CNN’s Failed Piers Morgan Experiment

In September of 2010, CNN announced that British television personality, Piers Morgan would be taking over the retiring Larry King’s television spot. King was winding down his long and prestigious broadcast career on a bit of a low note at CNN. His ratings had declined significantly in a time-slot that pitted him up against fiery, ideologically-driven programs on the other cable news networks. The evolution of the genre had left King behind. His mundane and incurious interview style still attracted A-list guests but it no longer attracted viewership.

The decision to bring Piers Morgan aboard demonstrated a conscious effort by CNN to try and catch the wave of fast-paced, often combative programming that the competition was enjoying success with. American audiences had become familiar with the crass Brit from his role as a judge on the reality television series, America’s Got Talent. The show let him promote a blunt-speaking, pretentious persona that mirrored that of American Idol’s Simon Cowell. The clear hope was that Morgan would bring with him a cross-over audience.

Piers Morgan Tonight kept the same interview format that King had used but the CNN marketing department was quick to point out how Morgan’s blazing personality and verbal brazenness would essentially cast him as the anti-King. Words like “unpredictable”, “lively”, and “challenging” were used in advertisements for the show with an animation of a smug Morgan crossing his arms and exuding confidence from every pore.

Things didn’t go exactly as CNN had hoped they would.

Less than a year and a half after the debut of Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN’s prime-time line-up just delivered its lowest rated month in two years. Morgan is earning roughly a third of the viewership that his predecessor Larry King was bringing in toward the end of his run, and Hannity, which airs at the same time on the FOX News Channel, routinely more than quadruples Morgan’s ratings. Even FOX News’ 3am show, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, consistently attracts a larger audience than Morgan.

The Piers Morgan Experiment has clearly failed, and it’s just a matter of time before CNN is forced to go back to the drawing board. When they do, I hope they learn from what went wrong. In case they have some trouble figuring it out, maybe I can be of a little help…

In preserving the sit-down, one-on-one interview format, Morgan’s producers should have known that viewers might actually want to hear what guests on the other side of the table have to say. Instead, the standard configuration of the show has been for Morgan to ask a provocative question to his guest, then eagerly interrupt them half way through the first sentence of their answer to explain how he, himself feels about the topic. I can only guess that the justification for the irritating practice was a page borrowed from Bill O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin’ playbook, but guests on Morgan’s show typically aren’t spinning or even debating the host. They’re just trying to complete a thought… and he rarely lets them.

The result is a guest-oriented show that’s all about the host. Thus, when viewers tune in to listen to the advertised guest, they instead are subjected to the imposing personal views of someone they don’t find particularly interesting or thought-provoking.  Let’s face it… Even as sharp-tongued as Morgan is, he’s essentially a run of the mill, lockstep liberal who rarely offers any unique insight. There’s already an abundance of cable news personalities who parrot DNC talking points under the guise of moral responsibility. The market’s saturated with them.

CNN clearly felt that Piers Morgan would bring something unique to their network… an edginess factor that they believed they were lacking. It always amuses me what the liberal media considers to be edgy. To them, edginess is the presentation of liberal viewpoints in a louder, more brazen manner than audiences are used to. They think Bill Maher is edgy. They think Joy Behar is edgy. Real edginess would be doing something outside of their own ideological comfort zone.

Imagine if CNN had the guts to fill that time spot with a show hosted by a fresh-faced conservative thinker like a Michele Malkin or even a Mary Katharine Ham – someone they could build a new audience off of. THAT would be an edgy move, but I’m certain CNN would simply laugh off such a notion, even at a time when they’ve got nothing left to lose. In addition to their prime time ratings being at a two year low, their network as a whole is suffering from its lowest overall viewership in ten years.

The one thing CNN has going for them is that they haven’t permanently tarnished their brand with the same broad stroke of hardcore, left-wing activism that MSNBC has. They’re very much a part of the liberal media, but they also have a chance to show potential viewers that they’re willing to offer up something different. For their own sake, they should consider doing that… and fast!

