regrettable (I never was in favor of it myself), much had to be done after the 9/11 attacks that had nothing to do with Iraq. The Bush administration had to make air traffic decisions that had never been made before. They had to wonder if there were more attacks coming elsewhere. They had to inform the public to create calm. I think that was all done in the best way possible. I also think if Obama were President then, he would have made a bigger mess of that whole situation.

            Read Condi Rice’s book. She goes into great detail about the uncertainties and decisions of those days.

          • Wil

            I wish you conservatives would just answer some simple questions

            1) Would you would be this upset under the same circumstances
            if it was a Republican Administration?

            2) Were you equally outraged at
            the circumstances surrounding Pat Tillman’s friendly fire death?

            3) Were
            you disgusted that the former President and Vice President forced the 9/11
            Commission to interview them together, off the record?

            These are, of
            course, all rhetorical questions.

            Remember, The CIA documents supported
            Susan Rice’s description of Benghazi attacks!

          • StanW

            [citations required]

          • Jeff Webb

            Wil, you are the very last person who can judge whether or not others are intellectually honest.

            YOU remember, long after the attack BO & HC lied about it repeatedly, including directly to the victims’ relatives.

          • Wil

            What difference does it make?

          • Wheels55

            I case you are wondering who Wil is and what Hillary has been doing lately – they are one in the same.

          • Wheels55

            1) Yes
            2) No – I was deeply saddened, but not even close to the same thing
            3) No – so what? Read Condi Rice’s book and get back to me.
            Susan Rice is a mindless puppet. The CIA does Obama’s dirty work.

          • Wil

            So, you are a ‘true-believer’ how sad! You are the mindless puppet.

          • Wheels55

            true believer of what?
            However, thank you. You continually prove my points.

          • Alexander

            Hey will ,shut up you sound like an idiot.

          • Wil

            Hey Alick, If ignorance were cornflakes, you’d be General Mills

          • Alexander

            Wow brilliant,you got me .Your the educated left?

          • Wil

            Thank you.

      • Drew Page

        At least Bush didn’t have to use a teleprompter like Obama did when it was his turn to talk to a bunch of school kids. and Bush didn’t run off to a fund raiser 12 hours after the towers collapsed.

        • Wil

          Bush was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ and then he ran, like a scared rabbit and hid!

          • Randy

            You sir, are an idiot.

          • Wil

            You’re the Bush sycophant, not me!

  • Mikal Gastpipe

    Perhaps, since Obama ‘finds’ things out on the NIGHTLY News,”…just like everyone else…”, it COULD be that he didn’t pay his CABLE BILL or his newspaper subscription, because of the sequester, THUS having NO TV or paper delivered to him! Seems LOGICAL to ME!

  • DOOM161

    In the FBI’s defense, Obama’s federal government is under strict orders not to learn anything about Benghazi. After all, they got the one man that’s solely responsible: The guy that made that video no one saw.

  • Ann Cain

    Let’s not forget, it was a CNN lackey who found Ambassador Steven’s daily diary on the floor at the Consulate a few days after the attacks/murders. Obama’s people didn’t even try to clean up this evidence so it makes me wonder if their carelessness was intentional and, if so, why?

    • WhiteHunter

      Ann — Let’s not forget: It was far too dangerous, and too unstable a situation, to send trained, armed U.S. agents into where Amercan reporters walked the next morning with a pencil and notepad, while the ruins were still burning and the terrorists still exulting, . [SARC OFF]

  • Drew Page

    Why try to bring the perpetrators of a “phony scandal” to justice?

  • Drew Page

    Bernie — I believe there is more to this story than we know. We are now learning that there were two dozen of more CIA operatives on the ground in Benghazi the night of the attack. It has been reported that these CIA agents were asked/told to sign agreements swearing they would not reveal anything about their presence in Benghazi.
    I suspect the cloak of secrecy the government is operating under has to do with arms and military weapons being run from Libya to Syrian rebels. Obviously I can’t prove it. If I could, I would probably wind up a missing person. But it is what I suspect. Some in Congress may be aware of this, others may not, but if they were, I would never expect them to admit it.
    If it ever got out that this administration was involved in providing weapons to Syrian rebels, I believe it would cost the Democrats a lot of voters among independents and even some liberals in the 2014 elections.

    • Ann Cain

      It’s been out since the attacks! Why don’t Americans know this fact? Our MSM doesn’t report it. They’re in collusion with the Obama regime.

