Dingbats in the News

by BurtPrelutsky

After dismissing the importance of the Bilderberg Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, in a recent article, I knew I would hear from those people who check under their beds every night to make certain that Henry Kissinger isn’t lurking under the box springs. I only wish I could predict Kentucky Derby winners with equal success.

The angriest of the conspiracy nuts insisted that I was intentionally ignoring solid evidence of the threat these people posed, suggesting that I just might be a closet Bilderberger. In response, I wrote to tell him that, like Groucho Marx, I refuse to join any group whose standards were so low that they’d accept me as a member. Besides, I try to never come between a man and his paranoia. But does anyone in his right mind seriously believe we are any closer to a one-world government today than we were a hundred years ago? Heck, we’re not even close to a one-nation America these days. One might as well contend that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, are planning a coup d’état.

Something else I keep hearing, at least from Ron Paul’s groupies, is that America should not be the policeman of the world. Oh, really? Perhaps we should leave it to the likes of France. Or maybe the Netherlands? Costa Rica? Or would we all be better off if we just let China, Russia and the Islamic nutcakes, fight it out for global supremacy? And when the dust settles, I suppose we can just line up on our knees to kiss the heinie of the winner.

It is such an infantile suggestion that it explains why Dr. Paul draws most of his followers from high schools and colleges. You know, the same bunch of youthful ninnies who applaud Obama for keeping them on their parents’ health insurance policies until they’re middle-aged, who turned our streets into latrines as members of the Occupy Wall Street movement and who think George Washington and Samuel Adams are the wide receivers on the Oakland Raiders.

Speaking of Ron Paul, I had been aware of the fact that no important piece of legislation carried his name, even though he’s parked his backside in the House for the past 23 years. But until I heard it on Fox, I was unaware that during that time, he had proposed 620 pieces of legislation and only had one bill passed. And that one dealt with the sale of a Galveston landmark to a Texas historical society. Just think about it. The man has been in Congress for nearly a quarter of a century, collecting roughly $3.5 million in salary, and all he has accomplished is to facilitate the sale of a building he, himself, didn’t own. I’d say that he’s the Republican answer to Dennis Kucinich, except that Kucinich doesn’t keep embarrassing the Democrats by running for president.

Still, I hasten to add that where presidential elections are concerned, it’s rarely, if ever, a contest between a great candidate and a terrible one. But, quite often, it’s a choice between someone who is just mediocre and a Democrat, who really is terrible. Having said that, anyone who fails to acknowledge the huge difference between the two is either a mere dunce or completely deranged.

When I first heard that Nancy Pelosi spent her Christmas vacation in a Hawaiian resort that ran her $10,000-a-night, I was flabbergasted. But, then, I reminded myself that the woman is worth nearly $40 million. Besides, it’s her own dough she was spending. That’s quite different from the Obamas spending over $4 million of our tax dollars to catch the rays 7,000 miles from the White House.

I suppose if you’re a liberal jackass, you don’t see that as an example of gross insensitivity during an economic crisis, but merely as the spirit-lifting equivalent of Churchill’s flashing the V-sign while touring London’s bombed-out buildings during the worst of the Nazi blitz.

But, on the other hand, imagine how they would have reacted if it had been George and Laura enjoying those expensive sunsets, and not Barack and Michelle.

For my part, I can hardly wait for November 6 to roll around, so I can bid them one final heartfelt aloha.

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • Bob Edwards

    I remember a few years back when I just had a question. Okay many questions about such so called New World Order groups. I was in desperate need at the time for deprogramming. I was a Ron Paul pseudo U.S. Constitutionalist and Austrian economist. I believed in everything the far right libertarian (maybe left too as the spectrum is elliptical and not linear meeting together within the whole of the libertarian demographic) crowd had cooked up inside their paranoid foiled heads. Heck, I had the shiniest hat of them all. The level heads on the Bernie Goldberg message boards though talked me down from my bad trip.

    Now that’s a reeducation camp on the web that everyone should be sent to if they are trapped in Ron Oz. I no longer believe in Mancunian candidates. As Mr. Sinatra once said, “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” Now I say, Ron Paul is the Kindest, boneheaded, warmest most misinformed human being I’ve ever witnessed in a presidential candidate.

    I’d rather say Aloha to Obama for another four years than say it to Paul for that same amount of time. Ummmm include Mitt the Flip too.

    Yes, Mitt is worse than Obama because at least Obama gives consistent liberal certainty to the markets which is needed to form a bases for a solid sustainable economic recovery. Mitt because he flips would only give the markets uncertainty, and supposedly Mitt is running on an economic hope message. LOL

    Maybe Mitt needs deprogramming. Send him to Camp Bernie Goldberg pronto.