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series. His first novel, "From a Dead Sleep," is available at all major retailers. His second novel, "Blood Trade" is available for pre-order and will be released in Sept. 2015. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • Billy

    Firstly Bernie Goldberg makes a living out of bashing anybody who doesn’t spew out the same boring GOP talking points that he subscribes to. He appears on Fox news – the most bias hateful pseudo news network on the planet to complain about “media bias” What a joke!

    Imagine starting your day off by watching Fox and Friends! Listening to those 3 stooges spew their contempt, hate and vile opinions towards our President is a disgrace and an embarrassment to our country.

    The only host that doesn’t turn my stomach and make me want to vomit is Shepard Smith. Bill O Reilly is one of the biggest hypocritical phonies on the network. He provides the biggest spin on his own no spin zone. Night after night he shows extreme conservative bias while bitching and whining about anybody with a left leaning point of view. Sean Hannity must find it difficult to sleep at night with all the hate and disdain brewing inside his lunatic head. Is this your idea of a great American?

    The reason you right wing Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman type loonies think there’s a big liberal media bias, is because you watch so much right wing propaganda from Fox News that you assume fair minded reporting is left leaning.

    For instance, I have never once heard Piers Morgan say he believes we should do away with the 2nd amendment. He’s simply saying that we don’t need assault type weapons to protect our homes. It’s basic common sense… But of course common sense doesn’t go down well on this forum, if your argument is that Piers Morgan talks over his guests to the point of annoyance then I agree. Is he left leaning? Yes I believe he is in terms of agreeing that every law abiding citizen deserves equal rights etc. He maybe vocal about protecting our children against crazed gunmen who can easily access assault weapons or may believe that man plays a part in the destruction of our environment. Wow… Imagine that. But yet he also showed a fair minded approach by deservedly slamming the Obamacare website fiasco. It’s all basic common sense. Give credit and criticism where it’s due instead of forcing a one sided agenda down people’s throats night after night.

    Did you ever watch those late night tv evangelists ? The ones who put their hands on people’s heads and make them fall backwards while magically healing their ailments. I believe that Fox News is one notch above that lunacy.

    Now I will sign out and never as much as glance at this forum again.

  • B Carta

    Piers Morgan has disturbed me so much I don’t even like Craig Ferguson anymore, his attitude is just bad and his intolerable view of America is always being questioned. I rarely watch CNN anymore now so they can have him and is far out of touch method of handing himself. No pwn towards the UK i love the history and culture just people like Piers Morgan really messing it up.

  • Leslie Davis

    Piers Morgan, like Larry King used Jesse Ventura the phony Navy SEAL (he never was a SEAL) to try to boost their ratings and failed. They showed themselves as blatant liars for pushing Ventura as a SEAL and a smart guy. Both stupid moves.
    Leslie Davis

  • Berryraymond

    Michele Malkin a big yes, but are you giving Mary Katharine Ham conservative status ?  She is one of the better thinking liberals, doesn’t get too personal, and stays on topic, but conservative she is not.  True either would out perform the Brit, who has almost no personallity and only wants to bully guest from the right and suck up to all lefties.

  • Bruce A.

    Piers who? 

  • Roadmaster

    Piers Morgan accomplished one thing – he made me miss Donnie Deutsch!

  • Cyberquill

    Piers Morgan doesn’t strike me as a “run of the mill, lockstep liberal” at all—in fact, I find him quite evenhanded in the way he challenges liberal and conservative guests alike—nor does he strike me as particularly excessive as far as cutting people off. And to suggest Michelle Malkin (!) take over his time slot indicates that to the author of this post anyone but a lockstep conservative counts as a lockstep liberal.

    • John Daly

      A lock-step conservative would want CNN to just go away. I want them to survive by diversifying their programming and attracting new viewers. It certainly doesn’t have to be Malkin. My point is that a fresh-faced conservative would bring something to new and interesting to the network. And if you honesty believe Morgan is even-handed and isn’t excessive in the way he cuts off people (and I doubt you’re being sincere), I suggest you watch his interview with Jonah Goldberg from last week.

