CNN: The Place to Go for a Few Laughs

Black HoleI used to think that if you could bottle CNN you’d have a cure for insomnia.  CNN gave dull a bad name.  But CNN had good points, too.  It was seen as the place to go if you were in the market for serious news.

Not anymore.

Ever since Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared a month ago, CNN’s credibility has gone missing too. The network has gone wall-to-wall with coverage of the missing plane — not with actual news, but with hours and hours of speculation, some of it downright outrageous.

One of the network’s anchors, a fellow named Don Lemon, wondered out loud whether something “supernatural” might have happened to the plane.  That not being inane enough, a few days later he outdid himself, asking a panel CNN put together if the plane might have disappeared into a black hole.

Dull is one thing.  Embarrassing is something else.  School children know that black holes only exist in space – outer space!  They don’t exist at 35,000 feet where airplanes fly.

Mr. Lemon, who seems like a nice enough guy, is a lucky man.  If I were running CNN he would be looking for work someplace else.  He didn’t simply embarrass himself with his ridiculous questions.  He embarrassed his entire network. CNN used to be the place to go for real news.  These days it’s the place to go for a few laughs.

I tuned in the other day to see if anything was new – not with the missing plane, but with CNN’s coverage of the missing plane.

Don Lemon was still there, still doing a pretty good impression of Ron Burgundy, the anchorman Will Ferrell made famous.  Looking very serious, Lemon informed his viewers that “CNN has learned” that there would be a “big operations news conference in the coming hours.”

One doesn’t “learn” that there’s going to be a news conference.  The people who call news conferences alert the media that one is coming.  They tell reporters where the news conference is going to be held and when.  Journalists “learn” of things other journalists don’t know about.  They don’t “learn” things everybody knows about.

Don Lemon then called on someone named Jeff Wise, who was identified as an aviation analyst, and asked him what we might learn at the news conference.  Wise seemed unprepared for the question and said:  “It’s either going to be we found something or we didn’t find anything and we’re probably not going to find something.”

“We either found something or we didn’t find anything.”  We need an expert to tell us that?

Lemon also advised his viewers that, “We’ve learned a British Navy ship will conduct a specific search for flight 370 in the Indian Ocean.”  A “specific search.”  As opposed to what?

But Don Lemon didn’t come up with the wall-to-wall strategy – and neither did Wolf Blitzer or Candy Crowley or any of the other CNN journalists who can’t go two minutes without sharing non-news and endless speculation about the plane with their viewers.  Ratings at CNN have gone way up since they started covering the missing plane, proving there are plenty of people out there who like to be entertained by shiny objects.

And the brains – a word I use loosely in this case – behind the decision to go non-stop with the missing plane story is a man called Jeff Zucker, who runs CNN.  Zucker used to run the entire NBC entertainment network and famously yanked Jay Leno from the Tonight Show – while he was beating everyone in the ratings – and plopped him down at 10pm where the ratings tanked.  So did the Tonight Show ratings with Leno gone.

Zucker went to Harvard, proving that even guys who get big numbers on their SATs can do really, really dumb things.  And for his brilliant handling of things at NBC, when his time was up, he landed the top job at CNN.  This is proof enough that either there is no God or he’s got one hell of a sense of humor.

If Zucker worked in Silicon Valley, where talent and accountability matter, he’d be hauling trash from Apple and Google – if he were lucky.

Not long ago I went on television and characterized CNN’s supernatural, dark hole coverage of the missing plane story as “stupendously dumb and jaw-droppingly stupid.” I admit this was not gracious.  In retrospect, I think I was too kind.

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  • ktzhg0

    What dump article. He says “Mr. Lemon, who seems like a nice enough guy, is a lucky man. If I were running CNN he would be looking for work someplace else. ” “chool children know that black holes only exist in space – outer space! -” Really? I guess the writer never heard of “Micro black holes, also called quantum mechanical black holes or miniblack holes, are hypothetical tiny black holes, for which quantum mechanical effects play an important role.”

  • Phoenix Ares

    Completely turned off from CNN. I consider myself affiliated with no political party, but I noticed if you don’t agree with the story presented either an CNN lover or CNN themselves delete the comment. I’ve seen OP comments that were non-offensive yet someone would troll it; instead of deleting the one asinine remark they deleted the ENTIRE thread including the original poster’s. As big as CNN is there’s no excuse for them not to have a sizable moderation team. Instead they throw a tot-sized tantrum and shut off all comments. The main reason I go to the site (or went) was because of the comments. Agreed or disagreed. Hell I responded with a “Good riddance.” to a murderer who was executed and it was deleted. So Since I’m typing this from an iPhone I saying this to CNN:

    IFuck you.

  • kaz

    Shameful that CNN turned off the comments. And, of course this world news source is saying nothing about it. Disgusting.

  • misdirection

    I don’t go to CNN anymore: they turned off the comment section where comments is valued among the community. Alias, not to CNN anymore.

  • Jerimiah was a bullfrog

    It was gone WAY before the Malaysian plane story. They try and be more subtle than MNBC, but they are just as biased to the left just like Fox is on the right.

    No major networks seem to present two sides any more.

  • Defting

    CNN is apparently suffering from an “informative Overload” dosed with a bit reality that the world is not only black or white, it is also not 56 shades of anything, let alone from available 256 shades that exist in a modern world….

    This is what happens when someone pays “themselves” to annotate “News” that is from actual lives of others without permission, thus from personal opinion

    Basically, one should get rich, but not on the backs of others experiences….

  • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

    Your Interview with Jake and the Female Palestinian spokes person….This was the worse crap I have ever seen.. Jake did not give a crap what she was saying at all.He was rude enough to say to her well now thats your talking [points? He was taking from a narrative that mainstream media ,,,thats you CNN, probably got from Israel..Because they get some Pig from Hamas to tell Palestinian people to stay in their homes as shields is the worse bottomfeeding lies I have ever heard of. These are people, real people. The terrorists are Israei’s. Your PM has stated that this bombing will not end…Not end !! Period..I will go on twitter with one hundred people and start to let the world know of your bullshit. I am not done..Just beginning….Tell Jake what He started….maybe youse himself as a Ailen Shield

  • buckrodgers

    President Obama said that John Stewart a comedian who plays a journalist on Comedy Central has giving him the hardest interview, think about that, President Obama thinks a comedian is more qualified than a zombie like Wolf Bilter who spends most of his time with his lips permanently tattooed to the President rear end, the truth is the liberal medias is made up of hippies and draft dodgers, who became the self appointed spokesperson of minorities, and African Americans, by hiding in college while poor whites and African Americans were being sent to Vietnam, Americas first generation of cowards took control of the media Hollywood and academia filled with quilt and resentment because they wasted their lives trying to change the world.


