Confessions of an Ex-Democrat

When you’re a conservative, it’s just about impossible, unless you’re the sort of person who wins million dollar lotteries, to not have some friends and relatives who are liberal. The secret, I’ve found, to maintaining even slightly cordial relationships with them is to never share your honest opinions about anything important, sliding through social occasions discussing the weather, sports and, well, more weather.

The truth is I have removed a fair number of people from my social circle over the past few years simply because they support Barack Obama’s policies and respond favorably to his race and class warfare rhetoric. That may strike some people as petty and intolerant, but what would it say about me if I associate with people whose beliefs, values and behavior, I abhor? Why on earth would I want to spend time with those whom I am convinced are doing their utmost to destroy the nation I love?

I understand that most people who vote for people like Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Waxman and Reid, are benign. They may be great neighbors and wonderful, caring parents, but they are also enablers. When people help addicts feed their habits, they’re not acting out of love, but out of fear that if they behave responsibly they will no longer be loved by the addict. But of course the addict doesn’t love anyone or anything but his drug of choice.

Liberals are by nature bullies, which is why in Hollywood, they openly boast about blacklisting conservatives and why, in Washington and the mass media, they bludgeon Republicans who stand by their principles, referring to them as fascists, racists, obstructionists and hostage-taking terrorists.

Ironically, I have found it easier to draw a line between myself and the liberals I know personally than between myself and the repugnant creatures in the entertainment world. I would love to be able to boycott the movies and TV shows that feature the likes of Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, Whoopi Goldberg, George Clooney, Ed Asner, Larry David and Morgan Freeman, but the truth is I lack the requisite amount of character to go cold turkey even when these left-wing turkeys are involved.

Furthermore, in the interests of full disclosure, I should confess that for a long time I was a Democrat. But, in my own defense, I was never a liberal. For those of a tender age, I should hasten to mention that there was a time when it was possible to be one without being the other. So, for instance, I could be a registered Democrat while simultaneously opposing unilateral disarmament. I could be a Democrat and still believe that Whitaker Chambers was telling the truth and that Alger Hiss and Julius Rosenberg were lying when they denied being Soviet spies. I could oppose Jim Crow laws while at the same time regarding racial quotas as reverse racism. I could be angry about Watergate and still oppose the slandering and libeling of Clarence Thomas. I could even be a Democrat and still despise the universally beloved Walter Cronkite, whose pose as an objective newsman was as phony as Obama’s attempt to foist himself off as bi-partisan, for doing his best to make certain we didn’t win the Vietnam War.

These days, I’m not at all confident that a Democrat could make those distinctions. Not when Rep. Maxine Waters has the audacity to label Rep. Allen West, a retired military officer, an “Oreo,” and not be denounced by the media, the NAACP or the Black Congressional Caucus.

Even when I was a Democrat, I knew that nobody was entitled to sneak into this country. And if he was found out, he certainly wasn’t entitled to receive schooling, health care and financial aid. I also was bright enough to know that when a nation’s border consists of sand, deportation isn’t going to be much of a deterrent. Even I, at my present advanced age, can easily scale a non-existent wall.

I can understand why Rick Perry, running for governor in a state that has a huge Mexican population, would feel he had to speak out against a barrier on our southern border and had to promote in-state tuition for the offspring of illegal aliens. That doesn’t mean I approve, but politics isn’t a game for purists unless they have their hearts set on losing elections. However, when he appeared at the GOP debate and said that if we opposed his tuition policy we were heartless, and added that because the illegals had Hispanic names, it also meant we were racists, he stepped way too far over the line.

While it’s true that the children of illegal aliens had no say in the matter when it came to sneaking across our border, we all know that no one is ever entitled to profit from the commission of a crime. Just because the child of a bank robber, for instance, didn’t drive the getaway car doesn’t mean that he’s entitled to live off the ill-gotten loot.

So, although I had been delighted when Governor Perry tossed his 10-gallon hat into the ring, I’m no longer cutting him any slack. He didn’t simply misspeak; he went and stuck both of his expensive cowboy boots in his mouth. It had nothing to do with his lack of debating skills. It had everything to do with arrogance and stupidity. We’ve just endured three years of that combination, and we don’t need four more years of the same.

Perry simply had no business saying what he did. After all, if conservatives want to be gratuitously insulted by ignoramuses, they merely have to turn on MSNBC.