  • potvin

    The Obama administration is corrupt and the Republican lead House is full of wimps who are unable to hold it to account. Can you say banana republic?

  • Shane

    Obama does not want to capture or kill the terrorists; that is the only conclusion you can come to after almost 11 months going by without killing or capturing these savages.

  • J

    With all due respect (and I do have a lot for Bernie), I think that the news is that there were 35 or more people at the Benghazi complexes. With this large number as context, SecState and POTUS didn’t send any military assistance when a large force began its attack. Dozens of Americans were at risk, 4 wound up being killed, and 7 were wounded. Not much effort was put into aid.

    • nickshaw

      Sending a couple of guys over in a truck does seem like pretty lame response to an all out assault on an ambassador, doesn’t it?

    • WhiteHunter

      Exactly. The Benghazi consulate should have been shut down and evacuated as too dangerous and indefensible at least months earlier. What “essential” purpose did it serve that we’re not allowed to know? Issuing visas to Libyans for tourist trips to see the Statue of Liberty?
      I’ve never heard of any previous case where the Executive Branch was allowed to force Government employees to sign NDAs prohibiting them from answering questions under oath and behind closed doors in response to a subpoena from a Congressional committee.

  • floridahank

    If we want to find answers to these types of questions, let’s ask Snowden — he probably knows many answers to all these problems that our Govt. can’t answer. Snowden will soon give us more knowledge of how our own Govt. is against us and not for us.

  • Seattle Sam

    I was always amazed at how difficult it was for my children to find their report cards when they had questionable grades and how easy it was when they had good grades.

  • nickshaw

    Bernie, I think I may have mentioned this before.
    CNN didn’t “scoop” anyone but the other news outlets.
    Certainly not the FBI.
    To scoop someone you have to be in competition and the FBI really isn’t looking. They have no authority outside the US so, they are just tourists and can’t haul people off for a sit down and, even if they did, what could they do about it?
    Local authorities aren’t going to do anything based on the FBI’s sayso and they can’t drag them back to the States ’cause the “evidence” they have will never stand up in US court.
    I have no doubt some Americans HAVE already spoken to this guy. CIA probably. And he’s saying no one has just to tweak Skeeter’s nose.
    You know how I know? ‘Cause that’s exactly what I would do.

  • Daniel

    The alpha bet news has successfully buried this Benghazi mess for their boy, just like all of his other blunders. You can’t beat these happy idiots until you can fix the media bias. If we ever get back to real investigative journalism in this country, we may have a chance. Unfortunately, you’ll never graduate from college as a journalist if you have the mindset to uncover the corruption of the progressive left and whoever is creating their agenda. Those who set the agenda of the progressive liberals in academia must be stopped first. Instead of going in that direction, Seattle has now banned the use of the word “Citizen” because it is offensive to non-citizens. The founders never anticipated Seattle.

  • Curt Parker

    Unless there is no objective reality, one of the following facts must be true: 1)Obama’s justice department is incompetent since they cannot find those responsible for the attack, or 2) the DOJ hasn’t tried to find those responsible for the attacks. Either fact is contemptible.

    • nickshaw

      I might give the DoJ a pass if they just admitted they couldn’t actually DO anything even if they did talk to every participant of the attack.

      • Curt Parker

        The DOJ should actually go back to handling only domestic security and criminal cases and the CIA should handle the foreign stuff. The CIA can get things done; sometimes we don’t like to admit that we use brass knuckles.

        • nickshaw

          You don’t seriously think the CIA is allowed to use the “brass knuckles” they may have used in the past under this administration, do you?
          Anonymous missiles from the sky are okay ’cause they’re, well, anonymous and no direct responsibility could be pinned on anyone but, up close, face to face assassination?

          • Curt Parker

            Valid question. The intel communities don’t always act with the knowledge of POTUS or his admin. Plausible denials and all that. Your point about drones is spot on because the major failures of our intel over the last 2 decades has been due to a lack of human assets on the ground in countries hostile to the U.S., as in face-to-face dealings. Bottom line, as I said earlier, intel is a dirty business and most politicians don’t have the stomach for it. So instead of working with some bad people inside nations using terror tactics, we resort to drones and accept the collateral damage as a cost of doing business.

  • worldwatchers

    Face the Facts Obama’s father was a Muslim that makes him a Muslim plain and simple!