    I hadn’t seen Cnn for sometime, when I did tune it in I was wondering if it was a News Comedy Show!

  • KAG505

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer provided some comedy relief on his show when the recent events at Ft. Hood took place. He had breaking news in the form of a telephone interview with someone actually on the base with new information. The man gets on the phone and Blitzer asks him what he knows about the situation. He said he lives in a remote area of the base, barely heard the emergency sirens and only knows as much about the event as he has seen by watching TV. The normally frowning Blitzer frowned even more and went to a commercial break while I laughed myself off the chair…..

  • loupgarous

    “That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it!” Never mind that just the Cerenkov radiation from a black hole in the atmosphere could immerse the surroundings in hard X-rays and a blue glow dominating the South China Sea – there’d be NO question of what happened there. The millions of victims of radiation poisoning in the area could give Messrs Lemon and Zucker some awesome interviews.

  • PalmettoLonghorn

    CNN is the Maxwell Smart of journalism.

  • veeper

    liberals babble……

    that’s all there is to it……

  • Brian Fr Langley

    There once was a lady named Gwen,
    who just loved to watch girlie men,
    not that she’d choose,
    to watch it for news,
    but her channel of choice was CNN.

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Flight 370 was hijacked since IFF Transponder and coms were shutoff 14 minutes apart. (If the plane experienced a catastrophic event, both coms and transponder would go out simultaneously). Hours after last voice communications with the plane, the plane was tracked on primary radar (radar that reflects from the skin of the aircraft) and the secondary surveillence radar which is in conjunction with the ACARS system tracked the aircraft heading west with two altitude corrections.
    ___What happened to the plane? I haven’t a clue!

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Hmmmm! Don Lemon might be on to something!? What a perfect opportunity for the left to sell the perils of “Global-Warming.” Yes! Blame the disappearance of flight 370 on man-made carbon dioxide accumulation in our atmosphere!
    ___Have the FCC interrupt all regularly sceduled radio, television, and cable TV programming for a News Flash: The Bermuda Triangle has moved from the Atlantic to the western Pacific and Indian Ocean which “apparently” swallowed up flight 370….yeh, that’s the ticket! Show some hockey-stick graph coming out of the UN and East Anglia University showing “indisputable proof” that “Global-Warming” drove the Bermuda triangle into the western Pacific/Indian Ocean area. Add some Star Trek mumbo jumbo with it sprinkled with area 51 stuff about how the government has “Flight 19″ hidden in their secret time-space continuum vortex machine in the desert along with flight 370!!
    Now that wasn’t too hard was it?

    • nickshaw

      What’s funny is that they have already used Gorebull warming as an excuse for not finding the plane.
      We have changed the ocean currents don’t ‘cha know!
      How big a leap is it to blame the same Gorebull warming for the loss of the plane in the first place?
      Not a big one as long as you BELIEVE! ;-)

  • Mark W.

    It is very hard to find decent news reporting anymore. All of the networks have fallen into the trap of “newstertainment.” Fox News obviously prefers blonds, and has most of them dress inappropriately regarding time and place… (Andrea Tantaros said on the radio a few months ago about the clothing “Fox makes me wear.”) The only semi-decent newscast is Brett Baier’s; half hour news & half hour opinion. I say “semi” because interpretation sometimes slips into the hard news reports in the follow-up discussions. CNN lost any sense of objectivity a long time ago, but is nowhere as biased as MSNBC. I used to respect Candy Crowley, but after her collusion in the Pres. debate in 2012, she destroyed her credibility. The three broadcast news channels taints their news with incomplete and sometimes fabricated reports. What gets left out of a news report can be as important as what is included. It is obvious that in addition to the entertainment element of today’s “news” reports, the networks also feel an obligation to “interpret” the news for the simple folks, like us. Today’s news consumer has to be attuned to a variety of words that are used to slant the meaning of the reports, intentionally or not. Straight forward, objective reporting (just the facts) is an ideal that has been abandoned.

    • legal eagle

      Can you tell me what part of Wolf Blitzer’s reporting or Anderson Cooper reporting you object to…Bias is in the eye of the beholder….You want just your version of the facts…..

      • Patrick H.

        One could argue that you and other liberals want the same. Don’t pretend that you guys have the moral high ground. Neither side does.

        • legal eagle

          “One could argue” a lot of things but I am not….based upon the comments I have read on this site anything that is not broadcast on Fox News is biased against Republicans…..
          You’re buying the crap that Fox News is selling….watch us because everyone else is against you and telling lies…

          • John Daly

            Says the guy who never watches Fox News and only repeats what the left-wingers on TV say about the network. lol.

          • legal eagle

            Because you keep repeating a statement over and over only makes you delusional not someone who is making a statement of fact…..As you have no idea what I watch or don’t watch, your repetitive comments are inane.

          • John Daly

            >>Because you keep repeating a statement over and over only makes you delusional not someone who is making a statement of fact…

            Uh, you’re the one who keeps repeating the false statement that you watch Fox News, legal. We’ve already established that this is a lie. You routinely claim the network is airing things that they aren’t, and not airing things that they are. It happens over and over again.

            I suppose the other alternative is that you ARE watching it, and that you’re simply lying about what you’re seeing (you’ve been caught telling a number of lies on this website, after all), but based on how lazy of a researcher you are, the safe bet is that you’re simply not watching it, and are instead blindly parroting what others say about the network (probably from all those DNC emails you receive).

            So, which one is it?

          • legal eagle

            I watch O’Reilly, Huckabee and Shep Smith with some regularity…how many hours a day do I have to watch to qualify as a Fox News watcher?……LOL

          • John Daly

            How about until you start accurately describing what is airing on those shows.

          • legal eagle

            You don’t really care to refute anything I say about Fox News….Ask me whatever you’d like….whenever I discuss the Fox News circus you will simply say…you don’t watch it….

          • John Daly

            >>You don’t really care to refute anything I say about Fox News

            As you already know, I refute them EVERY TIME, legal. I even provide you with links to video clips that prove you wrong. That’s typically when you clam up, and run off to a different column to call someone a bitter, old, white guy. Nice try though.

            >>Ask me whatever you’d like

            Why? So you can quickly use Google to find the answer? It’s far more productive for me to continue to point out the lies you routinely write about network, at the time you write them. I’ll stop doing it when you actually familiarize yourself with what you’re writing about.

          • legal eagle

            Good non answer…

          • legal eagle

            Actually watching Goldberg last night responding to O’Reilly made me think about my responses to you…O’Reilly said that the Mozilla CEO was fired…Bernie said that that was untrue…O’Reilly then said that he was “forced to resign”…Bernie said that was not true…O’Reilly then made another inane comment and Bernie, annoyingly, responded by saying that if O’Reilly wanted to ignore the facts, so be it…..O’Reilly made me think about the fact that you do the same thing….ignore the facts and replace then with your opinions..