  • Gena Taylor

    Wanted to add a couple more things. Prior to the US entering WWII, our country felt that if we just kept out of the war, stayed across the pond, we would be left alone. Visit the graveyards at Pearl Harbor and see how well that belief and policy worked.
    When you have an aggressor who desires world domination, they only see appeasement as weakness, and they will leave you alone, until they have killed or imprisoned as many of your former allies as they can, then they will come after you. I think that is one of the reasons the left has largely either taken history out of public education or done such a revision of history until there is little of fact left in what they pass off as authentic history.

  • Michael

    Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I enjoyed the back and forth between Burt and Adam.

    Burt, I enjoy and learn from your articles, but I get the feeling you are being a little harsh toward Adam and his viewpoint. He is not some college kid living in la-la land and sucking at the tit of a tenured professor blowing smoke up everyone’s butt. He’s not camping out on and trashing someone else’s private property, eating food that should go to the truly unfortunate, and generally stinking up the place while demanding that someone take care of him for life. He seems like a grown man who has put his boots on the ground and his a$$ on the line for this country, and I think that deserves a little more respect than you are showing him.

    I agree that, like it or not, it is often in our interest to intervene in parts of the world simply to keep other powers from gaining the upper hand. If we don’t do it, the Chinese will gleefully move in. If not them, someone else will. It is the history of the world and all great powers. You are either the domanator or the dominated, and there’s always someone wating to take you down. See the histories of England, France, and Spain for examples.

    Since WWII some countries – and I’m thinking mostly of the weak little NATO members like the snobby Scandinavians who look down their noses at us as warmongers while making hundreds of millions of dollars in their defense industries while relying on us to keep the Russians off their butts – have been able to straddle the fences of international diplomacy and live in peace and prosperity. But, that would not have happened without NATO, and NATO would mean nothing without the US as its backbone and conscious.

    Adam, as a former soldier to a current one: I hear you and I feel your pain. I get fighting mad when I hear politicians – most of whom were conveniently too busy to “serve” in uniform but now want to “serve” in a capacity overflowing with the trappings and perks of power – mouthing off about attacking this or that country, when we know it won’t be their sons or daughters doing the fighting and dying. I’m tired of it. I really am.

    I wish a presidential candidate had the balls to call for rebooting the draft, without all the exceptions and exemptions of the Vietnam era. If they did that, and signed up their kids in a combat unit, I’d take them a little more seriously.

    Instead, we’ve got guys like Santorum, whose known from his days in the House and Senate as a person whose mouth often overloaded his rearend. That could have been part of why he got stomped like a yarddog in hid last election: people were sick of his punka$$ arrogance.

    And we’ve got guys like Romney, who parades all his grown sons on stage behind him – and not one of them a veteran, despite the fact that their nation and its military that their dad wants to be Commander in Chief of has been at war for TEN YEARS! I bet they were able to “sacrifice” two years for their Morman missionary tour, though.

    The threats are out there. You and I know it. But, it bugs us to see and hear people trash Ron Paul just because he doesn’t spout the “we’ll kick everyone’s a$$” line that other politicians spout. Especially considering the fact that he once wore the uniform.

    Anyway . . . I hope you both stand down – not back down – and take a breather. I have a feeling we’re all on the same side, but coming at it from different experiences.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Doom161: Even for as big a nut as Dennis Kucinich, running twice is not unreasonable, but when you run three times like Ron Paul, it’s joining the likes of Norman Thomas, Harold Stassen and Ralph Nader, in cuckooland.


  • Burt Prelutsky

    Adam: You don’t conform to standard English practices? What does that mean? Even in your single block diatribe, you used commas and periods. Are you under the impression that you had invented punctuation?

    If it’s true that members of the military are donating portions of their hard-earned salaries to Ron Paul, that’s their business. But it suggests that some of them must be independently wealthy or independently dumb.

    Before you call me unAmerican and anti-military, keep in mind that I am not insulting them in their role as soldiers, but merely as easily-conned young Americans.

    Unfortunately, they are not alone. Fortunately, there aren’t enough of them to get Dr. Paul the nomination.


    • Adam

      I said “standard” english. I gladly employ usage run-on sentence and no paragraph separation. The fact is that I believe it is you that is easily-conned into spewing the same BS that mainstream media spews out. You say there aren’t enough for Ron, but enough people who believe Santorum is a good candidate when the guys rants about abortion and renewing “don’t ask, dont tell” all the while saying openly that he will bomb Iran. People are more than entitled to their opinions as well as the right to dispute others’ opinions. Ultimately though, what makes America great is the ability for those of us to have different opinions from other people-Not everyone has to or does think the way you do.