      • Cyberquill

        I’m being perfectly sincere. Granted, I don’t watch Morgan on a regular basis, but whenever I do catch his show, I find him refreshingly evenhanded, and I’m certainly not the liberal Fox-hating type. In fact, O’Reilly is my favorite show ever.

        I hadn’t seen the Jonah Goldberg interview, but following your suggestion, I just watched it on YouTube. Sure, Morgan comes across as somewhat O’Reilly-esque—almost Ingraham-esque—in the cut-off department here, but I like interviewers giving their guests a hard time, and I didn’t find him mean-spirited nor excessively liberal; more like, as he said, playing devil’s advocate, as is his wont across the board, in my estimation.

        I think he’s doing a good job.

        • John Daly


          So you didn’t think it was ideologically slanted to represent the uncontroversial portion of Obama’s campaign video and suggest IT was what conservative critics had a problem with?

          Even after Goldberg explained which part was ACTUALLY controversial, Morgan kept misrepresenting the false argument (repeatedly bringing up the years-old McCain speech, then insisting that conservatives think that Obama was wrong to take out Bin Laden).

          Next, Morgan refused to admit the actual context of Mitt Romney’s remarks about the cost of going after Bin Liden, and when he knew he was losing the debate, repeatedly cut off Goldberg by disintegrating the interview into the equivalent of debating over what is the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

          Add all the incessant Obama fawning, stating as a matter of fact that the Republicans caused the financial collapse… and you honestly don’t see a slant or an inability to let his guests make their point?

          If you can find me a video where he conducted this kind of interview with a liberal political figure, I’d love to see it. Every time I’ve seen Morgan interview a prominent liberal, he might interrupt them every bit as often, but he kisses up to them at the same time.

          I have no problem with ideologically-driven shows. My point is that from a business standpoint, CNN can’t afford to be putting out duds like Pierce Morgan’s show if they want to remain in business and want to be relevant.

          • cmacrider

            John:  Your critique of Morgan, (above) is right on.  As a Canadian, I tuned into P. Morgan because I wanted to hear what Goldberg had to say.  I’ve read some of his books and consider him to always have an interesting perspective.  When Morgan transformed it into a one man soap opera, I switched channels.  I already know Morgan’s talking points …. after all he does work for Turner and should be fully aware of Lou Dobbs fate on that channel.

          • John Daly

            I think CNN realized how badly Morgan came off in that interview. They actually invited Goldberg back for Tuesday night’s show since Morgan hardly let him talk at all about his book in the appearance last week.

            Jonah Goldberg is pretty brilliant. It makes me think he must somehow be related to Bernie. 😉

          • Cyberquill

            Look, all I can say is that from what I’ve seen so far, Morgan’s show doesn’t strike me as “ideologically driven.”

            If there is indeed a pattern of him being tougher on conservative guests than on liberal ones—and I don’t watch his show religiously enough to make that call—then I’ll grant you that he may be more favorable to liberal causes than to conservative causes.

            By that token, however, I’d say that my favorite host O’Reilly, on balance, is more favorable to conservative causes than to liberal ones, but as long as he gives both sides a fair hearing, as I think he does, that’s fine with me.

            And you just acknowledged yourself that Morgan “might interrupt [liberal guests] every bit as often,” so I wouldn’t have a problem with Morgan’s presentation, either, even if you’re correct in your assertion, as you might well be, that, on balance, he “kisses up” to them more than he kisses up to conservatives.

            Of course, if the ratings are in the tank, that’s a problem, and you may have a point that adding a few hosts with an openly conservative bent may shake up the lineup enough to attract more viewers.

            But then again, how many overtly liberal show hosts does Fox have? I can’t think of one, and Fox is doing pretty well. So I’m not sure that a channel’s poor ratings can be explained by a dearth of hosts from the “enemy camp,” as it were.

            My guess is that Morgan’s ratings problem stems from his mix of guests more than from whatever ideological slant the man himself may be afflicted with. One day he leads with a politician, the other day with a Kardashian.