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • Nathan51

    This is exactly why I have long ago begun to remove every Leftist from my circle of friends and family. I refuse to any longer be forced into silence to placate a bunch of militant, empty headed Leftist enablers. I no longer consider any of them worth wasting time on considering they are already stealing so much from so many.

  • Mike Jackson

    I’m writing as a democrat in recovery as well.
    While I fully appreciate both sides of the in-state tuition debate, I agree it was a mistake.
    In my not so humble opinion, that students who are in this country illegally through no fault of their own but having been provided a state funded education to the twelfth grade level should be considered good enough.

    If a student graduates from a US high school and qualifies academically, collegiate admission should be offered. At the same cost offered to out of state residents. Otherwise, they can join our military, etc. or obtain citizenship by following the rules as established.

    All that said, I completely agree with your point that to all but guarantee an election loss is to nominate a purist. Granted, the dem’s did this in 2008 with Obama, but they had to fake a hard right turn to get elected and succeeded based on the voters dissatisfaction with the GOP establishment than with their true intent.

    Likewise, I like and support Rick Perry even though disagree with him on the issue. We’ll keep holding his feet to the fire and see what shakes out.

    We conservatives may not know exactly who we do want, but we certainly know exactly who we don’t. That’s half the battle right there.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    John J.: Nobody holds Mr. Goldberg in higher esteem than I, but he doesn’t write my articles. What is it about bylines that seems to confuse so many people at this blog?


  • john j. gabriel

    if there is a wiser,more interesting and more knowledgeable political personage as bernie,i haven’t seen him.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Wallace: You’re right of course. But when you see that by merely spending millions of dollars and trucking in union “volunteers,” the liberals were able to undo Ohio’s attempt to rein in public sector unions, you can see that some Americans never learn.

    Shirl: I agree, it is liberating to understand that it’s the conservatives who are right and the liberals who are dangerously wrong.


  • Wallace Flint

    hi Burt,
    K know what you mean re those people who call themselves “liberals”- who are trying to destroy this, our country. What would they replace it with? Would it be a heavy, intrusive form of government like there is in Europe? What a joke that turned out to be! If people don’t get their handouts, they atart rioting, even tho these countries have gone broke running out of other people’s money!
    Maybe they would want what there is in the Muslim countries. All you have to do is believe differently re religious beliefs, and they want to take your life.
    Look around and check this out- that this country of ours has the best form of covernment. Let’s not lose it, thinking there is something better out there, because there isn’t.

    In God We Trust!
    Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

  • Shirl

    Once I discovered that I was a true conservative, I’ve never been so happy. All of my thinking now seems to make so much sense. And it’s great knowing I have so much mutual company in the country. Being surrounded by so many liberal thinking people over the years had me thinking I was just a rebel all of my life. Now I know the difference and glad I’ve been on on the right side of the track all along. Thanks Burt, for the confirmation.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Nancye: I know it’s heresy to confess it, but I never tuned in “24.” I refuse to make that big a commitment to a TV show.

    Bill Hurdle: I’m glad I’m not alone in despising Walter Cronkite. Even before the Vietnam War, I couldn’t stand his pompous delivery on everything from the evening news to “You Are There.”

    Dave Francis: Sorry I couldn’t get through your comment, which was longer than my article, but life’s too short.

    Regards, Burt

    • Bill Hurdle


  • Dave Francis


    U.S. Citizens and legal residents must confront the Republicans dominated House and insist on E-Verify, as part of Smith’s THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ (H.R.2885.) The ‘Ways and Means Committee led by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) must adopt the Mandatory E-Verify Bill (H.R. 2885.) and should be bombarded by demanding voters, as never before. Reps. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), Reps. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) Rep and just yesterday John Sullivan (R-Okla.) are co-sponsoring House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885), with new members who are rapidly joining this monumental bill. THIS IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT THE AMERICAN UNEMPLOYED WORKER. Go to any Search Engine or specifically GOOGLE and type NumbersUSA as there you can freely fax politicians, otherwise you can also locate them through this phone number at 202-224-312; the Congressional Switchboard.

    The TEA PARTY is only a portion of the ordinary American people, who are insisting the law must change. We must stop the Liberal subversives with their, “political Correctness’ which is crippling this nation; curtail the hundreds of billions of dollars, going to subsidize pregnant women from other countries, who are draining our hospital delivery rooms for free. We must amend the instant citizenship for their children, as it is to intentionally get traction to stay in America. We must restrain Democrats, Liberals and Republicans from forcing unfunded mandates on taxpayers by more immigration policing laws in all 50 states. Our schools, hospitals, jails and prisons are full of illegal alien criminals that are draining each states treasury.