          • John Daly

            Well done! You watched it! First time?

            Now, stop mirroring your own habits onto me. The people that read our exchanges know you’re the one who disregards every fact you’re presented with, and instead clings to the official DNC line on everything.

            You may have fooled yourself into believing otherwise, but you haven’t fooled anyone else. The fact that you’re completely self-unaware doesn’t let you off the hook for blindly accusing others of doing the things that you are the one actually guilty of.

            I assume that’s a debate tactic – probably one you learned from those emails you’re so devoted to. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t work on the people who take the time to actually read this stuff.

          • KAG505

            Can you be more specific about the Fox News circus as you call it?

          • Integrity

            There is nothing new under the sun. QED

          • KAG505

            Can you be a little more specific about your comments about what you watch and dont watch???

          • KAG505

            Can you be a little more specific on your comments concerning Fox News.???

      • Colortini

        Well, for starters, there was the time CNN’s editors cut and pasted a Sarah Palin speech to make it seem like she said something she didn’t. Just whom was AC trying to keep straight?

        • legal eagle

          Care to be more specific? CNN has been around for 30 years…this is your argument for CNN bias against conservatives?

  • Machetedontext

    They said that planes that run out of fuel tend to lose power rapidly.

    • Colortini

      Well, they do have to keep Pelosi and Reid informed.

  • gold7406

    In the early days, it was known as Chicken Noodle News. They have come full circle.

  • legal eagle

    Great article Bernie…Keep up the rant…

    • Tim Ned

      Tell your bosses to feed you talking points with facts, not dribble.

    • Integrity

      Quick, get me the holy hand grenade! What is your favorite color? QED

      • Clarification Requested

        Integrity, could you help out a confused old guy? What is QED?
        A lot of people might know, but some of us don’t. Let us in on the joke, please…

        • Integrity

          I would be glad to. QED is the initials for the Latin phrase, “quod erat demonstrandum”, meaning, “which had to be demonstrated”. QED is often used at the end of a mathematical proof to indicate completion of the proof. QED has been around for a long time and was used by ancient mathematicians such as Euclid and Archimedes. Who knows, the Roman Empire might still exist had they not killed Archimedes. In full disclosure, using QED does not make my opinion superior, just ask my wife. :) QED

  • legal eagle

    Bet you Bernie doesn’t criticize anything on HBO including it’s new show VICE…wouldn’t want to offend his employer?

    • Integrity

      Bet you don’t criticize anything Obama and Hillary say or do …. wouldn’t want to offend your employer? QED

      • legal eagle

        I’ll let you know when they are paying me….LOL

        • Jeff

          Send ‘em a bill… you’ve earned it. Don’t forget overtime.

        • Integrity

          LE, your girl seriously needs your help. She is having difficulty articulating her accomplishments during her tenure as Secretary of State. Actually, never mind, it is fully understandable how this would be difficult for her. There is only so much that you can do! QED

          • legal eagle

            Tell me who was the last Secretary of State that had a “list of accomplishments”?
            The term “accomplishment”, in this context, is a political talking point not a reality of the position….

          • Integrity

            Sometimes it is best to simply concede defeat. I will give her one atta girl though; she got out while the getting was good. QED

          • legal eagle

            Keep repeating your talking points until Hillary becomes POTUS…Then you can begin to find some new reasons to whine …

          • Integrity

            Wow, that has to be the most compelling argument in support of Hillary, heretofore, that I have ever seen. You have simply outdone yourself this time, LE. QED

          • legal eagle

            You would not vote for Hillary if world peace broke out, the end of famine occurred and cancer was cured….LOL

  • Barbara

    Bernie, it occurs to me that this whole obsession to report and speculate 24/7 about the Malaysian flight is to distract from important news of Administration failures. MSN and CNN are the lapdogs of the Administration.

  • Hankster

    Speaking of ‘black holes’ and stupidity, your article begs for a reminder of the great Einstein quote you used in a recent article: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe!” Go, Bernie!

  • Florida Jim

    I stopped watching CNN decades ago when I heard Ted Turner espouse radical policies while buying up huge land areas to control and stop others from purchasing. Land which he felt the government should control much like today’s EPA. Fox news milked the Flight 3470 as well and as you pointed out to O’Reilly while demeaning others O’Reilly was milking it, A Clinton trick.

  • LHS

    And another thing…
    EVERYone with even half a brain has abandoned the MSM and the left wing copycat cable channels. They only watch for, as Bernie says, “a good laugh”. Conservative channels’ job is to report the truth, expose lies and bring sanity back to our government and country, IMO. The Santa Claus-voting drones will continue watching the fairy tale MSM.

  • LHS

    I’ve called CNN the Clinton News Network, the Communist News Network and now…the Clown News Network. If you’ll look at their parking lot in the morning, you’ll see all the anchors getting out of one little car. THEN the fun begins!

    • Ring the bell, we got a winner

      Now that’s funny! You put a grin on my face!

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    I tuned in 3 different times yesterday, Bernie. Holy Cow! Everytime! Really, everytime, it was Flight 360 speculation.

  • Karl kempinger

    Bernie , I love Fox News , but they are about as guilty as CNN in this case. When you have very few details , except that a large plane is missing , what more can you say? Entire Fox programs were dedicated to repetitious theories and guests.

    • Paul Vasek

      Not 24/7 and O’Reilly refused to devote too much time to it. CNN is tanking in the ratings and they saw a way to get more viewers, at least for a short time before they got back to their leftist programming.

  • Chuck

    Zucker is too short-sighted to see that going wall-to-wall with the plane is foolish. Once the story dies, the short-term ratings bump goes with it. He will see nothing long-term from this. This episode is a microcosm of the many things wrong with 21st-century journalism.

    • indi4ever

      I just thought he was short.

  • sinz54

    CNN has now managed to turn non-news into breaking news.

    CNN Breaking News: “They haven’t found the plane yet.” (Repeat every half hour for an entire month)

  • jonshepp

    Bernie, CNN hasn’t been a serious news organization for quite awhile.

    I remember when CNN negotiated to be the only network allowed to report on Iran when Saddam ran it, CNN getting special treatment for special coverage to not report atrocities of citizens.

    And then several years ago someone in CNN’s control room put an X over Chaney’s face during a speech. Later a Chyron was added to the bottom of a news story writing “Bush Resigned.” Then I remember a family who had lost a son in Iraq that complained a CNN news crew had mentioned attention was given to the fallen because ‘when it bleeds it leads.’

    Of course the worse was when CNN picked up the terrorist video of their shooting of one our own in Iraq. The translated audio read, “Wait until
    the women and children are out of the way,” the terrorist videographer
    knowing exactly where the film could wind up.

