Coping Mechanisms

I will frankly admit I find it increasingly difficult to share the same planet as leftists. That’s because I believe they are all insane. They say such things as “We all belong to the state” or “It takes a village to raise a child” with a straight face. One might say that a North Korean belongs to the state, but an American?

To tell the truth, the only way I have found to cope with liberals is by ridiculing them every chance I get.

Does anyone but an idiot believe that folks like Jefferson, Washington and Franklin, went to all that trouble to create a nation that was basically the same as the English monarchy?

Just how is it that it takes a village to raise a child, but any female, even one as young as 12 or 13, is entitled to have it murdered by someone like Kermit Gosnell before the village gets their hands on it?

Lest anyone ever forget, Barack Obama, while in the Illinois legislature, not only voted in favor of late term abortions, but voted in favor of killing any tots who, miraculously, managed to survive the butchery. Furthermore, unlike same-sex marriages, transparency in government and the Patriot Act, Obama has not evolved even the slightest little bit when it comes to this particular issue.

Speaking of he who should go back to community-organizing, I immediately thought of Obama when I heard about the letter sent to a casting agency by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The CBC was looking for someone to host an afternoon TV show. But they didn’t want just anyone to apply. In order to qualify, the person had to be good with kids, love physical comedy and enjoy hanging out with puppets all day. The job was open to people of any gender, so long as they weren’t white. I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if they had sent the job offer directly to the White House.

For one thing, we know Obama likes spending time with his daughters, especially when the taxpayer is picking up the tab. Next, anyone who saw him sink only two of the 22 shots he took on Easter Sunday knows he is Buster Keaton’s equal when it comes to physical comedy. And, finally, after spending four years pulling the strings of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charley Rangel, Henry Waxman and Jay Carney, he has already put in more time with puppets than Burr Tillstrom, Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers, put together.

An odd fact I recently came across is that if you’re treated for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) at the Bayonne Hospital Center in New Jersey, the cost is $99,490. However, just 30 miles away, at the Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx, it will run you $7,094. I can’t possibly explain the discrepancy or recommend one hospital over the other but that doesn’t mean I’m not suspicious of Bayonne.

For one thing, the price is far too reminiscent of those rip-off artists that go out of their way to keep the price of their product or service below $100 by offering it for $99.99 or under $1000 by deducting a penny from the cost. But unless I find that Bayonne has a success rate 14 times higher than Lincoln or that they encourage smoking in the Bronx facility, I’d give Bayonne a very wide berth.

In case you missed the news, Kathy Boudin, a dedicated radical/convicted cop killer, went straight from the penitentiary to a professorship at Columbia. She is merely following in the tawdry footsteps of other unrepentant nogootniks like Angela Davis and William Ayers. If anyone is seriously wondering why academia is held in such low regard these days, it’s because so many universities will roll out the red carpet for murderous loons, while at the same time slamming their ivy-covered doors in the face of conservative scholars.

What makes Democrats so despicable isn’t simply that they’re wrong on just about every issue, but that they will lie and provide cover for their fellow liars. All you had to do was tune in to the Benghazi hearings to realize how, even in the wake of our ambassador and his three gallant colleagues being slaughtered by the barbarians in Libya, people like Rep. Elijah Cummings will put partisan politics ahead of ferreting out the truth. And for good measure, they will then attribute partisan motives to those seeking the facts.

In the run-up to the election, in order to bolster the big lie about having decimated Al Qaeda, Obama, Biden, Clinton and Susan Rice, pretended that the Benghazi massacre was the result of an impromptu demonstration brought on by a silly video.

One would think that however one felt about Obama’s re-election prospects, an honest person would have to take the word of the Libyan president when he immediately announced that the attack was premeditated and carried out by Muslim terrorists.

One would also think that a cover-up involving four dead Americans would trigger at least as big a reaction from the media as Watergate, which involved an office break-in, for God’s sake, but no spilling of innocent blood. But, then, of course, one can’t really expect a Democrat such as Patty Murray, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin or Patrick Leahy, to follow the example of Barry Goldwater and tell the president in no uncertain terms to do the honorable thing and vacate the premises.

One of the more mind-boggling things about Americans is the ridiculously high esteem in which so many of them hold Hillary Clinton, a woman who owes her fame not to any actual achievement, but to the fact that 37 years ago she displayed her own lack of judgment by marrying a serial adulterer

But to me, the nadir of her public life took place last January. I only wish I had been sitting in Sen. Ron Johnson’s chair when she berated him for daring to question her over the tragic events that took place on 9/11 in Benghazi.