      I don’t think you’re unamerican but you definitely don’t stand out as someone who cares about the future of the military. I mean what do you think is going to happen in war if we antagonize china. Do you think people will just yell at them over a fence? The answer is no. There will be a lot of death. While safe from participating in the military in your old age here in America, you can watch and continue to get compensated from writing these articles bashing some who believe that this man is promoting more freedoms and less of a chance that I leave my unborn child at home without a father for decade or more. While we don’t appreciate being called dingbats, I understand you do see quite of few uneducated people pushing Ron without great reasoning. Seeing that you use to write for MASH and other shows like that, I thought you were just sensationalizing like Fox and the rest of MSM. Though apparently you actually believe the unbelievably narrow minded stuff that you write…Hope that huge ass paragraph gave you a headache.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Adam: Don’t try to make it sound as if I was generalizing about everyone in uniform. I was quite specifically targeting you and your fellow Ron Paul groupies.

    I would also suggest that if you actually expect people to read what you have to say, you break your diatribes up into paragraphs.


    • Adam

      I don’t conform to standard English practices, but for you I’ll do it once.

      You do generalize about a large portion of those in the uniform when you insult Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul receives more donations from military members than all the other candidates. I would almost say that with your nonchalance about going to war, that you probably also subscribe to the quote by Henry Kissinger describing military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy. Why else would you advocate such an interventionist policy where military is the only solution other then diplomacy?

  • Mike Jackson

    Burt, I’ll even throw in “Mahalo” with your aloha for good measure. Hopefully it would mean, “Good bye, thank you for leaving.”

  • Shirl

    The majority of young people supporting Paul is his stance on legalizing illigal drugs; period. Also, Obama is down-sizing our military using the same reason as equalizing American with other countries and balancing our education system by bringing down our standards to meet the mediocre to be fair; what a nut=job.

  • DOOM161

    If memory serves, Kucinich has run for President in the last two Presidential elections. That qualifies as “keeps running.”

    And the problem with Pelosi blowing $10k a day on lodging is that she openly supports the Occupy Wall Street squatters that are theoretically protesting people that have the money to blow on a $10k per day hotel room.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Mike & Adam: I’m amazed how quickly you showed yourselves to be exactly the sort of dingbats I described in referring to Ron Paul’s groupies.

    If either of you were interested in an anti-war policy, you would not be promoting an old fool whose stated policy would very quickly lead to the very thing you claim you want to avoid. You remind me of the liberals who throughout the Cold War insisted that the U.S. should unilaterally disarm, thus setting a good example for the Soviet Union. A weak and unresponsive America absolutely guarantees that the Russians, the Chinese and the Islamics, will all start licking their chops.

    Adam, you accuse me of being anti-military, but it’s Obama who’s cutting the defense budget and it’s Ron Paul who would have us cut it even more.
    And if you’re so anxious to come home, perhaps you’re the one who’s anti-military. But you’re the one who joined up. If you didn’t want to be a soldier, perhaps you should have stayed home, playing video games in your parents’ basement.

    Mike, being called a chickenhawk by the likes of you is comparable to being called a racist by the likes of Eric Holder and Al Sharpton.


    • Ron F

      Where did Adam say that he is anxious to come home? What he said was: “So Ron Paul doesn’t want to spread out over the world and wants to bring a “majority” of us home…so what..the only people it affects are the US military members and the “Occupied” host nation – ” Further why would you question his service.

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  • T Ivison

    On Hannity last night, Ed Rowlins commented that Obama loves the trappings of the Presidency (luxury vacations, golf outings, riding on Air Force One) but he hates the job. I guess working with congress and finding common ground is just too much work for him.

  • Mike

    A dingbat in search of peace is far far better than a chickenhawk warmonger like Burt Prelutsky. How many battles have you fought in chickenhawk punk?

    • cmacrider

      Can you provide some historical examples where Ron Paul’s approach has produced peace for a sustained period of time????