    And of course there was the incident in the presidential debates in
    2012, Candy deciding in one issue what was true and what wasn’t true to assist Obama in his arguement.

    If it wasn’t so serious, one could call CNN the “Comical News Network.”

  • John Burtis

    Don Lemon is not his real name. It’s Meldrum Hernandez Pickette. He is a defrocked former dolphin trainer from the now closed Marineland.

  • patty

    Agreed that this CNN’s Don Lemon is a piece of work. Lemon is an excellent name for his reporting. You can’t take this Lemon and make lemonade out of him/ha. Has anyone else ever shook their heads at my favorite of all is.. A convicted murder being interviewed on Dateline, 20/20, even stupido Piers Morgan etc. AND! THEY ACTUALLY ASK THE QUESTION! “DID YOU KILL YOUR WIFE/DID YOU KILL YOUR HUSBAND OR DID YOU KILL WHOMEVER.”? and they actually think that the persons (who are waiting on appeals, as they always do) admit/ say “YES”! I killed them my wife, husband, whomever. Dah..Their ego’s are so inflated they actually believe someone is going to admit to them they in fact did murder whomever. According to EAGLE’S COMMENT..”IGNORANCE IS BLISS?” He ought to know as he lives in THE LAND OF IGNORANCE..

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Maybe they should have Clarissa Explain It All.

  • ewdewdewd

    CNN should just make it official and rename themselves MJN Missing Jet Network

  • brickman

    All American TV news networks are garbage. That’s because it’s cheaper to have 4 morons mindlessly yammering in a studio than to have real reporters in the field. A few months ago Fox News couldn’t cover a story happening 10-15 blocks from their headquarters. CNN and MSNBC are no better.

  • Curt Parker

    CNN (Clinton Network News) will get a jolt of new energy when Mrs. Clinton runs for president in 2016. Until then, they’ll stay with the missing plane.

    • joepotato

      How about… Commietown News Network….

      • legal eagle

        brilliant juvenile comment…

        • Integrity

          I see you are on the clock again. Is your definition of successful measured in trolls/minute? QED

          • legal eagle

            Sane clock as you?….LOL GFY

          • Integrity

            I would love to be paid to opine, but no one really cares what I think. I guess your compensation is determined by the number of your comments. Sorry about the latter, out of blue pills. QED

  • robin in fl

    i’ve said it before,i’ll say it again,bernie needs his own show since he is one of the few people that makes actual sense…these days it’s really hard to find real journalists that look at all sides and have no hidden agenda .please
    berg get a show of your own,help us out here.

  • ted

    Aweek ago on O’Riley’s show, you Bernie, anmd BO were patting one another on the back for not clamoring with uwseless knews about the Milisian plane dissapearance. You bout “knew” it crashed in to sea. Still feel the same?

    • Brian_Bayless

      Uh, what?

  • ted

    One history poing about Mr. Lemon. Way back when Obama was wandering Europe with his apology tour Lemon asked a local reporter in Germany how big the crowds were that were lingering on every word. The reporter told him the crowd was not all thet big. Lemon was shocked and nonplussed. I suppose he expected the german reporter to say the Obama was blowing the doors off all previous crowd attendance records.
    I kew then mR Lemon was a slobering fool for Obama.

  • Alice Martin

    What surprises you about CNN? I’m sure Jay Carney will join their team when his W/H duties come to an end. He will fit in nicely. He is already great at adlibing on TV. He is being trained by our story telling staff at the W/H

  • pasquale7

    I stopped watching the news after Obama was re-elected and it seems to have made no difference in my life. It is still relatively easy to know what is going on in the world. The important news doesn’t really change; it just goes in cycles and the names and locations change over the years. I can almost predict the news before it happens. War, poverty, climate change, snow, hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, inflation, obesity, racism, more laws, more taxes, more bureacracy, etc.etc.etc……. I forgot airplanes crashing or disappearing. And gun control, drugs, alcohol, blah, blah, blah… and rehab…..

    • legal eagle

      Ignorance is bliss….You only watch the news when Republicans are in the White House?…..LOL

      • pasquale7

        You know what le, I don’t even like the Republicans very much. I like the Tea Party and Blue Dog Dems. I lived half of my life in CA and I saw it go from a great place to live to a real mess. Rent Control, what the hell is that? In Santa Monica the rent tribunal controlled what you did with your investment properties. You could not even move somebody out to let one of your children move in….. I am sorry, but that is not my idea of freedom. Human nature is not that difficult to predict and I predicted what is going on in the USA in the 60s and is coming to pass a lot like I said it would. Most people are pretty damn good, anywhere in the world, but something happens and I say that philosophically. Marxism is a religion and people like Castro and Mao are true believers and like all religions they want you to be pure and if you aren’t. the time will come when people will be burned at the stake. Most people want to be good, honest, and fair, but again, something happens. Are you an attorney? Gotta go, gotta meet with ma tax man. I cannot do taxes. I have a total emotional block and I get stressed out even looking at IRS forms. I think property owners are sitting ducks for lawmakers. I loved Prop 13 in CA. My parents property taxes were almost bankrupting them. Marco Rubio wanted to do away with property taxes completely in FL. I wish he had stayed in the FL legislature. DC scares me. Gotta go…

        • legal eagle

          Spoken like a true bitter old man…If you don’t like rent control in New York or Santa Monica then don’t but property there….

          • Stimpy

            If you aren’t a bitter man, why do you spend so much time trying to annoy people? Think you are entertaining? Think you are changing any hearts or minds?

        • legal eagle

          Do you know any state without property taxes?

          • Tim Ned

            This is the question you get from this person’s blog?

          • legal eagle

            “Marco Rubio wanted to do away with property taxes completely in FL. I wish he had stayed in the FL legislature.”

            Pasquale implied that Rubio was “serious” about “doing away” with property taxes…I was implying that Rubio was not serious….What ‘s your problem?

          • Tim Ned

            Just trying to clarify the dribble of an angry little boy who needs to call names at anyone that voices an opinion.

  • Lougjr1

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, here I go again, I am forced to agree with you again. You happen to be one person who can tell it like it is in a way that everyone can understand ! Keep it up Bernie, don’t disappoint me ! Semper Fi ! Go Navy !

  • pupster40

    Communist National News went to Hell during Desert Shield, and has steepened the slide since that fiasco. They had the guts to call that journalism. That was nothing more than a threeway buddy kissfest.

    • legal eagle

      So you’ve had a problem with CNN for the past 25 years?……..LMAO

      • pupster40


  • Hammockbear

    CNN was often called, comm u nist news channel. Now it appears to be named Unsolved Mysteries. There have been many talented reporters at CNN over the years, and none seem to remain. That pretty much sums it up.

