Defining “Anosognosia”

Although, as a rule, I prefer avoiding using words in my articles that will send most normal people scurrying for their dictionary, I only recently came across anosognosia and I felt I should share it because it so perfectly describes the mental condition of liberals. It is the total unawareness of one’s own disease, disability or defect. So when we find ourselves asking why leftists think and act as they do, apparently living in a fantasy world totally disconnected from reality, at least we now know there’s a word that defines it.

I mean, what other reason would any American have for supporting the United Nations? By this time, rational people would understand that the U.N. is merely a larger, more corrupt, version of the League of Nations. Between 1919 and its dissolution in 1946, for all its self-laudatory hyperbole, the League stood idly by while Japan invaded Manchuria, Italy slaughtered Ethiopians and Hitler marched into Czechoslovakia and Poland.

That should have been the end of it, but, instead, like one of those creatures from Night of the Living Dead, it rose from the grave and morphed into the U.N. And ever since, we Americans have provided the vile thing with shelter, 25% of its upkeep and 100% of any necessary renovations. And for what? So that the handful of decent nations that still exist in the world can consistently be out-voted by the Arab and Muslim members; and when more votes are required, there’s always Russia, China, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Uganda and the Congo, ready to pitch in.

This is an organization that votes resolutions every other day condemning Israel, but nary a one against the Palestinians or the folks murdering Christians in the Middle East or the vile nations that at this late date are still dealing in the African slave trade.

Although those on the Left love to deal in moral equivalency when it was, say, a comparison between the U.S. and the Soviet Union or the Arab assassins of Munich and the Israelis who tracked them down, you never hear them comparing the member states of the U.N. to Murder Incorporated or the Barbary pirates, which would make a great deal more sense.

Donald Trump has kindly offered to purchase the U.N. Building, even though he would have to tear down the eyesore and then spend a bloody fortune to detoxify the land after all these years of contamination. If I were in charge, I would say, “Donald, you’ve got yourself a deal. Is ten dollars too much to ask?”

Not that far from the U.N., we have Wall Street, where thousands of young zombies have been congregating for some time, apparently in the belief that a rock concert is about to begin. I can only imagine that they were heading for Woodstock and got turned around when they found themselves stuck in Manhattan traffic.

Even though these demonstrations have caught on like a virus and are taking place all around the country, I’m actually getting a kick out of them. That’s because I am imagining the parents — well-intentioned idiots who forked over thousands of dollars to send these young saps off to academia, where leftwing Dr. Frankensteins, posing as professors, could replace their brains with those of parrots — sitting home and watching the inevitable play out on their TVs.

Again, if I were in charge, I would round up these young idiots, together with Obama and all of his enablers in Congress, the public sector unions and the media, and send them off with one-way tickets to live in Greece. There they could experience firsthand the glories of socialism that they’ve espoused for decades.

Speaking of Chairman Obama, I can’t help noticing that every time he gives a political speech, which is every day that ends with a “y,” he insists that he wants to spend more tax dollars in order to save the jobs of cops, teachers and firemen. I’m sure it makes for nice reading in union newsletters, but the fact is, it’s always his wealthy cronies, especially those heavily invested in the green energy con game, who seem to be his major beneficiaries.

On top of that, if the federal government didn’t bleed the states and municipalities like the world’s biggest leech, they could deal with their own cops, teachers and firemen, as ordained in the Constitution.

Perhaps, in a fit of sanity, the states might then consider de-unionizing civil service employees. The whole idea behind a person hooking up with the government was supposed to be job security. The fact that these people now draw bigger salaries and fatter pensions than the folks in the private sector merely confirms that when the inmates run the asylum, nobody should be too surprised when it’s sane people who get locked up in the padded rooms.

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  • Burt Prelutsky

    Shirl: The Tea Party will have a lot of work to do in 2012, but with Obama in the White House, they will have more than enough incentive.


  • Shirl

    And just imagine, Burt, all of the above you wrote about is just the tip of the iceberg. The occupy wallstreet loons are nothing more than splinter left wing progressive groups being stoked by the the losers now in power and feel it slipping away. The Tea Party; the majority of the sane people, have alot of work to do in 2012.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Clarence: I guess you haven’t heard the news, but the 2nd Amendment was revoked in the Bay Area, except for felons who need guns in their work.


    • Clarence De Barrows

      You’re right, Burt! It’s getting as bad over here as in San Francisco. I didn’t realize, years ago, how perceptive Herb Caen was when he dubbed San Francisco, “Baghdad by the Bay.”

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Flash from the U. N. influenced “Peoples Republic of the East Bay” in California. Our newly elected Sheriff just informed me that my long ago issued Concealed Carry Permit would not be renewed as my need doesn’t meet new standards . Crazy me, I thought the 2nd Amendment had something to do with it.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Neal: I’m sticking with the one-way tickets to Greece. It may be more expensive in the short term, but in the long run we’d save a ton of money by not having these lefties vote and hold elective office.


  • JohnInMA

    Burt, come on, you expect people to act on reason instead of FEELINGS?? (sarcasm)

    Offering an alternative view, I say both this amorphous protest and the U.N. are gleaming examples of failure that any thinking person should see or experience. In the one case, the protests highlight yet again that while most all people dislike the destructive actions/behavior of many financial institutions and the government rewarding and subsidizing such, the protesters are simply jealous of wealth and those with money. Tea Party members more so want fairness and responsibility. The U.N. is proof of how badly the idea of global redistribution will fail. It is like the climate movement on steroids, taking billions of dollars from rich nations in order to make life in poor nations more “equal”. How is that working? Epic fail.

    I’d be happy if both survived as long as my money isn’t required. Our culture forgets too easily. We need reminders of thoughtless “feel good” ideology and social engineering failures.

  • Neal Angel

    Send them to Greece? It would be far cheaper to send them to the nearest indian reservation. If anyone wants a preview of life according to these idiots, visit a Sioux or Navaho reservation where the Govt pays for everything, and property is owned by the tribe rather than individuals.