Deep Concerns about the Media Should Romney Win

Being superstitious about such things, I am not predicting a Romney victory. As we have seen in the last couple of weeks, nothing is beyond Obama and his team when it comes to winning this election. Therefore, this is merely a ‘what if’ exercise in speculation.

First, a quick review of what we’re seeing prior to the election. The mainstream media’s templates are firming up, and they’re no surprise: ‘it’s Bush’s fault;’ ‘those against Obama are racists;’ ‘the GOP has blocked the president’s initiatives;’ ‘the Romney campaign is outspending Obama’s;’ ‘Europe is the cause of the economic problems;’ ‘ Romney is an insensitive, rich, white elitist;’ ‘Romney is a Mormon;’ ‘Obama needs more time;’ and, ‘Romney’s policies will hurt the common man.’

And, of course, the more extremist leftist bloggers and MSNBC conjure up even more outrageous, baseless and ugly attacks.

With over four months remaining until the election it’s difficult to imagine how the MSM’s bias and attacks could intensify, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something. Therefore, by Election Day, the progressive voter base will be whipped into a frenzy. Then, as now, the frenzy more emotional than based in policy differences.

If the election is close (or maybe if it’s not), the MSM will trot out their tried and true disenfranchisement/voter suppression narrative. And, between the election and inauguration, the MSM will undoubtedly wax eloquent on the Obama years…lamenting the lost opportunity for our nation to grow beyond its racist past, the tragedy of circumstances beyond Obama’s control and the noxious impact of the massive conservative money machine.

The 2012 campaign features a clash of diametrically opposite governing philosophies and an accompanying voter polarization not seen in recent American politics. Will the election’s outcome diminish the hostility? What direction will the MSM take after the inauguration of a Republican president?

Historically, the hyperbole of the campaign faded rather quickly. With a new president, the hostile press has new and more entertaining targets to attack…legislation, policy changes. But, will that be the case in 2013?

Therein is the source of my concern. I fear the MSM will not accept a Romney victory and will offer coverage that will be a combination of its pre-election mantra and its vicious attacks of George Bush in the last years of his presidency. In short, the MSM’s collective ego will not be capable of accepting that the candidate they essentially created in 2008 and to whom they shamelessly provided cover…lost.

If my fears are proven correct, what are the implications? No one expects fair coverage of a Romney administration; that comes with the territory. But, what about the impact on the country? The scenario described in the previous paragraph, at best, will lead to continued polarization, and the hostile environment of the campaign lingers.

But, more troubling, what would be the cumulative impact on our nation of more months and years of class warfare rhetoric and divisive media coverage? How long would it take for before one group of Americans becomes convinced it is threatened by another group of Americans?

I believe all well-intentioned Americans should pray the MSM grasp the implications of irresponsible and potentially inciting language.

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graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Rodney authored “Leading Your Business to the Next Level,” a non-fiction business book in 2005. “Powers Not Delegated” is Rodney’s first foray into fiction; the book meshes his knowledge of history, business and current events to produce a relevant and plausible tale of domestic and international intrigue. Additionally, Rodney writes political commentary on his own blog and for other nationally known blogs/websites. Rodney lives in Atlanta. His passions include hiking, photography, history, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football.
  • Jackie Debs

    Unfortunately, due in part to the medias outrageous, unashamed, and blatant bias, I fear Obama will be winning a second term. Its absolutely disgusting when a country with supposed free press has editors that refuse to hire politically diverse writers and reporters. 

    Generation Y has been so thoroughly bombarded with this non stop propaganda, that it has become boarderline indoctrination. I know that there are at least some rational democrat leaning voters out there, and to those of you I ask, how can you stand by see this lopsided reporting and not feel sick to your stomach?

    How is it that the supposed party of the ‘tolerant’ suppresses or ignores huge parts of the news just because it doesn’t speak to the narrative that liberal democrats agree with? How can you call yourself tolerant when you try to get the FCC to shut down radio shows you don’t agree with? 

    Anyone who truly calls themselves tolerant or actually value freedom in America should be just as outraged at this press coverage. Even if you hate conservatives. This is a disgrace and I hope Americans get tired of it and demand fair and free press! 

  • George Searing

    this is what we need to do,  things have got so out of control that  we need to seperate the nation in two. the left can have one side the clear thinking  americans the other side. Put up a wall and have drones protect the border,so the leftists when they  start to starve to death can’t cross it.  You can not argue with the insane and the left are insane.  the nation and its pe0ple are divided  beyond any hope of coming together the only thing left to do is  divide the land .  