  • Ed in Albany

    I believe I know where the plane went. Right smack into the Bermuda Triangle, which has moved east as a result of global warming. I have this on good authority from a guy named Cooper who said he was an expert on airplanes,

    • Lougjr1

      Ha, Ha, Ha, Funny, Thank you for the laugh. Some of the funniest statements happen to be the solemn truth !

  • Drew Page

    Maybe the latest episode of ‘workplace violence’ at Ft. Hood will now be the 24/7 topic du jour at CNN.
    Since the MSM will not cover why the IRS continually gets away with stonewalling Congressional requests for documents and why the IRS continues to harass and intimidate conservative groups and individuals, this ought to give CNN something to investigate and report.

    • legal eagle

      and you know that how? from Darrell Issa or Fox News?

      • Tim Ned

        I believe it would be more logical for CNN to have discussions pertaining to the comments of Darrell Issa than black holes!

  • joepotato

    Gee, I wonder how many people really watched the “black hole” question? Maybe they should try to get Sideshow Barry Soetorobama to go on for a 1/2 hour of “his” joke and story telling… It probably couldn’t hurt…. ;-)

  • Gilligan

    CNN should have checked with Tina Louise or Dawn Wells. They are the only survivor members who know the location of the island.

    • Gilligan

      Make that surviving members. If you want a real explanation, look at Swiss Air 111 crash, Sept 2, 1998.

  • pocketes

    One week was more than enough. There must be something else happening in this world. Rotating so called experts who often contradicted each other. Who’s on first.

  • Ron Burgundy

    It’s no mystery that young TV anchors emulate me. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

  • gonaes

    CNN, how about saying it was an unknown ” Devil’s Triangle” that took that plane. Remember the squadron of US Navy planes during WW2 that went down in the Caribbean? If you’re talking ridiculous you night give this a shot.

  • peter max

    While CNN in America is pretty shallow, you need to be in Asia, as I was recently – in Tokyo – to realize the overseas versions are even worse – much worse! I could only get CNN International and the BBC Asian version in my hotel. They simply rerun news stories for DAYS on end, the SAME old regurgitated news over and over and over again. Which means that the 6 days I spent in Tokyo I had NO REAL NEWS for the duration of my trip!

    • Drew Page

      It’s really a shame. At one time CNN was a credible and well run news organization. Was it was a change in ownership that made the organization move from journalism to entertainment and political cheerleading?

      • legal eagle

        It’s called ratings….CNN is a relic as there is not an audience for 24 hour news unless there is a major news event……No different than all news radio….It’s about changing audiences..

      • Brian_Bayless

        “Was it was a change in ownership that made the organization move from journalism to entertainment and political cheerleading?”
        It’s a shift in cable news. They all do the same thing, which is why I stopped watching. I dont need to hear awful opinions or listen to party rhetoric from TV, you can experience that in everyday conversation.

  • bonzo3244

    All I want from news organizations is the facts. Things I can’t know I’m my own because I have a job and a family and can’t trek off to find out what happened in various locales. This small fact seems lost of all these wonderfully educated people who run, produce and investigate the news. I don’t want agenda, spin, omission of fact for someones agenda, and most of all I don’t want bullshit. And that is 90% of video news, and the reason I get almost all my news from reading and most of that from foreign sources.

    • Bob Olden

      They love to do polls too, and talk about the polls as if they meant anything. If it were possible to get accurate information from a poll, I’d like to see what percentage of people agree with your statement that “I don’t want agenda, spin, …(etc.)”. That’s my sentiment exactly!

  • Jarob54

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Did your mother not tell you never poke fun at the afflicted. Allow me. CNN is a cable network dying on the vine. It knows that Fox has the numbers that CNN had many years ago, and CNN will never recoup. So they naturally do what any cable network dying of the vine can do. Milk any story such as flght 370 for all it’s worth, and then some. And never forget CNN is still popular in nursing homes. Well,….the channel is hard to change for most of the residents..

    • legal eagle

      As opposed to Fox News that milks Benghazi, IRS and Obamacare 24/7?

      • Tim Ned

        Well I haven’t heard any commentators on Fox news ask their guests if these events were caused by black holes? In fact, I think Nancy Pelosi would have made more sense if she said “we have to get it out of the black hole before we know what’s in it”.

        • legal eagle

          Why the criticism? If you don’t want to watch coverage of the mission plane then don’t watch CNN….If you want to watch daily fake debates about fake scandals then watch Fox News…..Want to watch some real reporting watch VICE on HBO…

  • Gradivus

    The stupidity of TV news anchors these days never ceases to amaze me. Asking whether a missing aircraft may have fallen into a black hole is as ludicrous as asking whether a missing aircraft may have been destroyed by a supernova.

    • legal eagle

      You wish you made the money that these “news anchors” make….

      • Gradivus

        Indeed. Proof that in today’s world, success does not necessarily depend on intelligence or knowledge.

        • legal eagle

          When did success depend on intelligence or knowledge? The richest family in America are the Waltons, who inherited their money…while Republicans were bitching about “death taxes”…

          • Integrity

            Oh the irony. Seems like you are fond of calling yourself successful all the time. QED

          • legal eagle

            I do? When have I ever called my self successful? Successful about what?

          • Integrity

            Don’t be so modest. You are quite gifted at diagnosing incontinence, dementia, anger syndrome, and many other ailments that inflict old white guys. I guess your huge portfolio and your frequent use of the blue pill is simply embellishment on your small part. Perhaps it depends on what the words successful and inference mean. LOL & QED

          • legal eagle

            Perhaps your wife should put some blue pills in your food?

  • Chet Przygoda

    Come on now Bernie. We feel sorry for the poor who make more money on welfare than those who work, don’t we? That should tell you just how wide the intellectual ocean of people watching CNN and how really shallow that ocean is. Sort of like their idiot and chief in the WH. Mile wide, three inches deep, and the wind always is pushing the water off the ledge of the pond…

  • SkyCitizen

    Bernie how dare you malign CNN. I can tell you that my little dog May loves CNN. There is lots of screen activity and squeaky noises that she loves so much. She even prefers it over DOG.TV So, back off!

    • LAPhil


  • Seattle Sam

    Have you noticed that CNN ratings go up every time there’s a full moon?

  • buckrodgers

    When will hard working honest journalist, speak out against the clown journalist who have taken over their industry before comedy central becomes Americas news network, a decade ago when Walter Cronkite spoke America tuned in and listend, but with this bunch America tunes them out and laughs, most of the clown journalist are white and still living in the sixties, filled with botox and still swinging to the sounds of the Geritol rolling stones, they are trying to relive their childhood of drugs and sex, while;e they change the world, they used their white skin to avoid serving in Vietnam by hiding in college, now they control the news,entertainment and academia bringing failed ideas and policies to the millenniums, it’s time for the me me generation to step down and retire, the generation that will never grow old is getting older not wiser.