      • Adam

        Santorum says he would bomb Iran – That would most definitely lead to war at a minimum on a small scale like libya. Who knows which parties would advocate for one another..possibly even a world war would begin depending on who’s interests are damaged. The invasion into Cuba (Bay of Pigs) is an example of failed attempts. Putting defense shield in Europe irritates Russia which is diminishing relationships there so that’s another example of aggression not working. Korea is an example of aggression and is a conflict that is ongoing. Vietnam is an both an example of aggression failing leading America to “withdrawal” and now our relationship with that Vietnam is flourishing because we left. With Santorum’s growing popularity over Romney in several upcoming states we could see war very soon. Romney implied bombing in the same way that gingrich, bachmann, and santorum have said so there is no question as to the status quo being the same. As to disarming unilaterally, we are already doing that you bum, in America and Russia through the START treaty. You obviously don’t pay attention to that. Letting Iran have a nuke and join the ranks of India and most other countries who already have nukes may even possibly promote better relations while not inhibiting the monitoring of their activities. It’s hard to hide programs when you have open borders. And if you know your history the START treaty is pretty much what ended the cold war after the Cuban Missile Crisis – An agreement between the two major powers to be civil. That is what paul is doing – Opening up negotiations and stopping the war rhetoric that not only antagonizes these other countries but also makes american politicians/presidents look like arrogant asses. We have crazy open open borders that Iran could penetrate with ease and yet they haven’t on a large scale. As to the military budget, you wouldn’t even have the slightest clue how that affects military. We have been cutting military since bush and all that money your seeing spent is going to pay for host nations allowing for base usage-contracts to supply the destroyed countries we destroy and to rebuild them back up again. Then years later these countries, after we’ve left, elect a person angry about the damage we’ve done and we have yet another enemy. We always rebuild and Iran would be no different. China doesn’t want to invade America-they have no navy to speak of. You have no idea what it is like to be a soldier in this war with no end. There is no converting religious radicals-you just can’t do it. And going after Iran would be doing just that. Bombing their facilities would just encourage an already pro-west youth in Iran to become Anti-west like their older generations seem to be fond of. I love being in the military – What I hate is people like you who think you can flaunt military might like it’s easy. You have no conscience on who lives or dies, you just say go and expect us to be happy about it. We live for the wars but it doesn’t mean we’re excited about dying in them. Especially when the war has no concrete end game. So no I will continue to fight because I have a family to protect. Because someone like you gained office and invaded a country without thinking it through. Just by your words I can tell you have no Common Sense at all. Plus, you say video games in parents’ basement…this just goes to show that you think military members are just children with no minds of their own. If all the military was at home right now in afghanistan, europe, japan, korea, australia, ect..you would see alot more votes for paul because we’d actually be home to vote for him…I could go on and on about all this with arguments against every single thing you seem to know nothing about. Paul has dealt with this by being in the military and by being in congress while you seem to not have a clue. Just think if Paul’s foreign policy was slightly different. Then you would be calling us supporters instead of groupies and dingbats. You are so blindly following the other parties that you can’t even see the common sense which the military men and women and ron paul supporters already see..

  • Adam

    Your calling us dingbats because we support a policy of anti-war. There are quite a few of us that are military that don’t want to spend another ten years fighting muslims for the sake of person like yourself feeling self righteous that you can annihilate another man without doing it yourself. There is nothing wrong with sending your soldiers off to war for a good cause but don’t be so cavalier with our lives thinking that no one dies. We do it because we believe in our country and we want to protect our families. Attacking Iran or any other country without a good “CONCRETE” reason for doing it just invites more of a threat of retaliation to MY family, especially when you rant about attacking them so openly. So Ron Paul doesn’t want to spread out over the world and wants to bring a “majority” of us home…so what..the only people it affects are the US military members and the “Occupied” host nation – Take a hard look at yourself and think about what you say of others’ reasons for supporting a policy before you go calling them dingbats..honestly now, who even allows you to go spreading your Military hating BS across the internet like this anyway…

    • cmacrider

      So, if the U.S. is going to abandon their geo-political role of defending the western nations … how big a military do you recommend to defend the U.S. against a Canadian invasion on continental U.S.???

      • Glen Stambaugh

        Adam, if you are indeed “military” thank you for your sacrifice and service. I don’t hear anyone advocating starting a war with Iran unless we need to in order to prevent a war. I know Ron Paul denies the Iranian threats, but they are plain for anyone to see or hear. Life is not as we WISH it were, it’s what is IS. It’s dangerous for Paul to remove any counter threat and make Iran feel it’s safe to procede with their mad plans. I fear that Ron Pauls peace-niking is likely to start a war. A very big one.

        • Adam

          Counter threat – We can hit any target from the United states in less than an hour…The US navy is not going anywhere because they have to remain mobile and the US Air Force can strike anywhere anytime. You don’t need 100k ground troops spread throughout the world to strike a target. Paul knows this.

    • Gena Taylor

      The US is currently deploying thousands of troops to Israel, according to Israeli news sources, first to participate in regular anti missile tests, but according to the IDF, they are planning to stay throughout the year. To me, that pretty well indicates Israel is about to attack Iran, and we know it, and we will back up Israel. The poo is about to hit the fan in the Middle East. The troops started deploying to Israel in Dec, expecting many more to head there in the next months. Many are apparently going straight from Iraq to Israel. I don’t know why the US media isn’t covering this, it is getting extensive coverage in the European press and in Israel, henceforth on Twitter and Facebook. The explanation for the extended stay by US troops is to prevent aggression from Iran. So heads up, folks, it is coming.
      Oh, and to those who support Paul, ask your parents or grandparents or anyone you know who was either around before WWII or who was educated in the days when they still taught history just how effective Chamberlain’s policies, which are pretty much what Paul advocates, worked for Europe and Great Britain as a whole. You do not avoid war by backing off from it,you might put it off for awhile, but eventually they are going to come after you after they defeat all those who could have fought with you.