  • James King

    Well, much of what you say is true, but the fault with America is not solely the Obama Administration and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC and the New York Times. They could not have caused America to devolve into the immoral country it is. That source is the American citizen and voter who have elected Republicans and Democrats for decades.

    If you think about the two camps without emotion, you will surely realize there is little difference. Romney, for example, has not said anything about actual cutting. He is for cutting the rate of growth. He is not for ending entitlement programs and neither is Obama. They are both for increased spending and have said as much, but not as directly as I just wrote.

    The biggest problem with America is the voter who does not understand what greatness our founder’s created and do not care to go back to them. Neither do the politicians. Until that happens America will never recover from Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Obama. It was slowed for a small amount of time by Reagan, but he is not coming back. And neither is George Washington, who I am convinced could not be elected today.

    Yes, I want to get rid of Obama in the worst way, but if you people think we will be saved by Romney, you need to study what the two parties have done, and get your emotions out of the way. The only consisten voice for a return to the Constitution did not win the nomination. Sad. He is the only one who could have saved America. Romney will just continue, in a different way, the same old, same old. He might slow down the slide into the ocean but he won’t stop it.

  • Carl

    It has never been a secret that “to divide and conquer” is the most base tactic available to forces bent on domination, manipulation and ultimate control. With the obvious Balkanization — def: encouraging individuals and communities to separate into small warring tribes and factions to fight each other over perceived threats — the American public is the most divided that it has ever been. In fact, it is nearing the stage at which the entire national community could soon be sequestered-in-place by technology (think: domestic use of drones), a first step in marshal control that will lead to “holding areas” such as the FEMA camps inevitably filling with “renegade” people such as those on this blog.

    Romney and Obama are partners. They belong to different chapters of the same organization. I call my perspective “The Illusion of Choice.” The American government was set up to appear to offer voters a choice. What voters need to understand is that the “choices” were made long before the plate was passed to them. Old 45 records used to be said to have an “A” side and a “B” side. But it was still one single record. Same with the government: A side/B side. Nothing to decide.

  • Nancye

    People shouldn’t bother reading what the Lame Stream Media has to write,  or say on TV, or whatever, wherever, or whenever.  They should know by now that they’re liars!

  • helplessinil

    When Romney wins, you don’t think we will have riots across America?  I would bet money on it and I would also bet that our Hope & Change leader won’t step up and ask his followers to stop, not for a few days until he is forced to make a statement.

    • Troy Phillips

       Or institute Marshall Law

  • rogers

    If Romney wins the MSM will attack him relentlessly.  They will play up stories of the “extravagance” of their White House functions (sort of a “let-them-eat-cake” angle…like they did with Nancy Reagan’s high-priced porcelain china etc).  They will also write insulting stories about Mitt’s family etc.  They will play up the Mormon angle when possible too.

    Everything will always be in an extremely unflattering light…it will be the complete opposite of how they treated Obama  Remember my post and check it sometime next year…i guarantee you my predictions will be correct.

    • Troy Phillips

       Not trying to be a smart-a##, but that’s “really going out on a limb” – expecting anything short of daily attacks is naive at best.

      • rogers

        I agree, but my point is specifically what attacks they’ll use….you can write the stories today that will be used next year.  There will be a “scandal” regarding some sort of “luxury” related to Ann Romney and how much it costs taxpayers etc etc.  When the current administration lives it up on the taxpayer dime to staggering unprecedented proportions, you’ll not hear any criticism about it from the MSM….if anything it’s praised as “glamorous”.

  • Count_E_Limerick

    Rodney’s getting worried about the media,
    Claiming we’re racist, hateful and greedia.
    If using pet dogs and Bain,
    They inflict Mitt no pain,
    Will they just keep getting seedia and seedia?

  • Nancye

    Maybe I’m just a cock-eyed optimist, but I don’t think what the biased media says is going to work – not THIS time!  Too many people are “on to them”.  Of course we know that there are really libs “out there”, who’ll vote for Obama no matter what, but more and more Americans have waked up to exactly what the Marxist-in-Chief is made of, and that he’s trying to turn our country into a Socialist/Marxist/Commie country.

    There’s no way that most – if not all – the American people are able to see through this transparent president (Obama). 

    Romney can hold his own, so……

    Please, give the rest of us that much sense!

    • Daniel

      Sorry Nancye but I’m not as optimistic as you. I think all hell will break out with a Romney win. Unfortunately the left has so many radicals now it is very likely they will riot. It would not surprise me if he will have to call out the National Guard to certain city’s. To make matters worse the Democratic Party has already shown they will sympathize with such protesters and the MSM will be cheering them on. They will label Romney a Nazi and whatever else fit’s their narrative. I hope I’m wrong but doubt I am.