  • jazzdrums

    only in America can 20 and 30 something females and males be introduced as a former prosecutor(never saw inside of courtroom) or a strategist..of what? and contribute as an expert on the missing plane, the next day as an expert on cia leaks and again on another appearance expert on ft hood or jodi arias or parenting (she might be single no kids ). this goes for men guests as well…and on all stations. since vanity and looking good plays a role more for women than for men, some of the ladys glamm up with hair extensions/filler, highlights redone for sometimes a 3 minute appearance….and like many of the pro babblers ie dana perino cant stop looking at themself in the monitor. Can anyone explain why a plane flys if asked. Pivot and Unpack (2 trendy words) that.

    • Lc Goodfellow

      … hey are you a drummer …? why don’t you beat.

  • Gregg Hart

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

  • Sam

    Breaking news! We have no clues. This just in! Yesterday’s news once again. But in case you missed out on our coverage today, We’ll be breaking it tomorrow exactly the same way.

    • Drew Page

      The plane took off and made an unexpected turn to the left. The plane rose to 40,ooo feet then dropped to 5,000 feet. There were two guys with stolen passports on the plane who paid cash for one-way tickets. Every country in the world has sent out search planes. It could be that the plane was hijacked, ran out of fuel, was flown into the sea by a pilot wishing to commit suicide, flew over an Indian Ocean “triangle” or into a black hole, or to a galaxy far, far away. Does that about cover the last three weeks of the missing plane?

      • legal eagle

        Perhaps the plane was hijacked to Pakistan? That’s what one of the nut job “generals” hypothesized on Fox News….LOL

        • Tim Ned

          The comments to which Bernie Goldberg ripped apart on O’Reilly which I believe is still on Fox News?

          • legal eagle

            In case you don’t understand O’Reilly and Goldberg’s act this should remind you where it was stolen from…


          • Tim Ned

            I won’t click the link. I trust it’s more of your typical Injudicious dribble.

          • legal eagle

            I understand….wouldn’t want you to expand your narrow minded world….

          • Tim Ned

            It is impossible to expand ones point of view from people like you that can only bring mindless dribble to the conversation.

  • bigmoejr

    On the other hand Bernie, never ending tie-raid on the Fort Hood shooting fro Jennifer Griffen was about as blatantly mind numbing, over-blown a rant as has been on TV in some time. You come away with “ALL military personnel are suicidal, nuts or about there”. She didn’t have to say that–she conveyed it. Civilian Under NewsTraining.

    • legal eagle

      After the recent Fort Hood shooting Fox News went 7/ 24 about the incident being a potential terrorist attack….Is that speculation OK?

      • Tim Ned

        Which shooting you referring to? I don’t watch Fox news enough to vouch for every commentator but the discussions I have heard are relevant. Didn’t hear black hole once!

        But what wast the first one, work place violence?

  • savage24

    Not being a fan of CNN, they were not the only network to exploit the 370 flight incident beyond the limits of journalism. Some of these people let it consume the little intelligence they had. The recent Ft. Hood shooting seems to have move it to the back page, at least for now. The MSM seems more intrigued by sensationalism than honest reporting or facts.

  • Cyberquill

    On the other hand, there’s something to the argument that it seems somewhat contradictory for people who believe in God to be so quick at discounting references to supernatural forces when it comes to explaining mysteries.

    • Drew Page

      Is that background music I hear the theme from The Twilight Zone?

      • Cyberquill

        It’s a recording of Richard Dawkins playing the harp.

  • Jeff Metz

    I have, over recent years, watched mostly Fox with some CNN mixed in. I agree with you Bernie, they WERE a network where “serious” news could always be found, even if it were somewhat boring to the general American public. This whole plan mystery and how the media has gone nuts over it is, well, nuts. The mudslide in Washington has impacted America directly and it is getting nowhere this amount of coverage. Jeff Metz,

  • Uncle Dave

    This is one of your funniest columns, Mr. Bernie. Funny because it’s all true.

    My theory is, with the Bengazi hearings, other hearings, ObamaCare deadline (magically reaching their number on the drop-dead date), CIA / NSA / Justice Dept. spying and so many other embarrassing stories for this administration… CNN has a new ball to chase and won’t have to spend much time, if any, on Obama’s complete cock-up of this country.
    Occasionally something good happens for their “chosen one” and they can slip in a quick story between the airliner’s coverage.

    • legal eagle

      All Obama hate all the time…..Amazing how you buy whatever crap Fox News is selling…

      • catholicvoter

        Legal, what about Bengazi, Fast and furious and the rest? Don’t you think we should know what happened? And wouldn’t you be “buying it” too if Republicans were in office pulling this stuff and CNN was reporting it?

        • legal eagle

          As soon as there is some meat on the bone Fox and everyone else will run with it…I’m still waiting to hear what the “scandal” was regarding Benghazi or the IRS? Maybe you know something I don’t?

          • Jeff Webb

            I’ll make it simple for you, LE. Imagine that instead of Agent Terry or Ambassador Stevens, one of your loved ones was murdered, then all of the administration’s subsequent conduct was covered by a channel other than FNC (you know, one that you actually watch).

            If you still don’t get it, remove the dunce cap and put on a thinking cap.

          • legal eagle

            People are killed in the line of duty with some regularity….Every death, does not a scandal make, nor is one person’s death more important than another’s…but you know all of that….

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Every death, does not a scandal make, nor is one person’s death more important than another’s<<

            Wow, deep.

            Actually, if someone felt covering their butt was more important than telling you the truth about your loved one's murder, I know you'd lose the dismissive attitude in a hurry.

          • John Daly

            I love how he essentially likens murder to dying of a work-related injury. The lengths he’ll go to to protect Lord Obama are beyond obscene.

          • Patrick

            Legal eagle is simply a joke: “Unlike you, my ideology does not effect my common sense”, he’s probably just a troll.

          • legal eagle

            Unlike you, my ideology does not effect my common sense….Republicans have created a scandal where there is none….Fox News and Darrell Issa throw around accusations and innuendo because people like yourself will believe any crap they are selling….
            Question- What evidence would convince you there was no scandal? I suspect the answer is nothing…

      • Integrity

        Amazing how you buy whatever garbage Obama and Hillary are selling. QED

  • 1940voter

    They are having an election in Chicago for dog catcher think Zucker or Lemon might qualify. ? Oh wait I forgot Lemon that tells you something right there.

  • firststater

    The FCC should lift CNN’s broadcasting rights, license or whatever, for flagrant abuse of the term Breaking News

  • abe

    Bernie-Where ever my wife and I travel, we always get CNN on the TV, we do not get Fox News as consistently for some reason. CNN is unwatchable. MSNBC as well not watchable. You have to show some credibility somewhere.