            Let’s not forget how category-crazy Americans are, and I respectfully say this as an immigrant from Europe. It’s not enough for the average American to know that a movie is of the action genre, but in order to decide whether to rent it, they must know in advance whether it’s action-comedy or action-drama or action-fantasy, and on and on.

            Walking into an American Blockbuster’s or music store for the first time, as an outsider you’re struck with the dizzying array of genres and categories. It’s not just “Rock” on this shelf and “Classical” on that shelf, every section is subdivided into dozens of sub-sections.

            Of course, the American categorization-mania must be a consequence of consumer demand. I conclude that in order to feel comfortable with a given product, Americans, in general, must be able to file it away into the proper shelf in their neatly categorized brains.

            My point being, when it comes to Morgan’s show, the American audience might be a bit confused of what kind of show they’re watching. Is it predominantly political? Is it primarily celebrity gossip? Morgan seems to emphasize all categories equally, i.e., his show isn’t primarily of one category, and people simply don’t know what to expect on any given night.

            Most viewers probably aren’t in the mood to watch either an in-depth interview with John McCain at the top of the show or an in-depth interview with Snookie. And since Morgan, due to the nature of his program, might lead with either one on any given day, they’d rather turn to something where they know in advance what genre they’re gonna get.

            So that’s my humble theory on Morgan’s low ratings: audience confusion owing to the difficulty of labeling the show.

  • ArcDeTriumph

    i usually like your stuff, but i think you are off base here.  Piers Morgan had the highest total viewers on cnn the last month.  the network has been off and they are certainly having some major problems, but his ratings are not down compared to king and he’s getting the big gets, and the stars and newsmakers and their reps like him.   Don’t go too hard on him Bernie as his old boss Rupert Murdoch would gobble him up in a second if he could and would dump a couple of the statues on Fox news to get him.  

    • John Daly

      I’d be interested to learn where you got Morgan’s numbers since (which most people cite when talking about the cable news ratings) consistently shows that Morgan has even lower ratings than Anderson Cooper and John King.

      Rubert Murdoch would “gobble up” Morgan about as fast he did Keith Olberman.

      Oh, and I’m not Bernie. I knew I couldn’t do a column without someone making that mistake. 😉

  • The Black Piper

    I don’t know how much more tarnished the reputation of the Communist News Network could be.

  • Dave Koffer

    Great article!  Piers Morgan is an arrogant, vile, radical left-wing jerkoff.

  • Tim Ned

    CNN just doesn’t get it.  The Fox commentary programs provide a diverse mix of subjects across their hourly programs.  I personally can’t watch interviews that run half if not the entire program.  And certainly not movie stars, athletes and other celebrities.  I enjoy watching movies and sports but I could care less about their opinions.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Sean Hannity is just about ready to bust open the scandal of the century.  His shows over the past two weeks have been spot on.  Friday he had representatives from the Military (Seals, Generals and Col North) and many others who were ripping Barack Hussein Obama for the politicizing of the bin Laden killing.  Sean is so much more aggressive than the wimp O’Reilly.  I believe Sean will eventually open the door to entire scandal that has been in play for nearly four years now, the crimes committed by Barack Hussein Obama leading up to him entering the world of politics.  

      Bernie is as guilty as any of the liberals and the silent conservatives that refuse to bust open the massive scandal that went into Barack Hussein Obama  being allowed on the ballot in 2008.  He was not properly vetted, practically none at all.  Can you imagine if Dan Rather had busted a story about President Bush smoking crack cocaine as a drug of choice (a crime confessed to by Barack Hussein Obama in his book Dreams From My Father) what the media would have done with that.  Bernie remains completely silent and this is minor compared to Barack Hussein Obama forging his Selective Service registration in order to qualify to run for public office.  We now know that Barack Hussein Obama has been flaunting a forged computer generated birth certificate since April 27th, 2011 thanks to the 6 month criminal investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his career law enforcement experts.  That investigation has gone from “probable cause” to a “criminal” investigation and nothing from the Billy and Bernie Show.  

      Can you imagine Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachael Madow, Piers Morgan and the rest of the State Run Media sitting back in silence.  So can someone on this damn useless blog please explain why Fox and the Billy and Bernie show are not all over this.  I think the devil has turned their spines into jelly. 