    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 currently has 100 sponsors, 58 co-sponsors, with only 43 House members to go.

    It will signify no more illegal aliens on payroll, with eventually millions leaving the country and opening jobs for American workers of every type. Farmers, Dairies, meat and poultry industry must be held accountable who are using foreign workers for big profits. They need to pay good wages and offer benefits, to get good, decent workers. Displaced by ICE raids and audits, illegal workers are leaving in large numbers; replaced in long lines by jobless Americans and legal residents. After the purge the administration can then enact an alien workers program, perhaps based on the Second World War ‘Bracero’ , but with a stringent tracking system and, that would be activated for every tourist, student and other who enter America. In addition all new statutes will be based on the Reagan’s 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill and that would include an overhaul for all new legal immigrants. Only professional or the highest skilled workers need apply, not the less skilled and certainly no entry to any more economic illegal aliens that is taxpayer supported; completely restricting unfettered poverty to arrive in this country. Illegal migrants and immigrants are not Americans and should and should be counted in the 49 % of our populations, as they are a large part of this issue.

    Don’t matter where you are from; Latino, Black, white, Asian or Polynesian Islanders, if you arrived here through legal means—you are always welcome.

    Let the Special Committee that is charged to reduce the near 15 Trillion dollar deficit, to introduce legislation and look into the illegal immigration invasion. Curtail the Department of IN-Justice from further ardently out to intimidate Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and states that are under constant arrivals of illegal aliens they are forced by law to support. DOJ is not stopping with states, but pursuing anybody who exhibits any anti-illegal immigration tendencies, including Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, State Senator Russell Peirce, Governor Jan Brewer and the list goes on. Even the TEA PARTY has been crucified to some degree, by the extremists in the Liberal open border radicals, Unions and the special interest entities. Never forget that the pro-illegal alien organizations, the nation leftist newspapers and other media, will do anything to attack the coherent, common sagacity view of crushing any politician, grass root group that is against mass Amnesty or immigration reform.

    In conclusion—every law abiding American should be watchful of Liberal progressive tricks in our electoral law. Hopefully TEA PARTY members will be vigilant in present in gubernatorial and state legislative elections in Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia will be electing governors. Liberals specifically and radical groups have proven they have intentionally overlooked illegal aliens and even legal immigrants voting in our elections. Further– 578 state legislative seats are available, with the majority of these in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia where the fate of politicians are in the hands of voters. Every American state should provide a website to report this serious wrongdoing, as it is undermining the basic foundation of the citizen’s right to vote. Leftist Democrat Congressman called Keith Ellison from Minnesota’s wants to impose on his state a slack election system and also on the rest of this sovereign nation.

    This Democrat “Same Day Registration Act” H.R. 3316 and its attendant H.R. 3317 would involve all states to allow unconfirmed voters to register and vote on Election Day. This would be outrageous enough and is mild compared to being infuriated by the second bill, namely “Voter Access Protection Act,” which would forbid states from requiring voters to show photo ID. Perhaps 25 years ago—but not anymore, when we have notorious groups like Acorn, caught using low-life’s collecting hundreds of thousands of registrations, which should have been flushed down the toilet. Democrats are out to win the presidential race, in any way they can—and have, as ACORN was prosecuted by numerous state attorneys for fraudulent voter registrations. Its federal funding dropped a supposedly dismantled, but however it has resurfaced in New York under a new name. To me and I’m sure to tens of millions of TEA PARTY members this is beyond incredulous, that any politician would try to destroy what little is left of our freedoms. Under no restraint H.R. 3316, in expelling all photo identification necessities, and H.R. 3317, that would allow people to walk into a polling station, register and vote straight away in all 50 states. GOD HELP US!

    • T Geloso


      Damn, if that ain’t long winded, I don’t know what is. And I thought I wrote alot.

      It’s NOT so much illegal aliens, it’s employers use of illegals instead of his fellow countrymen that’s the problem.

      The preference is to use illegals because they can pay less for thier labor, not pay any benefits, and also abuse them with the specter of INS deportation if they complain about the conditions they work in. That combined with poverty in their home country, it’s understandable why they would they come here ?

      The diviceiveness of the “us” and “them” mentality shows you’ve got little understanding, and no chutzpah to go beyond that heard mentality than to blame those low on the economic ladder that are trying nothing more to do than survive economically in a world that’s manipulated by the economic elite.