  • Tim Ned

    There’s probably no network that understands black holes
    better. CNN has been in one for a number
    of years now.

  • Buzzeroo

    CNN is the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum’s circus………..and seeing that its ratings rose BECAUSE or their nonsensical broadcasts reaffirms the gullible idiocy of the mindless American public who elected Obama twice proving that now, as always, its fools are nothing more than suckers who will fall for the enchanting drivel that falls from the mouths of malicious snake oil salesmen every time.

    • firststater

      I recall CNN beat the runaway bride dead horse to death too.

  • Jenn

    CNN stands for “Clinton News Network”…in other words…RUBBISH..

    • Uncle Dave

      Communist News Network… {:-)

  • Brian Fr Langley

    And speaking of news, the death toll in the Washington State mudslide is now at 30 with many more still missing. This is the lowest covered natural disaster I’ve ever seen? What is it about the North West that 30 people dying in a single incident is so Ho, hum? Perhaps take a minute or two, and pray for these poor folks whose lives are being shattered by grievous loss.

    • AN observer

      I am not making light of the 13 dead from the GM fiasco, but 30 dead is nothing to be taken lightly.

    • legal eagle

      Wait about a year for the movie(s) to be made….

      • Brian Fr Langley

        Your comment seems quite insensitive?

        • legal eagle

          I didn’t think so…Any more insensitive than calling for 24/7 coverage of the mudslide?

          • Brian Fr Langley

            I wasn’t calling for 24/7, but both the BBC and the CBC are reporting better and faster updates than CNN. (and of course both are foreign news agencies)

  • sjangers

    CNN has done this sort of inane, wall-to-wall coverage on a number of big stories in the past few years. I don’t know if they no longer have the budget to cover any other news at the same time they’re focused on a major story, but this seems to be a deliberate direction they’ve chosen.

    The Daily Currant ran an amusing little “story” two weeks ago about Sarah Palin speculating to Sean Hannity that God may have taken Flight 370. If they’d just waited a few days they could have run the Lemon story along with the Palin satire and encouraged readers to guess which was real news.

    • firststater

      The ratings are up, get it?

      • sjangers

        Short term gain and long term pain, I think. While CNN manages to entice the tabloid readers with coverage on stories like Flight 370, their overall ratings picture for the past several years has been one of a network in decline. They’ve cut back substantially on the broad coverage capacity they once boasted. And while the gawkers are tuning in for the occasional high interest story, people who want more thorough and less gimmicky news coverage are being turned off.

        • legal eagle

          What coverage has CNN cut back on? Didn’t CNN have reporters all over the Crimea story and the mudslide?

          • sjangers

            That’s been the general trend at CNN over the past decade or so, Eagle. They’ve closed or severely reduced staff at a number of regional and international offices. Hard news stories that were once a staple of their coverage are receiving less attention. They can still put a lot of resources on a major story, but not like they once could. While their international services and some of their “non-news” services keep the corporation quite profitable, the CNN news operation has had a revenue problem for years.

          • legal eagle

            That’s been the trend in every news organization…I was watching Fox News today and they didn’t even have a reporter in Asia covering the plane crash…CNN still is the best place for breaking news particularly internationally and Anderson Cooper is generally the first anchor on the scene..

          • sjangers

            What does that have to do with the point of this thread, Eagle? CNN has been cutting back real news coverage. They’re doing more soft news or are doing hard news stories to death. What does other news operations also cutting back their capacity have to do with this, particularly if the other operations are still trying to do “serious” news and aren’t succumbing to this tabloid coverage that CNN is relying on more frequently? Fox may not have a reporter on site now, but I don’t think they’ve failed to offer sufficient coverage to the story.

        • firststater

          I am glad I was sitting when I read Bernie’s report on the ratings. This is scary. No one went broke underestimating……..

          • sjangers

            No. I’m afraid not. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. While we frequently hear news about real newspapers going out of business or cutting back their operations, I don’t see any reduction in the number of gossip-style tabloids when I stand in the line at the supermarket.

  • Josh

    I think I view this from a more unique perspective than a lot of other frequenters of this blog. Unique =/= better, more enlightened, or anything else; just different. That being said, I find it hard to bust Don-Don’s chops over a “supernatural” spin, when I so often see “supernatural” pop up on many news channels, particularly Fox, and specifically Bill O’Reilly’s show. News channels are forever bringing up supernatural things. The difference: One person’s supernatural is another person’s religion, and vice versa. But by definition, it’s in the supernatural category to gripe about the movie Noah not being accurate enough.

    I’m certainly not trying to offend anyone here, but I don’t see Lemon’s supernatural questioning as any different or any more or less outlandish than newscasters who frequently speak about their particular god’s wrath and will, religious prophecies, etc.

    To Lemon, I say rock out! Go knee-deep in it and don’t stop. If you’re going to float conspiracies, keep at it. Delve deeper into this black hole bit. Was it created by aliens with an antimatter machine? Maybe it was a side-effect of a wormhole? Maybe the Earth has sporadically-appearing black holes that love kidnapping airplanes? Amelia!

    We’re a supernatural-loving people.

    • Josh

      And not sure why I left this out: Black holes, of course, aren’t supernatural anyway. Unless breaking the laws of physics somehow, it’s still in the sci-fi category no matter how outlandish. So I have to check YouTube to see what truly supernatural theory Lemon has. And I’m quite anxious! Ghosts? Scary sky demons? The possibilities are intriguing.

    • 1940voter

      Please give me an example of Fox or O’Reilly if you have one?

      • Josh

        Perhaps you don’t understand the connection I’m drawing here. Every time someone delivers a religious story, religious information, etc, they’re talking about something “supernatural.” And as I stated, one person’s supernatural is another person’s religion. So, obviously, some people don’t like having their religion put into a “supernatural” category, but by definition religious things like gods and such are supernatural.

        You need examples of Fox doing religious stories?

        • 1940voter

          I get your point but I also think you should qualify that religion and supernatural are vastly different. ——————————————–

          • Josh

            I will qualify them as such if you’re able to make the case as such. How is “religion” different than supernatural and not actually the epitome of supernatural?

          • Josh

            < waits patiently for a new definition of "supernatural" that doesn't include "of, pertaining to, characteristic of, attributed to a deity."

        • Tim ned

          When Fox brings up religion, they are talking about religion. CNN was speaking about a lost aircraft. However, God would have been more relevant to the discussion as it has legal precedent. Acts of God is a term used legally in International maritime law. One would think that a discussion pertaining to Acts of God would have been a logical discussion point.. Acts of God are not supernatural, it is a legal term. Perhaps the evidence is pointing away from Acts of God, but it certainly is more plausible than a black hole.