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Cat have your tongue John Daly?  I will repeat, can you imagine Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachael Madow, Piers Morgan and the rest of the State Run Media sitting back in silence if this were Mitt Romney or any high profile Republican?  You know I am right about this and it is a damn shame people cower in fear of confronting the scandal.   

        • John Daly

          Oh, you were serious about that?

          Well, I can’t speak for the rest, but I’ve never bought into the whole fake birth certificate argument. Thus, I’d rather write about other things. If that makes me part of some kind of conspiracy, so be it.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            How does one “buy into a fake birth certificate argument?”  The damn thing is either a forged document or it is a legitimate document.   If you would take the time and “buy into the POSSIBILITY” that the bc is a forgery does that not become a very serious offense.  The fact that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and those investigators are investigating the documents (that’s plural) is pretty damn serious.  These guys are attempting to unseat the POTUS for crying out loud.  Lets say these guys are lying or absolutely wrong about these documents is that not a scandal worthy of John Daly talking about it and writing about it.  That is border line treasonous.  

            You and the others keep calling this a “conspiracy.”  How the hell is it a conspiracy?  This President never in his dreams thought that he would rise in the world of politics as fast as he did and when it happened he was caught out there in la la land without the proper documents to continue his quest.  It is as simple as that.  Hell, there is a good possibility that he was considered a “foreign student” (the Indonesian connect) when he went to Occidental thus he did not need a Selective Service registration.  Fast forward to him deciding to enter the mean world of politics he (or someone smarter than him) realized that he needed a Selective Service registration to be a legal political officer holder.  Thus, the stamp needed to be tampered with making the “08” and “80” and Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others busted the forgery.  The Commander in Chief with a forged Selective Service card, how does that bite you in the ass?  I know it pisses me off and would piss off every Veteran I know.  You see John, it is not a “conspiracy” it is just dumb down journalism that refuses to bust this guy.  All of this man’s documents are related to the fact that he is NOT a “natural born Citizen.”  No “conspiracy” just the truth!

            So John, when will you and Billy Bob going to be headed to Phoenix, AZ so that you can report back to all of us as to what you discovered and allow us to decide what is relevant or not.  It is time for this to move off the “comment” pages into the news cycle and the O’Reilly Show would be a great place to start.  

            If the liberal press had this type of evidence against any political candidate and were holding it back (think LA Times) you would be all over them for not reporting it.  

  • Wil

    Many people like being liberal. As for Piers Morgan, I agree, he was a poor replacement for Larry King. I see, you mentioned 
    Michele Malkin and Mary Katharine Ham. Good grief man, get real. Ham is a nobody and Malkin is a nut!

    • Rick Johnson

      As a replacement for Morgan, you would suggest …. ?

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Mark Steyn and on the humorous note, Ann Barnhardt, she would also be an answer to the nut jobs at MSNBC.

    • John Daly

      Again, they were just two names off the top of my head… but I don’t think it’s important to have someone that everyone knows. CNN’s Headline News did better in the ratings than they expected when they had Glenn Beck for a short time. Why wouldn’t they open their minds to a more conservative product?

  • Michael

    Hey, John, I don’t think a single poster has called you “Bernie” or “Mister Goldberg” this time. :)

    • John Daly

      It’s a very exciting day indeed!

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        When the Bill and Bernie show heads to Phoenix, AZ that will be an exciting day.  It will be the beginning of a massive revival in American conservative journalism and restore America’s faith in them as they prove they do not cower in fear of those slinging false charges of  “racism” and succumbing to the insanity of “political correctness.”  How loud do the patriots have to scream before you hear us??  Instead of mocking the messenger how about doing your job and report the news.  

        There have been no less than 10 Obama ballot challenges thus far, some of which are now being appealed in Federal court, one of which is about to begin in Flordia with Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman leading that challenge.  You buddy Bill hasn’t mentioned anything about those challenges.   You guys hammer the liberal media and their bias when in fact sit back and let the biggest fish in the ocean get away with a whole lot of criminal activity.  Prove me wrong without some sorry excuse.     