      All you got is reactionary bilious twaddle that borders on a case self righteous verbal masturbation.

  • Bill Hurdle

    May I offer my grattitude for someone finally offering a less than adoring evaluation of Walter Cronkite! As someone of the advanced age of 67, I also found Cronkite’s performance on the CBS News to be totally void of objectivity when it came to reporting on the Vietnam war. I got the distinct impression that he made no attempt to hide his disdain for the war and wondered how his superiors could tolerate this behavior. In fact, I put him in the same class as Bobby Knight whose ill behavior was condoned and encouraged by the inaction of his superiors. I have also severed aquaintanceships with what I would describe as sanctimonious liberals who seek to openly demonstrate their superiority by casting aspersions on those who have the audacity to hold different values. I even confess to occasionally yanking their chain to initiate the irresponsible behavior that irritates everyone within earshot.

  • Nancye

    Burt said:

    Nancye: I hope you and the other readers understand that I wasn’t a fan of all the people on my list. I merely mentioned the ones who tend to be the most obnoxious when it comes to politics and confessing that I wouldn’t deprive myself of seeing a movie or a TV show just because one of them was in it.

    Ken said:
    Someone like Jeanne Garafalo (sp) has spent the bulk of the last few years (10?) being political – I find it hard to watch even her earlier works without being reminded of all the inane things she says.



    Actually I stopped watched “24” because of Jeanne Garafalo. I’m sure there are other shows I stopped watching because of some of the “stars” political views. If they’d keep their politics to themselves, it would save some of us a lot of trouble.

  • Ken Hansen

    The boycotting actors/performers thing is interesting – I’ve liked Morgan Freeman since his days on ‘The Electric Company’ on PBS, but I don’t agree with his political views as expressed recently. That said, I saw Dolphin Tale this past weekend and only gave his political views passing concern… I view what he said as his personal position on certain topics, but he is not what I would call ‘political’. Someone like Jeanne Garafalo (sp) has spent the bulk of the last few years (10?) being political – I find it hard to watch even her earlier works without being reminded of all the inane things she says.

    I wish more entertainers followed Billy Bob Thornton’s lead – when asked about ‘Occupy Wall Street’ his response was (paraphrasing) ‘I don’t know anything about anything.’

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Gee, you folks have been awfully busy this morning.

    Sam: Very true and very good, but still only an A-? You’re one tough grader.

    Barker: I agree with Bernie Goldberg, too, but he didn’t write this piece.

    Neil: Thanks for inviting me to sit at the table with the adults.

    Nancye: I hope you and the other readers understand that I wasn’t a fan of all the people on my list. I merely mentioned the ones who tend to be the most obnoxious when it comes to politics and confessing that I wouldn’t deprive myself of seeing a movie or a TV show just because one of them was in it.

    T. Geloso & Ken Hanson: Tolerance of ignoramuses and traitors isn’t a virtue, but merely bespeaks a lack of standards. It’s a case of lying down with dogs and getting up with, say, T. Geloso.

    Drew Page: A good analogy about drunken bartenders. As for taxes, I think everyone should pay them or not be allowed to vote. As for the poverty line, it is about as big a lie as every other Democratic line. When you factor in money made off the books, subsidized housing, free health care and food stamps, there is hardly anyone in America who isn’t living better than 95% of the people in the world. When 99.6% of all households have refrigerators, 97.7% have TV sets and 78.3% even have air conditioning, I keep wondering who the poverty-stricken Americans are that Obama keeps yakking about.

    Roadmaster: Glad to hear that even at her advanced age, your mom saw the light and came over from the darkside. Perhaps there’s even hope for T. Geloso.

    Regards, Burt

    • T Geloso


      As to going over to the dark side. Not really, As things stand, I’ll stay where I am.
      Too much emotional bankruptcy and internal game playing on your side.
      Of all the dogs I’ve known in this life, and the 3 I have of my own, I’ll take most, if not all canines than I’d take of some people I’ve met.
      They’re limited, but, for the most part don’t have agendas like two legged greedy megalomanics.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Don’t sweat it. The valedictorian doesn’t apologize for being a former sophomore.
    Hell, if a person’s made a change based upon intellect, integrity, and loyalty to something bigger than hermself; well; fly a flag.

  • Jeannette

    Burt: I came from a fairly long line of Democrats, but I voted for Richard Nixon in my first presidential election. I did that two other times, too. Maybe it was my own way of rebelling, but in my opinion we could do with a few more rebels.