          • Josh

            My point with my original comment is that I’m personally not going to call Lemon stupid, foolish, a nutter, or any other pejorative for his musings about black holes or anything on the edge of sci-fi, or even broaching into pure fantasy. Not when I also don’t call people stupid, foolish or nutters for filling their broadcasts with talks of Biblical stories, prophecies, the interpreted will of their chosen deity, etc.

            I don’t see a difference.

            The “Act of God,” in its legal context, is certainly nothing I’m touching on in my comments. If, for example, I hear someone say it’s an “act of god,” my mind doesn’t instantly jump to them meaning a great man in the sky making something happen. I understand what it means, and the dual-purpose it serves, and I understand it’s just a carryover from earlier times which covers natural disasters like floods, squalls, etc; unforeseeable, unavoidable, no human involvement…

            Though, on the flip side, if I hear someone like a Glenn Beck, as a quick example, state that God is punishing the word by hitting Japan with an earthquake, then I’m quite able to spot the difference in an act of God and an Act of God.

            But wouldn’t a small, sporadic black hole find its classification under a natural disaster and ultimately an Act of God?

    • Tim Ned

      I’m sure Bigfoot, E.T., and Nessie appreciate your contribution.

      • Josh

        All of whom are natural and not supernatural, of course. And all of which I’d personally enjoy seeing as potential “reasons” the plane may have disappeared.

        E.T. created a wormhole through which the plane was transported to Nessie’s lair, where Bigfoot was waiting to greet the people. Now that’s entertainment!

        • Tim Ned

          Hmmm. CNN might like your synopsis. LOL

    • Charlie

      So Josh, let me see if I got this right. You offend people of religion. Then you say you’re not trying to offend them but offend them again later on in the same sentence.
      There are many who feel they have safe harbor in hating those who believe. Might you be one of these haters who used to offend blacks and gays but now realize there was too much blowback from that?

      • Josh

        Let me see if I’m understanding you. You’re offended that I call religion supernatural, which by definition it is, and subsequently rhetorically and condescendingly assert that I hate religious people because I see religion as supernatural.

        So, by virtue of not being religious and viewing supernatural claims equally, I hate you, along with blacks and gays, but realize I can take my hatred out on you because there’s little blowback.

        What a villainous, persecuting person I must come across as to dare hold claims of supernatural on equal footing.

        Do you know what the word means? If so, why does it offend not only you but “religious people” that someone would claim, rightly so, that what they believe in is supernatural?


        To all religious people who believe in a deity, regardless of which deity it is: A deity is a supernatural being. If you are offended that someone calls your deity “supernatural,” look at the definition of supernatural. Belief that something is real doesn’t mean it ceases to be supernatural, even if it is real.

        I did not create the definition. I just use it.

        • Charlie

          Josh, if I used your phrase, “I’m certainly not trying to offend” would you please not be offended?
          You see Josh, I am NOT offended that you called religion supernatural. What I’m trying to point out to you is that just because you add the words ‘not to offend’ does not mean you are absolved of offense. I took zero offense at anything you said other than the fact that you apparently believe you can be self-forgiven for whatever you say.

          • Josh

            I wasn’t trying to offend. I had a statement that I wished to make concerning what “supernatural” is and the fact that many news networks, not just CNN, speak about “supernatural” things all the time. I stated it with the little preamble just for the fact that I know some people are incredibly touchy, as you’ve proven, and get offended over the slightest thing. So providing it with extra context so that the reader might know that I’m not trying to run them down for their beliefs was my attempt.

            Some people love feigning persecution. And I don’t care who gets offended by that fact.

            What I said was accurate. I was not trying to offend. If someone still managed to take offense, that’s not my fault.

            This isn’t like saying, “No offense, but I don’t think you’re sane” or, “No offense, but your religion is BS” or something like that, which is how you seem to have read it. This wasn’t an insult levied against anyone with a quick little preface at the beginning to forgive myself for saying something derogatory. There was nothing derogatory said.

            If what I said supposedly didn’t insult you in the least, then why the spiel in the first place? It doesn’t hold up.

            That you see it as me wanting to forgive myself before I said anything says–very loudly, I might add–that you DO take what I said to be inflammatory.

            I say that religion is categorized as supernatural, because it is a fact. I say that I view supernatural claims on equal footing. And realizing that people might take offense to that, I added that I wasn’t trying to offend; i.e. I wasn’t trying to be the person you described me being with your nasty accusation complete with a question mark for cover.

            “self-forgiven for whatever you say” — after saying that I haven’t said anything that was offensive. Okay. But that came after suggesting that I was a horrible bigot and did offend. Which is it? This is like a Price is Right game.

          • Charlie

            I give up. A 300 word excuse why you didn’t make a direct comparison of supernatural to religion tells me you’d rather write than read.

          • Josh

            I’ve read everything you’ve offered here, multiple times in fact. The inconsistencies draw my eye back to them.

            – You claim I’ve offended religious people.

            – You underhandedly accuse me of being a bigot.

            – You then state you haven’t taken offense.

            – You then claim I just use “no offense” in order to say whatever I want, as if I have said something incredibly offensive, thus illustrating that you do find it offensive.

            Extremely confusing. So, I offended, but you weren’t offended, but I’m using some wording to get away with saying something that’s offensive, and that’s what you don’t like. But it wasn’t offensive, since you weren’t offended. But it was offensive, since I was trying to use words to absolve myself of saying something offensive.

            I coulda probably went on for 3,000 words about how odd that is. I’d give up too if I were that inconsistent.

            What I think: You, like 1940voter, saw “supernatural” and just took it on its face to be a cruel shot at the religious. He’s conspicuously absent with his explanation. You’re at least attempting to jumble something together. So I’m certainly not mad about that. Just confused.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    And yet, many businesses with TV on, still have CNN on the TV. Mindless.

  • jackietreehorn3

    CNN is the second to last place I turn to for “news”…. anyway thanks for starting my weekend with a smile. that was perfect friday reading.

    • Bernie

      thanks jacket etc … “second to last place” is a nice, subtle, polite shot at MSNBC … funny.


      • legal eagle

        No Benghazi or IRS column you could come with for your current column? You seem to beat those dead horses with regularity….

        • Tim Ned

          Maybe but you can’t pass up a good black hole story.

        • Integrity

          Stop being so bossy, you bitter old man! QED

    • Bernard Goldberg

      Sorry … JACKIE (not Jacket) bad eyes in the morning.


    • Bernie

      sorry … meant to write Jackie … not jacket … mea culpa


  • gbauti

    This is not newsworthy. Sorry pal … it appears you are on the wrong side of isle. Black hole? Where did he get that.