    • nickshaw

      And Skeeter was raised a muslim while attending a madrassa.
      To my knowledge, no one is allowed to disavow islam without consequence. Children are not given a choice.

      Unless they are lying for the cause.
      And there is even a term for that particular act of subterfuge in islam.

  • joepotato

    It’s obvious that Soetorobama and Holdem have a vested interest in trying to coverup the Benghazi Affair. Whatever reasons they have for this coverup lies at the foundation of the CIA shenanigans that were going on at the time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that much out…. Now we have a real immediate threat/distraction so let’s all just move along… like we’ve done with the bloody Fast & Furious operation… and let’s say nothing about that “phony” long form BC either…

    • nickshaw

      Leaving aside the “shenanigans” (which I believe to be true), do you really think Skeeter wants to admit that the same guys he helped take over Libya were the ones who attacked the compound?
      The same ones he supplied the weapons to?
      Think about it. Benghazi was a hotbed of islamists, one of the main suppliers of fighters to kill our guys in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
      Gadaffi THREATENED to go into Benghazi and get rid of these people.
      Skeeter gave the islamists cover and weapons to kill Gadaffi and take over Libya.
      Skeeter himself was the direct cause of the compound attack.
      One of these days, someone in the media is going to put this all together and the gun running (To other islamists, no less!!!) will be the least of the embarrassment to these clowns.

      • joepotato

        Excellent conclusion… I hope Soetorobama is feeling the heat…

  • Iklwa

    If four Libyan nationals had been killed by an angry group of Americans Eric Holder, the FBI, the NSA and every other asset available to the POTUS would have been brought to bear upon those perpetrators.

    We would have had Americans turned over to the Libyan government and there would have been USA sanctioned beheading months ago.

  • Kermit29

    I don’t care who perpetrated the Benghazi sacking. I want to know who perpetrated the US government presence there, who perpetrated the personnel assignments and on what basis were staffing and detailing decisions made.

    I want an accounting and an apology by the regime members who conspired to lie to the American electorate with the video ruse. I want a huge and meaningful reduction in force in the executive agencies and bodies of this government that committed these galling un-American activities!
    Terrorists owe me nothing except to maybe to rub out these rouge anti-Americans.

    • Drew Page

      This administration did nothing to save those four dead Americans who were there doing their jobs. They didn’t even try. DIDN’T EVEN TRY. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CONTEMPTABLE.

  • worldwatchers

    Fast and furious was an ill-conceived attempt to copy a Bush
    program but it needed to be drastically deformed to push the quantity of
    weapons into Mexico by any means necessary. These weapons were not tracked these weapons were meant to create havoc and chaos for the southern states bordering Mexico.. Obama and Holder forgot about their little scheme to turn Americans against the second amendment until a border agent Mr. Terry was murdered that put a halt to their program and in order to silence the critics that Congress and the Terry family executive privilege was used and there is only one reason why A privilege like that needed to be used.

    From gunrunning in Mexico they went to terrorists supply in Libya
    in order to supply Al Qaeda in Syria.
    But they will bring things down around our ears long before the truth comes out

    • nickshaw

      In fact, that’s even preferable to the truth, WW.

  • gbandy

    Obviously the FBI does not want to find any perpetrators of the Benghazi attack as this does not fall into the “Phony Scandal” agenda of Obama. Obama wants the American People to fall tired of the incident as to better hide the gross incompetence and failures of the Obama Administration on the entire incident. Deflect, confuse, and now just lie is the method Obama has used quite successfully for the past 5 years.

  • Hammockbear

    This scenario should be titled, Cake in the Face. Benghazi is being called Phony by President Obama who got to play golf on his birthday weekend. And the families who lost loved ones in the Benghazi massacre, probably did not have a happy weekend. It is past time to bring on the truth. CNN reporter gets a A plus.

  • Carlos

    I believe the Israeli who made the YouTube video is still in jail, although everyone now knows it had nothing to do with the attack on the embassy. In the meantime, Susan Rice who lied to the world and the American people has been promoted!

    • nickshaw

      Egyptian, I believe. A Copt.
      But that doesn’t change the sentiment.

  • Carlos

    The Department of Justice in busy on more important things, like attempting to find out (or conjecture) what was on George Zimmerman’s mind at the time he killed Treyvon Martin so that the will be able to charge him with civil right violations. Any issue that has racial connotations, factual or not, trumps anything else. In the meantime, it’s ok for the New Black Panthers to place a bounty on his head and keep issuing threats.