    I look at some of the more wild-eyed liberals (such as those you mentioned) and cannot but wonder where they store their common sense, unless it’s under a bushel.

    I have voted for a Democrat on a couple of occasions, and lived to rue the day. I’m still perplexed about the numbers of others who decided to vote for a Democrat in 2008.

  • Neil Johnston Rouse II

    my first election was nixin vs. mcgovern. pretty easy when one is an obvious lunatic,and there doesn’t seen to be anything wrong with the other guy, yet. this was while going to brighton high school in rochester ny. something of a liberal enclave in an other wise conservative area of upstate. i’ve stayed on that side of things ever sense.
    i’ve found that, although my liberal friends will vehemently argue about abortion, about taxes, some of them would even argue about the weather just because argue is what they do, obama is not such a popular subject. they try to still blame bush, but don’t want to push it, things were better then. they try to play the race card, but find they have already used up the deck.
    maybe its a different thing to be thought of as always having been a blockhead conservative, than as a traitor to some socialist cause.
    so let me just say, welcome, we appreciate your sacrifice in standing up for common sense in a ‘real world’, and i hope you find a hundred new friends for every one you are compelled to leave behind. welcome to the ‘grown ups’ table.

  • Drew Page

    Bravo, Burt. You have described the Democrat party that my father was proud to be counted among. You have defined what the term ‘moderate’ used to mean. I consider myself a Republican and a conservative. I believe that Social Security and Medicare are necessary and essential, but are in need of revisions if they are to be there for future generations. I believe in unemployment compensation, workers compensation insurance and other social welfare programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, rent subsidies and welfare benefits. However, I believe these social welfare benefits should not be available to illegal aliens. These benefits should be reformed so they are not available in perpetuity to adults who are under age 65 and who are physically and mentally able to work.

    I believe that corporations and businesses should be taxed at a rate (ideally) of 10%, but in no case more than 15%. We tax our corporations and businesses up to 35%, the highest rate of any country, but that tax is passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. And why? Because not only must our taxes pay for the defense of America, but of our European allies, Japan, North Korea, Isreal and other countries around the world. These other countries, for whom we provide defense, use their tax money to subsidize their businesses and therefore have a competitive advantage over the U.S. In the final analysis, American taxpayers pay to make these other countries more competitive than the U.S. Yes, we need regulations of business and corporations to protect our citizens from unsafe products, services, working conditions and dishonesty. But we do not need mountains of needless regulations, red tape, bureaucratic interference and government reporting demanded by its various agencies.

    I have no problem with increasing the income tax rate on those making in excess of $1 million a year by another five percentage points, but at the same time I believe that every Working American who earns an income that is 25% higher than the poverty level, should pay something in income taxes, even if it’s only 2% of their income. I also believe that before the government increases taxes or ‘fees’ on anyone, they should cut current spending by 5%. That does not mean cutting the amount of planned increase for 2012 by 5%, but by setting a written budget amount for 2012, not to exceed 95% of whatever was spent in 2011.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    Next time I hear Obama’s crew demanding Fox to be silenced..I will think of China and Russia..

    The Demoncrats PR Obama Propaganda Media, ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,PBS,CNBC,MSNBC AND THE NYT..
    That’s why this 2012 election will be close (and it shouldn’t be)..

    Don’t underestimate the Father of Lies in the whitehouse…

  • Will Swoboda

    Good morning Burt,
    Always enjoy your thoughts. I’m a 62 year old conservative who was, like many, raised in a basically democratic household and thought many of the things my elders believed was right and still do. After coming back from Vietnam in 1968 something really wrong went on within our country. Something that would take a very long time to explain. Anyway, with present day actors and actress’s, what makes them experts on a given subject just because they acted in a movie about a given subject? I saw Matt Dammon talking before a senate sub committee on intelligence after staring in “The Good Shepard”. What the hell does he know about intelligence just because he played a spy?????. Merel Streep goes before an agricultural sub committee after staring in a movie about a pesticide that was used by apple growers. Talk to the real apple growers. Actors are not experts in the characters they play, that’s why they are called ACTORS for crying out loud.
    I feel so much better,
    Will Swoboda

