Don’t Slash Defense Spending

While the country awaits the results of the ongoing negotiations over the debt ceiling, the Obama administration is beginning to implement its plan to cut $400 billion from the defense budget. In recent days, the president has indicated that he is prepared to support even deeper cuts.

With the American people distracted by high unemployment and record deficits, the administration has quietly leaked various aspects of its massive assault on the Pentagon budget. The Navy Department, which comprises the Navy and Marine Corps, could be cut by over $10 billion. Research-and-development funding, the lifeblood of America’s technological dominance in warfare and a powerful engine for the broader civilian economy, is set to decline by 8 percent. Major weapons systems are to be eliminated or reduced to irrelevancy, overall force levels will decrease by nearly 50,000 personnel, and the amount of time our troops will be able to spend in realistic training will likely plummet. In an area where prudence dictates a delicate scalpel, the Obama administration has chosen instead to wield an ax.

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