  • Johnny Deadline

    Obama calling Benghazi and the other scandals phony is POTUS calling the kettle black. He must believe we’re as stupid as the people who voted for him twice are.
    Whether Obama’s foreign policy apparathciks were trying to supply arms to the Syrian rebels via Libya, or whether the administration is trying to quash the fact that those attacking the consulate on 9/11 may have been Muslim Brotherhood, there is no doubt that Obama’s Arab Spring showers were a tsunami-like failure.
    Anyone denying that is snorting the Kook-Aid faster than Kraft Foods can make it.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama has no interest in Benghazi for it can destroy he and Hillary as people of integrity….wait that is long gone. People who care about our country… no, no that is also gone how about liars.

  • MerchantofVenom

    I’m somewhat surprised Barry hasn’t droned them yet. Not of retaliation or patriotism but to keep their mouth shut. The terrorists who perpetrated this atrocity will NEVER be apphended. If caught and brought back to the United States to stand trial the truth will come out.

    The masterful lie “It was the video” will be exposed and crumple like the Berlin Wall.

    • nickshaw

      Though I agree, MoV, exactly what “evidence” could be used in an American court that wouldn’t be thrown out?

      Other than Bernie de la Rionda or Angela Corey, what prosecutor would be dumb enough to press the case?

    • Drew Page

      Merchant — The CIA operatives on the ground the day of the attack on the Benghazi consulate have been asked/told to sign agreements swearing themselves to secrecy as to what they were there doing at the time. What is this administration so desperately trying to hide?
      Seems like hiding information from the American public runs a bit counter to the claims of having the most ‘transparent’ administration ever.

      • MerchantofVenom

        The directive came from the WH.

        Mueller, the former head of the FBI, looked into this like Helen Keller with cataracts. CNN [sic] among other networks interviewed the “perps” over lattes… but Mueller head of the FBI inexplicably couldn’t find them. I guess they were preoccupied “investigating” the IRS TeaParty victims. Which is kind of confusing, at last count not one Tea Partier has EVER been contacted by the FBI.

  • Cyberquill

    First of all, if this Khattala character is such a bad hombre, why should we believe anything he reportedly told the CNN reporter, like that he’s never been contacted by any investigative teams?

    Besides, maybe, rather than picking him up, the authorities are quietly watching the guy to gather 411 on his contacts and activities.

    It seems taht Bin Laden was under close surveillance without him — or us, for that matter — being aware the noose was tightening around his neck long before his compound was raided.

    And you’re telling us we’re supposed to conclude nothing is being done just because we don’t hear about it?

    • chiefjgmac

      That’s it …..quill, keep drinking the kool-ade…….

    • nickshaw

      With this administration, if ANYTHING was being done it would have been leaked by now.
      We know how thin skinned Skeeter is and articles like Bernie’s would be getting under it.

    • Drew Page

      There is plenty this is administration is doing. they are continuing to jail the maker of the you tube video that ,was responsible for the attack in Benghazi. They have promoted Susan Rice for carrying the message. They have sworn to secrecy the CIA agents on the ground in Benghazi the day of the attack. and most recently, they have declared Benghazi to be a phony scandal, created by Republicans to distract the public from important issues like global warming.
      So please, do not conclude this administration is doing nothing about Benghazi.

  • ksp48

    After all this time, really, what difference does it make? The FBI takes its direction from its bosses.

  • beniyyar

    Bernie, what makes you think that the Obama FBI or DOJ even wants to find this guy or even talk with him, much less interrogate him? The last thing Obama is going to do is to order his investigative agencies to find out and publicize the facts about the Benghazi massacre and the criminal negligence of the Obama administration that caused it.

  • W

    Two important points: The FBI, once the best police force in the world, has become politicized, and second they didn’t want to find them.

  • theslowrider

    It’s beginning to look like it wasn’t al Qaeda that attacked that night, it was Iranians who were stopping Obama’s gun running to Syrian rebels! If true, this and Obama’s gun running to Mexico, Fast and Furious, means hundreds have been murdered because of Obama. Will he receive justice for his crimes?

  • Bob Z.