    • therealguyfaux

      Will, I appreciate your point about actors being used to shill for particular causes in political debates, but there may be a time and place for such activism. I’m put in mind of Jack Klugman, who appeared before a House committee to flack for an organization who was trying to bring to light the issue of “orphan drugs,” i.e. drugs that are efficacious against certain disorders, but owing to lack of demand from not enough people having the disorder, the drugs are not mass-produced and hence are more costly based on the pharmaceutical companies having to “custom-make” them. Klugman admitted he was a flack and that he was there primarily because the organization and the producers of Quincy M.E. wanted to do a show about the issue, and it intrigued him enough that he offered his services in their behalf. He admitted that he had arrived late to the issue and he said that that’s what his appearance was all about– raising the profile of the issue. Pace his usual irascible Oscar character image he was a gentleman and did not presume to lecture the Members of Congress on the issue.
      If actors want to get involved in causes (and not only on the Left–Charlton Heston on gun control, Patricia Heaton on pro-life) they could do a lot worse than to deal with the public as did Mr. Klugman, and not as a hectoring idiotic shrill ideologue a la Janeane Garofalo.

  • Carmen Morales

    I too cannot speak about politics in my workplace due to the fact that they are all NJEA democrats who support corruption I would say. I have tried but they are either ill-informed or brainwashed to believe that I as a Republican conservative do not care a hoot about poor people and that I think I’m rich, which I am not. They can’t seem to understand Conservatism at all, I for one will never vote for Rick Perry being that he supports the Mexican agenda, and as a Latina I cannot understand why a State like Texas that is probably one of the highest illegal immigration drug trafficking state in the nation, would have a Governor that refuses a fence. I would think if I were him I would make sure we would put boots on the ground, and ready to shoot. These Governors and politcians have to remember that they took an oath to protect our citizens, which most refuse to do except for my hero Jan Brewer, how can some have the cojones and others do not? Thank You Mr. Goldberg for the article for I can relate to that. I myself stopped talking politics because it usually turns into a racisl issue. We do need enforcement of our laws, we need to bring back the rule of law, and it doesn’t matter what race you may be, if you break the law you should be arrested and if illegal then deported before he commits the crime and not after. I do not judge you by race but by your actions.

    • Ken Hansen

      If the fence goes up on his watch, he’ll be crucified… Literally.

      If pro fence folks would actually demonstrate overwhelming support for the fence, it might happen – but look at what happened in the state that merely wanted to get a count of the illegals in the state (among other measures)… Or the state that thinks voting in an election should have the same IDrequirement as someone buying Mac n cheese with a personal check…

  • Nancye

    I can truthfully say that I’ve never been a Democrat. I was voting Republican in Alabama before it was “fashionable” to do so. As far as I know I’ve only had one close friend who was a Democrat. We were friends for 30 years, and the reason we could stay buddies is because we both loved football – even though we were for different college teams. As for politics, it was better if we didn’t talk about it.

    I can easily stay away from the “stars” you spoke of because they’re so disgusting I can’t watch a TV show or movie that they’re in. Of course, there may be some libs that I don’t know are libs, sooooooooooo

    My husband and I raised two children who are conservatives, and now we have five grandchildren who are conservatives.

    Thank God!

  • Florida Jim

    I agree I find I do not have time or patiencce to listen to my liberal friends quote MSNBC or CNN. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • T Geloso

    I only will take so much of Berties diatribes so I come here every so often to read what’s got his “goat” at the moment.

    Liberal bullies… The more I think of that the bigger the smile I get. Another projection by a half baked shnook with a platform who feels its his given right to verbally masturbate on line.

    Whittling down your social circle is just another act of suicide one person at a time. Which would evenutally leave you all alone with “your own kind”, and lead you to be so isolated with the morally bankrupt level of consciousness that’s the T-Party, you’d problally need a stay at the local “rubber room” to re-establish some sembelance of a different level of existence/consciousness.

    If anybodys addicted to either a chemical or a process, and moreover I think it’s a process as well as that level of consciousness here, it’s you T-Partiers.

    Combine that you, both the singular and plural,
    are manipulated and financed by the mega rich
    individuals and corporations, and side with them
    also because you’re too lazy to put any effort forth to honestly think about that the gov’t could and has in the past developed as an corrective instrument/mechanism to the abuses of these mega rich which are long standing and deep.

    Then does the term sheeple mean anything to you people ?? Problally not much, only is as much
    as you use it to catagorize and villify the “enemy”, which is anybody that doesn’t think lock step with your bankrupt and corrupt philosphical underpinnings of conservatism.

    One never says never, but I hope that I won’t ever come to hate myself enough to embrace your particular definition of conservatism.