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          Cat got your tongue John Daly?  You have no answer for the folks as to why you will not deal with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  You friend Billy if scared to death of this issue because it will cause him many, many headaches and it will force him to do some quality work for once.  His ego is so swollen that he fears not having the opportunity to interview those he thinks will help his ratings.  Ignoring this scandal of the century is un-patriotic and a scandal in and of itself.  

          • John Daly

            Is this for real? You come to other people’s blogs and demand that they write about the topics of your choosing? I write about what is on my mind, not what is on your mind.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            John, these are possible crimes committed by the President of the United States for crying out loud, much more than a mere “TOPIC.”  When the POTUS  is being challenged at the ballot box across the country (never happened before) and no one in the media, both liberal and conservative are not reporting about it, something is seriously wrong with the media.  There is an Obama ballot challenge in Florida about to take place in Florida with the founder of Judicial Watch leading that challenge, is that not news worthy or at least a mention on the O’Reilly Factor.  This silence is absurd.  

            Yea, I admit I am an arrogant SOB sometimes.  All I am asking if for a man with a respected reputation in the media (probably hated by those who think you betrayed all of them) to crack open the door just a little bit so that the damn horses can run out of the barn.  It only takes one brave soul (respected journalist) to cause others to follow.  Lead by example, is that not a great precept to teach the next generation of journalists.   If I am wrong about this I will shut the hell up and move on and leave you to deal with your own conscience.   As a Veteran, I do beg you to remember that this criminal will probably be making some very serious decision that will impact those cops in the street and those brave young men and women who are presently in war zones.  Someday John, you will realize that poor vetting led to this man’s rise to the top, it had nothing to do with “conspiracy.”  He is the most dangerous national security risk in the country today.  He has been seriously compromised.  The evidence is there you choose not to deal with it. 

  • Ted Wight

    While CNN is dying, MSNBC is dying, the New York Times still holds powerful sway over local liberal rags like the Seattle Times, which is a Left-wing parrott.  The NYT is dying but not slowly enough as is the ST. 

  • Hugo Dawggy

    How many programs can you have that promote BOs politics and his regime…we currently have ABC,CBS,NBC,PBS, MSNBC,CNBC AND CNN.. I’m waitng for the weather channel and animal planet to enter to promote BOs re-eclection.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      You can add the AP to that list Hugo.  

  • JP

    He may be Rubbish, but at least he’s British Rubbish!
    Brit in USA

  • Kayakbob

    Mr. Daly, you have hit the nail on the head in terms of what is perhaps THE underlying difference between liberals and conservatives – the basic definition of terms. To steal a comment I heard from Pat Caddell – going back to when he was a White House advisor to Jimmy Carter : you think we disagree over whether the cup is half full, or half empty. Our disagreement is more fundamental. You say it is a cup. I say it is a glass.

    His point, and the point I think you were making, is that CNN’s so-called problem with viewership isn’t about presentation or content – not really. It is about terminology.  “Edginess” to liberals is a louder, more obnoxious & condescending application of their view..with an English accent.

    Much the same way that I used to hear liberals in my life lament the lack of ‘tolerance for other views’. What that meant was conservatives needed to be subjected the their views…. only. It was purely a one-way street. They were very open to “other views”, as long as those views were like theirs.

    When liberals lament the distortion of money in politics, what that means is they are afraid their guy doesn’t have as much as his opponent. When their guy appears to have more money, that is “free speech” and the “will of the people” at work.

  • Mary

    Morgan has failed because his show is BORING, say what you want about Larry King
    at least he has a sense of humor. I also think Morgan puts his Politics into his show too much. He is just another stupid liberal if you ask me!!

  • Drew Page

    Other than CNN, who cares about CNN’s ratings?  Let them continue to flounder and flop like the dieing fish they are.  They have rendered themselves irrelevant and meaningless to most Americans.

    • John Daly

      I generally believe that the more sources of news, the better. The problem is that 80% of the media covers and analyzes the news from the same viewpoint. Would I’d like to see is the established media realize their errors, learn from them, and make improvements.