    Dear Bernie, Well Bernie the problem with plsiverman is that he doesn’t realize that Obama is the ultimate self serving political putz of this century. I’m sure Bin Laden was being watched and reported on for more than 3 years, which would take us back to the Bush years since he was located. I will also tell plsilverman that all the talk about the Navy Seals completing the task making it public would lead to no good happening. Well plsilverman because your guy and his administration couldn’t keep their self promoting pie holes shut, 16 or so Navy Seals, plus some number of Pakistani Special Ops people, (20+ people in total) were blown out of the sky by an RPG. That too falls on Obamas head. As far as your guy taking out one dictator and allowing another to fall, destabilizing the regions for the worse, and then doing little if anything to insure a positive outcome, (other than naming it something flowery like, let’s say “Arab Spring”) I say you should just continue to bury your head in The New York Times, watch CNN, and post hear so we can all see what a real Blind Democrat thinks.

  • plsilverman

    No, Bernie, YOU get the impression the President doesn’t care about what happened at Benghazi. He is the President who, in 2008, identified where Bin Laden was hiding and finally got him. (Oh, sorry, the Seals, got him). And there was no “enhanced interrogation” that led to that success. Obama got Gadaffi without one drop of American blood spilled, either. So your biased, wishlist item is off the table. Please contact Roger Ailes and tell him the Benghazi mantra is getting tired.

    • Jeff Webb

      You can keep downplaying & dismissing all you want, but any reasonable person would rightly find the whole Benghazi affair outrageous.

      This is typical democrat sleaze: distractions, cover-ups, and stonewalling, inevitably leading to the ol’ “it was a long time ago” defense.
      Y’know, it’s a rare form of hubris to obstruct an investigation and then belittle the investigators for not taking it lying down.
      Obama chilled, people got killed.

      • plsilverman

        my turn: I know a lot about Republican party sleaze, esp. since 2001 and the slam dunker folly. I heard of a guy named Karl, not a Democrat, who made up a story about a War Hero, saying he fathered a “black child”, so that his candidate, George W, Bush could win in South Carolina.> “Obama chilled”.[ghetto expression]….? really? got proof? As I wrote, O’Reilly himself is not convinced there is any evidence of a scandal. I do not downplay the loss of the four Americans, that’s all in your RNC fueled imagination. I am not willing to ascribe accessory to the President of the United States.
        Also, you can explain how the President is obstructing any investigation?

        • John Daly

          You realize that John McCain no longer even believes Karl Rove was behind that,right? Regardless, is it comparable to a cover-up involving 4 dead Americans?

          • nickshaw

            Unfortunately, what you have to say falls on deaf ears, John.
            The man has drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid and nothing will get through to him.

        • Jeff Webb

          “I know a lot about Republican party sleaze, esp. since 2001 and the
          slam dunker folly. I heard of a guy named Karl, not a Democrat, who made
          up a story about a War Hero, saying etc etc…”

          Thank you for proving my point about democrat sleaze, specifically the distractions part.

        • nickshaw

          You seriously think that compares to setting the whole of North Africa on fire with his lame policy of muslim appeasement?

          It was that policy that led DIRECTLY to those brave men being murdered.

          If Gadaffi had been left alone and Skeeter not coerced into fighting for oil to satisfy Italy and France, those men would still be alive and Libya wouldn’t be a new al Quaida base. Don’t you recall, it was Gadaffi who was going to Benghazi to wipe out the islamists there. You know, the same islamists that killed our guys in the same city that sent many, many fighters to kill our guys in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
          Skeeter stopped him just because he threatened to do it. (That was the cover story, it was really for the oil)
          Why is it that you can “ascribe accessory” to Skeeter when it comes to taking out UBL but, not with Benghazi?
          Aren’t they exactly the same situation? He’s in charge, isn’t he?
          And who cares what O’Reilly thinks? Who do you think he is? Our leader or something?

        • Drew Page

          You are a chronic excuse maker. There is nothing that you would accept as proof. Fast & Furious was investigated by Congress. Holder stonewalled. When the Congressional investigating committee asked for the e-mails between Holder and Obama regarding F&F, the prez claims ‘Executive Privelege’. Nothing to see here, move along. Issa’s committee investigating the IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals for audits has demanded all the e-mails from Louis Lerner’s computer and the new head of the IRS sends a number of selected e-mails, many of which were totally redacted, claiming that it takes a lot of time to find all the e-mails requested. Bull S—. All of Louis Lerner’s e-mails could be downloaded in less than a day and sent to the congressional investigating committee.
          The White House response to the demands of Congress and the public to know why there was insufficient security in Benghazi when the Ambassador pleaded for it; why there were no rescue attempts made to save the Americans under attack there? “That was a long time ago.” “These are distractions and “phony scandals.”
          But keep on demanding more “proof” of a cover up.If Obama himself were to admit that he ordered the cover up of the failures to protect and rescue the four dead Americans, you most likely demand further “proof”

      • ph16


    • Wheels55

      Scandal does not mean Obama and his gang wanted any Americans to get killed. It does not mean they didn’t care about the safety of those Americans serving over seas. This scandal is about denial and cover-up. It’s all about politics (the timing was really bad for the Obama re-election machine). Americans can stomach mistakes that are admitted to with action to correct. It’s the cover-up and a year of doing nothing that has me upset.

