Weekdays With Bernie May 3– Does Obama Still Have A “Competency Issue”?

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  • Chris

    Obama has a Ph.D in lying, thuggery and socialism. The location of bin Laden was accomplished by the system put in place by Bush – the system Obama has tried to destroy. He doesn’t even recognize that Muslim terrorists exist. Perhaps that is because he is a Muslim. He is not hated. He is despised by everyone in the USA who loves the Constitution that he is trying to destroy. If it wasn’t for the Constitution and its amendments, he wouldn’t have even gotten an education. Wake up liberals. The future for your children is in jeopardy.

    • Bob Hadley

      The reports I’ve heard are that President Obama played a key role in the planning of the commandos’ raid on Bin Laden from day one and that he provided particularly helpful input into the safeguards and back-ups employed for the commandos. President GW Bush also deserves tremendous credit for providing President Obama with the leads .

      BTW, giving Obama tremendous credit does not limit the tremendous credit warranted by Bush. Credit is not nearly as finite as you appear to think, at least not is cases such as this. In this case, tremendous credit should be given to a wide array of people and organizations.

      You don’ let facts get in the way of a good rant, do you? From what I’ve heard on this website, that’s what’s liberals do. maybe you’re a closet liberal.

      Incidentally, lying, thuggery and the suppression of individualism are vital tools in a good intelligence operation like the one that eventually eliminated Bin laden.

  • Maxine Adams

    It really makes me sad to see that no matter what this President does, he will never get the respect he deserves from the right. You guys really do hate this man. I can only imagine what you would be saying if this same senario had played out under the Bush watch.

    THANK GOD!!! there are only a few of you haters out there. The majority of the American people realize that President Obama is a really good man. Not only is he a good man, he’s caring; smart and most of all a Christian.

    My hope is that the day will come that some if not all of you will come to realize that President Obama has the potential to become one of the great Presidents. But if the killling of Osama didn’t change your heart and mind, then sadly I don’t think anything will.

    I only wish that instead of questioning President O’bama’s competancy, you would have just said, thank you, Mr President.. Those words from you and others on the right would have given me cause for hope. I guess that was just asking for too much.