After her hammy outburst, I would have said, “Somehow I can’t quite believe that if Ambassador to Libya Chelsea Clinton had been murdered by jihadists four months ago, her mother would sit there today and say, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make who did it?’”

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  • FloridaJim

    Journalists have been overblown for years their pinnacle was Watergate but that happened only because of Nixon being a Republican not because journalism flourished. Bernstine and Woodward would have been squelched by the Washington Post Editors ,, who now proudly say “we exposed Watergate” what frauds . More disgusting scandals are now occurring with regularity under Obama and we can’t get them to speak out……are they journalists or cowards.

  • I Hate Fascists

    Life without left wingers? For one thing, you would have to get a real job. And with no one to hate, you right wingers would have to turn your inbred hatred inward against each other.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Rodham didn’t marry a serial adulterer…she married a low bred serial rapist

  • souvoter

    Excellent review, Burt. To put it in a nutshell; looks like our government is being run by a bunch of no-nothing incompetents, inflicted with selective amnesia and the Benghazi flu. As far as Hillary Clinton’s achievements; the only thing I remember is her doing the watusi with Africans.

  • artlouis

    Angela Davis was actually of some use back in her heyday. It became fashionable in those days to wear buttons saying “Free Angela Davis.” A friend of a friend of mine was wearing one of those buttons when she was confronted by a stick-up man with a gun. However, the man did a double-take when he saw the Angela Davis button. “Right on, Sister,” he said, and walked away without taking anything.

  • trailbee

    Have you noticed that since the refusal to answer the Benghazi questions worked so well, the WH minions have become even more bold and now just get amnesia. It worked once, it will work again. But, better!
    The IRS’ shameless intrusions, I believe, seriously began right after the Mid-Terms in 2010, when the House reverted back to the Conservatives. With 2012, then ’14 and ’16, in mind, the libs had to stop that Tea Party Voter Machine, and there was only one way to do that, on the sly, but legally. Just hold up the TE apps. That worked. Then, when the “participants” were hauled into the Hearings, they just got enthusiastic amnesia. (Please feel free to consider that my personal contribution to current buzz words. :) )
    There is something about liberals that not only is offensive, but they have this arrogant perception that the Constitution can somehow be circumvented, or trashed, whenever convenient . It’s been convenient a lot, lately.
    At present, we are cursed with clairvoyant appointees that can wreak havoc on our system, with impunity, and can truly claim brain death. The biggest question is whether or not Rep. Issa can find a way revive those brain cells.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    It’s not that I don’t find them funny??? (they would be hilarious if they weren’t succeeding at wrecking the place) but truth be told the left is leaving a large ominous cloud hanging over traditional America. Remember 08/09 and the shrieks of failed capitalism? Ask yourself a simple question (or two)?? Why do we all get up and go to work in the morning? To earn money. Money is at the foundation of our economy. If it’s a free market (based on the law of supply and demand) how is it interest rates are pegged??? How is it the stock market is rising on an excess of printed money??? (by deliberate central bank planning) By definition we are living in A COMMAND ECONOMY. The only sop to free markets is the unfettered gambling they now allow. And since when did unfettered gambling become free market capitalism? Yet free markets are sure to be blamed if (when) this all goes sideways. What then, will be left to replace free market capitalism? These lefties are not so dumb as you think.

  • JohnInMA

    Many good observations.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the same ‘hands off me’ radicals of the 60s and 70s represented by some you mention, like Ayers or Boudin, have joined most other hard core progressives and purposefully decided to flip and use the power of government and the establishment (e.g. academia) for their end goals. You can tell who the hard core ones are in the public eye, whether elected or given a pen/PC to opine, as they will stop at nothing to excuse most all of the abused of power while at the same time continuing to wail about Gitmo, drones, etc. I smell fear. Progressives have not had this much power, and they feel threatened to loose it. I’m not an historian, but I don’t think the era of TDR or Woodrow Wilson gave them as much power over culture and people’s lives as they have now. Just one example: what are some of the very FIRST regulation changes coming out of Obamacare addressing? Birth control. Clearly the goal was to cement things ideological versus truly impacting health and healthcare costs.

    The rats are fighting to keep their territory from being invaded by others.