    Oh well, it’s just another day on a second class star in a minor universe in the Milky way galaxy.

    If things got any better, I couldn’t stand it. LOL

    • TomDr

      Proverbs 26:4
      4 Don’t answer a fool according to his foolishness
      or you’ll be like him yourself.

      • Blakely1

        Sorry Tom, my comment was meant for T Geloso.

    • Ken Hansen

      I find it hard to square your celebration of tolerance (“Whittling down your social circle…”) with your vitriol for those who hold opinions contrary to your own…

      So which is it, do you have an inclusive circle of friends OR are you “all alone with “your own kind”…”?

    • Blakely1

      Tom,Tom,Tom, you are too funny!
      There is no party in a Democratic society, on the face of the earth that is more in Lock-step than the Democrats
      If a Member of the Teaparty comes up with something that other Republicans do not agree, they will SAY SO.
      A Democrat can come up with the most absurd assertions & every last Democrat will defend
      the idiocy to his death.The more indefensible the claim, the louder they get.They can not abide opposition (like FOX news). How dare they tell the truth!!!IMO, individual thinking has been replaced by the Democratic party spiel

    • Drew Page

      T. Geloso — Why are you so afraid of the T Party supporters? Why do you contend that anyone who is a Republican is manipulated by manipulated and financed by the mega-rich? YOu want to point to the Koch brothers support of the T Party? I’ll see your Koch brothers and raise you George Soros. Last I checked, Soros is a multi-billionaire who finances not only Obama, but liberal blogs such as MoveOn .org, Media Matters and groups like the Open Society and the Apollo group. For the leader of your party to criticize Republicans for protecting Wall Street and the rich, is the hight of hypocrisy. Obama gets (and keeps) more in campaign contributions from Wall Street than any Republican candidate. He makes damn sure that his billionaire campaign contributors get their money first, before the American taxpayers, on the Solyndra bankruptcy. The average high school freshman does more homework on a Saturday night than Obama did on the financial solvency of Solyndra. He did even less homework reading the Obamacare bill before signing it into law.

      Obama and those who support his policies don’t care what something costs, they just say “tax the rich” and/or “we will more than compensate the cost of Obamacare by eliminating the waste and fraud in Medicare”. Well, he’s been in office nearly three years now, where are all the savings from the elimination of ‘waste and fraud’? By now, there shouldn’t be anymore waste and fraud going on in Medicare. The truth is that Obama and those who support his policies don’t care what something costs. They will just say “increase the debt ceiling”, or sell more government bonds to China, or “tax the rich”, or “just print more money”.

      The liberals are like a drunken bartender who says “drinks are on the house all night long”. When the stock is gone and the till is empty, it’s the owner that’s stuck with the loss. The T Party supporters are like the bar owner who gets stuck with the loss are are criticized for wanting to fire the drunken bartender.

      • Glen Stambaugh

        Well said!

      • T Geloso


        Not afaried of them, just callin’ ’em as I see ’em.
        Obama is no less a “ho” and sucking off the corporate teat than the Republicans who do the same. Look at Geithner, and company. All Wall street shills.
        “The Shrub” expanded gov’t by a mind boggling amount to pay off his crony capitalist buddies, during his stolen presidency.
        Before I was around, the rich had been taxed at a 91% rate during FDR’s administration, and that worked. The rich could, and did flaunt their wealth, and all the improvements that marked this country as admirable in the worlds eye took place.
        The interstate highway system done by Eisenhower starting in 1956. The boom in suburban housing, like the Levittown both in NY and Pa, among others.
        Money flowed at that time throughout the economy which meant that more than just the rich and super-rich could “make it”. However the individual defined that.
        There’s none of that today, just greed on the part of the rich/super-rich of both the individual and corporate variety.
        If Obama didn’t do what he did with the earlier bailouts of the car industry, and have success, then what would be the relative economic position of this country be at the moment ? A whole lot worse than it is today. So, this chicken little the sky is falling, he sky is falling routine don’t cut it. He did do something which worked, and I won’t fault him for that. So your bitching about something that didn’t work isn’t welcome.
        The important thing is he did something, and that worked. He doesn’t have the Midas touch like the rest of us.
        At this point I don’t know much more than what I’ve seen/heard about the Solyndra situation via the corporate media, and I don’t trust the major print or TV media in general for anything near impartial news dissemination, since they’re run by the capitalists, so I can’t comment on that specifically.
        If/when I get the time to put more thought in about the bartender anaolgy I’ll get back to you. But at the moment it seems specious.