      • John Daly

        I’ve noticed that there has been a conscious effort by Obamanites to try and change the definition of “scandal” in order to claim that there was no scandal behind Benghazi.

        Creative, but ridiculous.

        • Johnny Deadline

          I wouldn’t even call it creative, John. If necessity is the mother of invention, desperation must be the sperm donor of ridiculous.

          • Wheels55

            Now that’s funny…and true

      • plsilverman

        do U have proof that President Obama has covered up? let’s ave it, then. are mid-level bureaucrats covering up? maybe. probably. we’ll see. we’ll see if the GOP led reduction in security is part of the “scandal”.

        • Wheels55

          Obama is the guy in charge. He may not have ordered all of these cover-ups, but he certainly could be more transparent about it all. The rugs in the White House are getting very lumpy from all the crap being sweep under them.

          • plsilverman

            ok….but YOU too have to be transparent when you imply you know all the facts…otherwise (and I say with respect, sir) it’s just biased supposition.
            also, and I know it’s ancient history, but comparatively, Obama HAS BEEN very transparent. Read WORSE THAN WATERGATE about Cheney-Bush. :)

          • Wheels55

            You are correct, Obama has been transparent…about:
            * playing golf
            * blaming others for his failures as a leader
            * changing the topic of discussion (thanks in a large part to the media)
            * using Jay Carney to talk a long time and say nothing
            * taking vacations
            * Using the sequester to cut where the public can see and feel it the most
            * thinking there are 57 states (Biden probably told him that)

            That’s about it.

          • plsilverman

            do you REALLY think Obama really believes there are 57 states? :)…….compared to his predecessor Cheney-Bush, every single second of his life is an open public domain book.

        • Drew Page

          “The GOP led reduction in security”? Please. If you are referring to the ‘sequester’, don’t try to lay that off on Republicans. It was your pal Obama who came up with that brain fart. He believed the Republicans would never go along with it. Surprise! They did. Now, stuck in the rear with his own spear, Obama and you want to lay this at the feet of the Republicans? No way Jose`.
          The proof of the cover up is Obama’s refusal to answer questions such as:
          Why wasn’t additional security provided when requested by the Ambassador?
          Why were existing security forces in Benghazi reduced when the Ambassador asked for more?
          Why didn’t the President countermand the order for troops in Tripoli to stand down?
          Why have CIA personnel on the ground in Benghazi during the night of the attack been required to sign documents swearing them to secrecy about why they were there and what they were doing?
          Why have survivors been pressured by the government to keep quiet about what they saw and heard in Benghazi the night of the attack?
          Is it because Mr. Obama believes Benghazi to be a “phony scandal”?

    • Sully

      How many Presidents have pretty much ignored a terrorist attack such as Benghazi? Obama did. He went to bed and got up the next morning and took off to deal with his reelection in Las Vegas.
      That was incredibly disgusting! He obviously did not give a hoot re the Benghazi attack losing 3 Americans.

      • nickshaw

        The survivor who waited on the roof of the annex with a shredded leg was still there while Skeeter was boarding the plane to Vegas.
        That’s how much he cared.
        The same “president” who flew off to play golf after issuing a world wide alert to Americans and closing embassies.
        THAT is ignorance.

        • Lc Goodfellow

          You got it!

          “You can’t fix stupid”

  • Scott

    I would like to know if the Libyan ambassador’s family and friends or the family and friends of the others killed in this incident, raised any questions publicly about this whole affair?


    • Bob Olden

      That’s one of the biggest mysteries to me. There were lots of other people in Benghazi who didn’t get killed. Why don’t we hear their stories? Are they all under a gag order? Why aren’t they featured on the news?

      • Wil

        It was a CIA secret covert operation, you don’t need to know, what you don’t know! Hush!