Defending SOPA

Since National Review’s founding, conservatives have turned to it for informed, insightful, thoughtful, and accurate reporting and commentary. Unfortunately a recent NRO article, “Congress Censors the Internet,” wrongly attacks legislation intended to protect America’s innovators from criminals who steal and sell America’s intellectual property and keep the profits for themselves. Claims that the Stop Online Piracy Act will censor legal activity on the Internet are blatantly false. Enforcing the law against criminals is not censorship.

The Stop Online Piracy Act specifically targets websites dedicated to illegal and infringing activity. Often based overseas, these websites are called “rogue sites” because they flout U.S. law and face zero legal consequences for their criminal activity. Rogue sites not only steal America’s products and profits; they steal jobs that rightly belong here at home. This bill cuts off the flow of revenue to rogue sites by preventing criminals from selling and distributing counterfeit products to U.S. consumers.

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