      In other words, I’d rather have CNN ‘figure it out’ than die.

  • Terry Walbert


    You were partly right when you wrote, “CNN clearly felt that Piers Morgan would bring something unique to their network… an edginess factor…”

    I would have written, “CNN clearly felt that Piers Morgan would bring something unique to their network… an English accent…”

  • flemke

    I couldn’t stand Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent.  I sure don’t want to watch him on what I essentially consider a news station.  Besides, watching CNN these days is sort of like watching paint dry.  It’s boring.  Watching Piers Morgan act like an ass, doesn’t make them any more interesting.  

  • Rick Johnson

    Flipping channels yesterday and stopped at CNN. The talking heads were discussing EU countries unemployment levels, country by country. After comparisons to the US level, they determined that maybe fiscal austerity wasn’t working after all. Now, mind you, they had just reported Germany in the low 5’s for unemployment. They completely ignored it. The fiscal austerity of the Merkel coalition was apparently lost on them, right? Wrong. They didn’t want to give any conservative government credit, no matter how successful. Besides it would contradict what they wanted us to take away, namely, govt. spending is the solution.  I won’t look for Mary Catherine Ham or Michele Malkin anytime soon on CNN.

    • John Daly

      Ham and Malkin were merely a couple of names that came to my head, but I think there would be a market for a youthful, conservative show.

      Despite being not all that young, Greg Gutfeld has done quite well with that format.

      I totally agree with you on the Germany point. I’ve been thinking about doing a column about it for a while now. They were one of the few European countries who didn’t follow Obama’s recommendations of growing government to get out of the economic mess… and now they’re doing so well that the rest of Europe is begging them to save their countries.

  • Michael

    Screw ’em.  CNN sold out to the Left a long time ago, so let the chips, and the ratings, fall where they may. 

    • John Daly

      I see your point, but I’d honestly rather have more news sources redeem themselves than just go under.

      • Drew Page

        I would too, but I’m not holding my breath.   It is obvious to me that those who control/own the MSM outlets have a liberal agenda.    They hire, staff and promote accordingly.    Guys like George Soros, very rich and very much in the shadows, have their own political agendas.  What are higher taxes to people like them who can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on various MSM outlets to promote those agendas.   Those like Soros and Rockafeller promote a one world order and want the U.S. to fall in line with that idea.    I think they see themselves as Alexander the Great, Caesar or Napoleon, knowing what’s best for everyone else.  None of these historical leaders were much on democracy.   They were much more interested in conquest and woe to those who resisted. 

      • Michael

        I see your point, too, John, but I don’t think our points are mutually exclusive.  If CNN doesn’t redeem itself, and does go under, maybe some investors would decide to try to start a network to tap into the conservative market; if not a direct competitor to Fox, then at least an alternative (and that’s not meant as anything against Fox).   

        I know, I’m probably pipe-dreaming, but it never hurts, right? :)

        • John Daly

          Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’ll take a total failure like that to snap everyone else awake.

          Then again, that’s how I felt about the New York Times when they nearly went under, but they still haven’t figured it out.

  • cmacrider

    John:  Poignant Column.  The major export of Britain is socialists who see everything through a rigid class structure lens.  When they get to North America they discover that they can pursue their careers without fear of being called “uppity.”  Typically they pursue their socialist class warfare program with great enthusiasm.  (Check out how many Trade Unions are led by Brits)  Invariably their problem is that they can’t grasp the fact that North America did not evolve from a feudal society …. hence the disconnect.   P. Morgan is just another boring chapter in an oft repeated story.

    • John Daly

      There’s definitely some merit to what you’ve written. In general, I don’t think that a lot of Brits get our country at all.

  • BurtPrelutsky

    John: You meant “insight,” but it came out “incite.”  Stuff happens.


    • John Daly

      Good catch. Fixed. Thanks!

    • QRMQRN

      how ’bout a show with BURT?

  • Brian

    I have never watched Piers Morgan Tonight. Although I did watch the Youtube clip when he interviewed Santorum.