    • Lonesome George

      Hey T, stay in school, or better yet move to Greece where you can admire the cocktail throwers while they wait for their handouts.
      Tea Partiers racist? Where have I heard that dogma before?

      • T Geloso

        Unfortunately for you, you’re way off.
        Next time around birthday wise, I”ll be 60.
        Since you mention school, I never finished college because I eventually found out I had, and still have Attetion Deficit Disorder.
        The education I’ve received is one from being around this long and having curiousity at level of consciousness that puts the supposed deep level of “compasionate” conservatism to shame, as well as life experiences along with that, that would have broken others over the long run.
        You’ve obviously forgotten that the US colonists resorted to violence when their voices weren’t listened to about taxation by the British Crown way back when. So tell me what’s the difference between these two scenarios ?
        Commonalities are both had outside entities making economic demands on them, which each thought were unfair and abusive. Here the Crown, and in Greece one of the world banking institutions, either the World Bank or the IMF.
        Neither one liked it and felt after a period of negotations, that they couldn’t, wouldn’t take what was comming their way.
        As to one country being better than another.
        When it comes to appropriately taking care of its citzens, this country is for the most part, top 10 of the bottom 20. Figuratively and literally in many areas. I’m thinking about the establishment of national health insurance for everybody.
        The “ho’s” in the insurance “industry” (among other “capitalists”), who buy off politicans need to be stripped of what they’ve legally stolen and put in jail for a long time.
        Because of above people and their thievery, poverty across demographics has jumped considerably, one in 5 children are considerd impoverished. The CBO study a few weeks ago, shows the richest 1% has increased their wealth since 1979 by 275%. While the middle class percentage of about about 35-45% has increased it’s wealth 40%, while the poor is only 18%.
        If that’s not legalzied thievery I don’t know what is.
        Gov’t has an appropiate role to advocate for the less well off of it’s citizens when abuses occur. And in this case of the health insuance industry it’d be totally appropriate to get after them as I mentioned.
        “Youse people”, as Archie Bunker would say, got your head so far up your rump, that I’m suprised that you ain’t suffocated yet.
        Pull it out and get a whiff of fresh air and see it that starts to clears out your addeld brain.

  • Ken Hansen

    I have spent the last 30+ years in New Jersey, and as I found my way in the world, I found myself identifying with conservative ideals – it helped thatReagan was a compelling leader – I just always avoided speaking about political issues with neighbors and co-workers… That was just not something I did.

    In the last four years I have stopped supressing my beliefs, and I share my opinions openly – I don’t castaway friends that hold opposing views, but I make them defend thir positions, and usually they can’t. Most Lefties I interact with aren’t used to being challenged, thy live in an echo chamber where everyone agrees that Republicans ARE just like Democrats portray them, where Conservatives are being used by the wealthy to further their own agenda, we’re all racists & homophobes, etc.

    I simply look at my Lefty friends as either ill- or un-informed, and do my best to help them learn. I rarely win, hen when you start lobbing facts around, it can be fun watch my friends attempt to deal with them.

    I try to have an informed position on matters, they typically hold positions that were imparted to them by others.

  • Roadmaster

    We’ve pretty much taken the same tack, Burt, i.e., weeding out the irredeemable Lefties from our social circle. Except we DO NOT sit through any film or music produced by one of these brain dead idiots.
    One of my happiest moments of the last few years was the day my 82 year old Mother, a lifelong FDR dhimmicrat, called me and announced she had changed her party registration to IN. What was the final straw? Nancy Pelosi calling for the de-funding of our troops. At the time, both my brother and brother-in-law were posted to Iraq.
    This proves there is a limit to pure, unadulterated stupidity and more and more people are reaching it, thank God.

  • Barker

    I agree with Bernie Goldberg. The Democrats of my Dad’s day were nothing like the socialist Dems today. In fact, today’s Dems would be called traitors by the Dems of yesterday.

  • cybertheolibnut


  • therealguyfaux

    Burt, one wonders why the looney Left has such antipathy for the Tea Party movement– and I believe I may have figured it out: Enough of the Tea Partisans are long-ago former Democrats who, like you, declared “Basta! La commedia e finita!” and abandoned the Democratic Party. And just like Islamo-Fascists, the Left wish to punish such apostasy with “death,” so to speak.

  • sam

    all true!very good.A-